Luke Cage

luckecageThe new Amazon series covering yet another Marvel super hero. Of course i’m talking about the infamous Luke Cage. Yet another superhero who just wants to be left alone, but sometimes when trouble comes a knocking no one else can answer the door. Cause Luke Cage is the only one home. Plus he has super powers.

Ok so I’m going to avoid spoilers as much as I can in this blog post, I am a bit early in reviewing. There are a couple of things you should know right off the bat though. Luke Cage has popped up in the Jessica Jones show, and he exists in the same universe as Lawyer Man! Wait that’s not right.. Daredevil! who I totally think should have been named Batman. Think about it, super hearing, bad eye sight. That has missed opportunity written all over it. Anyway Luke Cage’s show seems to take place after the events of his time in the Jessica Jones Show.

Luke’s Super Powers:

Possibly a bit spoilery if you’re totally in the dark about Luke Cage, don’t worry you’re not alone, my exposure to the character has been completely through netflix and Wikipedia. First thing you may want to know is that he’s super strong. Like lift a Fridge without breaking a sweat strong. Now that’s pretty basic in the average super heroes bag of tricks these days. Given daredevil is a little lacking on that one, but he gets by fine without it. Luke Cage also happens to be bullet proof which makes him unique in our current super hero netflix line up.

Luke Cage’s bullet proof abilities may seem to throw him in the over powered Super Man level of things, and I may have to agree with you. There are downsides though, much like the Incredible hulk and werewolves he tends to go through a healthy amount of shirts. Which is something that I have a hard time grasping. Sure I get it, one day you wake up and you happen to be bullet proof, that’s cool just fine and dandy. Who wouldn’t want that super power? I mean I’m not worried about bullets on my average day to day basis, which I suppose makes me lucky. Yet If I gained this super power, I would instantly be in a pretty good mood. It’s like Insurance, you never want to use it, but It sure puts your mind at ease. Now having said that even with full knowledge that these bullets won’t cause any real damage, I would likely step aside if people were actively shooting at me. Possibly just out of a latent instinct reasons. At the very least to preserve a shirt or two. Luke Cage doesn’t seem to share this ideology though, running headfirst into danger is his business, and business is good.

Other Stuff:
The current story is set in Harlem, and I’m really loving the soundtrack. If the recent string of Netflix Marvel shows has been your style then this new series may be right up your alley.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not doing Computer Sciency things or watching Luke Cage I’m on the radio on KSSU doing the radio things. 🙂

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