Fathers Day at Denio’s


Denio’s is a Flea Market located in Roseville, and if you grew up in the Sacramento area it’s very unlikely that you haven’t heard of this place until now. I have fond memories of going as a chid, and trying to barter with people in what felt like a humongous garage sale. An old childhood friend and I would go to find Yu-Gi-Oh Cards at a large building there, and then we would go and get mini-donuts at another flea market across the street, the vender was this elderly man who had a loud speaker that you could hear as soon as you stepped foot on to their side of the street.

Every once in awhile I’ll get caught up talking about Denios to people i’ve just met and the fact that the mini-donut man isn’t there anymore strikes a chord with everyone. In a sense it’s like losing a part of our collective childhoods, but as society becomes more health goal oriented I suppose a lot of mini-donut men are counting their days. What kind of world will we be living in without these noble men dispensing mini-donuts covered in powdered sugar? I don’t know, and I don’t think I really want to know.


Last Sunday was Father’s Day and Denio’s was having a celebration in the only real way to celebrate a father’s day. They had a Car Show and a barbeque, and I have to say that it was truly an enjoyable experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this car show, but going off some previous experience volunteering at a few other Car Shows I realized the turn out wasn’t usually that great at first so I didn’t expect things to be too great. Boy was I wrong there were about 5 rows of cars and they ranged from the 1940’s through the 1970’s for the most part, and it Even had a few of my dream cars.

Now Denios just doesn’t hold the same appeal as it did in my younger years, it’s still a great place to pick up produce and maybe kill a few hours on a Saturday/Sunday morning, plus there are decent priced movies/games, and I really dig the Lemonade Stand out there. So even without the Car show it’s a decent place if you’re looking for something in particular or just trying to kill a few hours. Maybe it’s lack of mini-donut man or just growing up just changes the way we experience things, but it no longer is that place I really look forward to going to and now it’s the place i’d run down to if I was looking for a cheap movie or a record.

Either way I still dig the place, and I thought the car show was pretty killer.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not at denios i’m a DJ for KSSU

Macaroni And Cheese


Today I have made a concoction that you may have heard of before. The kids call it “Mac & Cheese” and there have been many variations on this American comfort food over the years. Melding Macaroni and cheese into a dish that could be described as pure bliss. As kids we grow up to appreciate the days we’re lucky enough to have this treat, but as we grow up many of us don’t let this delicious concoction go. As our culinary abilities improve we tend to experiment with this classic by adding a myriad of different ingredients and cooking it in many different ways.

Now I’ve seen Macaroni and Cheese cooked on a stove, with additions of anywhere from Bacon to Lobster. I’ve also seen it baked with extra cheese and breadcrumbs on top, and I have to say anyway I can get it is usually an enjoyable experience. Generally there are a couple of different ways to dealing with the cheese part of macaroni and cheese. Some people like to make the sauce in a separate pot we’ll call this the “right” way. Of course if you’re an advocator of the boxed Mac and Cheese method such as I am you’re probably more familiar with the “Easy” way.

When the Macaroni is done cooking we drain it and throw some butter/milk/and cheese into the mix. The heat from the macaroni is generally enough to help things melt together.

Now when making Macaroni and Cheese from a box I like to mix things up a little bit, i’ll add a different cheese or two to the mix, some bacon, and Ghost Pepper on it to add some spice. Today I used Oregano and onions to the mix. Which I have to say ended up being so delicious that I may never make macaroni and cheese without it again.

In retrospect I feel like Chorizo would have gone well with it so I may use some in the future to see how things go.

My name is Chris Diel and i’m a DJ with KSSU Sacramento State’s only student run radio station.

Taco Bells New Diablo Sauce

DiabloI’m sitting here after having tried Taco Bell’s new Diablo Sauce that they came out with for Cinco de Mayo. As a man who enjoys his food with jalapenos and a side of habanero sauce I was happy to see that Taco Bell were coming out with a new hot sauce. It’s been a good couple of months for frequenters of fast food restaurants who also like spicy food. Currently Wendy’s is serving up some Ghost Pepper Fries while Carls Jr. has a limited run of their El Diablo Burger.

Taco Bell’s Diablo Sauce was advertised as being their spiciest sauce yet and was set to come out on Cinco De Mayo(the fifth of May). It’s taken me awhile to actually go and try their new diablo sauce, but I finally found my way there.  I got a bean burrito, which I drowned in a couple of packets of the Diablo sauce.

When I bit into my Diablo sauce covered burrito with joy in my heart it was the sickly sweet taste that I walked away with, I tried a few packets in order to make sure it wasn’t just the one, and I got the same thing from all of them. Now in my experience a lot of hot sauces go this route, where they start to sacrifice the taste of something and just focus on how hot the sauce ends up. Which in this case didn’t do anything for me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a weak hot sauce. Apparently it is made from some sort of chili pepper so if you find red pepper flakes to be a walk on the wild side you may find your home with this sauce.

I was hoping Taco Bell would have that spice I crave in their new Diablo Sauce, but maybe I just need to wait until they expand their Siracha menu from the Quesarito.

My name is Chris Diel and I approve this message; mainly because I wrote it. Listen to me DJ here: KSSU

My thoughts on KSSU


KSSU – Sacramento State’s very own student run radio station. What I have learned and experienced from my time here has truly been amazing, and I wanted to take this time to talk a little about my time here at KSSU.

I am not sure what exactly made me apply to be a DJ in the first place, however I am sure it had to do with my love of music and people. This seemed like sort of a perfect fit for me to share my passion and enthusiasm for music with all of you. I was also drawn to the station because I had initially done some research on KSSU before applying and it looked like an amazing group of people who enjoy working together, as well as being a part of the Sacramento State community.

I was a bit intimidated as well, however, given this impressive work record and prestigious place in college radio. Nonetheless, I decided to apply and see what happened. So I did, and here I am. The process was rather straight forward, and I have no complaints. I think that the hiring process (if it can be called that for unpaid folks like me) was as easy and logical as it could be, and from the moment that I set foot in the KSSU offices, I was made to feel right at home.

But then came the first day. That day when you realize that you actually have to fill an hour with content and think to yourself, dear god, what have I gotten myself into! But after the first few shows, I began to find my groove. I started to experiment with what music I played, what order I played PSA’s and talked, or even changing up the ratio of talking to music for a particular show.

I am still not one hundred percent confidant about my show, but I certainly have come a long way from that first day when I timidly entered the studio with a USB drive of some music and a vague idea of what it was I wanted to accomplish. I think, perhaps, that the point of KSSU is exactly that. The ability to find your own voice and to pave your own path. The very anxiety of that first show transitioned into the competence of my shows now.

There is still a ways to go, for me at least. Twelve shows is hardly time to find my footing proper. I do hope to continue my show over the summer, but we’ll see. Since I am a graduating senior, this may just be goodbye. I hope that this goodbye will not be an end. While I may no longer be on the air Tuesday afternoons, KSSU will most definitely continue to broadcast from the tiny studio in the University Union of Sacramento State. Brave new DJ’s will take my place, build up their own shows and audiences, and share their message with the world. That is, I think, the greatest thing about KSSU. The ability for us as students to share our voice with whoever will listen, and to shape the very future of a little internet radio station known as KSSU.


David is a DJ with KSSU

Stress & Summer Bods.

Tostada is vegetables right?

A Tostada counts as vegetables right?

So, that time of the year is coming. The season where weather starts getting out of control, clothes start shedding, and pool parties start happening and guys and girls everywhere start showing off their Summer Bods. I started working out this month at Crunch Gym (9.95 a month, what??!) and I know that once I get into the swing of things, I’m going to have to be consistent. My dad keeps on telling me that consistency is key, and he’s right. Luckily, I have found a reliable gym partner who is there to motivate me to do better. My so-called gym partners in the past have only liked the idea of having a gym membership and wanted to take selfies in the mirror with “#GymFlow” in the caption. But anyways, as mentioned before, my dad believes that I need to be consistent and keep pushing towards my goals. He has been pretty concerned about my health as of late.


About a month ago, I was having really bad cramps, so I took a hot shower with hopes that it would soothe them. However, it wasn’t working and I began shivering, so I kept turning up the heat. The hotter the water got, the colder I started to feel and the more I started to shiver. The shivering kept intensifying and I started to feel the walls closing in on me. Yeah, I was having a panic attack. Luckily, my mom was home and she heard me hyperventilating and crying and helped me out. College is kind of evil…It helps you get an education and opens you up to so many opportunities, but if you let it, it will BREAK you at times. This is the second time I’ve ever had a panic attack in my entire life and it was just as terrifying as it was the first time. Ever since then, my dad found out about it and he started looking up ways to ease stress and stuff. Of course, the number one cause of my stress was my unhealthy diet.

I mean, I am pretty active already. I am seriously the most active lazy girl you’ll ever meet. I dance, walk, and I workout from time to time BUT, that doesn’t really mean much without a proper DIET. So now, my dad is cracking down on what I eat. He wants me to incorporate fruits and veggies into my diet and start eating more healthy and stuff…but this is so HARD. I mean…have you tried my mama’s cooking? Nope. You have not. If you did, you would understand why it’s hard to not eat what I eat. But, it’s something I have to do. I can’t be sent to the ER again…not again. I’m still young and I can change my life. I know I can. I just need to focus and NOT spend every dollar i get on fast food. I can do this. And for anyone who is reading this blog going through the same struggle and journey that I am going through, you can do it too.

xoxoBrandiMarie. is a dj with KSSU

“Matriarch” by Veil of Maya Album Review


Veil-of-Maya-Matriarch-artwork-600x600So here I am, chilling in my philosophy class before the professor shows up. I whip out my iPod and check out the channels I am subscribed too. I mostly use YouTube for finding new music and cool skate videos. Browsing through the videos, I noticed that Sumerian Records put out the whole new Veil of Maya album “Matriarch” and I about exploded. I had to sit for an hour and fifteen minutes anticipating the awesomeness of VoM. Luckily, I only stayed in class for about twenty minutes because class today was an optional Final Exam Study session. Who needs to study for finals anyways? I’ll just wait until the day before my finals.

So I had already heard a few songs from the Album and had already been in love. The rest of the album was fantastic as well. I did not even need to listen to the entirety of each song before clicking to the next and welcoming in frission (where you get goosebumps from good music). There was the usual VoM stuff; technical math-core (complicated song structure), drop tuned guitars, and ominous background sound effects. VoM threw in some new stuff such as clean vocals (in comparison to the low gutturals from the “Common Man’s Collapse” Album), guitar melodies in the higher registry, and an overall album theme, hence the name “Matriarch”. Before the album was released, my favorite of the leaked songs was Mikasa, which also had a music video. There was heavy breakdowns, awesome never-before heard clean vocals, and an overall empowering feeling brought forth by the entire band.

Looking at the track listing, each song is named after Matriarchs or powerful women, both fictional and non-fictional. In one of the YouTube comments, someone even mentioned that one of the song names is a very threatening character from an action anime. I took the Youtuber’s word and moved on to the music. I will have to say that my favorite song, other than the leaked ones, would have to be “Daenerys”. I have no idea where the name Daenerys comes from, but it did not spell check me on Microsoft Word, so it is legit. Anyways, the song starts out really light with some nice moving around on the guitar. It then goes into a two-measure guitar solo before the vocalist pops in and the song takes a more serious turn. With some power chords blasting right into a heavy breakdown, Veil of Maya shows off what they are known for. Right after are some clean vocals from their new vocals, which were pretty impressive by the way. The chorus is repeated throughout with some technical instrumentals in the background, before closing the song with a guitar solo build up to more cleans and a mini breakdown. Finally, a guitar playing a riff in the higher register ends out the song.

Most of the time I listen to music on YouTube except for when I really like a whole album, which I purchase to support the band. Veil of Maya, I’m going to support you and buy your new album “Matriarch” when I get home tonight.

Thanks for reading everyone!

I may or may not have a show during finals week due to, well, finals. However, check out www.kssu.com and listen to other DJs do their stuff!

Much Love,


An Unexpected Inspiration

2015-05-13 04.24.08

Beginning Drawing, a class of few limitations. Never would I have imagined a college level art course to be as simple and as daunting as the one that I’m enrolled in.The class itself is founded upon freedom of expression–a concept that I have yet to master. I realized early on that this class would potentially be one of the more challenging courses I would take in my college career as an International Business and Pre-law student. Our final project quickly approached as we were given the requirements of a completely open ended assignment. We were to create a piece using any medium we desired of anything we desired.

Out of the endless avenues to choose from, how was I supposed to pick only one thing that inspired me? Thousands of inspirations find their way into my mind each and everyday, and now I was forced to channel one of them. Being the impulsive, ambitious, and impatient person that I am, I had much difficulty discovering a way to approach this nightmare of an exam. I went into this final project without a single clue as to what I wanted to create; I figured I should wait for inspiration to strike, however, I’ve found that inspiration only strikes when one allows it to. Like most assignments I take on, I realized I had to distract myself from directly analyzing the possibilities for this final, which would dig me in to a deeper hole. Once I began the in-class assignment of an unrealistic twist on an object in the class room, it occurred to me that I was trying too hard to make something that was not at all reflective of me. I was not pushing an idea that allowed me to express myself as an individual nor was I pushing an idea that I was completely comfortable with. In this, I had the opportunity to reflect on a manner of art I related to—one that I felt comfortable presenting as my final accomplishment in this course.

Historically, I gravitated to pieces that depict strong women in an unusual harmony with wildlife. While consulting with a fellow classmate regarding the endless possibilities of this project, I was given the idea to use my zodiac sign, Sagittarius, for inspiration. My mind had burst out into several directions; I had finally hit something that would satisfy my personal taste in artwork. The inspiration had finally struck. I began brainstorming different takes on the half-man/woman half animal properties of a Sagittarius by looking to sea creatures and potentially rearranging the traditional idea of this zodiac. I ended up playing it rather safe by going with a half woman, half deer  by utilizing black ink markers and water color paints to add contrast to the whiteness of the paper—a technique that I commonly visit. As demonstrated in the piece, I wanted to incorporate the sense of movement among the Sagittarius—demonstrating their desire for action, independence, and incessant ambition. The woman depicted in the piece is seen with her arms in the air which symbolizes her in pursuit of something unforeseen, a natural sense of curiosity and hunger for life. Being the impulsive, ambitious, and impatient person that she is, I realized that the Sagittarius that I had created was a twist on a portrayal of myself born from an unexpected inspiration.


When Mia isn’t drawing portraits of half deer half humans she’s a DJ for KSSU

So Much Fashion Talk


So as I browsing KSSU’s blog I noticed a trend, there is a bunch of fashion talk going on right now! Now this may be because Summer is around so naturally we all want to look good while going out and doing fun activities. Well one very small thing that can make or break what you’re wearing is a watch. I went from not wearing watches at all to owning 8 different ones, and like I mentioned, they can make or break what you’re wearing.

What’s In Leather: Ok so right now what is “in” is the leather band watches. Every watch brand basically carries these, you can pick from many different types of faces(color of the inside of the watch where the arms are that tell time) and different shades of leather for the bands. What is cool is that the leather bands are replaceable and leather bands usually run you around 15$ so upkeep with leather band watches is pretty cheap. Personally I have a dark faced leather watch, meaning that the actual watch is black and has dark trims and I have a dark leather band to accompany it. This can help you perfect the casual dress style, I wear it a button up and my leather chukka boots and it helps keep your look somewhat casual but still extremely presentable. I also own a light faced leather watch, which is metallic silver with a white face and light leather band color, this can also help with a casual dress style but isn’t as presentable or “fancy” I tend to wear this watch with normal t shirts because it looks like a everyday watch but still is really nice.

Metal Band or Dress Style: So these are timeless, I like to call these the old man’s watch or “fancy special event watch”. They have a metal band and are usually more geared towards formal wear. I own a all black metal band watch to help it look more modern but also put out a sleek look. I wear this with my suits or special events where my shirt is tucked in and usually a tie involved. Wearing one of these as a everyday watch is almost tacky at times so make sure to keep this type of watch on hold until you are going to special events. You can also get a light faced metal band watch which are still as “fancy” but tend to not look as modern. With these types of watches it really just depends on your personality and your taste. You can’t ever go wrong unless you break one of the only unwritten rules of watches which will come later in this blog.

Everyday watch/Sporty: So I know I have referred to “everyday watch” quite a bit. Well an everyday watch is more of a sporty watch or a watch that isn’t really meant to “wow” anyone. This is a watch that you can put on to go to the gym, a hike, play sports, or just go about your day and have the convenience of being able to look at the time constantly. Make sure to buy a reliable everyday watch because these usually go through a beating and a rough time.

The One & Only Rule of Watches: So I can go on and make a bunch of innuendos, but I decided to let you all come up with those. JK, Size Does Matter! But not how you think, don’t get a watch that is too small because at the end of the day the watch needs to fulfill its only duty which is to let you know what time it is. If the face is too small you won’t be able to tell what time it is and you’ll end up just looking at your phone and people might judge you. If you get a watch big enough that it could rival the clock on Flava Flave’s neck then don’t buy it. Even if you are in need of prescription glasses you’ll look foolish with a big watch, so make sure to always go for a medium sized watch.

Last Tip: Make sure to know how to tell time! My aunt doesn’t know how to tell time so when people ask her what the time is, she looks at her phone instead of her 700$ watch.

Price: You can get a good watch as low at 79$ dollars, I own Nixon, Fossil, and G-shock. Each have their pros and cons but remember that at the end of the day it needs to tell time so we don’t need 700$ designer brand watches.

I hope this was helpful and don’t forget to tune in on Monday’s at noon to check out my LA Local ALT/Indie show on KSSU

Bike Month


So May is officially Bike Month! If you’re like me every month is bike month.

What is Bike Month you may ask?

So Bike Month is not actually a national official thing, it is more of a public health promotion program where you are encouraged to bike to work, school, and any destination really. If you go on mayisbikemonth.com you can see the official website where it has all of the official events and challenges for cyclist all over Sacramento. It also helps with your health and the environment, and as you all may be aware now, obesity and Heart Disease are among the top in the charts of cause of death.

Why should I ride my bike?

Well here in Sacramento we are lucky enough to have a bike friendly town! According to the Bicycle Magazine, Sacramento ranks 32 in the nation for bike friendly cities. So we should all really take advantage of the fact that we have the green bike lanes and the American River Bike Trail. Another plus is that Sacramento’s Midtown is a great area for you to bike to, you can actually take a look at all of the local restaurants, cafes, and much more. I find it a lot harder to enjoy all of what Sacramento has to offer while driving and getting upset at the person behind you for driving to close.

What if I don’t have a bike or don’t know what type of bike to buy?

Well the great thing is that there are a lot of options. Sacramento has many bike shops, and you can always take the easy way out and order a bike online. There are many websites out there where you can type in your height and it will give you a proper size for your bike frame. Believe it or not bikes actually have sizes, almost like small medium and large. So what type of bike? It really is your choice, I pride myself with my bikes and it has become one of my passions. I have a Fixed Gear bike that I built and a fully restored 1974 Schwinn track bike. Each type of bike has its pros and cons so here ya go!

Fixed Gear: This is what is “in” right now. Almost everywhere you look you’ll see a “fixie”. Most people are actually riding their bike on single speed which in a way is just a normal bike. I on the other hand actually ride “fixed” which means that the chain is constantly locked with the wheel and pedals. So you slow down by slowing down your pedaling speed and you could even ride your bike in reverse if you wanted to. This type of riding beneficial at times because you can really control the bike even at extremely slow speeds. In a way your feet always have control of where and what your bike does. The con is basically that you don’t have any brakes so you have to make sure your feet are on the pedals at all times because as long as the bike is moving so are the pedals. Also watch out for potholes and bumps as your tires are usually thin.

Track/Road: These are more “sporty”, you might see them all time while walking through campus. Usually it is the people who are in the bike suits that ride these but track bikes are some of the best that you could get. These bikes are built for long distance and speeding, they are light and aerodynamic and can also be used for everyday riding. Again watch out for potholes and bumps because the tires are also thin on these types of bikes.

Mountain: These types of bikes are meant for off-roading and rough terrains. Many people use these for everyday which is ok but not ideal. The great thing about mountain bikes is that you can ride off the curb, purposely go into potholes and still be fine. The bad is that they’re usually a heavier type of bike and not so aerodynamic so you’ll expend a lot of energy going to places that are farther away.

Cruiser: These are more for style and statements. They are usually the heaviest kind of bike that you could own and are meant for short rides on the beach. This makes riding long distance extremely tiring, and they are also usually pretty slow.

Bikes have so much to offer if you know what size and type best fits you, and Bike Month is an excuse to try to get everyone to ride their bikes more often because hey! Taking it slow always makes your day better.

Cache Creek Campout!

If you head out on country roads heading northwest out of Davis, you will eventually hit the 505 north, where you can exit onto the 16 West and go up to Cache Creek. DO NOT stop at the casino. I repeat, DO NOT stop at the casino. Maybe I should rewind a bit. . .summer is just around the corner, and you are going camping! At least that’s what we have done several years in a row for Memorial Day weekend, just an hour away up at Cache Creek Regional Park, a Yolo County campground located in a beautiful canyon right at a lovely bend in Cache Creek. I bet you didn’t even know it was there.

We couldn’t go last year, and we can’t go this year, but we’ll get to that later. We did, however spend the previous three years up there to kick off our summers, float on the creek, camp, relax and have a great time! On our first trip there we knew it was special. . .the place was packed with rafters and campers of all types and ages and had a fun family-oriented vibe. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a family with kids or someone’s retired aunt so-and-so to enjoy the place. . .there were lots of college kids and thirty-somethings there too. What I mean is that it is clean, organized, has nice fire pits, well maintained trees, green lawns, 45 camp sites (Plus three awesome group sites), a lovely beach with a nice swimming hole, a river-front trail to walk your dogs, and a stereotypically cantankerous camp host. Not to mention a breathtaking view of canyon cliffs and the sound of roaring water echoed all around you. What more could you ask for?

After being soaked in a huge thunderstorm one year, my fiancée and I, who had driven all the way down to Big Sur for our summer vacation, woke up drenched, to see a neighbor in the camp site across from us dry and happy under the awning of a gleaming, well-lit Airstream trailer, drinking a mug of coffee. We had a light bulb moment. Once home, (and finally dry) we set out on Craigslist to find us a towable RV. We couldn’t afford an Airstream of course (The Bambi 18 foot new costs around 35,000 dollars) but we did manage to find a cute little 90s model Gulf Stream 18ft travel trailer for under two grand, and thanks to my handy guy, got it road-ready for about a thousand more. It was clean and barely had been used in twenty years. . .sweet! You have to be someone who likes to work on vehicles and tinker, and here’s the thing. . .there are a ton of vehicles like this out there, for cheap, because, like boats, they are things that people buy and when they realize that they require planning, TLC, and maintenance, they end up sitting in driveways or someone’s pasture for most of their existence, unused. But we wanted to try it, so we did! And guess what?! We ended up taking that thing all over. . .Mt. Shasta, Big Sur, Upper Blue Lake, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, San Simeon, Half Moon Bay, Bodega Bay, Wright’s Beach, Ocean Cove, Pigeon Point, and the Silver Fork of the American River. These places can all be enjoyed in a tent, too, by the way.

Which brings me back to Cache Creek, where we took our trailer on its maiden voyage. We had been there the year before and tent-camped, but we knew that having the trailer would add an extra layer of fun and comfort. When it’s a hundred degrees it’s nice to have a running refrigerator and a freezer full of homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches! We are pretty gourmet when we camp so having a kitchen and being able to share good food with our friends made it fun. We still bbq outside and a typical meal will be, for example, smoked ribs, corn fritters, salad, etc. We also noticed that the bigger people’s trailers are, the less likely they are to hang out outdoors, so we have always thought of having a smaller trailer as better. It’s a place to cook, sleep, stay out of harsh weather and wash up in comfort, but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the great outdoors, making a campfire, and having fun quitar-picking and gazing at the stars and all of that fun stuff.

There are two Cache Creek river rafting companies which offer classes on safety and guide you on the runs, so if you are interested in rafting or are a novice, check them out. Be smart, people. Wear a life jacket and NEVER get in the water if you’ve been drinking alcohol. Lots of smart rafters wear helmets too! Inside the campground itself there are some slow areas where you can put in with an inner tube and float a few hundred feet and still be in the park when you get out. So you don’t have to do the rafting thing if you don’t want to. Sometimes I just sit on a rock with my little dog, get a tan, and wave at all of the rafters going by all day. We just jump in and cool off when we get hot, the water is really refreshing. So there you have it. . .kick off your summer at Cache Creek! It’s only about an hour out of Davis or Sacramento, it’s inexpensive, and it’s low maintenance camping. On a sad note, last year the river was shut down to rafting and reduced to a trickle due to the drought, so we headed up to Silver Fork Campground. . .just take the 50 up to Kyburz and turn right onto Silver Fork Road and follow it for about 35 minutes. More on that next week. We won’t make it to Cache Creek this Memorial Day either because we will be busy graduating from Sac State that weekend. However, even though we sold the trailer this year because we were too busy to use it, we now have a brand new tent, so we will be headed out to Cache Creek later on this summer for some low maintenance camping and swimming with friends. You should head out there too. Make a reservation in advance and don’t forget to pray for rain! We sure hope the creek keeps flowing. . .this year and every year.

So. . .Go Camping. . .Go Local! And Tune in to my final epsiode of The Healthy Hornet next week May 13th at 10AM on KSSU. . .I’m gonna miss y’all!!!!! -VitaminDeejay


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