Slice of Sacramento ft. Cole’s Corner: Giovanni’s Pizza (6200 Folsom Blvd)


Welcome to the first ever post of The Slice of Sacramento. This pizza review will focus on pizzerias in or around the Sacramento area. Basis for comparison will be pepperoni, house specialties, and ‘extra extra.’ In the interest of fairness fellow KSSU DJ Cole in his section ‘Cole’s Corner’. So join us as we find out, “will Jonny Mac go back, or go on the attack?”

We decided to go to the Folsom Blvd. branch of Giovanni’s Pizza as opposed to the original location in Land Park in part due to its close vicinity to Sac State. In addition, the Elements housing as well as St. Francis and Hiram Johnson High Schools are close by, giving Giovanni’s Pizza a potentially prime location. Parking is ample with a large industrial feeling gravel driveway as well as the lot from the F65 complex just next door.  The building itself is a hugely oversized and the space is added to by a patio seating option out front. Although usually a plus, due to the particular area of Folsom Blvd. as well as the industrial nature of the area, the outside patio does not work as well as it does at somewhere close like Burr’s Fountain, and should be chosen judiciously.  The inside is filled almost exclusively with tables, only offering a sparse selection of games, video or otherwise, for those who would be so inclined. The general feeling in the building is one of emptiness not due to a lack of customers, but more so to poor space utilization. The addition of something as simple a billiards table would make Giovanni’s more of a destination of the college/high school demographic.

PizzaNow the good stuff.  The pizza is why we are here. Giovanni’s offers New York Style pizza and in that regard they do not disappoint. The slices are of a general size and the crust is crispy yet foldable. While there is a lunch special available that gets you two slices and a soda for $6.99, they regularly offer whole pizza pies exclusively that run just a little on the expensive size with a large pepperoni roughly $20 for a large and $6 more to get ‘New York size.’ But how was the pizza, is it work that $20 plus dollar point of sale, well the answer depends on what you decide to get.  We sampled the pepperoni as well as the Don Giovanni special that was topped with sausage and fire roasted sweet peppers and it arrived to our table only 15 short minutes after ordering. First and foremost these pizzas were dripping in the greasy flavorful goodness I love, if you love it as well stay put, if not, grab all the napkins you can. The Don Giovanni special was a reserved take on a house special with only two toppings, which although worked together, tended to get lost in the mix, with the sausage seemingly not flavorful enough. The pepperoni on the other hand was exactly what one wants a pep pizza to be. With liberal placement of the peperoni themselves this pie was packed with flavor and would please even the most monetarily stringent.

Extra Extra

IMG_20150213_175113820The sleeper hit of the evening was the order of chicken wings we got thanks to a good old fashioned coupon. The wings came with celery and ranch as was delivered to our table after only ten minutes and gave us a nice small window to enjoy some of the appetizers before the main dish arrived. This 10 piece wing dish was a pleasant surprise for both Cole and I. Instead of ones typical, or expected buffalo wing, Giovanni’s instead offers a rocking sweet habanero wing with a heat that sneaks up on you unexpectedly, but not unwillingly. At only about $8 this 10 wing option works great as an appetizer, or even a meal of its own

Verdict: Jonny Mac goes back!! It would be interesting to see how the original location compares to this Folsom branch, but overall this one is worth checking out if you don’t mind spending a bit more on a New York style pizza, despite the locations shortcomings in regards to decoration or feel, the pizza offers an experience good enough to only need a handful of friends

Cole’s Corner:

Coles Corner

                It’s been a while since I’ve been to a non-chain pizza place. My outings lately have consisted of Round Table or Pizza Hut. That said, Giovanni’s Old World New York Pizzeria is a nice return to the family-style local joints of my yesteryear.
                The location of Giovanni’s is close to Sac State’s campus. A quick bike ride from the grounds to Folsom Blvd takes around ten minutes at the most; if you’re looking for a dine-in experience off campus, it’s a fairly easy commute. The restaurant itself is very spacious. With about twenty tables spaced out, a concrete floor that dampens the atmosphere a bit and a ceiling height of easily twenty-five feet, this place gives off the vibes of a warehouse. Barring the general pictures of The Big Apple hung up in “New York Style” restaurants, there isn’t much else to take in while dining in. Aside from that, the interior is a nice and clean area to rest for a bit after finishing classes for the day.
                With the setting all said and done, it’s time to get to the pizza. John and I ordered one large pizza; half of it being the classic pepperoni we all know and love, the other half being the house special “Don Giovanni”, consisting of Italian sausages and sweet roasted peppers. The large size was roughly $25 without drinks and is split into eight slices, so this pizza is on the pricier side. True to its namesake, the pizza is cooked with a thin crust that easily folds when picking up a slice, emulating the style of a New York pizza.
                The pepperoni pizza is a pizza that you can hardly ever do wrong, and Giovanni’s keeps that statement true. It has plenty of pepperonis without it being overbearing, the slight grease that keeps the pizza hot, and the cheese that compliments the meat without taking over the flavor. It’s a classic staple of pizza and I enjoyed every slice of it.
                The “Don Giovanni”, on the other hand, was a more peculiar pizza. Sausage and pepper alone on a pizza is not a common mix, and with this case left it to be desired. The sweet peppers were delicious, but the flavor overpowered the sausage and I could hardly taste it. On top of that, there was a generous serving of the peppers on each slice while the sausage was lacking. I found myself having one slice with only one or two sausages with a lot more peppers on them.  If there was a more even distribution of toppings, I feel like this pizza would have been a bit tastier.
                Overall, I have to say that Giovanni’s is a decent pizza place. If you don’t mind a pricier dining experience in a spacious environment, this pizzeria has a nice tasting New York Style slice of pizza goodness.
Environment: 3/5
Pepperoni Pizza: 4/5
House Special (Don Giovanni): 3.5/5



Cole and John are DJ’s at Sacramento State’s only student run radio station KSSU

A Little Message From A KISS Fan


Hello everyone, it has been some time since I had something worth writing here about. I come to you today as a KISS fan. In lieu of their success so far in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fan pole it seemed appropriate I give a message for you all.

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CM Punk: Best In The World DVD/Bluray Review


The documentary portion of the new CM Punk released by the WWE featured a history of CM Punks career, highlighting his journey through various indie organizations, Ring of Honor, Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWECW and then the WWE, ending with his victory against John Cena at Money In The Bank. The overall presentation is clean and polished, featuring interviews with Punk’s friends and colleagues.

The set also combines this packaged history with a “day of life of” portion intertwined. This segment showed CM Punk as he takes care of various responsibilities of being WWE champ. They showed off his home, signing appearances, tour bus, and lounging with wrestling pal Kofi Kingston.

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Short Story- War of Gods Conclusion

High on a mountain stood Odin, only his spear at his side. He sees his sons and daughters slain by the children of Zeus. They are all dead, almost; neither side will win at this point. The cool air passes through Odin’s beard and with his one eye gazes into the battle acknowledging his time to fight and die. A wolf is running towards him, it is neither Geri nor Freki, they have already fallen. This wolf is Loki, Odin’s blood-brother; it is time for them to fight.

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Short Story: War of Gods Part 3

“Odin I curse thee,” Asalrek swears. “All the gods in Asgard as well as the gods on Olympus, none shall be spared! All will fall to the mightiest warrior of the world!” With this oath Asalrek is approached by Charon, the ferryman of Hades. “Pay your toll,” the boatmen calls, ‘”or wander the shores for eternity.” “I am Asalrek!”the warrior cries. “I shall pay no toll, nor wander any shore. I will defeat the gods, all of them, no more shall they toy with us mortals. No more shall they play their games.” “I have been a slave to the gods for centuries.” Charon says. “Go back to the land of the living, climb Mount Olympus, defeat the gods, free Loki from his chains, he will know the way to Asgard. But first I am afraid; you must defeat the pet of Hades, Cerberus. He lets souls in, but few have ever made it out.”

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Short Story: War of Gods Part 2

It is time for battle, the sun glowing a blood red, the field as if on fire.  Asalrek is home here, he is comfortable, behind him an army of Greeks, four thousand strong; in front stands another army, an army  greater in numbers as well as experience. Fools, thinks Aselrek, giving me so few men, but I refuse to die, I refuse to die now. With that he raises his father’s sword, Thor’s hammer carved into the hilt, lets out a mighty cry and rushes into battle. Left and right men fall to his blade, arrows pass him by, he is hit, only a flesh wound, the adrenaline has him now; he is home. How can this be the army of legend? They fall like children. He looks up as a spear breaks his shield, with a slice of his sword the soldiers head breaks as well. For a brief minute, nothingness, the fighting stops. Then, like thunder he sees the true foe. They are dressed in red and black, carrying weapons from all reaches of the world, strange beasts from strange lands accompany them. This, thinks Asalrek, is what I seek. Rushing the new army with what is left of his, Asalrek runs into the fold. Men and beast fall as Asalrek now stands alone against the foe. His army defeated, his wounds growing in number he shouts the warriors prayer. “Gods of War I call you, my sword is by my side, I seek a life of honor. Cover me with death, if I shall ever fail. Glory! Majesty! Victory!” In that instant time froze. Asalrek sees before him corpses of friend and foe, bodies of those he had slain, body parts littered amongst the field, soldiers in mid-swing ready to attack him, and with a bolt of lightning a man, not a man, but a god. “Not your Odin that approaches you Asalrek, not his son Tyr. They ignore your cry; it is I Ares, son of Zeus and God of War, which responds to your plea. They would see you die before unlocking your full potential. They are scared of you Asalrek, you are becoming too powerful. I can give you what you desire. I can give you ultimate strength, strength only rivaled by that of my half-brother, Heracles. Your gods would kill you, I give you life, all I ask is do not tell a soul what I have done, if word were to get out, the consequences could be of godly proportions. Do you accept power Asalrek; do you accept your potential?” “Yes Ares I accept! I accept power, I accept strength and I accept you!”

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Dredd 3D Movie Review ** Spoilers!

When I heard a new Judge Dredd movie was coming out, I was ecstatic. When I heard it was going to be shown primarily in 3D, my elation fell. I am not a fan of 3D, it just makes the screen look dark and cluttered. However, Dredd-3D was shot in 3D, which makes a huge difference in quality when compared to post production 3D.

When most people hear Judge Dredd they will either respond with a confused look, or recall the Sylvester Stallone camp fest Judge Dredd from 1995 also featuring Rob Schneider. This earlier film is by most accounts a bad movie. However it enjoys a status of so bad, it is amazing. Sly Stallone shouting “I AM… THE LAW!”  (check out a clip here) or even “I knew you’d say that” is satisfying on many levels.

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Short Story: War of Gods Part 1

Can a man defeat the Gods? Does the choice to turn to someone else damn a man even in the heat of battle? The daughter of Zeus, Calliope, has come to me to tell the tale of a man who betrayed the gods, cursed the name of his Viking ancestry, and who was denied access to the warrior hall of Asgard, Valhalla.

The blades of two mighty swords clash.  In the heat of the battle, bodies fall. Our hero Asalrek stands tall, with the strength of one hundred men, this power was not given by any Norse god. No, his strength was a gift from the god of war, Ares. This act has forever given up his right to join the einherjar in the hall of Valhalla. Defiant of his father gods, Asalrek kills men and horses alike, before finally falling to many mortal wounds.

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Where are the rock stars?

At the beginning of its conception, rock and roll always had its poster boys, from Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan to Axl Rose and Seven Tyler. However, the age of the rock star is gone. The days of sold out stadiums and arenas, the sex, drugs, rock n roll life style, and the iconic rock stars are all gone. Why has such a fantastic thing as that disappeared, or rather burned out?

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The Last Airbender Movie Review

This is the point by point movie review of “”The Last Airbender by M.Night Shyamalan. If you haven’t read the review preview, you may want to, as it will add some background to this review. That being said, I was skeptical how a 1 1/2 hour movie could contain the magnitude, the masterful storytelling, and the charm of the first eight-hour long season. In short, it couldn’t. “The Last Airbender” is nothing compared to the show, however in the interest of being fair, I will match a good point with a bad point as long as I can.

****************Warning!! questionable language is used! Contains Spoilers!****************************

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