Got7 Flight Log: Departure


In light of all the recent comebacks of the Kpop industry, Got7’s comeback has been one of the best ones I have seen this year by far. With their title track “Fly”,  Got7’s album “Flight Log: Departure” contains tasty R&B tracks that show the boys’ potential as a group.


In this album, there are 7 tracks in the digital download and 8 tracks in the physical copy.


  1. Fly
  2. Can’t
  3. See The Light
  4. Fish
  5. Rewind
  6. Beggin On My Knees
  7. Something Good
  8. Home Run (Physical Album)

Keep in mind “Home Run” will be released digitally eventually sometime in April, 2016.

Being a Got7 fangirl, it was hard to narrow down my favorite of the bunch listed. But in the end I decided that my top tracks were: Fly, Something Good, and Home Run.

“Fly” is their title song of the album. By far it’s one of my favorite Got7 songs to date. I love how mature it sounds compared to their previous hits. The production is great and the R&B sound has hints of elements of electronica. Hearing my favorite group member, JB, sing in English was also that made me super happy!!! Everyone got equal parts in the song and some members surprised me with their lines. With this song, the music video itself was amazing and so was the choreography. This song also took home the gold in music award shows. They won first place with “Fly” in Mnet’s comeback stage and on Ingikayo (various music competition shows in Korea). There are more to come but these were the only award shows, that they won, I could think of on the top of my head.

“Something Good” was definitely something good to my ears (bad pun I know…). But in all seriousness I really love the bubbly feel this song gave off. The piano and synths made it so cheery and cute. Youngjae’s vocals really stood out in this song to me out of everyone else. It fits his range really well and he blended well with JB’s voice as well.

“Home Run” is a more exclusive track due to it being only limited to physical copies of the album. This is a song that my favorite, JB, wrote. Despite the fact that my favorite in the group wrote this song, I genuinely liked the tune. The synths were catchy and cheery, similar to “Something Good.” I liked the melody line and the upbeat tempo this song had. Everyone had equal parts and I thoroughly enjoyed JB’s voice during the chorus.

This album definitely showed off the group’s potential for a more mature sound compared to their older hits such as  “Just Right” and “A”. Out of the 2016 comebacks I personally choose Got7 due to how much their new sound took me by surprise. Got7’s R&B sound has changed from 2014 and has shaped into a sound that is even more catchy than before. If you end up checking out Got7 and like what you hear, check out more of JYP Entertainment’s other groups.

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Album Review: Art Angels

Grimes Art AngelsIn Grimes fourth album Art Angels, her unique pop like sound is brought out on the various tracks in this album. I have heard about Grimes with her previous album, “Visions”,  being recorded on Garageband but I have yet to try and listen to her content. Grimes is a Canadian producer, singer, and performer that takes influence from different genres of music. These genres include: R&B, Kpop, Jpop, videogame music, pop, medieval music, rock, etc. I will be talking about tracks I really liked off of this album that stood out to me.

First impressions of this album for me was that it was very synth-dreamlike pop. My favorite songs off the album are Realiti and Venus Fly. Realiti is very dream like with cool synths that I found pleasing to the ear. It gave off a video game kind of vibe with synths that sounded almost 8bit like. With Venus Fly, I enjoyed the energy the song gave off. This track sounded more pop like due to the upbeat tempo it had. Along with this track, Janelle Monáe was featured. I liked how the heavier set drums transitioned in. What I also loved about this track was the switch from a major key sounding upbeat and happy to a minor key with heavy drums distorted synths. The addition of the violin over the track was very tasteful and I will definitely see myself adding this to my playlist for listening and on my show!

Art Angels itself is very unique which is what I love about it. Originality is there and the concept of the album portrays her various musical influences that I mentioned earlier. Being a Kpop, Jpop, and R&B lover myself, I can hear the distinct elements of these genres in the tracks. In the track Kill V. Maim, the song itself has a rock feel to it with the addition of a synth track that sounds video game like. With Grimes singing over this track, I hear the Jpop style she’s trying to achieve with the high pitch singing and squeaky voice she does to give off that “Kawaii” vibe that most Jpop female artists have. Another track off this album, World Princess part II, definitely gives off the video game vibe with its heavily retro based synths. I really liked the song Butterfly and how it was produced. This track had some of my favorite elements that I mentioned earlier: Kpop, Jpop, and Videogame like. The tempo and drums used stuck to me as Kpop like. The jpop aspect could be found in the vocals as stated above and the videogame portion of it was heard in the synths.

Overall this album is unique, flavorful, and catchy. With the unique blend of influences and production, this is something you guys should check out. It is easily one of my favorite albums of 2015 and I will definitely be playing some tracks from this album on my show. If you love Grimes, be sure to check out her other albums as well. Also be sure to tune into “The Roost” with me DJ K.K. Slider on Wednesdays at 4pm on KSSU!



All About Kpop!

Today, Korean pop (Kpop) is a significant genre in the music industry. Some of it has even made its way here to the U.S. such as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and 2ne1’s “I Am The Best”. Kpop is a global sensation, especially here in America. Today I’m here to talk about some of my personal favorite groups in the industry as well as other things Kpop related!

Let’s start with Girl’s Day!


Girl’s Day is my favorite girl group in the Kpop industry. Their songs are really catchy, happy, and upbeat. Some of their biggest hits are Expectation, Female President, Twinkle Twinkle, Darling, and many more. Out of all their hits, Don’t Forget Me is my all time favorite. The members consist of Park Sojin, Bang Minah, Kim Yura, and Lee Hyeri. Originally they had five members but the other member, Jihae, dropped out. Girl’s Day’s popularity has been on the rise internationally. Just last year, they made their first U.S. debut at the free Korean Wave concert in Los Angeles (unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend at the time). One of the members, Minah, made her solo debut this year. It’s been a success so far and I am proud of her accomplishments as an artist! Out of the 4 girls, Sojin remains to be my favorite! She is the leader of the group and I respect her talents and looks (especially for a 30 year old in the industry). As for their upcoming schedules, Girl’s Day plans on making a comeback this year.

Now let’s move on to my favorite boy group, Infinite.


I am a huge fan of this group not only because of their looks but because of their talent. This seven member group is one of the top boy groups of Kpop today. The members are: Kim Myungsoo (or L), Woo-Hyun, Kim Sung-Kyu, Lee Sung-yeol, Hoya, Sung-Jong, and Dong-Woo. Some of Infinite’s hits are The Chaser, Back, Last Romeo, Destiny, and many more. Out of their hit songs, The Chaser remains my favorite. Their success has been growing to where they have formed sub groups on the side (Infinite H and Infinite F). Along with Girl’s Day, Infinite also performed for the first time in America at the Korean Wave Concert in 2014. Infinite plans on making a comeback this year as well and I look forward to what they have to bring! L is my favorite member out of the group and I hope to someday see all of their beautiful faces live in concert.

I’ve been in the Kpop fandom since I was in elementary school. It’s always been a goal of mine to attend at least one Kpop concert. Just recently I got tickets to see one of my favorite groups, Epik High, live in SF on May 28th! I’m extremely stoked since I’ve been a fan since 5th grade.

Later this year, I plan on attending Kcon this year in Los Angeles. For those of you who don’t know, Kcon is a huge Kpop convention with concerts from big Kpop groups. It is one of the biggest Kpop events in America and is growing every year in numbers. Although the line up and dates have yet to be announced, I hope I will get my hands on VIP tickets so I can meet the Kpop stars there. Kpop has been apart of my life for a while now and I hope it will continue to grow more around the world!

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NorCal Regionals (NCR)


Just this past weekend, I had the privilege of attending NCR being hosted here in Sacramento. NCR is one of the premier stops of the Capcom Pro Tour (only for Ultra Street Fighter 4). Along with Ultimate Street Fighter 4, there were other tournaments going on for the following games: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Super Smash Bros 4 (along with Melee). I was only familiar with Super Smash Bros, but after attending this event, I found myself wanting to pick up a copy of Ultra Street Fighter 4. It was heavily based on Street Fighter so I focused mainly on that for the time I spent at the tournament. The winner of this event was rewarded $8,000 and a guaranteed spot on the Capcom Cup.

IMG_2218 (1)

April 4th, 2015

On Saturday, I was able to attend thanks to my friend who clued me in to it. He was able to get me a spectator pass and I figured it’d be interesting to attend. When I got to the Holiday Inn, the room was packed with all kinds of TV monitors with players occupied with various fighting games on different consoles. It was amazing to see how big the fighting game community was and how dedicated everyone was to the various games being played. Twitch was streaming everything that was going on with the SSB (Super Smash Bros.) and Street Fighter tournament. I was only able to stay around for an hour or so, but the tournament still had one more day left for finals.


April 5th, 2015

IMG_2213Sunday was the big day for the event, finals. The game that was the center of attention was Ultra Street Fighter 4. As presented in the images above, we were watching the live stream while the players played on a smaller screen. I mentioned earlier that Twitch was streaming the whole event online and had commentators on the side as well. Watching the players battle it out was intense and exhilarating. The different combos they unleashed on each other kept the crowd pumped. There were even people, with thunder sticks rooting for their favorite players. I had my friend explain the status of some of the contestants and from there, I was able to narrow down who to root for. Some of the games did drag out but there were games that were over in an instant. One player that amused me was Poongko. I was confused on why people were chanting, “TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT”. But according to my friend, whenever Poongko is angry, he takes his shirt off in a serious situation… So what does Poongko do? He takes off his shirt of course. He didn’t make it too far in the tournament but nonetheless, he was a treat to watch. Another player that stood out to me went by the name of “BonChan“. He had the most exciting battles because his comebacks were great. There were multiple times where his health gauge was about to run out but he managed to push on and KO the opponent with little health. Along with BonChan, Daigo Umehara also stood out to me as well. His matches were fast and amazing to watch. I noticed he cornered his opponents a lot and unleashed relentless combos to triumph over them. Daigo Umehara has been involved in the Street Fighter scene since 1994 and even has his own manga after him.

By the end of the night, Daigo Umehara took the title of being the NCR champion along with winning himself $8,000 and a spot in the Capcom Cup. Following him with 2nd place was Gamerbee from Taiwan and 3rd place with Nuckledu from America. Overall I’m glad I was able to attend would totally go again. I find myself being more of a Tekken and SSB fan but I now have a sparked interest in Street Fighter. Also I got myself a free Street Fighter V poster which was awesome because who doesn’t love free stuff?


Being exposed to the fighting game community really gave me motivation to actually be more involved in gaming. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to pick up a copy of Street Fighter and get somewhat decent at it? Also, shout out to my friend Jerel for bringing me along to this event and inspiring me to try out Street Fighter!

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Album Review: “Worlds” – Porter Robinson


Porter Robinson is one of my favorite indie electronica producers to date. I was ecstatic when I first heard “Lionhearted” while shopping at Forever 21 because not only were they having a great sale, they were playing awesome music as well. As soon as I got home, I had to look up his new album since I’ve heard so much about it from my avid electronica loving friends. As expected, I was not disappointed with the content of his new album and immediately added a few of his songs to my playlist for my show! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this album. If I had to narrow down my favorite tracks it’ll have to be Lionhearted, Flicker, Sea of Voices, and Natural Light.

So let’s start with Lionhearted. Lionhearted is probably the most popular song off of this album. Of course there’s no surprise there due to how upbeat and uplifting this song is. Robinson does a great job with the arrangement of synths in this song. The way this song is produced gives it a Crystal Castles kind of vibe to it. The build up to the drop really kicks off the song and gives me the sensation of jamming out at a really awesome music festival. I also like that he decided to feature Urban Cone on this track as the vocals. The different synth arpeggios are very catchy and the chords are very rich to the ear. Repetition was the main asset to this song with the different synth riffs, but it worked well with the overall layout of the song.

I’ve heard many remixes of Flicker but the original still stays true to my heart. This track is a bit more chill than Lionhearted but it definitely still has its upbeat moments for the most part. I love how Robinson incorporates a Japanese sample making the song a bit more kawaii. This song also gives me a funk kind of vibe as well. The syncopated rhythms and synths makes it a bit more upbeat while still having a chill vibe to it. I also love how he stacks the synths in this song. This song is definitely great to chill out to whether it’s at a party or just in your own room.

The next song I listed, Sea of Voices, is one of the more calm tracks on this album. It’s definitely not as upbeat as the last two but it’s the most ambient track on the album. It’s a great song to add to your “study” playlist. There’s one section that Robinson stacks multiple layers of synths together and it sounds amazingly epic. What really makes this song is how cute and soft the vocals are. As a singer, I don’t have the strongest voice but this song shows how you don’t need strong vocals to capture the emotions of the listener.

Natural Light is again one of the calmer tracks on this album. The thing that stood out to me was the use of reverb on the synth chords. Repetition is again, a key factor in this song but I loved it. Robinson found a way to make the song engaging without getting bored of the repetition. I like the soft synth riff he used to make the song a bit lighter considering how heavy the song seemed with the drum kit used. It’s definitely a song to add to your “chill out” or “study” playlist. The only complaint I have with this song is that it’s too short! I really felt like Robinson could’ve done more with the song whether it be add more synths to stack or add a whole new section to the song. But other than that, it’s a great song to help your mindset.

These were a few things on the album that stood out to me. I highly encourage everyone to listen to it, especially if you’re into the electronica genre. I would love to see Porter Robinson live someday and look forward to what he has in store for us.

Thank you all for checking out this blog post!

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