The influence.

The influence. The phrase alone is ambiguous and moving, is it not? Well at least I hope so. My name is Sekina Ward (Dj Sekina Milan) and I am a new Dj with KSSU. I am super excited to be a member of the KSSU family and create my show’s identity with a spiritually elevating approach. To explain my show, I need to share a little about myself first.


I am a student here at Sac State (clearly) and I major in Mass Communications. What made me gravitate toward KSSU was the need for experience in public speaking and communicating to a larger audience. My plan is to become a motivational speaker on spiritual healing, producing mass success, and creating an authentic self through meditation, love, and gratitude. My focus for my future career is and will be the basis for my show called The influence.


The idea behind The influence is we as organic matter, as forces, and as constantly flowing energy have an impact on the world around us with every action, decision, and thought we release into the universe. How we live our daily lives has a direct effect on the universe, just like a tear drop in a pool of water, it spirals and spreads to the rest of the body of water. That is why when we look at the current condition of this planet, we see much pain and suffering. Humanity has become entrenched with greed, power, anger, and hatred. By no means am I pushing for political action, but I am explaining the philosophy behind my message. As a result of the mass suffering, anger and hatred spreads, sending us all down a vicious cycle of self-inflicted pain. It shows in everything we do and believe in. Our economy is fueled by competitive capitalism, we destroy our planet with pollution, we are divided by classism, and we declare war on those we do not understand. As depressing as this may sound, just imagine if we shifted our way of thinking.


What if our economy was driven by love, community, and compassion. What if we invested in environmentally friendly fuels and pushed for a universal energy system. What if our government invested more in educating our youth, rather than big corporations. Most of all, what if we promoted a culture based on love and gratitude? What if people were happy and healthy? What if most people took care of their spirits through meditation and educated their minds? We would live in a very different world.


This fantasy world is not much of a fantasy at all, in fact it is only a thought, a decision, and an action away. If we all were healthier, happier, and in a better state of being, our vibrations would be higher and we would release positive energy. One at a time, we would influence each other to grow into the highest versions of ourselves.


With meditation, love, and gratitude, this dream is possible. My show The influence will promote this idea and hopefully turn it into a reality, especially for those who tune in (wink wink).  I will also include other topics such as astrology, politics, poetry, and of course music. Expect to hear a lot of Alt/indie, Hip Hop, electronica, and R&B. Most of my music will reflect the theme of my show, but every once in a while I’ll drop a trap song or two (clean versions of course), so don’t get too shook. My show is every Thursday at 9am, which is a perfect way to get your day started. I hope you guys find a little piece of yourself within my show and that I uplift your spirits. Oh and remember, stay one with the universe.


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