How to Adult-The Interview

imagesWhat are we here for? Every time I am up until midnight writing some paper I find trivial and tiresome, I try and remind myself about the point of all this strife and struggle. We are here…to leave. I don’t know about you but I tend to get stuck in the worries of today and tomorrow and forget to freak out about the unknowns of next week, or the next step. Mind you, I am not advocating ‘freaking out’ as a best practice, but truth be told, there is a certain amount of comfort that comes from analysis coupled with preparation and what better way to prompt that very unlikely foresight then a good freak out over life’s what-ifs. So if we go to college with the eventual goal of getting the heck out, why don’t we talk a little about what happens next—since inevitably we all have to let the safety blanket of school go no matter how we go about doing so. Eventually, the majority of us are going to have to reach deep down into ourselves to try and salvage that freshman ‘eagerness’ (buried under layers of exhaustion and exasperation) to plaster it on our faces for our career interviews.

Whether it’s time to start freaking out or not, I’m going to give a crash course in the do’s and don’ts of that interview, you know, the one that matters so much you study for it.

  1. For the love of all that is holy, leave your smart phone in the car. Don’t even bring it into the office with you. In life, we all have stigmas to rise above and we have many as millennials. I implore all of my fellow twenty-somethings to be aware and surprise the world with our fantastic attention spans.
  2. Research! Know the company, its mission, and at the very least the job description of the position you are applying for. The benefits here are twofold: quote the mission statement in your interview and it says ‘look at me, I give a crap’ and when you really do your homework you should discover the most important thing…is this company a good fit for you.
  3. Be brave. TIME magazine tells us applicants that have an entrepreneurial background are going to win out against those with just a degree and an internship or two. It makes total sense when you think about how companies are constantly on the struggle-bus to innovate and be the most freaking awesome thing since the hover board. They are going to want self-starters and risk takers.
  4. Dig a little into your past and dust off some of those ice breakers and (appropriate) anecdotes about yourself—especially the ones that have a clear lesson or moral because if you are really good it’s interview gold to bring those stories full circle and apply them to the role you are seeking. It is totally normal to be nervous, and you will be put on the spot so preparing a few of these gives a person a go-to.

Gosh all of that sounds like hard work. Maybe I’ll just become a professor so I never have to leave school! Psyche! They have terrible panel style interviews and directors that sit in on lectures….yikes. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but seriously…the above advice aside, make sure your goals, personality, and moral compass are a good fit for whatever employer it may be. You’ll be happier.

I think next week we’ll talk about resume do’s and don’ts.



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