Midterm season

Yes everyone, Midterms are here and I am trying to get through them as soon as possible. My classes are going well so far, and proud of the progress I have been making this semester. However, many students are stressed out about classes right now. A few of my secrets for passing classes is 1) do not procrastinate and 2) pretend to enjoy each class.

When you do not procrastinate, assignments will be caught up before it’s time to study for an exam. And when you pretend to enjoy a class, the information will make sense. Or at least you can show up to class without frustration. These two choices may help you on track with class assignments, and motivate you to attend class.  Many students are not doing so well in their classes, which is discouraging them to attend class. If this is a reason you are not attending class, find a way to bring your grade up. We have about a month left to get caught up. So everyone, please do not discourage yourself we will have another break soon.

Unfortunately, Spring Break is over and it was kind of short. Everyone is not only worried about their classes, but in a down mood at this time of the semester. At least five of my friends called me the first week back from Spring Break for advice. The only advice I could give them is my 2 secrets. Do not procrastinate and pretend to enjoy class.  I do not blame anyone for being exhausted this time of the semester. Teachers are giving exams, quizzes, and essays right now. Furthermore, this bipolar weather has everyone’s mood up and down. It’s like an emotional roller coaster.

Luckily, there is not a lot of time left until summer break and it is making some of us anxious to have that break finally. All of your time and effort will be worth it once the semester is over knowing that you put in effort to pass your classes and can take an entire summer to relax, work, or whatever is planned for the summer. I honestly do not have plans for the summer yet. But I am looking forward to getting through my midterms to get one step closer to summer!


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