Support Local Theatre!

Live theatre is often a forgotten art form. With the ability to instant stream any television show or movie, or YouTube search an illegal Broadway bootleg (which I’ve totally never done…), going out to the theater* on a Friday night can seem like too much effort. I promise you that the experience will be worth it.

Whether you haven’t seen many–or any!–plays before, or you’re a veteran of The Arts like moi, I highly encourage you to go out and support local Sacramento shows! What’s playing now? I’m glad you asked!

At Resurrection Theatre:
As Is by William Hoffman.
The play is set in New York in the 80’s, and revolves around Rich and Saul, a couple who’ve just broken up. It tackles the AIDS crisis, and how it effects the couple and their group of friends. Rick Grant-Coons, a very talented actor I worked with over the summer, portrays Rich, and there are other very talented actors among the cast as well. Like most theaters, you can buy the tickets online or at the door.

At Big Idea Theatre:
Skeleton Crew by Dominique Morisseau.
The play is set in Detroit in 2008, and it explores the effects of the Great Recession, and the lives of three workers at an auto-plant who fear they’ll be laid off. The show opens on September 27th and runs until October 26th. You can buy tickets online here:

At Chautauqua Playhouse in Carmichael:
The Maltese Falcon adapted from the 1941 of film of the same name.
I saw this show last weekend, and while the play itself is quite cheesy, and a tad too long, the performance of Scott Adams (Theatre Arts professor at Sierra College) in the role of Joel Cairo makes it worth it. The show closes on Sunday, September 29th. I recommend buying tickets online because they sell out quickly.

At Sacramento Theatre Company:
Northanger Abbey by Carissa Meagher, adapted from the novel of the same name by Jane Austen.
Meagher, a local Sacramento actress and writer, was commissioned to pen the script. The world-premiere of the classic-Victorian-novel-turned-stage-play is October 2nd, and it runs until October 27th. Pretty neat, right? Not to mention Sac State students get a sweet, sweet discount! Instead of buying tix online, call them (916-443-6722) or buy directly at the box office.

At Sutter Street Theatre in Folsom:
Evil Dead: The Musical adapted from the cult film of the same name.
Sutter Street Theatre does Evil Dead ever year in October. I saw it before, two years ago, and I can’t wait to see it this time around! It’s incredibly campy, very raunchy (maybe don’t bring your grandma to this one?), and if you sit in the splash zone…There. Will. Be. Blood. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, okay? There is no getting around the splash! The play opens on October 5th and closes November 2nd. They even have a special Halloween showing! Spooooky!
Ticket info here:

There ya have it, folks! A plethora of saucy plays to choose from. Enjoy!

*Fun Fact! Theatre is the correct spelling of the art form (i.e I am majoring in theatre arts) while Theater is how one would spell the building to view said art (i.e I hate when people forget to turn their phones off in the theater!).

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