Lincoln, this time IT’S REAL!

Thankfully the bio pic Lincoln is now in theaters. Not to be confused with the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter film, this one depicts the other side of the Lincoln, his real presidential side. Steven Spielberg directs this epic motion picture that brought Daniel Day-Lewis out of where ever he disappears, for what seems like 10 years, in between films. Day-Lewis stars in the film as the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln. The film shows the president struggle with decisions that shape the nation he hopes to preserve for the future. Sally Field offers a solid performance in portraying the former 1st lady Mary Todd Lincoln.  Tommy Lee Jones plays the role of Thaddeus Stevens. Joseph-Gordon-Levitt, who is quickly becoming a rising star on the big screen, plays the part of Robert Lincoln. Bruce McGill and Jackie Earle Haley round out the cast in the major roles.

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Rage Against the Machine: XX Box Set

Hard to believe its been twenty years since the now world famous hard rocking Rage Against the Machine formed. Yes, the Southern Cali group formed in 1991 and have been raging against the machine ever since. Band members Tim Commerford, Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello and Brad Wilk have rocking crowds, dropping knowledge and oh yes making ass kicking music since the early 90s. Last week for those Rage fans who didn’t know or maybe forgot, Legendary Records released the XX: the box set of the bands first landmark album.


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Idiotic Tattoos

When people get tattoos it is to place art on someone’s body, to commemorate some event, or even for love of a sports team. But for every great tattoo there are some idiotic decisions, made most notably by celebrities. I am all for people getting whatever want but you have to wonder what were you thinking? And the most recent headscratchers come from-Atlanta based rappers. Gucci Mane and Lil’ Scrappy have entered the realm of weird placement and strange ideas. Even Chris Brown’s latest neck work belongs with these two, however Brown’s tattoo is not as crazy. Gucci Mane got an Ice Cream cone, with lightning bolts, and the word BRR on his cheek. Yes I know what your thinking, and no he did not lose a bet and I did not make this up.

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Gary Clark, Jr. “Blak and Blu” Album Review

Blak and Blu

It came from the south and spread to cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Detroit. Now Gary Clark, Jr. is bringing the blues back to Texas. This state is home to some legendary blues guitar players such as Albert Collins, Lightning Hopkins, Johnny Winter, but most notably and more well known to the casual fan, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Clark was found by Vaughan’s older brother, Jimmy, and he became big around the Austin, Texas scene before achieving more notable success. Clark lives up to that standard and then some on his new offering. This is the follow up to his smash EP, “The Bright Lights EP.”

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Procrastination Kills Vol 4: Kirko Bangz Mixtape


23 year old Houston, Texas native Kirko Bangz released his latest mixtape in his “Procrastination Kills” mixtape series. Unlike his previous mixtapes, this one features a host of well known artists to bolster the mixtape.

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Catch a Fire


Due to its release on a limited number of screens, the documentary “Marley” was not seen by most people. But it is certainly a must see. The film was directed by Kevin MacDonald, the same director for the film, “Last King of Scotland.” The documentary chronicles Bob Marley’s life from the outskirts of the island, to his growing up in the rough section of Kingston, Jamaica known as Trench-town. He was born poor, often went to bed hungry,and  his mother and sister left the island when he 16 and the film shows his growth throughout his lifetime.

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Hall of Fame snubs in Canton

After this years Hall of Fame induction cerimonies have ended and the pre season is in full swing naturally everybody is talking snubs. And there are some obvious ones such as WRs Chris Carter, Andre Reed and Tim Brown. Chris Carter would have been the reciver of the 1990’s had Jerry Rice not had two hall of fame quarterbacks to play with.

While I hate using that as an argument for a players greatness but its overly glaring. The same can be said for Tim Brown of the Oakland Raiders. Carter had Jim McMahon, Jeff George, Sean Salisburry and some other hopeless guys. He had Dante Culpepper and an old Randall Cunnigham, who he had 1 good year with, and he made them pro bowlers and damn near MVPs. Tim Brown had no name guys until Rich Gannon fell into the fold. Andre Reed is product of the Buffalo Bills never winning the big game. Carter and Brown topped 1,000 career catches despite inept quarterback play through most of their careers. Carter’s case is even worse because his 1st years in the league he was a #3 receiver in Philadelphia and has substance abuse problems and rebounded to score touchdowns at ease durring the 90’s. Tim Brown unfortunately played for the Raiders when coaches rotated like tires at Les Schwab. Six different men held the raines as Head Coach during his time with the Raiders, no continuity and the man produced better than most great players could hope to do.  [Read more…]

CD Review: Esperanza Spalding “Radio Music Society”

Radio Music Society is the most appropriate title for this album by Esperanza Spalding. Listening to this CD, I felt when each track changed, I was going to a new radio station on the dial. There are jazz and lounge qualities to the album, then the tracks in between were rock and rol-esque. Esperanza made me think of Sade with a 1930’s lounge singer style. The range that the singer has is amazing, scatting like an old time jazz singer, who has the vocal range of some great singers. This singer does more than put out a voice, she also plays bass and violin. She is an artist apart of the Chamber Music Society. Most recently, she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman in March, before going on tour.

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Hometown Music

It came to my attention that in my blogs so far I haven’t talked about was the music from my own city of Fairlfield. Fairfield, California’s most well-known act would be the Federation. This group teamed with an E-40 producer Rick Rock and blew up, even landing the smash hit “Hyphy” on MTV. In the city there are various independent labels that come and go. The Hip Hop artists that I know have been building up for the last few years. [Read more…]

Lushlife “Plateau Vision”

Finding a rap album that is reminiscent of the late 80’s is hard to find. I popped in Lushlife’s new album “Plateau Vision” and caught that buzz.


Combinations of The Roots great musicianship and lyrics that gave a Nas appeal took me back to time a when I was just starting out. With so many new hip hop artists leaning towards an electronic/pop feel in their new works, it was refreshing to hear Lushlife. Listening to this CD and closing my eyes, I could see people spraying graffiti getting tagged to a wall, a DJ cutting a record, and people chillin’ in front of a boom box and having a party in the summer.

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