Sennheiser HD 280 Review

SennheiserI recently picked up the HD 280 headphones from Sennheiser. These headphones are marketed towards applications in the professional audio field, TV, film, broadcasting as far as I can tell I don’t really have any business actually having a set, but I love them so. They do have a fair amount of love from audiophiles, and if you’re looking for the best headphones you can get for under 200 bucks and closed back design you’re likely to find this pair on quite a few peoples top ten lists. Personally I just find myself stuck in the library for obscene amounts of time so it’s nice to have a pair of closed back headphones that were made to be used for long periods of time.

If closed back and open back are a new concept to you. Open back headphones have a larger sound stage which is great if you’re listening alone in an empty room, or don’t care if other people can hear the music you’re listening to. If you’re like me, listening to music fairly loud and don’t want anyone else to hear it you probably want a closed back design.

So this is my first set of decent headphones, I once bought a 50 dollar set from some brick and mortar store to find they had dropped in price to about 25 the following month. For the last few years I’ve been using a 25 dollar set of Monoprice over the ear DJ headphones which have been very nice for the price. In fact decent enough that I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever bother upgrading, but I have and hear I am sitting next to my headphones which I love dearly. When they arrived in the mail the first thing I did was read through this user manual.

Some Technical Information:

They have a 64 Ohm impedance. For the tech savvy crowd that may make sense, if you’re a little less so then fear not I is here. Impedance acts a lot like Resistance in a circuit, going back to Ohms law we know that Current is equal to voltage divided by Resistance. You can basically swap out resistance for Impedance. So basically in layman’s terms these headphones are going to put out a softer sound then you might expect from other headphones. This is why headphone amplifiers are such a large market, but at 64 Ohms it isn’t so high that you really need a headphone amplifier to enjoy music with these things.

There’s up to 32 dB of ambient noise attenuation. This is the headphones abilities to cancel the noise going on around you. As a scale people whispering in a library is like a 30dB, a normal conversation may be around 60-70, and a Jack hammer is around 100. This may seem like it wouldn’t be that effective but when you’re listening to music the rest of the world really seems to go quiet. The headphones were made to be used in a noisy environment so they are quite effective.

The cable isn’t detachable really, the fine people at Sennheiser did make it easy to replace should your headphone wire start going out on you. The ear pads and the headband padding are both replaceable as well. This is probably the only thing about these headphones that actually bothers me not so much that it would actually influence my opinion of them, but I do wish it was detachable.

User Review Stuff:

So at first I didn’t realize what the big deal about these headphones were, but after several hours it started to hit me. The sound is very flat, and it doesn’t have the distortion my computer’s speakers are causing right now. You tend to get used to that distortion after awhile, but when I threw on these headphones I felt like I could just get lost in the music. They’re also very comfortable, I’ve had then on for 4+ hours lately and I haven’t had any issue with them whatsoever.

A lot of audiophiles say these things sound much better through a headphone amplifier, the decent ones run over 100 bucks apiece. Supposedly a cheap do it yourself cmoy can create a comparable quality to a lot of decent headphone amplifier’s on the market. So at some point I’d like to construct my own cmoy headphone amplifier but i’d like to get some other electronics experience under my belt first. I’m going to crack open that Arduino kit that’s been sitting in the corner for the last year and knock out some projects first.

Anyway, I don’t use these headphones in any professional capacity, I just love listening to music and I found the sound to be clear and crisp when using these headphones. All I can really say is if you’re looking in this price range for headphones; I really love them, and I’m far from the only one who feels that way.

My name is Chris Diel and i’m a DJ for KSSU, Sacramento State’s only student run radio station.

The Bakepocalypse Cometh: Holiday Traditions

cookiesDo you like cookies? Everyone likes cookies! Three or…maybe four years ago, now, I was contemplating this fact, in tandem with the thought that, once again, I didn’t have the cash reserve to buy all of my friend groups decent, personalized presents. At least, not ones that weren’t socks from Target. Again. I didn’t want to be the target sock girl of my friend group.

So I struck on cookies. But to make cookies not just a good gift, but a great one, they’d have to be better than just store-bought variety, packaged nicely. And I didn’t want to just make a couple of batches of chocolate chip cookies and call it a day, either.

My solution? Five different cookie varieties, all of a kind that, for me personally, called back to my dad in the kitchen on Christmas day, delivering sweet treats to my greed seven-year-old maw.

The first year, I delivered over a dozen cookies to around a dozen friends and their families. Total count: 350 cookies, over three solid days of mixing, chilling, baking, and, yes, decorating gingerbread cookies.

overly-manly-man-christmas-movie-diehardNo, I know, it’s crazy, but for me, it’s zen. Moreso as I got further into college: after a difficult and dreary semester, baking was something physical I could do that everyone would like. And the cookies chosen–gingerbread, Russian teacakes (or snowballs, or Mexican teacakes–those tiny balls of powdered sugar have a trillion names), jam thumbprints, jam swirls….they were all cookies that, for me, represented the best parts of the holiday season, the warm, gooey family tradition bits that all Christmas movies try very, very hard to evoke. Except…maybe Die Hard? I need to see Die Hard…

It has all the favorite hallmarks of a holiday tradition, is my point. Tasty treats, sentimental feelings, and, also, it costs less than $50 for ingredients, minus gingerbread decorating. Mostly, I have to buy butter. So, so much butter. Did you know that even one batch of powdered teacakes is basically just nuts and sugar and two full sticks of butter? There’s not even that much flour, if memory serves. That means that for the double batch that makes 150, I’m sticking four sticks of butter in a mixer. That is so much butter it’s weird to even look at.

Fortunately, for me, and for my waistline, making six hundred cookies in a row kind of burns me out of even looking at sweet things, much less eating them, so I can feast my eyes on my bounty but I’m not tempted to eat them until all the gifts are delivered and the cookies that remain for me and my family are free game.

My family is less good at resisting the siren song of sweetness, but I’m known to get angry if anyone even stares at the cookies too long. They are gifts first, after all, and I want to be able to get an accurate count of my baking, goshdarnit!! Numbers are important to me!

So, I skipped a year, but the year after: 400 cookies. Last year, homemade peppermint bark aside, there were 600 cookies.

There’s still a pair of pants that has flour on them somewhere, I think.

This year, thanks to CSUS being my new school with a new babe pool I have both: a great need for zen AND: some new friends to give cookies to! This year, I might add a gingerbread house! Or…not. Decorating 200 gingerbread cookies already takes like 3 hours.

Either way, the holiday cookies from Chez Blossom will abound. And, no worries, KSSU, I’ll freeze some dough for the beginning of the spring semester, too.

–DJ Blossom (aka Anne)





I am not a fan of the summer weather. Each morning I step outside and am greeted by the warm embrace of the sun, floating in a blue cloudless sky. But that warm embrace lasts only those brief few seconds from the time I step outside until the time I have taken my first few steps towards my truck. After that, the sun becomes too hot! The rays cook my back as I walk and my truck’s interior is a stifling oven.

The fall is better. The breeze takes some of the heat away and makes standing in the open more bearable. The early morning when I leave for school is shrouded in a dense fog that, while dangerous to drive in, is fantastic to walk through.  Small water droplets collect on my eyebrows and the surface of my jacket. The grey paths at Sac State are painted a vibrant yellow from the falling leaves.

But the best part about the fall is the start of the rainy season! I have always been a pluviophile, a person who not only loves the rain, but finds peace of mind in the weather it brings. The pitter patter of raindrops on the window and the soft roar of a distant clap of thunder relax me. Sometimes, in the warmer weather, I listen to in order to focus on my work, but in the fall I do not have to. Sometimes the rain comes down in a light drizzle. Other times it is a torrential storm that batters trees and houses, floods streets, and makes the road a slippery hazard.

One time, the rain flooded the street outside my house. The water rushing down the slope of the road carried the fallen leaves and clogged up the drains. My father and I went outside and manually cleared the drains while my mother and sister dealt with the rising water that flooded our garage and was spilling into our house. Despite the potential danger that the rain posed to our house, and the loss of our entire board game collection which was too soaked to salvage, I do not look back on that time as a bad memory. I still love the rain and the immense happiness it fills me with.

Tex is a DJ with KSSU

One Gesture, Major World Impact


Several years back there was a man that made his way toward the Golden Gate Bridge, pulled himself over the rail, and jumped falling 245 feet to his death. It was later discovered in the man’s suicide letter that, “if one person smiles at me on the way, I won’t jump.” Smiling is the easiest, and arguably most important gesture a human being can do. It can improve one’s health, help one excel in a their career, and even save lives.

If you don’t smile for others, at least smile for yourself. Smiling is proven to reduce stress levels, improve your immune system, and reduce pain as well. In a study conducted by University of Kansas, individuals who smile more frequently tend to have a lower heart rate during pressured situations opposed to those that don’t. Smiling is associated with comfort and acceptance which triggers the appropriate response to the brain which then sends endorphins (hormones that make you happy and energized) to the body and reduces the amount of cortisol, a hormone which is directly related to stress levels, and therefore makes an individual cope with stressors more effectively. When the endorphins are sent to your body, they also act as a supplemental pain killer. If you bang your toe and find a reason to smile afterwards, the hormones that your brain releases can actually numb or distract the pain for a short while…and you thought smiling wasn’t that big of a deal…

Moving on, smiling just might land you your dream job. Smiling not only displays confidence, but it also signifies trust. Studies show that we are more trustful of others when they smile and smile genuinely. Trust is an important part of social health when dealing with people, whether they be potential employers, loved ones or simply a stranger. Compared to the amount of individuals who don’t find it necessary to smile at others throughout their day are less likely to be chosen for a job offer or be approached for a promotion if the employer doesn’t undeniable trust them. Smiling makes you stand out in a sea of frowns which can truly get you noticed in the workforce for being a sociable, empathetic, confident, and trustworthy individual.

Lastly, smiling increases productivity. For all my fellow college students who are struggling to find a force stronger than procrastination (and whose tolerance for caffeine has hit a wall), I have a solution!! S – M – I – L – E…we’ve arrived in the future! But honestly, smiling has been proven to increase productivity while working on a given task. For those of you who work a desk job, don’t pass off the cat videos your co-workers send you as a waste of time. The little moments of laughter they bring are enough to keep an individual motivated for an increased amount of time therefore they’re able to work harder and get more accomplished.

Overall, I urge the importance of smiling not only to spread worldwide kindness, but also to show the benefits that lie beneath the surface. There are no consequences accompanied by a smile. I encourage any individual to smile as often and as regularly as they see fit so that they may improve their health, have the leg up in a competitive job market, and be a more productive/effective person.

Yes, there are personal benefits to showing off your pearly whites, however, let us not forget the most important reason to smile. You never know how much a single moment can impact someone’s life. A smile is not just a gesture, it’s an impression, a moment, a feeling you transfer to someone else. Take just a moment; go out of your way to make someone’s day special. Leave a random note saying “smile” or “you’re beautiful” where someone can find it. Smile at a stranger. Give money to a charity. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in years. Tell someone you like their shirt. Send a handwritten letter. A few seconds of your time could mean the world to someone. It could make them smile.

Someone’s life could be better off because of your smile; the world could be better off because of your smile.

Mia Kagianas

Vigilante 101

So, I watch too much television. This year, I’ve been watching a lot of Daredevil, The Flash, and Arrow. Also, I’ve recently started watching Gotham. More accurately, I’ve recently become obsessed with Gotham.

What struck me as odd about these shows is that literally anyone can become a vigilante. Literally anyone. So, welcome to your training, young grasshopper.


ColeSuperheroStep 1: Become an orphan. (KSSU Management Disclaimer: Don’t do this if you can help it.)

I mean it worked for Bruce Wayne and that one dude that become Spiderman. It technically also worked for Superman.


Step 2: Be rich. (KSSU Management Disclaimer: Do this if you can.)

I guess you can just build wealth, but vigilantes rarely worry about their finances because they’re too busy fighting crime, killing villains, seducing female reporters, and whatever it is that they do instead of holding a day job. It’s better if you start rich so that you don’t have too much on your plate because the only thing that should be on your plate is saving your city (whether it’s Gotham, Starling City, Central City, or whatever awful town you’re amazed that people still inhabit).


Step 3: Live in a place where a lot of crime happens and where the police are absolutely useless. (KSSU Management Disclaimer: Again don’t do this if you can help it.)

How are you supposed to fight crime if there is no crime? How are you supposed to fight crime if there are people already doing a good job at it? Don’t worry if you live in a safe neighborhood. Just pack your things and move to the worse neighborhood ever.



Step 4: Infiltrate the police department. (KSSU Management Disclaimer: we do not endorse this.)

This is how you find the crimes faster.



Step 5: Wear a mask and stop telling people your real name.

Seems obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many vigilantes mess this up. Seriously, how is Oliver Queen still the Green Arrow?!


Step 6: Choose a reason for fighting and stick to it, otherwise you’re just doing random things for no apparent reason and everyone will hate you.

I’m not trying to give spoilers, but Oliver Queen is literally the worst.


Step 7: Have awesome transportation.

Batman had the Batmobile, Green Arrow has his motorcycle, and The Flash can run really fast. No one is afraid of the vigilante that takes the bus.


Step 8: Have a working knowledge of how explosives work.

You may have to disarm a bomb at some point. You may have to build one. For how to build one, see “Vigilante 103: Advanced Villain Techniques and Weaponry” or Google search it. Wait… Don’t Google that.


 Step 9: Learn to fight.

It was disputed that this should be higher on this list, but I do what I want. You should learn to fight from some mysterious old man. Just choose any old man. He definitely knows how to fight.


Step 10: Spend a great deal of your time taunting villains.

They absolutely love that. You can make fun of them with cheesy one-liners at their expense. Also, foil all of their plans. If they’re trying to rob a bank, foil that. If they’re just walking around the city and looking all villainous and stuff, foil that. If they’re trying to go grocery shopping, foil that. You need them in your life or your vigilante life has no purpose.


Extra Credit: Additional Steps for How to Be a Vigilante.

I consulted other experts in the field and they suggested these additional steps for if you want to be an even better vigilante.

Step 11: More guns.

Step 12: Blind yourself. It worked for Daredevil. (KSSU Management Disclaimer: don’t.)

Step 13: Adopt a city, town, district, or planet and then wreck it trying to save it. (KSSU Management Disclaimer: really don’t.)

Step 14: Develop a voice that sounds like you’ve been smoking for 500 years to disguise your true identity.

Step 15: Brood. Brood a lot. Have a lot of personal drama and conflicted feelings. Never smile unless it’s clearly pained. This isn’t the 1950’s; you shouldn’t be happy about having super powers, cool gadgets, or an exciting life.

Step 16: “Be vigilant.”


Memorize these lessons because they may be on the final. I hope you are able pass my class and all of your other classes this semester. Don’t get caught. Remember, your sensei is watching. I’m like Santa that way.

When Gianna isn’t writing a guide to becoming a Vigilante she’s a DJ on KSSU

KSSU management does not endorse vigilantism in any way shape or form. Anyone who chooses to follow this advice does so to their own peril.

Holiday’s Are Upon Us

photo-1423477491197-ec2f29ac4d6bThe holiday’s are upon us.  The city of Sacramento, CA, is filled with fun events for all ages during Christmas. In Old Sacramento, they have Macy’s Parade of Lights that is running from November 25, 2015, to December 25, 2015.  The parade of lights is different than what you would normally expect.  Old Sacramento’s parade of lights is a show you do not want to miss. There is also the ice skating rink on 7th and K streets.  Every time I walk by the skating rink, it makes me feel the Christmas spirit, and also want to go ice skating. I have not been ice skating since I was in junior high. Ice skating is a lot of fun if you are looking for something fun to do for the holidays.  The state capital lights up their tree and the lights are wonderful.  When I looked at the lights at the capital’s tree, it was wonderful, and the best Christmas lights I can ever imagine!  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Another thing in Sacramento is Winter Wonderland which is held at Cal Expo where the state fair was held.  I have not been to Winter Wonderland, but when I have passed by there, it was beautiful. Ever since I moved to Sacramento, I have always wanted to go to that since it is a holiday carnival.  There is so much to do around Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and Folsom.

Arden Fair Mall is packed with customers who are doing their Christmas shopping, especially on days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Those two days, a lot of stores have big sales going on with lots of customers going into buy their children gifts for Christmas.

Christmas music is played on many radio stations such as Star 106.5 and KYMX 96.1. I love listening to Christmas music because it brings me the spirit of Christmas.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from DJ Mel and Birdman Gio, the King of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Mel is a DJ from KSSU

The Holiday Spirit

ThxgivingThe holidays are suppose to be known for bringing families together, welcoming the winter season, and giving gifts to people you love. When I was a child this was all we looked forward to, along with a very long winter break, but as we get older we have to get jobs and reality sets in. This reality of the holiday season is actually angry crowds, fighting families, and braving the cold winter storms, praying for the summer season to begin again.

What happened? Where did the holiday spirit go wrong? The festivities are no longer filled with joy and good tidings, but instead filled with rage and empty wallets. Yet I suppose this was how it always was. Trying to make our kids and families happy to give them what they want and we as children didn’t understand the concept of a paycheck and a resume. All we cared about was seeing all of our distant cousins and aunts and uncles, and eating great food. Luckily some of us, including myself still fight for the holiday spirit, even while working in retail.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I get to see my family and eat an insane amount of mashed potatoes. Our family doesn’t have many traditions, but the one we do have is going to a different house each year. My Mother is one of three sisters, so we switch off every year to which house we will be having dinner at. This year will be located at South Lake Tahoe. We have a small family but getting to see all my crazy cousins is my number one reason why I love Thanksgiving.

These days, however Thanksgiving seems overshadowed by Black Friday. Honestly, whoever invented Black Friday should be castrated. Working in retail already makes it tough to like customers or people for that matter, but to create a Black Friday pretty much on Thanksgiving night is outrageous. What’s more shocking is that people would actually choose to spend Thanksgiving waiting in a line to spend money rather than spending time indoors, all cozy with your family stuffing your face full of Turdunkin. Let’s face it, you are not saving money because there is a sale, you are just plain spending money.

If you speak to most people in retail, they will tell you how awful Black Friday is. Not just because of how it takes up the Thanksgiving holiday and takes away time from their families, but how mean customers are to the employees and to other people in general. Many retailers will tell you how customers can suck your soul away and it breaks my heart that many people will treat employers like they are not people. Not one good thing comes from Black Friday, other than huge corporations getting an insane amount of profits.

Despite all of this, some still find the joy in Thanksgiving and the holidays. I am glad my family still comes together to make this winter season special and gives me hope that some traditions still never die.

DJ Jaws is a DJ for KSSU

Cookbooks Are Checklists

2015-11-01 09.27.58Cookbooks are relevant. Trust me.

You look at a cookbook, you browse through the pages and see tons of tempting dishes that appeal to you. You dog ear the pages that interest you with full intentions to go back and make that dish. But you don’t. Each page you dog ear is a promise you make to yourself that you almost always break. It’s a conscious thing, too. You are fully aware that you more than likely will not make the sweet potato casserole with lemon zest dumplings. It’s just not going to happen. We think to ourselves, “This looks great! I’ll have these people over and make these things. It’ll be fantastic.” But do you? More than likely not. Do we truly WANT to carryout these plans, but life gets in the way OR do we know deep, deep down that the plan will never be reality the second we make it..yet we make it anyway.

Same goes for any plans really. We make them to break them. It’s our habit, it’s our hobby, but it’s truthfully become our lifestyle.

There’s a notion that there is so much time, time to spare even. If you really stop to think about it, time seems like an old friend. You’ve experienced a lot because of it, you’ve watched your family bloom with time, maybe time has healed you in some way or another. The point is, time is always there, but you won’t be. Putting off goals and plans and dreams is just another way of cheating yourself out of a quality life. Maybe it’s the little promises that we break that equal a quality life as well as time spent wisely. Perhaps we’re breaking the very thing that’s holding us together.

Each time we let one item slip through the cracks, we do not hesitate to find something new to fill it’s gap in our schedules. We are moving on to “big”, WAY BIGGER things. Constantly chasing our tails because, well, we can…and nobody told us not to. Every second of spare time we have gets violated and reformatted to take on a new responsibility and get sucked in to the vortex of obligation. We forget about what we’re sacrificing when we make those split second commitments. We lose sight of our little commitments and brush of our initial plans. Do we truly want to carryout these plans but life gets in the way OR do we know deep, deep down that the plan will never be reality?..yet we still make plans.

Perhaps mentally making these plans, or as I like to put it “little promises,” is a way for us to satisfy our desire to enjoy ourselves without actually doing so. We entertain a notion of a false fulfillment that holds us over only momentarily until our brain passes it off along with the other whims that flash through. We think we’re being strategic with creating events/goals/dreams, but maybe we’re creating a void instead because “We’ll get back to it”. It’s like pre-heating the oven without ever putting the chicken in. You won’t be able to enjoy what you don’t put energy in to. We are enabling ourselves to be less accountable…plus you’re wasting a perfectly good chicken. Regardless of it being a meringue pie recipe or telling yourself you’ll go to the gym more, we make checklists that fall short EVERY TIME.

It’s the little things that matter, and often times, it’s the little things that get shrugged off. People weren’t kidding when they said the devil is in the details because it most certainly is. Deviled eggs without paprika are just boiled eggs that have been re-purposed. The little hint of paprika that is called for in the recipe (plan) makes all the difference. Those little plans, little details, little whatevers are what we need most. They might be small, but we can’t lose sight of them.

If we keep looking ahead at the bigger picture we’ll miss what’s right in front of us. Don’t allow yourself to be left with check-less checklists of what you hoped to accomplish in your lifetime. Make your life count. Give those little things a bigger time slot, and add a little spice.

Mia Kagianas a DJ at KSSU

Nostalgic For Halloween


Ah, it’s that time of year again when stores will begin selling Thanksgiving decorations and radio/television commercials will play Christmas ads and families will start planning the holiday season. That’s right, it’s Halloween time. It seems every year the Thanksgiving/Christmas spirit pushes and shoves Halloween’s spirit out of the way, but luckily my friends and I ignore those annoying winter ads (for now) and begin planning our Hallow’s Eve adventures. This isn’t just a celebration to the dreadful Summer heat being over, but the absolute joy of dressing up as pirates, movie stars, or big penguin outfits.

I think Halloween is always more fun and exciting for children. To dress up with friends and go door to door to get free candy just seems too crazy to be true! Then of course we graduate to teenagers and at some point we think that this Halloween game is lame and criticize the younger ones for something we did not too long before. And lo and behold we reach another certain age closer to adulthood and start to feel nostalgic of the once fun childhood games. Only this time, the clothes are more tight fitting, more short and more vulgar, and the gummy bears are filled with magical Russian happy juice. “The times they are a-changin'”

Halloween was fun when I was a kid and it’s still fun as an adult. What makes it fun is that my group of friends do not go for the sultry, short skirt look, but instead try to be the most creative and outlandish in our attire. Being the film major I am, I like to dress up as different film characters. Last year my friend and I dressed up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. This year I will attempt to be Ash from the Evil Dead series. Not only do we take our costumes seriously, but the entire month of October is our Halloween.

Ever since I was a teen, I watched the countdown of the best horror movies and scariest scenes from films. Most of which I got my movie information from, even without having to view the film. Everyone should watch Halloween movies, just like most people do with Christmas movies in December; it is just a fun tradition! Not only that, but to attend corn mazes and haunted houses and carve pumpkins. So much is involved with Halloween it’s too hard not to crack a smile just thinking about all these activities.

And yet with most people preferring to go out and knock door to door or travel to parties to have a swell time, I don’t mind sitting at home, watching scary movies and waiting for kids to come knock on my door. I love seeing other people’s costumes and how creative they can get. I used to live up in the hills near the East Bay, so I never had a real neighborhood that you could walk door to door to. We never really had neighbors in general. So when I tell people I love passing out candy, it’s only because I was deprived of it when I was younger.

I wish Halloween came around more than once a year, but when time it does, I am thankful to have so many friends to enjoy it as much as I do and not be the only crazy one to dress up.

DJ Jaws is a dj with KSSU

Midnite Mayhem


Getting straight to the point, Safe In Sound left many music lovers disappointed this last Friday night when they weren’t allowed into the venue. Doors opened at 7:00 pm, and from what other ravers told me, capacity was reached by 9:00 pm. Many people were still showing up at later hours of the night, but sadly for them, they were left at the door. Having been among those that couldn’t get in, I got to experience firsthand how badly this venue was unprepared.

I was looking forward to Safe In Sound all Friday long. Having recently discovered the beauty of EDM, I was ecstatic to see what new tracks I would come across. Sadly, all I got was a night of dead air. I arrived at the Memorial Auditorium with my bud Abe ready to experience a night full of positive vibes and great beats. The line wasn’t too bad, so we waited in excit ement talking with other ravers until we got to the door. That’s was when our night took a turn for the worst.

As we approached security, I told them that we were on the guest list, and they directed us to where said list was supposed to be. When we got there, staff told us that we had to wait outside until the list was found. Apparently they had lost track of where it was, and those that claimed to be on it were escorted back outside until the list was found. We went back out thinking that it wasn’t going to take long for them to find it. After thirty minutes of waiting, I went back up to the security and asked them if the list was found. He directed me back in to talk to someone in charge. When I was addressed, I was told that there was no guest list.

Puzzled by what I had heard, I explained to them that I was there on the behalf of KSSU to cover the event. Having disregarded what I said, I was told once again to wait outside to see what they could do. There were many other people with us waiting outside anxiously to get in. The night grew longer as we had waited an entire hour without any updates as to what the situation was. After that hour, more people showed up, and they were in the same boat as we were. They weren’t let in and were told to wait by the grass just as we were. Eventually, they were only letting in people that had a paper copy of the ticket. Those that had them on their phones were denied access. From what security had heard and told us, they said that only people with paper copies were being permitted in since people were faking the emails.

Needless to say, a group of us were left outside with the buzzkill that we weren’t going to have the night we had planned. Those of us that waited outside stayed strong, hoping to see something happen in our favor. We waited until midnight and still weren’t allowed into the event. I approached one of the promoters so that I could ask what was going on and if we were going to be let in. He asked me where I got my ticket from, and I told him that we were on the guest list. His words to me were, “Waiting list is least priority,” and then walked off. If you ask me, I don’t think that’s something that people want to hear after waiting patiently for two hours to get into the event. We were neglected and left outside without any hope of getting in. At some point I showed them the screen shots of the email from the promoter that reached out to us to cover the event. They told me that they were going to get in contact with said person and have her come out to see what could be done. I never heard back from anyone and was left waiting once again. Sadly to say, Abe and I never made it in. We stayed until the event ended at 1:00 am and left when security told us that we couldn’t stay there anymore. Not a good first impression with Midnite, and I doubt that I would ever want to attend any of their future events.

However, not all was bitter that night. The one thing that kept us with a smile on our faces was the PLUR vibe that was being shared among those that stayed with us. We shared stories of other events we went to and the ones that were still to come. Ravers traded kandi and interacted with each other in such a way that kept positivity going strong. At some point of the night, we all huddled together and took a group picture before we all headed our ways. Even though most of us didn’t get in, we made the most of the time we had with each other. Friendships were made and the PLUR vibe was kept strong.

When Alejandro is not busy sitting outside of a club, he is a DJ at KSSU


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