What does Black History Month mean to a half Mexican half Japanese 24 year old? Well, I will tell you this even if you are not black you should be able to pull some empathy for the journey Black Americans had to endure to be apart of society and be treated “somewhat” equally. I am a huge proprietor for making your own way and taking account for ones actions, but I will not deny the unbalanced scale in America when it comes to race. Just yesterday Black Americans were slaves, and a huge civil war had to happen to abolish it. People ignore how recent that was. And yes I know we must move forward, but in the timeline of the existence of this world the point that represents slavery and the point that represents now is of no space at all. We are living in a pivotal time that is transcending the unity of races in America. Black Americans get it the worst, they came here in chains and were freed only to be set with more unfair obstacles. This is what black history is, it is a story of the fight it took to become liberated and treated fairly. How do you establish a successful community in a country where no one will help you and supremacist will do their best to keep you down? What happen then lingers into today, and those who can’t see the lingering dust of the racist past are not aware or don’t care. Black Americans in my opinion did not get a fair shot and to me are they are the underdogs of this country. Black Americans have moved their way up the ladder and are continuing to reach new heights, the highest power position in America(the President) was a Black man and what a monumental staple for the community that follows. I speak openly, but not aggressively I have a lot of compassion for everyone. The fact is, the first settlers came to America and established themselves early, and during that time Black Americans were their slaves. Ironic that the move to America was to liberate religious freedom and separation from England, but all the while a contradiction was nesting. Liberty and Justice for all was not a true and accurate statement back then and it may not be now. My advice to everyone is to look in the mirror embrace what you see and strive to maintain a positive path. Do not give people a reason to discredit you. Life is as simple as you make it, obtaining a peaceful easy life is attainable if you minimize the possibility of negative occurrences. Life will always seep its way to get you down, but you must take those times as a test. Your positive reaction and overcoming will result in you passing that test. After a while you will realize that the color of your skin does not define the happiness you bestowed for yourself.

Best and Much Love to All,

Michael Nishimura


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