Europe…and then some

DJ Hot Coffey here!  If there was ever a reason for visiting a new country, one might stick the “to find myself” label across their trip photo album.  As luck would have it, I *indeed* needed to find myself, or rather discover a new version of myself that the former semester had beaten to a pulp.  Divulging briefly, I endured a painful break-up, death of 2 friends (1 to suicide), and death of 2 family members prior to this long-awaited trip.  Suffice it to say, I had more than enough ammo to pull the trigger on this MUCH-needed vacation.

EUROPE 2018 017

The highlight of my 2018 summer was my first trip to Europe, specifically the Emerald Isle.  I boarded a plane with 3 college guys, and we jetted off to

Manchester and London for the first leg.  The United Kingdom was cool and all:  Parliament, The Ministry of Magic, Piccadilly Circus, REAL Fish n’ chips… but the pure magic (for me anyway) came when we boarded a puddle-jumper to Dublin.  The flight was less than an hour, and I could barely sit still.  Upon landing on the fair greenery, I burst into tears.  This definitely boded well for me – gushing in front of 3 young college men whose sole excitement was in merely trying an authentic home-land Guinness.

Did I mention that visiting the land of my Irish ancestors has been on my bucket list since I was 12 years old?  Ah, yes.  There was passion and depth behind this trip for many reasons (not just the unfortunate affairs listed above).  I came to Ireland in search of peace and joy; however, those elements were already alive within me, and continue to burn within me with each day of purpose… I just got caught up in the shuffle of everyday life!  Happens to us all.

We become sidetracked with rubbish that, in retrospect, all-together won’t matter in the end.  And the longer I stood on that beautiful soil, the more I realized all of the “goods and bads” that I had endured earlier this year.  I hadn’t really processed everything I went through until I stood completely still and took in the sweet Irish air.  Additionally, this culmination of occurrences (including standing there!) had transformed me into THIS woman right here, right now.  And this woman is bound and determined to move forward with this crazy Piccadilly-circus called life.  And to tell ya the truth, she’s pretty freakin’ badass.

To say that my trip to Europe was “amazing” would be a brutal understatement.  It was the trip my soul desperately sought after for so long.  Prior to coming home to MYSELF, I was living, but by mere breaths only.  What a fool I had become to allow external circumstances navigate my internal norms.  I knew who I was, and allowed nonsense to tell me otherwise.  How dare we continue to live a life we KNOW we are not meant for.  How dare we continue to bow down and accept a mediocre life, when we have daringly touched a great one.

Go somewhere you absolutely dream of, and have absolutely no idea of how you will get there.  You will find a way.  You will make it happen.  And you will thank yourself so much once you get there. =)

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