halloweentown_6253519_ver1-0_640_360My favorite Halloween memories is going to school as a child and seeing everyone’s costume. It was interesting to see how creative people were when it came to dressing up; though I was the loner who never wore costumes as much as I wanted. An excitement came over me every year on Halloween because it was the only day people could dress up however they wanted and no one judged them. Trick or treating was cool when I got to see all of the creepy decorations everywhere. Of course, I was scared so my brothers had to walk with me to most doors. I just realized last year that I couldn’t trick or treat anymore. So I bought my own back of candy to eat. Halloween is the only time of year when candy seems okay to eat for an entire week and not care. I used to have a backpack full of candy hid in my room from my siblings.

A special tradition my sister and I have is to watch Disney Halloween movies for the entire month of October until Halloween night, which is our special night to watch Halloweentown. No, I am not talking about the second and third Halloweentown movies. I am talking about the original Halloweentown. Though it was a fiction movie, it gave my sister and I an impact on how we should believe in ourselves. Even when others don’t think believe in us. I remember pretending we were witches and making up spells that we thought would work. It never did work but we continued to try. Now my sister have a four year old daughter, and she look forward to the movie every year as much as my sister and I. It’s the only movie that can get my sister and I together to bond over candy and unhealthy food. Now that we are older we thought things would change. It never changed. Even when we are 100 miles away, we call each other over the phone and watch it together. All I can say is Halloweentown is a classic movie.

I miss being younger. Those were the years when anything or anyone mattered. I am looking forward to feeling that way this Halloween. Even if I don’t dress up I will buy candy and enjoy myself. As we get older we forget to enjoy ourselves and everything doesn’t have to be serious all the time. The only thing I have not done yet, but looking forward to doing is carving a jackolantern. No one took the time out to teach me how to do it, but I have always been curious about how to carve them. It seems like a messy project, but I think it will be well worth it. I really want to do something different this year. I don’t know if dressing up would be something exciting to do or what. All I can say is everyone, including myself, should go out and find something extreme to do this Halloween. Everyone work so hard. Halloween should be a day to dress up, eat a lot of candy, and enjoy the holiday since it comes once every year.


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