Favorite February Finds!

A couple of our favorites from everyone at KSSU! Ranging from podcasts, tv shows, books and new albums! We hope you find your new Spring obsession!

First on the list is Porches’ new album The House that was released recently. During many of the introductions of the songs, he had a very 2000’s techno vibe but throughout every song it evolved into melodic lyrics and music that fits every occasion.

Dear Sugars, a podcast produced by New York Times is hosted by two people Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. Their mission is be radically empathetic and give advice to be in troubling situations.

Season 4 of Grace & Frankie, a Netflix original about two women in their 70’s that are accepting the trials and tribulations of growing old. I won’t give any spoilers but you’ll be laughing and crying throughout the whole show. Go binge now!

South & West by Joan Didion is a series of entries when world renowned journalist, writer and native Sacramentan traveled to the South in 1970. Originally all of notes and information was written in her notebook at the time and eventually her experiences were published. It’s a really telling story about the difference between the culture and habits of the West (California) and the South.

The Shannara Chronicles is a fictional show that follows heroes in the Four Lands as they embark on a quest to stop an evil Demon army from destroying the universe. Austin Butler (you may have seen him in The Bling Ring or Carrie Diaries) stars in it as a half-Elf alongside some amazing women! Watch this show if you want to get hooked on a new fictional mystery!

Glossier is a cruelty free and mostly vegan company that specializes in skincare and minimal makeup products. They have saved my life and are so inclusive with their products. Click the link if you want to be inspired and never go back to other beauty brands.


KSSU’s Study Tips for Finals

Hey Readers! Read below for some study tips from everyone here at KSSU and ace those finals. 🙂

  1. Listen to what your body is telling you! If your eyelids feel heavy, take a power nap. Studying is pointless if you and your body are not in a position to retain the information you need to learn.
  2. Get out of the space that you’re most comfortable in! Go to a nice coffee shop (Philz Coffee, Identity, Tupelo) or to the 4th floor of the library. Just get out of that bed.
  3. Make sure you keep snacks with you (that you will actually eat) and that you’re hydrating. Opt for water before anything else.
  4. Give yourself breaks and don’t overwhelm yourself. You deserve that 15 minute walk, 45 minute nap or 30 minutes of your favorite TV show.
  5. Speak out loud instead of reading in your head. This improves your memory and you’re 50% more likely to remember important information.
  6. Use the SelfControl app to block distracting apps and sites. Create boundaries for yourself!
  7. Don’t stay up all night before your exams, study as much as possible but make sure you’re getting enough beautyrest.
  8. Lastly, listen to KSSU’s Picks on Spotify! Updated bi-weekly every Thursday. Motivational tracks, R&B and lowkey instrumentals included.

Everyone here at KSSU hopes you have a relaxing, enjoyable and inspiring break. See you next semester!

Almost There!

FinishLineAheadSign.jpgHey everyone. I am so excited that we made it, yet, to the end of another semester. This semester has been the most relaxed semester I have had in a long time. Now that I am a graduate student, I am excited to attend another year at Sacramento State. I made a plan to do my work in advance, and make a schedule that is not so stressful this semester. So far, I have accomplished my goal of having a less stressful semester and not procrastinating on work. I have been ahead of work and taking at least one day off throughout the weeks of the semester. We all need at least one day off out of the week.

Before I get too far with this post I would like to remind everyone about the accomplishments that Sacramento State has accomplished this semester and year. First of all, our football team had a great season compared to last season. I was very impressed with them and looking forward to their games next year. Second, we are finally getting ready to have another parking structure next to the dorms. That should be very helpful for student/staff parking. Speaking of dorms, we have a new dorm built for our new freshmen. It is actually nice. If you have not seen it yet, stop by the dorms and check it out. Speaking of freshmen, Sac State has increased the amount of freshmen attending our college this semester. Which means our population is increasing, good job hornets for our increase and students. The last thing I wanted to share is our new comers to KSSU this semester. We are expanding as well, and it has been nice to meet everyone.
Now I am going to discuss finals week because I am sure everyone is worrying about it. I do not have many finals or exams to worry about. But I do have a paper and presentation coming this upcoming week. There are many students on campus who have to complete papers and presentations instead of exams. I believe teachers wanted to have a less stressful semester with work as well because many students are less stressed about finals this semester than last semester as well.
All I can suggest is get the last week of finals over with. We had that teaser Thanksgiving week off, and it got students ready to go home. Especially with this cold weather. With only two weeks left, we will all finally get ready to go back home and enjoy winter break! We have got through these few months of the semester, these last two weeks should be nothing.
So everyone get your coffee, energy drinks, snacks, and sweat pants ready because this semester is almost over already. I am happy the time has went by so fast, and I hope it can go by faster because I am ready for winter break. I am assuming you all are too. So good luck with these last few weeks, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of the semester and year.

Daylight Savings

downloadOkay, so is it me or is this time change effecting everyone? I love daylight savings in the Fall because the sun rises earlier than usual. I am a morning person, so when I leave out the house for class or to study the sun is out. I dislike daylight savings because it gets dark outside too early, and time is going by super fast. Ever since the time has changed I feel like I am doing so much work and still have time left over to spare. Also, I sleepy all day because I feel that I am lacking sleep, although I slept a full eight hours. I don’t know, maybe it’s me. All I know is there should be a warning that people may become sleep deprived due to time change. I was so used to the long hot days during the summer. Now the days are short and cold. Which makes me want to stay in my bed and watch Netflix all day. I think my main issue with daylight savings right now is it happened during the middle of the semester. I would not mind if the time change would happen during winter break because I would already be at home with family with no worries to get up and study, work, or go to the gym.

I would like to give a suggestion for this time change. First of all, the semester is almost over. Thanksgiving is in ten days, and there are three weeks of school left when we return. That sounds like a great time to relax, and come back to finish off the semester and year with a lot of homework and projects. I am sure plenty of students are working on assignments, projects, and exams for this upcoming week or the week after thanksgiving. I do not understand why teachers give students a work load after a holiday but it works out for some students. Hopefully you all are ready for this upcoming week to have some time away from school. And hopefully this break can give us students the break that we need, without making us lazy or exhausted from classwork.

I am honestly a procrastinator when it comes to assignments due later in the semester. If you all have something due the week after Thanksgiving break, try to start some of the assignment ahead of time. A start is better than rushing at the last minute. By doing this, there will be less work to due and worry about when coming back to end the semester.  As I stated before, I dislike daylight savings because of the time change. I am trying to look at the time change as a positive. By doing this, I think about the fact that the semester is almost over. I feel like we really just started this semester and it is already ending. Although the time is flying by and we will be in a new year soon, I am excited to see how this year ends. My advice is to enjoy this time change, get your classes done, and get ready for the holidays because they are coming. It already feels like Christmas outside. Good luck to all of you with these last few weeks of school, and I hope you all are doing well with these short days.

I wish you all luck with these next few weeks, and good luck completing everything in a timely manner. Until next time take care of yourselves.

KSSU’s Picks of the Month

Hey Everyone! KSSU is implementing a new series starting this month! You’ll see cool new artists, musicians, movies / tv shows, events and video games in this series. Hopefully you’ll find your new favorite artist or movie 🙂

Mindhunter (on Netflix) – A murder mystery highlighting the murders and serial killers that influenced the early years of the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) at the FBI. Main characters Holden Ford and Bill Tench go through trials and tribulations throughout the show before a breakthrough after interviewing imprisoned serial killers. If you like Criminal Minds and the aesthetic of the 70’s, you’ll love Mindhunter. 

Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm (on HBO and Amazon Video) – We’re highlighting this show because another hilarious season has come out after 6 years! Curb your Enthusiasm is about the trying times of getting older in the age of a new generation. Larry David plays himself as an angry, frustrated New Yorker that is very similar to Seinfeld’s hilarious and cynical character, George Constanza. 

Snow Aalegra – Snoh Aalegra is an up and coming Swedish singer. Her vocals were sampled on Drake’s playlist project More Time. Her vocals were taken from her track Time that was released earlier this year. She explains in an interview with The Fader that this song is about her relationship with her late father and the lack of time she had with him.

 Ines J. @A.Creature (on Instagram) – Ines goes by the Instagram handle @a.creature. She is an abstract artist that ventures into watercolor, paints and drawing. Her work is super inspiring! She makes a lot of content on the subject of feeling lost in the world and unsure of her place. Go support her art at: instagram.com/a.creature

Tegan And Sara Present The Con X: Covers – This covers album is definitely one of our favorites at KSSU. With covers by Cyndi Lauper, Haley Williams of Paramore, Shura, Grimes & HANA. Listen to this and you’ll reminisce on early 2000’s Tegan and Sara and Paramore. 

Favorite Spooky Song

Michael-Jackson-Thriller-3d-promo-billboard-1548One of my favorite spooky songs is Michael Jackson’s classic song Thriller. Every Halloween I have to hear the song to get into my spooky Halloween spirit. Without that song my Halloween will not be complete. This is something that transformed into my yearly tradition as I became older. However, it was not always like this when I was younger.

When I was growing up the video of Thriller used to come on television often. I used to be so afraid of the video that I had nightmares for until almost two years ago from watching scenes of the video. Not even the full thing. For those individuals who are familiar with the video, you are aware of how scary the scenes are. Michael Jackson has zombies as a crew and they were very realistic. What really got to me is the last scene of the video when Michael Jackson looked into the screen and his eyes changed with a guy in the background with laughing with an evil humor. As you get older it the entire video is not so bad to watch, but it could still give you the chills.

A way that I got over my fear of the video was because of my cousin. One day we were watching Thriller’s video. I was turning my head to not be afraid. I hear my cousin moving, and as I looked up he was dancing. I realized that the video was just dancing and having a good time. So we replayed the video and watched it from the beginning. I was laughing at the the beginning of the video when Michael Jackson was in the movie theater eating popcorn, smiling, and enjoying the movie. That is my favorite part of the video. Then as the song continued my cousin showed me the dance moves to the song and we were dancing along with Michael Jackson and the zombies. We had a great time. After that I don’t pay too much attention to the video, but listen to the song and try to practice dance moves to the rhythm. That’s was the greatest way to get over my fear, was to enjoy the video instead of watching the details. Just like any other song, enjoying the song is better than picking out the flaws of a song.

Without my cousin I would have never gotten over my fear of the video, and I would have never learned to love the song. Especially on the day of Halloween. I still get afraid from the last scene of the video with Michael Jackson’s eyes changing, but my Halloween day will never feel complete until I hear that song. I am honestly unsure if that song was made for the day of Halloween, but that song is classic to play for the day of Halloween.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my favorite song, and how I over came my fear of watching the video. I am sure that there are plenty of individuals who witnessed a fear of the video as I did. But somehow enjoy hearing the song on Halloween day. That is all for this post. But I will like to end this with saying one thing.

Enjoy your Halloween day, stay safe, and play Michael Jackson’s song Thriller as a memory of me. Yay Halloween!!


Untitled.jpgFrom Oct. 22- Oct. 28 is the official time span of Asexual Awareness Week. This week specific week is a week for all those who identify as asexual or other categories under that spectrum come out and share their stories, teach others about the asexual category in LGBTQIA spectrum, and also helps others who feel that they are under the same asexual umbrella identifying with which category they feel they belong to.

Asexual, according to the asexuality,org, is someone who does not experience sexual attract. Unlike celibacy, the lifestyle choice remain abstinent and unmarried, asexuality is a sexual orientation just as bisexuality or heterosexuality. Some of you might think “Maybe you haven’t found the right person you’re attracted to yet” or “You’re still so innocent, give it time.” which is not always the case. People who do identify as asexuality really do not have the same sexual attractions as others do. Some may have aesthetic attraction (the attraction towards physical features) or have the desire to have romantic attractions (the desire to maybe go out on a date with the person they are attracted to or to holding hands, etc.) There are a many different types categories for asexuality under the asexuality spectrum, such as, demisexual, Gray-A, gray sexual, etc. There also types of attraction that are connected with the asexuality spectrum, such as aromantic, polyromantic, gray romantic, and demiromantic. To explain just a few, Gray sexual is the gray area between asexual and sexual which make up the different orientations under the umbrella; demisexual, which is one orientation in the gray area, is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless there is a strong emotional connection with their partner. You don’t have to identify as heterosexual to be asexual, you can identify with anything and even be asexual! (there’s so many combinations!)

I understand that many of you might question why there is a need for label in the LGBTQIA community for someone who does not have sexual desire ,however, as someone who also identifies under the asexual spectrum, I find it relieving to be able to categorize my orientation and having a label that already explains who I am. There is nothing wrong with having a label on something, there’s just more vocabulary now that enables us to explain how we feel and who we are and that is not a bad thing! Also a friendly reminder to those who identify under the asexual spectrum that you are all valid and are allowed to identify as so! Don’t let others bring you down and invalidate you.  You are awesome and deserve to have a label for how you feel and there is nothing wrong with that!

I hope you all enjoy Asexual Awareness Week! Maybe read more into it and find out if you feel like you belong in the asexual spectrum! Get more involved with Asexual Awareness Week and share your story of how you discovered that you identify as asexual/other!

For more information, you can go to asexualawarenessweek.com to learn more about what asexuality is and the other different types.


Favorite Halloween Activity

57f4593f1a0000de085b7171Hey KSSU, I hope you all are ready for Halloween because I am. There is usually one favorite activity that I do every Halloween with my sister. Since I am long distance from my family for school at the moment, my sister and I made a tradition for Halloween. We both wait until eight o’clock at night and she calls me when my niece is going trick-or-treating. When they make it home, I grab my desserts and we watch Disney Channel’s movie Halloweentown. We stay on the phone the entire time and watch the movie together. Even though the movie is old, and we have watched the movie over a million times. It is something we enjoy doing each year with each other.

Although last year, this tradition was ruined because Disney Channel did not want to play the movie as much for personal reasons. There are three sequels after the original, and those are the three that Disney Channel played most of the time last year during Halloween. However, my sister and I do not want to watch those without the first one. I still do not understand the reasons why they did not play the movie last year or have it On Demand, but it was really upsetting.

Fortunately, Disney Channel has all four of the Halloweentown’s On Demand, including the original first one. Once I noticed it a few weeks ago my sister and I watched all four together while staying on the phone with each other. For some reason there are a lot of things mentioned in the movie that makes a lot of sense now that I am older. Of course, that is what happens as you get older, movies and shows begin to make sense. I think that is why my sister and I love the movie so much. We watched the movie so much when we were younger that we watch it now and realize how much we have grown and matured ever since then. I am very grateful that the movie is On Demand this year. I am so looking forward to watching it this Halloween as well.

I do not think that I have a Halloween costume for that day, I have not dressed up for Halloween for about two years now. But I will be looking forward to seeing students on campus with their creative costumes. Maybe KSSU will decorate the office or have an event for us all to attend. Who knows? Luckily Halloween is coming soon, and  I am looking forward to seeing you all that day. If not, eat plenty of candy and enjoy yourselves. I hope you all enjoyed reading my Halloween tradition because I enjoyed sharing it.




Final September Special Post

182709689Now that classes are starting up for the semester, I am excited what new information I am going to learn. This is my first semester as a graduate student, and I am furthering my understanding towards the field of education. I am studying to become a teacher, and the greatest memory about being an undergrad was the information that I learned. I am now going to learn the background of teachers, rules, laws, history of education, and people in higher positions than teachers. This is an exciting and new way to start off my first semester as a  graduating student.

The only thing I am worried about is how many assignments and projects I will have this semester. I heard that graduate school has a lot to do with research. I was unsure if the first semester is an introduction to the master’s program or do students jump into their choice of research.

I actually have another thing that I am worried about. The fall season is coming up and I am afraid that I will become so lazy that I care less about my classwork throughout the semester. I might see the rain outside and say “forget that class, there will be others.” Knowing that missing one class will feel like an entire tow weeks of missed class and your teacher sounds like he/she is speaking a foreign language. It is my goal to go to each class session, but who knows I might miss a few classes due to the sick students and germs on campus. So everyone stay bundled up and away from sick students, teachers, children, or whoever is in your surroundings. I am already getting over a sickness at the moment. Hopefully I do not encounter anymore germs this semester. Everyone  please stay  warm, hydrated, and healthy this semester. To all of you sick individuals spreading germs, stop doing it, please.

From the Bay to Sac State

downloadNow that classes have started, I can’t help but feel both worry and excitement. First off, Sacramento is so much bigger than the Bay Area! There are also a lot more trees down here in Sacramento, which totally explains why Sacramento’s geo-tag on Snapchat states that it is “The City of Trees.” I’m still trying to adapt to the much higher temperatures here too! Anyway, this is my first semester attending Sac State; I transferred from a community college in the East Bay, known as, Diablo Valley College. When other students ask what year I am, I say “third year,” but it is technically my seventh year because I attended DVC for six years. The main reason why I took a while on transferring is the fact that I changed my major at least five times. On the bright side, I did obtain a few certificates and two Associates Degrees! Anyway, my biggest worry is delaying time and graduation again. My goal is to actually stick to my chosen major this time and graduate with a Bachelors Degree in no more than two years. I have chosen to be a Psychology major here in Sac State, but I also plan to double minor in Counseling and Ethnic Studies. In the future, I intend to obtain my Masters Degree at Sac State as well, but this decision may still change in the future. Although the thought of pursuing a Doctorate Degree highly intimidates me, I do admit that I am considering on adding it as one of my aspirations in life. All in all, I am way more excited than nervous for the rest of the semester. I am surely looking forward to making new friends, building lifelong connections, possibly joining a sorority, getting back into shape, excelling in my academics, and of course, being a DJ for KSSU!