This Semester

Hello everyone,

Before I start let me ask a few questions. Are you stressed out? Are you overwhelmed? Is time not your best friend at the moment? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. The last few weeks of school are always a hassle when trying to make a stable schedule and staying up extra hours to complete an upcoming assignment that you procrastinated on for weeks. However, this has been an ongoing problem for me ever since the first day of school for this semester. I did not realize that this was a problem until I met with a few people and they agreed that their weeks has been the same. I want you all to know that this semester is overwhelming but It will be okay. Whenever you have free time, it is okay to take a day off. If a day is too long for you, then take an hour or thirty minutes to yourself. It is nothing wrong with taking a break. Do not feel guilty to take a break for self-care. I have listed a few tips below for anyone who cannot think of one thing to do for self-care or to de-stress:

  • Allow yourself to have some free time
  • Convince yourself that it is okay to do an activity outside of studying and work.
  • Contact some friends
  • Take a nap
  • Get away from distracting things and have a meditation session.
  • Order in some food
  • Do an activity that you love
  • Go outside for fresh air (social distance though)
  • Sing a favorite song
  • Contact your family
  • Binge watch Netflix
  • Tell yourself that you are amazing
  • Trust yourself to de-stress
  • Burn candles
  • Clean
  • Learn how to ride a skateboard or roller skate (falling is okay)

These are a few things to consider as advice, but think about more things that make you happy. Days and weeks can get overwhelming, but it is important to take care of oneself. Especially with the end of the semester approaching. Let’s all prepare ourselves for whatever assignments are coming our way, even by doing the assignments and/or projects in advance. For some students it is not the workload that is complicated, it is the fact that we have to do it. But anything is possible, it is another semester that we will all get through. As we are getting through the semester please remember to stay safe. Good luck with this semester, you can do it.

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