I Lost My Java Programming Book

2_lostbookyellowSo I’m currently in the middle of developing an OpenGL application using JOGL. OpenGL is a 3D programming language, the kind of stuff that’s working behind the scenes in a lot of your favorite movies/video games. JOGL is a java wrapper class for OpenGL, which basically boils down to me making 3D stuff using the programming language Java.

I realize this may seem a bit technical at first, so I want to thank you for following me this far. Now Java is a higher level programming language, which basically means that it makes it easier to accomplish things then something much more low-level like Assembly or writing a program in C. Both of those languages are actually used to write your operating system, meaning that they have to be a bit lower level. This doesn’t really matter within the confines of this blog, I just wanted to give you the reader some background information on the wonderful world of computer programming. Join us, just do it.

In the beginning of my academic development I took a Java programming class at the junior college level. While there, we were instructed to pick up one of the more affordable books I’ve had to purchase during my college experience. It boils down to a pretty basic reference guide for different programming concepts in the Java programming language as well as the ranges of various variables. If I were to compare it to something, I’d say as far as programming books go this is probably somewhat close to one of those mechanic guides you can get for your car at the auto parts store. The majority of this book has basically become obsolete thanks to the wonders of the internet and the awesome communities of programmers on Stack Overflow and the like.

Having said that I do have a profound love of books, the technical term is “Bibliophile” and given the opportunity I’d much rather read a concept in detail out of a book then on a computer screen. Oddly enough most books don’t do it for me, my love is primarily for programming books which puts me in an interesting contradictory niche of both the computer world as well as book lovers. Not to mention that technology is a rapidly evolving construct that quickly leaves many books on the subject outdated, but there are things that do not change with age. In fact many of the concepts used in computer graphics were developed ages before we even had computers. My hat’s off to the mathematicians who dedicated their lives to laying down the framework for something they would never see. It’s really almost poetic.

So down to the subject of the blog, I did in fact lose my Java programming book. Which although functionally not necessary for me to really do anything that I would need to do, I have grown sentimentally attached. This is a sad day, that is of course unless I left it in my laptop bag. Perhaps if I check a fifth time..

Nope, not in my laptop bag. It was under my Object-Oriented Design & Patterns book though! The day is mine! All shall rejoice! For today is a good day!

My name is Chris Diel and when I’m not writing about books I misplace I’m a DJ on the KSSU 🙂


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