Board on the Blog: Meet Taylor Myers!

taylor-1-webWith a larger-than-normal personal space bubble and an empowering view on the world, Taylor Myers breaks the mold in many aspects of her life. Not only is she a female conquering the male dominated field of Engineering as a Civil Engineering major at Sacramento State, but she also represents her classmates and peers as the ASI Director of Engineering and Computer Science, or ECS for short.

Upon swearing in to her not so new position on the ASI Board of Directors, Taylor got straight to work within improving resources and connections with her students. “I would like to be a resource for all of my constituents.  A resource they feel comfortable talking to about their experiences, so that I can represent them to my best ability,” Taylor mentions. Her work ethic and commitment to addressing the needs of her students is a strong quality of Taylor’s.

Although Taylor is a tremendous student advocate, she’s also an all-around great person to surround yourself with. Her obsession with Taco Bell and her commitment to never using swear words makes her a pretty darn good influence (I mean who doesn’t like a cheesy gordita crunch every now and then, right?)

To reach her ultimate personal goal of being a successful design engineer and/or construction manager, Taylor has laid out some of her future targets she hopes to hit. A short-term goal of Taylor’s is to obtain an FE certification (Fundamentals of Engineering) as well as a CCM certification (Certified Construction Manger).  One of her noteworthy long-terms goals is to obtain a Masters in Science with a focus in environmental engineering on top of earning a PE (Professional Engineer) license and a GE (Geotechnical Engineering) license.

If she could leave one legacy here at Sacramento State, it would be in the Geo-Challenge team on campus. “It a small group that often gets over looked, I have worked really hard to change that and I hope that the work is recognized and continued after I am gone.”

Her favorite quotation is, “I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” –Ayn Rand.

Taylor is always trying something new and hoping to travel to new place and to gain new experiences. She might bite her nails when she’s nervous, and she might not get the words right when singing a song, but she sure is a powerful young lady that is working hard to make a difference.

If you would like to get involved with the work that Taylor is doing on the ASI Board of Directors, feel free to reach out to her via email at or visit her during her weekly office hours! She is here to be support ECS students.

Stay posted on Taylor’s work throughout the year by liking her facebook page “ASI Engineering and Computer Science Director or by looking at the ASI website






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