DJ Alexx’s Pick for 2016

It is November; getting close to the end of the year.

2016 has been a year full of Hip-Hop, Electronica, and Dance. Many collaborations and features happened such as rapper Verbal Jint with ballad singer, Baek Ji Young and rapper Dean with Girls’ Generation Tiffany. This was a way to promote each other that worked well because there was always good response from the audiences. On the other hand, Rock/Indie, Ballad, and R&B are behind the scenes that slowly crept on music charts like ballad singer, Park Hyo Shin and rock band, Nell.

After this paragraph, there would be a list and description about the artist and album. This list is base off from my recommendations for 2016 releases. Right below after the recommendations, there would be upcoming releases listed to be prepared for the artists who are going to make a comeback soon. To give a hint, the albums mostly consist of Ballad, Rock/Indie, R&B, and Pop music from January to November. (This list is going to be based off from date of the album, min-album, and/or single released.)



Jung Joon Il | January 14

-Mini Album-

There are four tracks in his first mini album, Underwater, that was released the beginning of the year Jung Joon Il became a solo artist after the disbandment of Korean rock band, MATE. With the years of his success of his solo career, Jung Joon Il has showed a different side of him. Rather than going ballad with this mini album, he has shown the different music style. The second track, Plastic, is the title of this album that Jung Joon Il changed his vocal voice to an R&B and featured rapper, BewhY has lead us to a melancholy melody with the metaphor of, “I’m not a plastic.”

Recommended tracks: 02, 03, 04


White Night
Woo Yeon Soo | January 15

-Mini Album-

Woo Yeon Soo is a new artist that I’ve only discovered this year. She has a remarkable ballad voice that is really graceful. It is perfect to listen to when you are at need for relaxation. I immediately fell for her voice of how she sang for her tracks.


This Place

Subin (Dal Shabet) | June 20

-Mini Album-

Subin is from girl group, Dal Shabet. In honest, I’ve never listened to this group or if I did, I don’t remember any of their songs. However, member Subin caught my attention with her first mini album. She showed off a strong R&B and ballad voice the five tracks.

Recommended tracks: 01, 02, 03 (the rest are highly recommended to listen to)


Bye Bye My Blue

Baek Ye Rin | June 20

-Single Album-

Baek Ye Rin, similar to Subin, is from a duo group, 15&. However, this is her single album (which contains only three tracks). The music genre that Baek Ye Rin takes on is the soft rock. Her deep voice is soothing that is really enjoyable to listen to when it comes to the soft melodies. For this single album, I recommend all three tracks to listen to.


Pink Revolution

Apink | September 26

-Full Length Album-

After a year and two months, Apink (pronounced as the letter A and the color Pink > A Pink) has finally returned to the Korean music scene with their third full-length album with nine new tracks! Unlike before with their fairy-like concepts, the ladies have taken on the path to a mature concept.

The maturity is very much different from others mostly because of their fashion and style. The way they are dressed for this concept are two different colors of skirts and long sleeves turtle-neck tops that are tucked in. A fashion that has been popular among the 1990s where turtle-necks were the trend. Also, Apink has always been the group that resembles the first generation Korean groups such as S.E.S. and FINKL that their title track, Only One, brings out the melody that will reminiscence that feel.

Recommended tracks: 03, 06, 07, 09


I Am a Dreamer

Park Hyo Shin | October 3

-Full Length Album-

Park Hyo Shin has finally returned with his 7th album with twelve tracks since his single release in 2014. I like this album because of Park Hyo Shin naturally has a deep voice. But his voice can vibrate into a beautiful vocal that smoothens the melody. Besides, his album title, “I am a Dreamer” brings out the mood of the befriended and inspired emotions to you.
Recommended tracks: 01, 04, 06, 07, 09, 10



Bangtan Boys | October 7

­-Full Length Album-

Bangtan Boys has released their second full length album, Wings. A new concept that the boys has took a stab onto the music scene. Their title track “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” has a non-Hip-Hop style and more of a dance feel to it. A “gentleman” style because their outfits were suits rather than jeans, t-shirts, and jackets. There are five tracks that all of members sing, two intro/interlude tracks, and the rest of the seven tracks are member’s solo tracks. Like what Korean girl group, KARA did in 2012 for their Japanese collection album, Bangtan has done the same. This is how I started to know which music style is the key to the group from each member. For all members, they have similarities in R&B and Hip-Hop/Rap and that is how their group music genre are.

Recommended tracks: 01, 05, 06, 07, 09, 14

November releases: (Check them out!)

B.A.P “Noir” [November 7] – After two years of their first album released, B.A.P is ready to come into the music scene for a new style of music.

Standing Egg “Voice” [November 11] – Indie artist, Standing Egg is releasing the new mini-album soon, look forward to it.

Big Bang [November] – Not officially announced a specific date but Big Bang is going to release an album to celebrate their tenth year since debut.

S.E.S [November] – First generation K-pop girl group, S.E.S. is making a comeback somewhere this month to celebrate their twentieth year anniversary! This is said to be an 20th union, special album!

Interesting classes?

theaterEvery semester is always the time of my life that gives me anxiety. There are breakdowns of showing up for class to get in or to see if the professor / course is the one. However, sometimes there are not too many choices for us all. Some class my only being taught by one professor, which really gives no choice. This semester, for me, has been an interesting start because I am beginning my theatre classes.

For the past three semesters I’ve been here, I haven’t taken any theatre classes until now. All four classes are theatre courses except for one that count towards my G.E. Now after weeks since fall semester began, I can finally make judgements of which class is interesting or not. I believe that each classes are somehow interesting because there are skills for me to improve and learn. However, only a few that stood out to me the most.

I can already say that Theatre 14, Stage Makeup and Costume, is my favorite. The atmosphere of the class is relaxing and challenging. I always have everything being pushed away whenever I am in there. The relaxation comes in after the instructor has finish her demonstration of a specific task such as sewing as a stitch on a fabric. That is when the students in class has their own turn to self-apply the steps. Interaction happens, questions are being ask. It’s always easy to see the instructor and my peers do the work but when I do it, it’s really hard to process the steps. But if I need the help, I can ask others and look at how they do it. I will then teach myself how to do it. I get nervous sometimes if I cannot apply the same skills like how others do but I ask to make sure I am following the steps or not. I take time to understand the concept and would have to quickly write it down for myself to understand. It’s all about skills for the hand sewing style and the sewing machine is about control. Once I get used to the sewing machine and how to control it, the relaxation will return and I will end my day well. At the same time, this is how tough it is and relaxed this class is. The environment is a workable and cooperative that brings me to ask questions if need. Other students, whether if they are experienced in sewing/make-up, do not hesitate to ask their neighbors for clarification or assistant. You can learn a lot of new tricks or ways to do things from peers.

In addition to this course, it also focuses on make-up as well. The class is going to start soon on the makeup so at the moment, we are only learning about shades and highlights. But I am interested to see how make-up are different when it comes to specific ages. It gives that perspective of why does that specific age person looked this old or young which would look cool. Things like that would be discovered and compared, which I look forward to delve into later this semester.

One of another interesting class (but not too much of my favorite) that I am taking this semester is Theatre 16 Stagecraft. This class has two sessions: lecture and shop. The lecture is based off of theatre safety rules, tools, stage designs, directions, etc. All theatrical stages and scenic involved. The other class session is shop which is about the students being responsible about going into the Theatre shop in the department to get their hours done. These hours count towards the class grade and it also have students to help build scenic for the upcoming production plays on campus. In a long run, all of the students’ commitments to the shop hours are a help of creating the props and scenes in the plays that occurs in the semester.

I had my first shop hours and I found it was fun. Hard work because of all the physical work that has to be put in for the effort is tough. Especially when I am not tall enough for most of the assigned works, I have to put twice my body to complete a task. Besides the heavy, physical work, I’ve always been interested in the behind-the-scenes in any production rather that is on stage, on film, on the street, etc. It’s just me naturally. I like witnessing and participating into the magic of a show. It’s always impressed me to see the reactions and feedback. This is a chance for me to be a part of the building. Right now, I may not know what scene or what am I building but when the results come out at the end (when the run of the show), it would be a reaction like, “Wow, I struggled to make that and it ended up being a piece of entrance?” That was what I first built during my shop hours.

Theatre 14 and Theatre 16 courses both are opposite and at the same time, they are so similar. Skills that will be helpful. Make over and repair things are these two classes combines together to create something at the end. It’s pretty cool. These two, however, are the classes that I found interesting. The makeup and costume and the stage building.

The other two classes the classes that I have to research and read things closely to get the hang of it. (That doesn’t mean that these three classes I’ve mentioned above means no research or academic work.) Yet, I still learn many interested things. If I do discuss them, it would take me to another fat paragraphs that would be too overwhelming to read. However, all theatre classes and one general education class. The classes aren’t too bad but the only struggle is the schedule has been really awkward for this semester.


May you enjoy and have a cool semester too!

B.A.P 2016 Live On Earth, SF


The super short and brief explanation (mainly only on their concert activities).


B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) debuted in January 2012. This Korean boy band is well-known as a strong Hip-Hop group that consists of six members (Bang Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, Jong Up, and Zelo) in which their music describes self-identity and the social issues of the world. A year after their debut, B.A.P had two concerts: Pacific World Tour in 2013 and Live On Earth (first) World Tour in 2014. Earlier this year, B.A.P has released their 6th mini album ‘Carnival’ that has kicked off with their second world tour concert, Live On Earth: Awake! This concert started in Seoul for two days from February 21st to the 22nd. Just around early March, the band has released the entire destination tour dates. Starting from North America to Mexico to Europe to Southeast Asia and back to East Asia (finishing in Seoul, South Korea) from the spring throughout the summer.


I’ve known B.A.P since their debut in 2012 and followed them until the end of 2013 summer. I started to listen to them here and there and eventually became a fan in the New Year of 2014. Their music style and the way their group was constructed stood out for me, which appealed to me.

Gladly, their first stop for Live On Earth: Awake happened to be at San Francisco, California that was on Thursday, April 14th. This is my first time in (almost) six years since I’ve went to a concert. The last concert, SM Town 2010 concert, was an experience that I loved, enjoyed, and remembered until now. I would never forget that day. However, B.A.P Live On Earth: Awake was a special one because this was my first solo concert that I’ve went to. SM 2010 concert was a shared staged of various artists who were under the same music label performed for the masses. B.A.P happened to be the one to make a special memory to me.


B.A.P held their concert at the Warfield Theatre at San Francisco. The Warfield Theatre was beautiful because it has all of the elements of an old fashioned theatre. Regardless of being a theatre major, the place looks fantastic! (Just note that the Warfield staffs needed to at least smile rather than mugged.)


Inside the theater, there were two floors. The first floor has: the pit, the general standing, and another standing (near the door entrances). For the second floor, the seats were steep and narrow towards the stage. Unfortunately, I didn’t arrive as early as I expected, so I ended up standing at the way back, behind the general standing area. When you stared at the Warfield pictures, the stage looks far from the audiences (and where I stood), but it was so much closer in reality rather than pictures.

I remember once the lights went down, the entire fan sticks glowed and the fans started to scream. The time, I read from my watch, it was 8:09 PM. I was surprised that it has started. I was so nervous, right when their first song, ‘Warrior,’ was up I found myself blasted! B.A.P, whom I always seen on screen, has become real. They were no longer boxes, but they were circles. (My explanation of saying that B.A.P were no longer people on a flat screen TV who sings, raps, and dances, but they actually have shapes just like us and were moving at the same time and same moment as us.) The spikey leather jackets and all black outfits were the best choice for the opening. It immediately set the mood and tone that they were here to show their passion; they are serious with their performance! Besides, they were so much taller than they really look! I was so shocked that triggered me to exploded and cheered! All of the fans were pumped up. The speakers were blasting extremely loud and the red lights shined onto them. The DJ on stage right focused on his two Macs to play the music and the drummer on the stage left was pounding the drums. Every one of the members’ moves were sharp and swift. Their vocals and raps hit the absolute pitch and style, which was even better than the audio.


The pre-show stage. Screen says, “Where are you?”

The song set list was a total of 23 songs performed: Warrior* // What the Hell // No Mercy + (Queen’s) We Will Rock You // S.N.S (Him Chan’s solo) // Spy // Be Happy // <Talk Session> // Feel So Good // Carnival // Slow Motion (Young Jae’s solo) // Hurricane (Remix) // Badman (Remix) // Dancing in the Rain (Remix)* // Crash // Bangx2* // Now (Jong Up’s solo) // <VCR: ‘No More War’> // One Shot* // Young, Wild & Free // 1004 (Angel)* // With You* // <VCR: Encore> // Kingdom (Korean Ver.) // Excuse Me // Carnival // <VCR: B.A.B.Y – B.A.P’s Thank You notes>

Note: Hurricane, Badman, and Dancing in the Rain were all together as remixes.

(Though there was fancam (fans’ video records of live performances) for the Seoul Concert back in February, I did not dare to look at them. I wanted to excite myself and see what B.A.P can pull off.)

At one point of the concert, B.A.P did a Rave theme for three songs that they had all remixed it. The lights started to go change its color and lasers all over the theatre. I am seriously not kidding, but when you go to a concert you like and especially it is one of your favorite band or artist, you will literally jump and flow with the music! That’s what happened to me. Not just only in the Rave, but the entire time of the concert I jumped up and down with the glow stick. I was all hyper because I was enjoying every moment while it still lived. I didn’t want to lose the chance to corporate such as when they say, “jump, jump, jump.” I had to take the chance! And I did! I jumped, cheered, and had so much fun that I was literally hitting the two person next to me (my sister on my left and another fan on my right)! I felt like I was punching the air and my elbow kept on crashing into these two on both of my sides. I gave it all my energy to. Jumped, jumped, and jumped all night. Cheered, sang, and screamed. I even threw hand gestures and rapped too. Yes! All that (expect for dancing because there was no space).

I was looking forward for B.A.P to perform slow songs somewhere in the middle of the concert, but they didn’t. I was sad for a while, but the concert was still enjoyable. The songs that has an asterisks were the songs that I very much enjoyed and was prepared to sing along with. These were the few ones that I highly anticipated most. The live performances of Warrior, Bangx2, and One Shot were the strong and at the same time, the other three, Dancing in the Rain, 1004 (Angel), and With You had sensibilities.

However, there were three of the six members had solo stages. Him Chan performed a B.A.P song, “S.N.S,” Young Jae covered Trey Songz’ “Slow Motion,” and Jong Up sang his own song, “Now.” All three had great stages and was able to show their own styles with the vocals, dances, and rap. I really enjoyed because it was a different from their group images, which was an impressive effort. Talking about the three other members briefly, each of them had possessed an impression even if they did not had a solo stage for this tour stop. Leader Bang Yong Guk was quiet most of the time, but he was no joke on stage. Once the stage lights are up, Bang just killed the stage like it’s nothing! Main vocalist Dae Hyun took the lead in speaking (alongside with Him Chan) during the talk sessions. His high notes were awesome (way better in live than the audio, no kidding). As for the last member Zelo, he was able to shine on stage even more than before with his powerful fast raps and twisty body dances! These six gentlemen each carried out their own personas!


The end of the concert. Text: “We were here! B.A.P Live On Earth World Tour U.S. Awake!”

Throughout the concert, B.A.P continuously pulled the audiences to participate in their songs and to sing along. It was amazing because there were times where some of the members would literally look at my section intensely. They would have the most ambitious or the happiest faces on ever. I was connected and knew that they were considerate enough to include us. One of the reasons that made B.A.P and their performance more powerful was all thanks to the live instrument of the drum! He did an awesome job in banging the beats! (It makes me now really want to go to a rock concert!) Which made me really hoped to see them on stage with an actual live band one day.

B.A.P has come back after a while to San Francisco to kick off their World Tour all until the end of the summer! Even though they had returned this year with a bright and colorful image, B.A.P was still able to perform at their best to continue on their stand for humanity and their strength as individuals. Their live performances are still alive and I truly appreciate that I was able to participate to be the first crowd of their tour! It was all about living it, not dreaming it. This was the experience that I would never forget.


Here are some piece of advice:

Advice 1: Remember, if you are to go to a concert, make sure that you write down what you experienced right after the concert. You do not want to wait a few days later because you may not remember what had happened (because it was that much fun).

Advice 2: DO NOT worry about not recording any performances because you know that someone in the audience would definitely post videos of the concert up! So don’t worry about it! (I am serious!!) When you are there, the memories and live counts much moreyou have to live it to feel it!

Advice 3: Once the concert ends, do not say, “It feels like a dream.” If you do, your mind will start to develop the thought that the concert was a dream rather than a reality. Keep it real, record / write it down!

Advice 4: Have FUN!


Rain Season has arrived!


Rain! Yes! This season of rain is finally here!

First thing, great how Sacramento is finally receiving rain! I’m pretty sure that other counties in CA are also experiencing the same thing or something similar to this. Why celebrate this? Well, a little rain is a step to help improve our contemporary issue on the California Drought. On that note, I am actually glad to also see that the sierra is snowing as well. That is good. More snow, it can melt and give water to those sections in CA to use. The water is slowly coming back in. It is better to be in this cold weather than the sizzling summer months back.

The next thing is not too great at first because of the weather may be a lot tougher for drivers. They sit in the car. They have to check for security (slippery roads). They also have to make sure that they watch traffic and be patient with it. I can totally understand when traffic happens on rainy days. It is horrible since the road is slippery, and most people want to slow their driving. Yes, it can get tiring to slow down if someone was that careful on a rainy day. Just drive safe out there and try to be patient. Driving in the rain is not a joy.

Honestly, for me, I am totally fine with the rain. I love the rain. The best part about the rain is to listen closely to it. Whenever I hear it, I would usually step outside to do whatever I please to get closer with the rain. The way how it sounds when it splatters on the cement floor and leaves outside, the rain sound is perfect. It’s just a natural nature in me that I cannot explain why I really enjoy the rain sound. I clearly remembered one evening that I got out of the house to record the rain drizzling. I believe that it is probably a way for me to get connected with the calm nature (though it can and is gloomy). In addition to this rain love, I love the new smell that the rain brings every time after it was done showering. Even if sometimes I have an odd expression of noticing a different, sharp smell, I will usually still enjoy the smell. It’s like a really new day appears right ahead of you. The rain is like a spring to me. It starts to take everything away, but the next morning or evening, the new air smell comes in. To also add on, I also love when it is after the rain showers because there is always a great view to see. This has become a hobby to me to do so.

To make sure, for this holiday season, make sure you are all dressed warmly and comfortably. Watch out for yourself. Even if you are a rain lover like me, just make sure that you are also always eating your food warmly as well. The season is getting colder with all these rain and wind, so bundled up tightly. In addition to all this, to all drivers: I want to make sure that you all will do well this season as well. Don’t forget about the safety in the highway (if you are traveling). Have a great holiday everyone!


Alex is a dj with KSSU

B.A.P 4th Mini Album; Matrix

BAP_Matrix 5

Graphic Edit by: DJ Alexx (Alexandria Xiong)

B.A.P 4th Mini Album, Matrix | Date released: 2015.11.15

The KING is BACK! On November 15th, B.A.P has returned after a year and nine months hiatus with their fourth mini album, Matrix. They had introduced all of their songs through their comeback showcase that was held on the 15th.

As fans who know or recognize B.A.P know that the band has been active since 2012. They did numerous of promotions and preparations in their singles, full/mini albums, and concerts nonstop. Just then, last year in November, the group has filed a lawsuit against their label company which caused delay in all B.A.P group activities. The settlement came to an end in the summer. The label announced the group’s return after a year and nine months since they had released their first album.

Though going through all the struggles, B.A.P came back still maintaining a strong image expressing through Youth with their newest Hip-hop title track, “Young, Wild, & Free” with rock influences. Follow up with four additional songs that grouped into the mini album (produced by group leader, Bang Yong Guk). Each of these songs had just not only focused on the Youth theme, but also their stories with it. In other words, stories that contains: Love, Farewell, Wandering, Friendship, and Happiness. Of course, it is known that B.A.P has done a concept similar to these five concepts last year during their Live on Earth 2014 World Tour. This time, B.A.P has taken a different route. They wanted the audience to know that these songs had a more narrowed matter to it.

Track list:

  1. Take You There
  2. Monologue
  3. Young, Wild & Free
  4. Be Happy
  5. Blind

Track 1, “Take You There” represents the affection of a man is so grand that he wants to take and give it all to his lover. The beat in the beginning gives you moving already that makes you curious to see how the song is. As the melody flows, the member continues to synchronize well together. The vocalists are all low and soft with the nice R&B and upbeat rhythm that will “Take You There”.

Track 2, “Monologue” has two different types of music clashes together in one, just like how a movie trailer would be. The slow violin quietly comes in, introducing member Him Chan to take the narration to describe what they all struggled together and being able to pull back to a unity, in a group. Soon, the music shifts away from the calmness into a rock style that introduces the two rappers of the group, Bang Yong Guk and Zelo into the scene. The raps may be different from the calm narration, but they both show the side of B.A.P had developed through this mini album. Just as the raps exit, vocalist Dae Hyun raises the intensity of the mood with his high vocals. What’s great about this track is a foreshadow what to look for in the upcoming tracks and understand their meanings.

Track 3, “Young, Wild & Free” is the title track that glides a hard rock that mixes with the vocalists hitting the notes such as saying, “We are young, wild, and free” in the chorus along with the rap styles that the rappers had developed. The guitar of the song drives the lyrics even better. There are voices like a crowd to cheer off the lyrics. Of course track 2, Monologue gave a hint for this theme, but this track actually expresses and defines you, as audience, should not step back in what you do, but going forward for what you want. “Young, Wild, & Free” is a way to help encourage those who are struggling.

Track 4, “Be Happy” is a fun, pumped up song with grooves like their previous song, Spy in their first album. It’s a positive outlook of how people should feel when they are in stress. B.A.P greatly takes us to the verses saying, “go funky” to “be happy” in the chorus and ending with “lalala”. There is no need to worry when you listen to this song!

Track 5, “Blind” – This last track gives an interesting introduction and conclusion of a guitar with a style of pop in its verses and its chorus. The music gives the mood of being lost without anyone to help you. The line where vocalist Young Jae says, “Blind, I will never fall in love” discuss the person does not realize anything. This behavior defines a person who doesn’t realize the world. In this case, love is used as an example to be focused on. Everything is easily believed.


B.A.P has returned strong with all six members. They proved that they were still able to continue together with their stories shared in these songs. It’s great to see B.A.P coming back into the music scene, ending their 2015 in a positive outlook. Go ahead and check out B.A.P’s Matrix! These songs would complete all of your moods and you won’t be bored when you listen to these amazing tracks! My rating: 4/5 | Recommended tracks: 01, 02, 05

Alexandria is a dj with KSSU

What Enriches Your Sacramento State Experiences?

That is the question.

In the past, I’ve been involved with high school extracurricular such as ASB (student government). I know how much work that has been, but that has motivated me to continue on with being active in high school. I just didn’t want to sit in class to class and go home with no enjoyment afterword. Now in college, I haven’t found anything like ASB to be involved in. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be an active student. I have always been skilled at being organized and understand commitment, but thanks to Sac State’s EOP / Full Circle Project and the Theatre Department, I was able to develop and expand more on these concepts that will help me in my future experiences here in campus and at future use.

From the start, Education Opportunity Program (EOP) is what I’ve selected during my college application. It’s a program for low income students and this help gives guidance to be successful all through their college years. In this program, they required every student to get a head in academic, so there was a program called Summer Bridge at the same time they required students to select a learning community. This was when I was introduced to Full Circle Project (FCP), a program that’s for Asian Pacific Islanders where students get to take the same courses and attend to the same events to learn more about the API community. Students have the chance to get to know other APIs and get connections and resources. Being in FCP, I didn’t like it at first because it was too many requirements that confused me during this semester. It was easier in the summer because the schedule was specific that when we will have to attend to class. In this semester, FCP has required their students to enrolled in three classes and they also have mandatory meetings (and events). I honestly didn’t like it at first because it was all too much. There were confusions with time classes and meetings all among the students. How I was able to handle this hassle? Well, I became organized in scheduling my duties. I began to construct a calendar (hand drawn) of each month, so I can see what events do I have to attend. Even if I only began this system last month, this has helped me to remind myself so much more. I was able to notice events that I never would have gone if I never wrote it down on a calendar. I just don’t use this technique for FCP, but also for any appointments or important dates such as exam dates. Now, I have two calendars; one for assignments and due dates and the other for notifications of event or any appointments.

On the other hand, being a Theatre major means that I have to do at least two shows as a crew member (props or tech crew) and have to at least audition once. Over the summer, I did the dance audition for the first fall play, Flight, but I didn’t passed. I really wanted to be stage manager, but I realized that I couldn’t do that also. Even though I had a calendar to organize events, I knew that I would not be able to handle myself with that type of stress. Being stage manager, you have to be committed to all of your work because everyone is counting on you, even the director for the play is. I almost crew for Flight instead, but I chose not to do so because I still wasn’t sure if I will be able to stick with this from the start to the end. Recently, I had decided to be a part of the upcoming show (that open on the 12th) Compleat Female Stage Beauty. Everyone in this production has to be there from the 12th (opening night) to the 22nd (closing night) and be there for every show. All rehearsals without audience has all finished already. I took part of being the tech crew, specifically to sound. Coming to rehearsals the past days did eat a lot of my homework and free time, but I knew that I chose a sacrifice to balance everything out. Yet, I did not back out. Yes, I knew this would be a challenge for me because it’s time to be organized and be committed.

At first thought of Sac State, the campus sounds unimpressive because I am a Sacramento born and been here for most of my life. Yes, Sac State sounds boring because it’s a local campus, but when you think hard about it, Sac State has what other schools doesn’t have. There are programs, like the Theatre and Dance Department, the Engineering Program, Teaching Credential Program, etc. that are provided and the diversity of the school. It’s easy to judge Sac State in any ways. What I have taken with me was being more organized and being committed thanks to the opportunities that I’ve taken while I start my first year here.

Alexandria is a DJ with KSSU11-15 Blog

Tae Yeon 1st (Solo) Mini Album: “I”


Tae Yeon 1st Mini Album: I | Date released: 10.05.2015

Track list:

  1. I (Feat. Verbal Jint)
  2. U R
  3. 쌍동이자리 (Gemini)
  4. 스트레스 (Stress)
  5. 먼저 말해줘 (Farewell)
  6. I (Instrumental)

Everyone’s who has been waiting for her solo, she is finally here! Tae Yeon, member of Korean (girl) group, Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD) has finally released her first solo mini album, “I” last month! This album has five tracks, including an instrumental of the title track, “I” that expressed emotions that show stories of finding oneself, love relationships, and being stress free. Tae Yeon was able to pull off her Girls’ Generation image away and able to show a new side of her. The innocent, yet free spirited described through the songs and lyrics, which some tracks she contributed to the lyrics.

Aside from all of the songs she sang in Girls’ Generation and drama soundtracks, Tae Yeon has challenged herself for new music style and voice adjustments.

For her title track, “I”, she expressed the freedom that she can finally feel after all the pains she had to faced. Thanks to rapper Verbal Jint who was featured in this song brought the strong, advising words the moment he starts with the drums starts. In this song, Tae Yeon’s voice has been adjusted to a high pitched note. When she sang as in group or soundtracks, she always had the low and mellow melody in her. The beginning where she begins to say, “sky” to “I” and to “fly”, the notes she send are different from how she usually sings. For this track, it gave her the chance to reach for a higher goal with a different pitch, which I found interesting.

Track 2, “U R” is the combination of a piano, violin, and Tae Yeon’s voice to create a highlight for this ballad track. Her voice is clearly an improvement how she was directed in her previous songs. The song starts off calm piano, leading us to the chorus where she starts to say, “You are…” The violin is being added to bring the romantic feel into the song. The song climbs up to more of a climax when the bridge comes in with Tae Yeon gets the chance to show her new voice in a ballad song.

Track 3, “쌍동이자리 (Gemini)” is a R&B song, which Tae Yeon’s voice plays absolutely well with the melody. This is the first time hearing her coming into an R&B feel. I really like how she tried to put herself into a new genre she never tried. For the first time trying this type of music, Tae Yeon came out good.

Track 04,스트레스 (Stress)” is an upbeat, pop songs that has a fast rhythm that Tae Yeon sings. At first, I didn’t like this track, but I found this really catchy when she sings the part “blah, blah, blah, blah” in the two verses.

Track 05,먼저 말해줘 (Farewell)” is another ballad track that describes a breakup of a couple. Different from U R, Tae Yeon brings her calm and mellow voice again, but this time, it is so much more developed. She is able to put a focus in her voice chord, which I find it beautiful just like track 2.

If you don’t understand the meaning of the song, the music video of “I” is for you. By just looking at it, it is a true sign of finding your freedom, finding yourself. The video takes you onto the beach of New Zealand, showing off its scenery of the sunset and ocean itself. In this music video, Tae Yeon plays as a waitress who dreams to fly high to the outside world for a new adventure. Of course, Tae Yeon leaves her job and takes a drive up to the mountains, making her way to the beach. When she arrives, it was near sunset. She meets herself, the innocent one, at the end of the shore. Right at the end, the two smiles at one another, knowing that they both had the reason to wait for each other. They knew that they will always be there for each other.

Overall, my rating for Tae Yeon’s 1st Solo Mini Album I give it a 4/5. Tae Yeon took the guts to try out a new type of style. I enjoy her concept of “I”. Recommended Tracks: 1, 2, 3, and 6

Alexandria in addition to having an awesome name is also a DJ on KSSU

U Sung Eun’s 2nd Mini Album

U Sun EunU Sung Eun: Mini 02 | Date released: 2015.10.12

Thoughts: At first, I was looking for more new Korean music to listen to. I didn’t care what type of genres, so I happened to come across U Sung Eun’s 2nd Mini Album when I saw her cover. She looks interesting because of her title, “Nothing”. I was just wondering how she would sound like and when I listened to this album, I was surprised that how come I didn’t noticed her past songs until now. I wished that I could have heard her before, but I didn’t. To be honest, hearing U Sung Eun for the first time impressed me. Even if the language is unfamiliar to most ears, she holds attitude in her voice brings the songs out even more. U Sung Eun chose great music to fit with her R&B voice.

About the Artist: Yoo Sung Eun (or U Sung Eun) participated in 2012 MNET’s ‘The Voice of Korea’; the Korean version of America’s the Voice. She came in second place in the contest and made her debut (song: “Be OK”) into the music industry in July 2013.

Review: U Sung Eun released this mini album Mini 02 contains her R&B and Soul style. She recaptures a new sensation feel in the industry for the month of October. This album is full of emotions that fit well in the Autumn season; the season where everything can start new. In other words, since Autumn is the season where school starts, it’s a new beginning for most people because they come new as students or they are adjusting to a new college life, just like the spring time. I found her music flows in the sense of the “fall” season. Her songs are well with her strong voice vibes through the lyrics. Recommended Tracks: 1, 4, 5, and 6

The lyrics of “Nothing” expresses a breakup between a couple and the memories they had, which are now worthless. U Sung Eun plays as the heartbroken girl in the music video who sits down in the kitchen with a chef. In the scene, the camera focuses on the food dishes are being cooked for audience to see. The significance, which I believe, shows a new happiness she can look forward to instead of just thinking about her breakup. At the end of the video, she is able to have a smile when she has a first bite of the dish. The smile represents the end of her slow sorrow. (Check out the Music Video:!)

Term: Mini Album: A half album that usually consists with five to six tracks only.

Track list:

  1. Nothing (ft. 문별 of 마마무) | Translation: Nothing (ft. Moon Byul of Mamamoo)
  2. 일이 먼저지| Translation: Work Comes First
  3. Fix Me (ft. 루이 of 긱스) | Translation: Fix Me (ft. Louie of Greeks)
  4. 아차피 한번은 아파야해 (E. Piano Version) | Translation: You Need to Get Hurt Once Anyway
  5. 오늘밤에 뭐해요 | Translation: What Are You Doing Tonight?
  6. Nothing (Live Session Version)

By the way, since this month the month for Turkey craze, this music video is perfect for that. The food in this story shows the happiness that brought U Sung Eun to smile. So, listen to this mini album and feel grateful for the upcoming holiday.

Alex is a dj for KSSU

Why Theatre?

Cole Theater small

Being a first year student, I already knew what major do I want to go in, but I wasn’t too sure what I really wanted to do in the field. What I had decided to get into is Theatre. How did I come about that choice? Well, let me just bring everything back before I even gotten into college.

At first, I didn’t have any ideas what to do in the theatre. All I ever knew was just working behind the scenes, being a part of the crew and production. I was interested in being a part of the theatre because I treated this major like student government, which was what I experienced my entire time in high school. Being in student government, I am used to working in teams to get a task done. That was how the system always worked. We would set up and outline ideas for a show like school events and rallies. We would run rehearsals for the events. Everything’s all practiced and planned, so when the day came, we put the show out. Even if we messed up, we continued to get the show running. That’s my favorite part of being in student government. Help the needs and then run the show by observing everything and everyone. For what I want was to find a major that I can do something similar to that. Theatre was a way for me to continue that group work to put up a show.

Coming into Freshmen Orientation, I had that mindset on. I then finalized that I was able to go into becoming a stage manager for the show. I was always leading the students in student government like a stage manager would do and I was always just watching in action. That was my motivation for the first time. Stage Manager sounded really great and exciting. You get the chance to run everything yourself this time. In September, there was even an offer for stage manager position from department chair of Theatre for the upcoming play that she was directing. I really wanted to do it, but I thought hard about my consequences of if I took on this path. Yes, it would be fun to experience of being the stage manager, but would I be able to handle the stress? I was taking two lecture class and a seminar class. That I knew right away, I wouldn’t stand a chance. It’s not because I had low expectations of my abilities, but I didn’t want to build stress in me. It was my first year and I didn’t want to push myself to the limits of being a stage manager. I passed up the offer. Did I regret it? No, I am thankful with my decision. There’s a long way for me to go and if I really wanted to do this, I probably will or will not.

At the time, I had no idea what to do now with theatre. I was unsure, and it is fine to be unsure about your major, especially when you’re just a first year. I just decided that stage managing is not the right time now, so I just thought to stick with my original idea of being a part of the crew. It wasn’t until I began taking Theater History 2 this semester with Dr. Pomo when I discovered my admiration with costumes. In this course, I had definitely fallen in love with Sanskrit Drama, Yuan Drama, and the Japanese Drama (Noh, Bunraku, and Kabuki). Their costumes were amazing. The Sanskrit Drama were full of arts because of how the actors and actresses move around gracefully with their colorful costumes. I find that so catchy because the color represents their character. This goes the same with the Yuan and Japanese Drama. The colors are symbolic to a specific character trait like green stands for demon and black stands for courageous. The Asian Theatre is just too beautiful to pass up. With the love of the colors and designs, I decided to take costumes as my concentration in my major.

When people questioned me, “You’re a Theatre Major? Do you like to act?” When I answer no and explained that I am interested in the production. The next question would be, “Do you want to be a director?” No, no, not anymore. I am into stage managing and all of those good stuffs, but I am not focused in that. I tell them specifically about the interested of costuming and styling. For this concentration, there are skills I have to know. I have to learn how to sew. I’ve done sewing a few times because I try to tailor my long pants, but it never turned out to look professional. Instead, it looked really lame. I also need to understand specific of fabrics and tools, all the needs I need to understand. Speaking of which, I am thinking about becoming a Fashion minor. That way, I can further build onto my costume knowledge. That is the plan.

I am able to connect Theatre and Student Government together. It’s all of natural thing to do when I get into a group together and work things out. I get to associate with more people and can get closer. I am so proud of saying that I am a Theatre Major because I love how the entertainment can present stories and folktales into a production play that is artistic. Theatre is a form of art that expresses emotions through dialogues, music, dance, and simply just a playwright. I don’t care if Theatre does not make high incomes like other majors do. This field is all about understanding and appreciating the art.

Looking at me, of course, you wouldn’t expect my interest of being a Theatre Major and being a Fashion Minor. I mean, just look at my style. I do not match to be those types, but don’t judge anyone on the outside right? It’s just something I’ve been thinking and reflecting on myself. This is what I am looking forward to do. Even if I had no idea at the beginning as a new Theatre Major of what I was going to do, I know that I have made a choice that’s my own.Thanks to Theatre History 2 Lecture class, I was able to plot these out. I’m satisfied with my decision.

DJ Alexx is a dj at KSSU