Mildly Late Halloween with DJ Trendy Dad

Hello world!

Let me take the top bit of this post to introduce myself! I’m DJ Trendy Dad but you can also call me by my name, Jet (Yes, yes that is my real name). Random fact, my favorite Disney movie is “Pinocchio”. No I am not a liar. Maybe. Sometimes. Never. Nothing but truth coming from these fingertips.

To give you a better idea of who I am as a person, I like to call myself the “human personification of a run-on sentence”. (Yes, I know the definition of “personification” and saying “human personification” is redundant but it makes it sound cooler).

Anyway, I can talk about myself for hours. Now let’s discuss this matter that is the title. What I’m doing for Halloween.

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I love love LOVE Halloween and anything horror and spooky. I grew up watching horror movies like Halloween  (Amazing movie that helped to shape the genre into what it is now), Scream, Friday 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and a whole buncha’ other horror movies.

There’s nothing like watching some teenagers act like fools just before being hunted down one by one by an unexplainable force of pure evil.

So that is exactly why I am hosting a horror game and movie marathon with my friends on Halloween!

We’ll be playing terrifying video games such as Resident Evil 7, Amnesia, Outlast, and other truly horrifying Indie Horror Games.

I mean, what’s more heart pounding than trying to escape an old creepy castle all the while a horrifying humanoid abomination is chasing you.

Hey there gorgeous, come here often?

Or investigating a psychiatric hospital where the inhabitants have become homicidal. Using only your camera’s night vision setting to see in the dark and your own sneakiness to avoid facing a grizzly demise.

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Hah. Hah. Huhhhhh. Why am I doing this to myself again?

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention… After losing my sanity playing these sunshine and rainbow glee-inducing games, my friends and I are making the horrible mistake of playing a Ouija board.

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My friend recently purchased a Ouija board from a thrift store (I know, the best place to get a Ouija board. Who knows what monstrosity has attached itself to it) and wants to go out late at night to go and make contact with spirits from the next life.

They want to do this forsaken ritual at a location that was probably on “Sacramento’s most haunted areas.”

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But anyway, have a safe and fun Halloween you all!

If y’all never hear from me again you know what happened to me.

Biting the Halloween bullet… & loving it.

It seems that when Fall rolls around, September and October seem to mesh together and Starbucks may even tell you that Fall begins in August when they unveil their seasonal PSL (pumpkin spice lattes for those shut-ins) but I disagree:  Fall is felt regardless of when culture tells us we should be feeling it.

The days become shorter, the air becomes crisper, the smells become more pungent, the general atmosphere begins to shift from a busy, nonsensical summer vibe into a slow, statuesque energy.  My plans for Halloween do not merely come and go on the day itself:  they last from September into October, and even into the early days of November.  For me, this special season has, and always will be, reflective of my time spent in Hollywood working at Universal Studios at the Halloween Horror Nights event.

Halloween Horror Nights is a Halloween-themed event held in the dark hours of the night at Universal Studios Hollywood in Southern California. It contains haunted mazes that are themed to popular horror TV shows and films such as “Halloween,” “American Horror Story,” “Friday the 13th,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and so on. There are also street performers who hide in the shadows and scare the living crap out of you while you try to enjoy a margarita on a park bench… LOVE! Similar to its surrounding competitors, Knott’s Scary Farm and Six Flags Fright Fest, nothing can hold a candle to this glorious event, and if you haven’t been, make it a priority to do so before the run is over. IF YOU DARE.

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As mentioned during my radio show this past week, HHN was my introduction into all-things-horror.  I was morbidly terrified of anything blood and gore until I allowed HHN to consume my soul in 2010.  Horror is now my life.  Black is my color.  Skulls are my art.  Death is my calling.  I am, and will forever remain, a Halloween freak.

I worked as a scareactor (performer) at this event for 5 years.  Scaring guests drenched in blood from all angles of the park was the highlight of my twenties-twilight… I can still hear the screams and sounds of ripping chainsaws now!  *Le sigh* However, being a scareactor was anything but glamorous.  The physicality and mental energy expended for this event is astonishing.  Performers use their voices and bodies in order to create a scare unlike the original, repeatedly for 30-45 minutes at a time… some performers have even done hour-long sets!  And for those of you who are unfamiliar with entertainment, the term “sets” are used when an actor is visible to the audience – i.e. ON SET. 

Working on a roller-coaster of 30 minutes on – 30 minutes off wears and tears immensely on a performer (to say the least) so by the time we were wrapping up and clocking out around 3, sometimes 4am, re-fuel with food around 5, then in bed by 6am, we woke up around 1-2pm, headed over to the studio and did it all over again… despite our bodies feeling like they were pummeled by a freight train carrying nothing but elephants and cinder blocks going at 90 mph.  *Get my point???*  Alas, we always made it through.  Every year, we became a little bit stronger.  And faced not only park-made fears, but fears that came with everyday life.  Fears that drove us to audition for this event in the first place.  Fears that we could face again, and again, and again WHILE wearing a mask and screaming into the sky.  And I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything else.  (Yours truly below in the blonde wig.)

See the source image

In regards to Halloween day, don’t be surprised if you see a blonde vampire lurking around campus.  And I assure you:  the sun will not be an issue.  Considering my obsession with Halloween, horror, and specifically vampires in general, I have deemed it necessary to sport some red contacts and fangs to honor my spirits.  My next bite goes out to my HHN family.  Scare the chair!

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Old Sac’s Costume Shop: Evangeline’s Costume Mansion

It’s OCTOBER!!!! Finally we can start talking about what’s important: Halloween! When the pumpkin spiced everything starts hitting the shelves and the temperature starts dropping (hopefully), that’s when you know it’s time to get that Halloween costume ready to go. Whether you are going to a party, just handing out candy at your own front door, or have to go into a shift at work, there is always room for spoopy festivities.

This is where Evangeline’s Costume Mansion comes to the rescue. Nestled in the middle of Old Sac, Evangeline’s is a three-story Victorian mansion that has been retro fitted to house the largest collection of costumes, wigs, masks, weapons, party gear, and novelty items you will ever lay eyes on. Literally, it has everything!

On the first floor, there are mostly just novelty items. Things like themed kitchenware, bachelorette party items, bacon paraphernalia, party games, EDM/rave must-haves, fandom merchandise, Wicca supplies, children’s costumes, and even a small armory complete with sets of full samurai armor. Everything on the first floor ranges from the everyday like fairy figurines to the oddly specific like ice-cube trays to make gun shaped ice. One could get lost for hours on the first floor alone.

The second floor is where the serious costumes start. To make this level easy to navigate, it has been divided into themed rooms. There is the western/steam punk room, Medieval/renaissance royalty room, the BDSM/horror room, the tribal/military room, the first responder room, and the large main area that is devoted to ghosts, witches, and your classic Halloween villains. Between the rooms themselves, every wall is covered floor to ceiling with even more costumes and costume pieces. In addition to a masquerade and a Gatsby wall, the second floor boasts an entire wall dedicated to horrifying Halloween masks stationed behind an old-fashioned bar at the top of the stairs.

Speaking of stairs, if you take the spiral staircase up you’ll find yourself on the Technicolor third floor. Here, the over arching theme is FUN! Rooms and areas on this floor include but are far from limited to Disney/Fantasy, superheroes, decades, Star Wars, circus, and even a section for the adult novelty costumes. This is the floor were you can be a greaser, a gangster, a wizard, a mermaid, or just your favorite comic book character. Instead of a wall of masks, the third floor has two and a half walls of wigs in every length, cut, and shade you can think of. If you’ve got a dollar, you can try any of them on.

Maybe you already have a costume and just need a few accessories. No problem. Evangeline’s may have all the costumes you need, but they also have filled every nook and cranny with decorations, jewelry, hats, bags, gloves, makeup, tights, glasses, crowns and just about anything else.

Need satin gloves? Go to the second floor’s western room to the saloon girl section.

Need Fairy Wings? Go to the third floor’s fantasy room next to the old brick fireplace.

Want to throw together the ultimate rave outfit? The top of the stairs on the third floor has all the odds and ends you’ll need. After that, hit up the glow-in-the-dark EDM room on the first floor on your way out for all the coolest light up accessories.

As if the insane amount of costumes isn’t enough to keep you entertained, the mansion also has a built-in scavenger hunt. As you wander around the second and third floors, you should be on the look out for the 13 plaques that tell the legend of a different killer from history. You can grab a map from any of the wonderfully helpful associates working there.

This is seriously my favorite place to go to in Old Sac. I’ll drive all the way out there even if I think I might need a costume piece at some point in the near future. The downside is that street parking is metered but there is a parking garage well within walking distance that is usually open and relatively cheap.

Keep in mind that this time of year is the busiest for Evangeline’s, so maybe Google the hours that the shop is least busy. Peak hours can get a bit claustrophobic due to the number of people and the fact that they have shoved literally every bit of Halloween goodness they can into that place.

Overall, the Costume Mansion is a definite MUST as far as costume/Halloween ideas are concerned. How spooky can you be?


Any Plans For Halloween? BOO! SF 2018

With Halloween just around the corner, Insomniac Events returns to San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Historically, Insomniac Events have been known to throw some of the best parties in California all year ’round. From ringing in the New Year with “Countdown NYE”, and a Valentine’s day rave called “Crush”, you can never go wrong with buying tickets to a party hosted by Insomniac.

This year’s Halloween themed rave “BOO!” returns for another year. Much like last year, it will be a two day event. Since the line up for this year’s event has been released there has been a clear divide on the types of genres being represented this time around.

Day One features some of the world’s most celebrated House DJs and producers. Featuring the likes of Habstrakt, the creator of last summer’s festival anthem “Chicken Soup” this first day is full of bass lines and House records that are guaranteed to have you dancing all night. What I find the most interesting is that Malaa is headlining the show and is scheduled to preform right before the well known DJ Afrojack.

Image courtesy of BOO!

Malaa is signed to the label Confession, pioneered by the French electronic producer Tchami. The Confession recording label has gained a reputation of putting out a number of House records which bring the exotic and seductive sounds of Europe to the United States. Making his debut to the electronic music scene with his single “Notorious”, it is no doubt that the western rave culture has taken a liking to the Future house sound.

I have noticed that a new trend is starting to take over in the Western Electronic Music scene here in Northern California. Around the time of my first rave in 2016, I saw the Trance and Progressive house DJ ATB. In 2016 Big Room House music was trending here in California through the sounds of Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia.

Fast forward to present day and in 2018 I’ve noticed a number of California raves and festivals are moving away form the Big Room House sound. Instead, there seems to be a trend of Bass House and Future House talent being booked for most of the events here in California.

I am excited to finally see a whole lineup dedicated to the House genre and I am the most excited to see Malaa live, as well seeing Afrojack closing out the show. BOO! SF’s day 2 line up is more of heavy, head banging sound with GTA and Flosstradamus. Be on the look out for my Day 2 preview. Till then, keep it locked here on KSSU.

Taking a Break with Adventures!

This semester has not been stressful as previous semesters. But I have been busy with a lot of essays and projects for classes. Last week I decided to take a break from all of the work and go home for a few days. It was my niece’s birthday and my sister decided to go to a place called “The Jungle” in Concord, CA. I did not realize how stressed I was  from school until I was on my way to “The Jungle.” I was thinking about all of the assignments I had to do the following week. However, once I got to the place there were children playing in tunnels, slides, and bouncy houses. My sister was in the arcade playing a racing game with my niece. Their shoes were off and they were having a good time. My niece ran up to me with her two friends and they asked can I go to a bouncy area with her. I said yeah. At that moment all of my worries about school was over. I was in the moment of enjoying my niece and finally having a day to enjoy myself.

My sister joined us and we went inside a bouncy play area. It was amazing how everything was set up inside. It looked like a world of Super Mario with blown up flowers, and shapes to grab onto if you fall. We climbed up blown up stairs leading us to a slide. My sister and I went down to wide slide with my niece and her two friends all at once. It was scary and amazing at the same time. We all tried to get up and constantly fell. It was funny because we could be clumsy and silly without any judgement. Of course, with younger children around there is never judgement. My sister and I realized how old we were because we were out of breath. We went up the slide once more and got out. When we got out we did not have enough energy so we rolled out and landed on our backs. It was so funny that we could not stop laughing.

When we finally got up my niece ran to the tunnel and invited me. Of course, I was crazy enough to get in. We were climbing, sliding, and going through so many things I thought it would never end. I tried to keep up with my niece, but I realized I am taller now and older. When we finally got out my heart rate was beating quicker than I expected. Afterwards, we went to the arcade and played games. I have never played the dancing game or air hockey. I played and was pretty good at them. I have not felt so free in a long time.  I was happy that I took a break from school and went home for my niece’s birthday.

For all of you readers, if you want to take a break from school for just a day. I would not suggest to go to a party, night club, or do something that you are used to doing. I would suggest going out and doing something where you could feel like a kid and be silly for once. As we get older we forget how to have fun because of our load of responsibilities. Taking that one day off will be worth it. If you do not have time right now, try it after finals week. It will be worth the wait.


Easter is finally here! This was a holiday I used to spend with my family without understanding the meaning behind it. As a young child, meaning behind holidays does not matter. The only thing that matters is that the family gets together and celebrate the holiday with each other. I come from a big family so our family tradition was to visit our cousin’s house in Richmond, CA. The house has a back yard that has a hill and big enough for all of the children to search for Easter eggs. I remember going to the house, painting Easter eggs, and eating large plates of food. The parents would be in the backyard hiding the Easter eggs in the backyard , and us children would go to the back and do a Easter egg hunt. There was always a golden egg that had money in it. The adult’s loved me and knew I would share with my siblings, so they showed me where the golden egg was. I held on to the money until it was  time to go home. When my mom took my siblings and I home, we stopped by the store, and I bought us all snacks to eat. I used to love the Easter egg hunts.

Now that I am older, everyone in my family is working. No one has time take the entire day off for Easter. We all might work and get off early. But I realized that things change as you get older, especially the way you celebrate holidays. There are only a few children in our family right now who can do the Easter egg hunt. However, my cousin’s who held Easter each year at their house is older now. No one feels like doing the Easter egg hunt so my siblings, mother, and I meet up by five o’clock and eat dinner together. It isn’t much but it is enough to keep my family together for the holidays. We are now discussing a new way to celebrate Easter. For instance, doing more activities for my five year old niece to have something to look forward to each Easter, similar to what my siblings and I looked forward to each Easter. Although my family and I are older now, it is still great to have traditions to expand ideas for them in the future.


Rain Season has arrived!


Rain! Yes! This season of rain is finally here!

First thing, great how Sacramento is finally receiving rain! I’m pretty sure that other counties in CA are also experiencing the same thing or something similar to this. Why celebrate this? Well, a little rain is a step to help improve our contemporary issue on the California Drought. On that note, I am actually glad to also see that the sierra is snowing as well. That is good. More snow, it can melt and give water to those sections in CA to use. The water is slowly coming back in. It is better to be in this cold weather than the sizzling summer months back.

The next thing is not too great at first because of the weather may be a lot tougher for drivers. They sit in the car. They have to check for security (slippery roads). They also have to make sure that they watch traffic and be patient with it. I can totally understand when traffic happens on rainy days. It is horrible since the road is slippery, and most people want to slow their driving. Yes, it can get tiring to slow down if someone was that careful on a rainy day. Just drive safe out there and try to be patient. Driving in the rain is not a joy.

Honestly, for me, I am totally fine with the rain. I love the rain. The best part about the rain is to listen closely to it. Whenever I hear it, I would usually step outside to do whatever I please to get closer with the rain. The way how it sounds when it splatters on the cement floor and leaves outside, the rain sound is perfect. It’s just a natural nature in me that I cannot explain why I really enjoy the rain sound. I clearly remembered one evening that I got out of the house to record the rain drizzling. I believe that it is probably a way for me to get connected with the calm nature (though it can and is gloomy). In addition to this rain love, I love the new smell that the rain brings every time after it was done showering. Even if sometimes I have an odd expression of noticing a different, sharp smell, I will usually still enjoy the smell. It’s like a really new day appears right ahead of you. The rain is like a spring to me. It starts to take everything away, but the next morning or evening, the new air smell comes in. To also add on, I also love when it is after the rain showers because there is always a great view to see. This has become a hobby to me to do so.

To make sure, for this holiday season, make sure you are all dressed warmly and comfortably. Watch out for yourself. Even if you are a rain lover like me, just make sure that you are also always eating your food warmly as well. The season is getting colder with all these rain and wind, so bundled up tightly. In addition to all this, to all drivers: I want to make sure that you all will do well this season as well. Don’t forget about the safety in the highway (if you are traveling). Have a great holiday everyone!


Alex is a dj with KSSU

The Zombie 5 Tour Review


Last Sunday, I went and saw (in order) Secrets, Born of Osiris, Word Alive, and the Devil Wears Prada at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento. The name of the tour was the “Zombie Five Tour” because it has been five years since the Devil Wears Prada released their “Zombie Ep”- one of their greatest achievements. There was laughing, crying tears of joy, and a lot of sweat in a human sardine can. Here’s how my night went.

Started off with the usual tradition- Dutch Bros. drive thru coffee in Davis. Got myself a strawberry and lime iced Rebel, which is their trademark energy drink, so I was ready for the long night ahead. Accompanying me was my girlfriend while the rest of my crew was saving us a spot at the front of the line. Walking to our spot in line, I could feel the teenage angst staring me down while everyone is decked out in gear ranging from Goth streetwear to gym clothes with band logos. I myself went in some nice khakis and a windbreaker. After hanging out in line and farting on some teens behind me, we quickly hurried inside the venue when the doors opened.

Usually, Ace of Spades has a band open up for the other bands, but Secrets was the first band to go on. The last time I saw Secrets was also at the Ace of Spades, but when they had their old vocalist. For being the first band, Secrets did great. They played some classics, some new stuff, and even a song that has yet to be released. Aside from some ear-piercing highs from the singing, they did a good job.

Born of Osiris

Born of Osiris came next and they straight up murdered the stage. Stage presence out the ying-yang, sound effects on point, and the heavy/technical guitar skills from Lee McKinney reminded me why Born of Osiris is one of my favorite bands. Born of Osiris was like a shot of espresso after the creamer, started off sweet and escalated to a level of strength that even Goku would be impressed by. Well done BOO, well done once again.

The last time I saw The Word Alive was at Warped Tour, and they were all hyped about their newest release, the “Real.” Album. Some of those songs are pretty light, so I thought, “Aw man, I’m gonna see the same performance twice.” I was proven wrong. The Word Alive played a lot of heavy songs, including oldies like “2012” and “House of Anubis”. Before the breakdown to 2012, Telle Smith (the frontman) split the whole entire front half of the crowd like the Red Sea and told them that when he counts the breakdown in, that everyone run at each other as fast as possible. This is what we call a “Wall of Death” and the last Wall I partook in ended up with my shirt getting ripped in half, fighting some fat guys, and almost passing out in the crowd. Fun fact: that was also during a Word Alive set in that very same venue.devil wears prada

Last but certainly not least, the men of the hour, The Devil Wears Prada. I thought that TDWP would only play their EP and a couple more songs. Then I found out from an outside source that their set list was 16 songs. 16 SONGS. The first five were some classics, then the next five were the Zombie EP all in order, all with the sound effects in between the songs as well. After the EP, I did not stay for the whole set list, but I was okay with that. Also, the stage had crazy light displays, including a giant symbol from their album 8:18. The Devil Wears Prada was the very first band that got me into Metal, and to see them live almost eight years after I heard their first album made the night all worth it. They were the best band up on that stage, and I cannot wait to hear what they have next.

Speaking of that, I heard a rumor (which has yet to be confirmed) that The Devil Wears Prada is back on Rise Records and is going to release a Space Ep.

We will just have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading my lengthy memory written onto this blog! If you want to hear more music from these bands and bands alike, or if you know of a band you want on my show, listen in on Tuesday mornings at 8 o’clock on or contact me via Instagram @gingerbeardthefoot

Much love,


Super Bowl



On Super bowl Sunday, comedian Marc Maron tweeted, “Today is an important day for some people. Annoying to others”. I happen to fall in the category of Super Bowl being annoying. This year the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks played the final game of the season at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. In the end, the New England Patriots won, with the score of 28 – 24. To someone who doesn’t understand a thing about football, yet alone sports, the highlight of the game was the halftime show with Katy Perry with special appearances by Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot.

This year for Super Bowl, I had to intern. I intern at 101.9, The Wolf, and this year a few of the promo staff, as well as Nick and Kristen, from the morning show went to a listeners house because she had won a Super bowl party. Her prize included a flat screen TV (which was set up right away), a catered meal, a new ice chest, a grill, and music from one of the DJs. The wolf gang and I were at the winner’s house from about 3PM to the end of halftime.

Due to the fact that I do not understand football, the goal for me was to interact with members of the winner’s friends and family. But I think I was more interested in the babies and children than the grown adults. When it got to half time, I sat in the corner of the family room watching Katy Perry perform. For the people who didn’t watch the halftime show, but are fans of Katy Perry, her set list included her singles – Roar, Hot N Cold, I Kissed a Girl (featuring Lenny Kravitz), Teenage Dream, Part of Me, American Women (With Lenny Kravitz), Dark Horse, and Firework. A lot of people who were at Whitney’s house (the winner) made comments about how the song, Firework because it reminded them of the controversial movie, “The Interview”. I agree with their comments on how the song reminded them of “The Interview”. Once you watch the movie, you’ll forever associate the song Firework to James Franco and Randall Park’s character.

Once halftime was over, the Wolf team packed up the equipment, said our goodbyes, and headed back to the station. One of the things I really liked was seeing how appreciated Whitney was of us to come out and hang out with her friends and family. You could really tell that they all appreciated us and were all interested in our lives.

Ashlee is a DJ with KSSU, tune in for an hour of sheer enjoyment once a week.



The holidays typically mark a transition phase in my life–a break-up occurs and I gain 5-10 pounds. This year, I am heading off to Portlandia for the holidays to experience my first snowy Christmas! I am beyond stoked, I have listened to a lot of Mariah Carey’s Christmas music, but never in an authentic landscape. The holidays are always weird, though, and this year they are going to be especially weird. My parents separated 4ish years ago, and I usually trade holidays off (my mom lives in Portland and my dad lives in the 916) but this year I get to see both my parents…next to the same tree…at the same time. My dad decided to accompany me to Oregon so that he could see my little sister, who is also nestled up in the greenery.

Nothing says Christmas like hanging out with your ex. MAYBE THEY WILL GET BACK TOGETHER AND RAISE THEIR 23-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER WITH AN ADEQUATE FAMILY STRUCTURE. I haven’t decided when I am going to tell them that all I want for Christmas is a mommy and a daddy, but I will make sure that they are on the hot seat, I kid, I kid. I think the trip will be very entertaining and awesome, after all, my family could be super lame and keep lines drawn in the sand. You ain’t celebrating the holidays if they aren’t difficult, right?

Eat lots of Muddy Buddies. Make sure to put only red and green M&M’s in your Rice Krispie Treats. Watch that one cartoon with Tom Hanks on the Christmas train just because it has such creepily real looking animation. Binge listen to all the Serial Podcasts at They are so amazing and the perfect to listen to for cold and stormy winter weather.

Peace and Blessings babies,

DJ Mophead