Interesting classes?

theaterEvery semester is always the time of my life that gives me anxiety. There are breakdowns of showing up for class to get in or to see if the professor / course is the one. However, sometimes there are not too many choices for us all. Some class my only being taught by one professor, which really gives no choice. This semester, for me, has been an interesting start because I am beginning my theatre classes.

For the past three semesters I’ve been here, I haven’t taken any theatre classes until now. All four classes are theatre courses except for one that count towards my G.E. Now after weeks since fall semester began, I can finally make judgements of which class is interesting or not. I believe that each classes are somehow interesting because there are skills for me to improve and learn. However, only a few that stood out to me the most.

I can already say that Theatre 14, Stage Makeup and Costume, is my favorite. The atmosphere of the class is relaxing and challenging. I always have everything being pushed away whenever I am in there. The relaxation comes in after the instructor has finish her demonstration of a specific task such as sewing as a stitch on a fabric. That is when the students in class has their own turn to self-apply the steps. Interaction happens, questions are being ask. It’s always easy to see the instructor and my peers do the work but when I do it, it’s really hard to process the steps. But if I need the help, I can ask others and look at how they do it. I will then teach myself how to do it. I get nervous sometimes if I cannot apply the same skills like how others do but I ask to make sure I am following the steps or not. I take time to understand the concept and would have to quickly write it down for myself to understand. It’s all about skills for the hand sewing style and the sewing machine is about control. Once I get used to the sewing machine and how to control it, the relaxation will return and I will end my day well. At the same time, this is how tough it is and relaxed this class is. The environment is a workable and cooperative that brings me to ask questions if need. Other students, whether if they are experienced in sewing/make-up, do not hesitate to ask their neighbors for clarification or assistant. You can learn a lot of new tricks or ways to do things from peers.

In addition to this course, it also focuses on make-up as well. The class is going to start soon on the makeup so at the moment, we are only learning about shades and highlights. But I am interested to see how make-up are different when it comes to specific ages. It gives that perspective of why does that specific age person looked this old or young which would look cool. Things like that would be discovered and compared, which I look forward to delve into later this semester.

One of another interesting class (but not too much of my favorite) that I am taking this semester is Theatre 16 Stagecraft. This class has two sessions: lecture and shop. The lecture is based off of theatre safety rules, tools, stage designs, directions, etc. All theatrical stages and scenic involved. The other class session is shop which is about the students being responsible about going into the Theatre shop in the department to get their hours done. These hours count towards the class grade and it also have students to help build scenic for the upcoming production plays on campus. In a long run, all of the students’ commitments to the shop hours are a help of creating the props and scenes in the plays that occurs in the semester.

I had my first shop hours and I found it was fun. Hard work because of all the physical work that has to be put in for the effort is tough. Especially when I am not tall enough for most of the assigned works, I have to put twice my body to complete a task. Besides the heavy, physical work, I’ve always been interested in the behind-the-scenes in any production rather that is on stage, on film, on the street, etc. It’s just me naturally. I like witnessing and participating into the magic of a show. It’s always impressed me to see the reactions and feedback. This is a chance for me to be a part of the building. Right now, I may not know what scene or what am I building but when the results come out at the end (when the run of the show), it would be a reaction like, “Wow, I struggled to make that and it ended up being a piece of entrance?” That was what I first built during my shop hours.

Theatre 14 and Theatre 16 courses both are opposite and at the same time, they are so similar. Skills that will be helpful. Make over and repair things are these two classes combines together to create something at the end. It’s pretty cool. These two, however, are the classes that I found interesting. The makeup and costume and the stage building.

The other two classes the classes that I have to research and read things closely to get the hang of it. (That doesn’t mean that these three classes I’ve mentioned above means no research or academic work.) Yet, I still learn many interested things. If I do discuss them, it would take me to another fat paragraphs that would be too overwhelming to read. However, all theatre classes and one general education class. The classes aren’t too bad but the only struggle is the schedule has been really awkward for this semester.


May you enjoy and have a cool semester too!


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