Lights Out movie review

lightsoutA good scary movie is hard to come by. Let me tell you about a movie that not only was a scary $9.95 to see, but turned out to be a pretty good horror and slightly comical movie. Worth. Every. Penny.

It’s called “Lights Out.”

The movie came out in theaters on July 22, 2016. It centers around a broken family who is haunted by Diana, this evil woman like creature.

But only when the lights are out.

The movie is directed by James Wan, who is responsible for childhood nightmares across America for directing “The Conjuring”, “Saw” and “Annabelle.”

The distant “I left the house as soon as I could” daughter, Rebecca is the movie’s protagonist. She swoops in to save her little brother from being traumatized by their unstable mom and Diana, only to be haunted herself.

It turns out Diana was the mom’s childhood friend and now she’s back to visit. And the mom’s cool with it just as long as Diana plays nice with everyone. Like that happens. The story line is very simple but I think that’s what makes this movie a good one. Although there is a twist at the end that you can see coming a mile away.

One would think this movie would have a relatively easy solution- just keep all the lights on.

They tried that. And some mystic force shut off all the lights.

I will say that these characters get really creative in their sources of light. And one character in this film really surprised me. Yay for character development. Cue “light” applause. But you will find yourself yelling at various characters who make stupid decisions throughout the film. What else is new?

Either I’ve seen way too many scary movies that I’ve become immune to horror or I’m just losing it.

I really hope I’m not the only one who found this movie funny.

I won’t describe the specific details of the hilarity- I don’t want to spoil it for you! But get ready to from your heart racing with fear to laughing all in a matter of 10 seconds.

Did I go home and turn on all the lights right when I walked through the door? No. That’s wasteful. But did I think about it for a spilt second? Yes. And you will too.

So moral of the story is don’t shut off the lights.

Or else.

Just kidding.

But, really.



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