Life Imitates…..College Classes


The best thing about being an older college student is noticing the relevance between what I am learning and everyday life.  For instance, I am running for school board this year, and two of my classes, Political Science Research Methods and Public Policy, are educating me on the basic systems and philosophies used to gauge public opinion and public need.

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House of Cards Season 2 and the Constitution

house of cards logo

I am supposed to be doing homework right now.  I need to read Supreme Court civil rights cases for my Constitutional Rights and Liberties class.  There is a huge exam coming up.  Instead, I am on Episode 6, Season 2 of House of Cards.  This Netflix original series, created by Beau Willimon, is magnificent, and addictive.  The main characters, Frank and Claire Underwood, (played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) are cool, calculating and ruthless.  Their brainpower together can blow up the political landscape of Washington D.C., leaving only a few resilient operatives standing.

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Showtime’s “Master’s of Sex” is Engaging

masters of sex logo

Who isn’t interested in sex?  In the 1950’s and ’60’s there was a lot of medical information on conception, gestation and birth, but no one really knew the physiological responses to people, especially women, had before, during and after sex.  Fascination with the female orgasm led Dr. William Masters to initiate his now famous study and the new Showtime series Masters of Sex which tells the titillating story of the process.  The series is based on Thomas Maier’s book, “Masters of Sex.”

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The Cure, the Best Band in the World


If you did not go through your teenage years listening to The Cure, you are probably not a well adjusted adult now.  The beautiful angst, layered melodies and ultimate sweetness of the lead singer, Robert Smith, helped bring on torrents of emotion which were felt, examined and healed within the amount of time it took to listen to a full album.  Sure, there was lots of mockery of Smith’s smeared lipstick and teased hair, but he created a signature look that makes my heart beat a little faster to this day.

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The Comfortably Numb Hour

comfortably numb 

College radio is a symbol for subculture, underground music, and ideas outside the mainstream.  Without creative thinkers who have a place to express themselves, life would be boring and tedious.  When I stopped by the KSSU table at orientation last summer, I was surprised to see we had a student run radio station, and that it was free form – which means the DJ’s can create their shows any way they want, as long as basic rules and regulations are followed.  I have fancied myself as someone who embraces most forms of creative expression, so I jotted my contact info down and hoped I would be given the opportunity to at least speak with the director and maybe even – gasp – get my own show.

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