Reasons For A “Scandal”

scandal 2

If you haven’t started, I highly suggest you tune in on Thursday nights or set your TiVo to record at 10 on ABC’s network channel to experience some of the suspense binding and emotions drawing drama the television series Scandal brings weekly to its millions of viewers.

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Men’s Soccer Win Keeps Sac State Alive for Tournament Contention

mens soccer

The Sacramento State men’s soccer team won its first conference game October 26 after scoring in the first half and holding onto to the 1-0 lead against UC Davis in an intense second half.

The goal was made when senior midfielder Almog Strikowski lobbed the ball over to senior forward Issac Ikyurav 35 minutes into the first half.  Ikyurav was able to get his foot on the ball and into the net after he and Davis defender had fallen, taking a shot while still on the ground.

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Choosing Health As You Age

If you saw me today, you wouldn’t believe there was a point in my life I weighed 173 lbs., but there was.

The moment that changed for me was when one of my closest friends asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and because we’re all Asian, I knew my weight and 5-foot-5-inch stature would surely make me stand out like wheat on white rice.

I got myself down to 145 lbs. before the wedding in June, but please hold the applause because I am not quite done. Embarrassingly, I’ve regained almost half of the weight back and am now at 161 lbs.

So guess where I’m back at… the gym!

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