Spring Break

For some reason teachers tend to assign homework, quizzes, or exams the week after Spring Break. Luckily, I only had one quiz and a few assignments. My plan is usually the same each year, sleep in! I go home with my family because we celebrate my sister’s birthday every Spring Break. Afterwards, I sleep the rest of the week. As a senior I prepared myself to do all of my homework the last two days before Spring Break. This is helpful for me when I get home because I tend to procrastinate until the last minute and would likely miss the due date because I was too lazy to complete the assignment or quiz over break. I would recommend all students to do their homework before they begin their Spring Break to avoid those assignments that can get in the way of pure freedom. it is called Spring Break because students and faculty deserve a break. One week without homework,quizzes, and/or tests is a great feeling. Especially when you know half of your classmates will forget to turn in the work that is due. So everyone please get your classwork done ahead of time so you can enjoy your break with friends, family, and traveling. Do your classwork, take a break and enjoy this week off. Especially those of you who have little time for yourself this semester.


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