Finals Week Inspiration

Hello all,

May I begin this message by saying Thank Goodness It’s Finals Week (TGIFW)! I am so excited because it is the last week of school. I understand that some of you are stressed about finals, getting ready for graduation, getting prepared for that new job, getting ready to move out of town to a new place, or even getting ready to be lazy for the summer and catch up on some show. Many good things are heading our way for this summer, and it is best to stay focused this week on completing everything that is needed. For those of you who are done with finals, congratulations. To those of you who are almost done, just remember this week will be over soon. You can do it.

I must admit I was not this positive last week. Last week was that time of the semester where everything that was work and school related piled up. I was so overwhelmed with everything that I was ready to quit everything and just go to sleep.  I did not want to attend my classes because my body and mind were exhausted. I was exhausted from the workload of assignments and studying that I had to complete for finals week. I was tired of looking at the same assignments and study guides, and wanted the semester to be over without putting in any effort. However, I had to remind myself that I pushed myself to do well in all of my classes, and it was too late to quit now. Plus, I was not the only student stressing about something. I had to remind myself that I will not be alone in the last weeks of school. So, I am reminding all of you that you are not alone. It is the last week of school and we are all capable of completing everything. We just have to push ourselves and each other. If you are that person who is completed with finals, go to a friend and motivate them to believe that they can make it through this week. If you are a person who have not completed your finals, it is okay, you are almost done. It is okay to give yourself a push to complete everything, and it is okay to eat, and it is okay to take naps, or even take five minute breaks to give yourself a breather. However, failure is not an option, and giving up is not an option.

My final comments will be about summer. I do not have any plans, but I am looking forward to experiencing new things this summer. I usually go home with my family, and watch Netflix the entire summer. However, this summer I want to be adventurous and explore new places. Who knows, I may share a story about a new place I visited over the summer. Whatever happens, I am beginning my summer with a positive mindset. I hope all of you will begin your summer with a positive mindset as well. If you have a lot going on at the moment, I hope everything works out for you during the summer, or by the end of the summer.

Good luck with finals week, and congratulations to all of the Spring 2019 graduates. I hope you all have a blast this summer and eat a lot of Otter Pops. Stay positive.


An awesome friend of yours.

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