The Finals Week Rally Cry

6359780403164185121342282463_finals-babyTo Hopefully Make This More Inspiring, Read This To This (Especially the last minute and forty five seconds (4:13) or so):

For most of us, it has probably been a long, tough semester. There have been demoralizing exam results, the feeling of defeat as we type our term papers, and the grueling 8 a.m. lecture have attempted to take us out of the game.

We have had all-nighters, mental breakdowns, and our fair share of failures that have made us wonder if the direction that we have chosen was the right one. There are times where we ask ourselves: Do I have what it takes to keep pushing forward?

You bet you do! Not even the force of of bad professors and group projects can bring you down. Keep your head up and let your determination, your preparation, and your will to push on keep you sane and make your trek through this dark time known as finals week be out finest hour.

Remember the reason why you are here, the future you want to have, and the thirst of success and keep marching on, take every test with conviction that you can pass and you can achieve what you once thought was impossible.

You have come a long way to get to this point in time. You have passed through the transition from teenager to adolescent. You have survived the scary realm known as high school, where drama and disaster loom around every corner. You have survived tough times and excruciating tasks that have made you stronger and more resilient for the looming threats ahead.

Pain is only temporary, but glory lasts forever. These finals may be a disaster now and life may be a little cloudy, but when the sun shines through the clouds, there is a world beyond the classroom and it is waiting for you.

This world, depending on the way you see it, can be paradise or perdition, an oasis or a vast wasteland with no hope given by the rivers of the waters of life. With the right mindset you are battling your way though this university to find paradise after you leave the halls of the Riverside, the walls of Tahoe and Alpine, or the great Mendocino.

With the right mindset, you will find happiness and accomplishment after you finish at this university. Finals week may be a tough time that makes you lose hope, but never lose sight of why you’re here. Believe in yourself and the causes that keep you alive and moving forward and allow good feelings to get you beyond finals to accomplishment.

To all of you who are graduating this semester or in the spring such as myself, congratulations. You probably have worked hard and been through grueling and rewarding experiences alike and soon it is about to all pay off and you will resent to the real world to find your paradise.

However, never lose sight of where you came from. Remember the friends and the great experiences that have positively influenced your upbringing into adulthood. Thank those who had supported you through your finest hours and the dark times of your college career and finally, make your university proud!

And for those who still have a bit of classes left, keep on moving forward for commencement will be closer than you think. As the great coach Jim Valvano once said, “Don’t give up… Don’t ever give up.”

Art Round-up


Often, I’m out looking at local art in Sacramento, for inspiration. And, often, I find art pieces that I really want to share with people. Here are a couple of exhibitions I found interesting.

Fine Art to Enhance Your Life & Surroundings by Steve Memering

The Smith Gallery, 1020 11th St #100, Sacramento, CA 95814

The exhibition represents painting. The theme of the works was nature and city-scapes. The imagery was figurative. It was easy to tell that the city-scapes were mostly of the Sacramento or Bay area. The nature paintings were of trees, fish, etc.

Some of the architecture was pretty. It had bright colors, and I recognized some of the buildings and places that were depicted.

But, my favorite was (what appeared to be) an old map-like collage of Sacramento. There were renderings of old Sacramento architecture surrounding a relief map of how Sacramento used to look. It was done in a burnt sienna-type coloring to look old. It seemed really fun. I liked the color. I liked that the buildings on the map looked like they might in real life, stood up.

I liked the subjects the artist chose. I didn’t like the final product of most of his paintings. The color, line, and style felt so familiar that it made me skim over most without really looking at it. They seemed like paintings that had been done a million times before. But, the one that caught my eye had one color. It had different things in it to look at. This taught me that the color palette and style you choose can really impact the interest a piece gets. And, how powerful juxtaposing things can really be.

Wings and Things: Michele Fisher and Vicki Sarantopulos

Art House: 1021 R St at 10th, Sacramento, California 95811

The exhibition was ceramics/mixed media. The pieces had elements of collage and assemblage. The theme of the works was psychology and nature. The works endeavored to explore the narratives of universal human struggles, metaphor, symbolism, and archetypes. The artists are also psychotherapists. So, they explored their experience dealing with human mind and emotions in their work.

The imagery was abstract. The works had a lot of mixing/melding of human and nature, nature and architecture, human and architecture, and so on. Different things were used, such as cloth, paper, and feathers. These items either covered or fit inside of the ceramic elements of the pieces.

I like the use of the other items. The cloth, for example, cut across where a face was fused with wings and a castle. This face had wings attached to the sides of it, and a castle attached to it’s forehead. But, we never see were these things are fused. The cloth looks like a wrap around the head, but doubles to hide the location of the juxtapositions. I think this separation eases the transition from each element, making it more pleasing for the viewer. The same is true of other elements in other pieces. They both smooth out the piece, and move your eyes along.

I really loved these pieces. These pieces all looked like they could have come from one artist. I learned that juxtaposing things can be too powerful, and that there are things that you can do to tone down the transition while keeping the effect.

If you are an artist at Sac State, and would like some of your art reviewed, contact me: DJTraySquat on facebook. And, listen to Poli-Psycho on every Wednesday at 6-7pm

The Best Advice we are the Worst at Following…


The best advice we are the worst at following, and why. This doesn’t need a huge preamble…

  • Think before you speak
  • Attachment leads to suffering so do the right thing, and be not attached to the result
  • Do what you love, not what makes you money
  • Forgive but don’t forget-we do either both or neither

Think before you speak: I tend to take it too seriously—to the point that there are sometimes rather long pauses in my speech, which annoys people. People have been hypocritically giving this advice since the inception of speech, maybe even since the dawn of communication (no doubt a derivative of the caveman adage ‘think before you grunt’). As far as advice goes, it holds water, absolutely—words once said cannot be retracted once said and first impressions cannot be rewound, so being choosy with words is paramount, yet we find ourselves vomiting out whatever comes to mind and thinking ourselves clever. Why? Here are my thoughts.

  1. We are so enamored with our own ‘wit’ and have such faith in it to carry us along during a back-and-forth that we mistakenly give it free reign. Those are dangerous grounds, rife with opportunities say something accidently offensive, something we don’t mean, or—at best—appear a little dumb.
  2. It literally burns more calories to spend brain time in your Prefrontal Cortex (the center for higher functioning thought/intention) so it is plausible that we humans—in search of the path of least resistance—allow thought to originate in our Medulla, which governs reflexes and involuntary motor movements. If this is the case, then we must work harder to resist the apathy and begin committing to each and every interaction or we are no better than our animal brains

Forgive but don’t forget: I would argue that we do either both or neither of these, as a rule. There will always be the grudge-holder who won’t let it go, but more common is those of us who intentionally pull the wool over our eyes. In order to forgive it is so much easier to forget as well…to constantly hold on to the kernel of resentment could make the task of forgiving impossible, so people tend to forgive and immediately forget as a way to solidify and justify that forgiveness. I can’t pass judgment on any form of forgiveness but I will caution that forgetting opens us up for repeating mistakes, and no one likes that.

Attachment leads to suffering, do the right thing and be not attached to the result: I believe this is a difficult one for the mentality of our culture, where our pride and honor is weaved intricately into everything we do. The advice is sound, we really should take the better road just because we know it is the right thing and avoid getting hung up on the results but that just isn’t reality. Our culture tends to be found on the side of the argument that believes the things we do are a reflection of our self, which inherently hinders our ability to detach ourselves from attachment, and thus, suffering.

Do what you love, not what makes you money: This one is personal to my heart, a self-convicted practical major and practically boring job, I am such a hypocrite. But because of this it won’t take too much digging to come to the reason why we ignore this pearl: because money makes the world go round. If you like what you do, you will not work a day in your life, but if you make money at what you do you won’t sweat bullets every time rent is due. No brainier. But still, it would be ideal to love what you do.

Holiday Season Traditions

halloweentoholidayI love the holidays, especially this time of year. The weather is cold, you want to stay inside, and eating food with family is always the best solution.

Every Thanksgiving my family and I used to go to Richmond, California to visit our cousins and eat a large dinner. However, now that we are older things changed. No one is ever home because of work, school, or their own lives. Leading to us not seeing each other often.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only two holidays my entire family have off. Our new tradition is staying at my mothers house the night before. I buy the pies, my sister buy the turkey, my brothers and mother buy the rest of the food. Thanksgiving morning my mom, grandma and sister get up early in the morning to bake the turkey and start the rest of the food. I wake up and talk to them as they are showing me how to cook. I’d rather not cook for thanksgiving because it is too many expectations to get a specific taste for the food.

Around ten o’clock my brothers wake up, my niece walk in the living room with joy, and we turn on entertainment. I don’t mean one specific thing either. We play music with the television on. Even of we are not paying attention to neither. We get dressed up, go to our cousins house in Richmond to eat their food. It is never enough there. So we hang out with our cousins and go back to my mothers house to eat our dinner. I usually buy about four sweet potato pies, two apple, and and two peach. That usually lasts us for two days if we eat all of the food first. I hide a fifth pie in my closet as a personal because I love pie. The next morning, someone always find my pie and we eat that with left overs. I really love the holidays.

Besides Thanksgiving Christmas is my favorite holiday. My family and I never used to have great Christmas Eve’s or mornings. Yet, as we got older we learned how to value each other and understand one another. After Thanksgiving is over my family and I decorate the Christmas tree with our mom playing holiday music. Every Christmas Eve we go in separate rooms to wrap each others gifts, then I help my sister wrap my niece’s gifts. We all put the presents under the tree once my niece is sleeping and go to sleep ourselves. The next morning my niece wake everyone up and we all gather around the tree. My niece gets her presents first, of course. Then we all open our gifts. It’s usually what each of us need or want. Afterwards, I bake chocolate chip cookies and make a ginger bread house with my brothers. Every year we decorate it differently. We watch our favorite Christmas movies while the food is cooking. They drink egg nog and I drink a little bit. When the food is done we eat dinner together and share our thanks and love to each other for another year.

Tips to survive the final wave of assignments

booksI have a few tips to survive the final wave of assignments.

Tip 1: Do not procrastinate. Of course this is always a suggestion, but no one actually does it. I have honestly been procrastinating this semester because of the weather. It makes me not want to do anything. I just want to stay in bed all day but I can’t. I recently checked my calendar and we have three weeks left of this semester after Thanksgiving. Two weeks for the lucky students. I have many assignments, tests, and papers do the week after Thanksgiving. I became overwhelmed for a while but then I had to stop myself and take a deep breath. I realized there is enough time to complete my assignments before the week of Thanksgiving. So the week that everything is due, I can have it completed ahead of time. This will give me enough time to study for my tests the two weeks after Thanksgiving without a huge workload.

Tip 2: If you have any tests, papers, or assignments due soon try to start them whenever you have free time. What I usually do is go to classes throughout the week, stay on campus to do homework, then go home. Completing assignments throughout the week will give you time to relax on weekends. Especially doing assignments once the class is over so you won’t forget later. I understand many students work over the weekend, go to parties, or have a few days off. If you complete your work throughout the week, there shouldn’t be a lot of assignments to complete over the weekend, and you can have your free time.

Tip 3: Staying on campus is a great way to survive the wave of assignments. The library and the AIRC is always available for students to study, do assignments, or projects. Also, making a study group with classmates to meet up on campus is helpful. Staying on campus gives you the choice of actually doing your work. Going home is too distracting. Your bed will look so comfortable, there are so many good movies and shows on television, and roommates are distracting. Just wait to go home until it’s actually time to go home.

Tip 4: The last thing I want to share is make sure you take naps throughout the day, eat a well balanced diet, and exercise if you have time. We all forget to take care of our bodies when the end of the semester comes. We go to class with sweats on, hair not done, probably four hours of sleep, and feel horrible when we wake up. Coffee is our only solution to get through the day.

The end of the semester is stressful but remember this is just another semester that will end soon. Keep a calendar in your phone with due dates and try to make a plan to where you can complete all of your assignments, projects, and papers ahead of time. Finals week will pass by faster than we know it. Good luck you all.


Advice From A Graduating Senior

xrcjm4xtrIt’s my last semester at Sacramento State as well as my last blog post on this fine WordPress blog run by our colleges very own radio station KSSU. Since I’ve spent the last just north of 3 years at Sacramento State I have learned a thing or two about the workings of the campus as well as college in general. I would like the share things that I’ve learned over the course of my experience. I would like to begin by stating that my experience may not mirror everyone’s, but I’ll try to make this as general as possible.

It’s Expensive

It may not cost as much as a lot of larger universities out there, but it isn’t cheap to strive for higher learning. This may be one of the earliest and possibly more painful lessons you’ll receive while striving for a undergrad or Graduate degree. Now to the important part, the money that goes into Sac State doesn’t just evaporate. You aren’t just paying for access to a few classrooms and the experience of pulling caffeine fueled all-nighters. I mean you are paying for that, but there are also a lot of services Sacramento State offers to it’s students that can and should be taken advantage of.

  • Professors
    • These people are smart and want to help you. If you’re having an issue consider them a great resource to reach out to, but they don’t need to be the first or last resource.
  • Peers
    • Although you aren’t paying for your peers, they are there. Social Networking is one of the most powerful things you can do while in College. You’re taking classes with a bunch of people who have the same interests as you and likely are looking to work in the same field you are, if they aren’t already. In the words of Rush “Take yourself a friend”
  • Books
    • You will have to purchase your books on top of your student fees, but those aren’t the only books you have access to. The Library isn’t just for decoration, there are lots and lots of books stacking the shelves of the library. If you happen to be more of a keyboard and monitor kind of person I get where you’re coming from. We also have access to “OneSearch” a Library resource that gives you access to Scholarly Journals and articles to aid you in your papers.
  • Space to Study
    • Following the Libraries massive amount of books, It is also an excellent place to study. As is the University Union, the second floor and third floor are basically just full of tables and chairs with people studying. The Airc is also another great resource, except for some occasions (usually holidays) the airc is open 24 hours a day which can be great if you find yourself working on stuff to early morning a lot. The Airc also has a lot of outlets making it great if you need to work on a laptop. If you’re having trouble finding somewhere to study in any of these places, which can and does happen around midterms and finals. Rest assured some class rooms are generally left open for students to study in as well. Just try to pick up after yourself if you want it to remain an option.
  • Volunteer!
    • There are a lot of fun ways that you can get involved with the campus; the Radio Station(KSSU: One of us, One of us), The Hornet(Newspaper), or Unique(Most of the events on campus: movies, concerts, etc..) just to name the few I know of.
  • Career Center
    • So most of us go to college hoping it will help us grow professionally, this concept isn’t lost to the university. We have a Career Center that exists for helping people find jobs, work on your resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing Skills, and managing the Career fair are just a few things they have to offer. Definitely worth checking them out.

Social Networking

That Important thing I mentioned before under Peers, Sacramento State is a great place to get to know people who are in your field of study as well outside of it. We have an enormous amount of organizations on campus, and likely anything kind of group of people you could be looking for. These range from Academic clubs centered around your Major, personally I belong to ACM, and MISA, both of which are concerned with introducing you to recruiters and helping people build professional networks. Some are more concerned with helping each-other learn new things, The Data Science Club, and the Neuroscience Alliance are both good examples of this, and so is the ACM for that matter. Others are just for fun, like KSSU, and many more organizations like it. I’ve heard of Netflix clubs, 3d game development clubs, robotics clubs, Film Appreciation Clubs, Anime and Manga Clubs, Quiditch Clubs, and this is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

There are many options out there for people to explore, and if Clubs aren’t your style just get to know the people in your classes. I know it’s easy to close up in your classes, after all this is a commuter campus, but people are one of your largest resources, and they will make coming to your classes a much more enjoyable experience.

The Dreaded All-Nighter

This something we all hate, and it’s something that more than likely you will experience at-least once or twice. Whether it was lack of preparation, or trying to fix something before a deadline, these things happen. It’s not fun, but sometimes you just have to buckle down and get things done. Personally I’ve gone this route more times than I care to remember, but I have picked up a few tips for dealing with them.

  • Avoid it at all costs
    • You will be far more productive if you have had a full night of sleep, if this is something you can possibly put off then do it.
    • If you’re last minute cramming for a test you will perform better with a full night of sleep.
      • If you’re completely unprepared for an exam this may not feel like an option, this is a judgement call that obviously I can’t make for you.
  • If you must
    • If you’ve decided you must pull an all nighter, I highly recommend sleeping as much as you possibly can throughout the night, and getting in the sleep you missed as soon as you can afterwards. Sleep deprivation is really bad for you, and despite most people not getting enough sleep it can cause more problems then it would seem to solve.
  • Coffee
    • If you’ve gone this far i’m guessing you’re dead-set on it. Coffee is your friend, but it’s not your only friend. If you are into Limitless Inspired nootropic stacks I would suggest pairing it up with L-theanine, it’s an over the counter supplement that can be found in Caffeine Pills and Tea. L-theanine will help keep you from the jittery side effects, as well as providing anti-anxiety effects. Don’t let the name fool you, this stuff is naturally occurring in Tea and can be bought over the counter. Alternatively you could just drink a bunch of tea. 🙂
  • Water
    • It’s important to stay hydrated, Coffee  may provide you with Caffeine but staying hydrated can do more to help you feel awake and alert.
  • Food
    • Food is energy, it can help but be careful this is a slippery slope.
  • Go for a walk
    • Light exercise to help keep your blood flowing to help you continue working on stuff till you can get some sleep.
  • Don’t drive
    • don’t even look at your car, you are impaired. This should really be avoided at all costs.
  • Get some Sleep
    • As soon as possible, try to get as much sleep as you can to make up what you lost.

I hate all-nighters, if you decide to go that route proceed with caution. Also the amount of sleep you get will determine your effectiveness for the rest of the day. Under 4 hours I feel like a useless marionette of myself, if I’m looking at you i’m generally just thinking about how nice my bed is. Over 6 hours is enough to be productive throughout the day, but close to 8 is preferred to be at the top of my game. 4-6 can be productive, but I’d really recommend on striving for 6 or more if at all possible.


If you’re in the college of Computer Science and Engineering, and Construction Management I guess now. You can get an account to access our Servers as well as our labs that are loaded with software to help you do your assignments. There are computers available to all Sac State students in the library, but there are tools that you may find yourself needing beyond the software installed there. This also gives us access to special servers as well as deals on software.

University Union

This is where most events occurs on campus, and it’s also where Information is. Information is a very useful resource, they have a stack of maps and if you’re having trouble finding something they will help you. They are located next to the food courts, and they have been very helpful for me on many occasions.

The Well

The well is Sacramento State’s Gym, but they also have a small medical office and pharmacy in the building. It’s a great resource worth taking advantage of.


My name is Chris Diel, and this is my last Blog for the KSSU Blog.

Board on the Blog: Meet Randy Chen!

randy-1-web-180x270Paying it forward. This phrase is most appropriate when describing Randy Chen, a senior Finance major at Sacramento State. Each and everyday, Randy works hard to lead a bright future not only for his family, but his friends and peers. Randy wears many hats as a student leader on campus. He serves the brotherhood of the co-ed professional business fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi as the Pledge Educator, and he represents over 30,000 students as the ASI Vice President of Finance.

To this lighthearted, ambitious, and slightly germophobic libra, the quote, “Faith can move mountains,” means that you can achieve much more than you think you could if you believe in yourself. As Randy put it himself, “The possibilities are endless if you have faith in yourself.” This statement is a true reflection of the mindset that Randy brings to the table in everything he aims to accomplish. Whether it’s through juggling his positional responsibilities and his academic demands, or through presenting to student leaders on how they can optimize their Dollars for Organizations and Clubs resources, Randy is able to stay focused on what is most important to him–leaving a good example for others while giving back.

As Randy describes, “I feel very fortunate to be where I am today and I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. I hope to make everyone who believes in me proud.” This is a key component in the goals that he hopes to achieve during his term as an executive on the ASI board. He aims to make Sac State students proud by serving them to the best of his ability. The legacy that he hopes to leave behind is to be a role model for future student leaders on campus. If he could make an impact on at least a handful students’ lives by inspiring them to lead in their own ways, he would achieve his ultimate positional goal.

In Randy’s role as Vice President of Finance for ASI, he acts as the ultimate steward of student dollars that are being spent on behalf of ASI related activity. His objective is to make students across the entire campus aware of the all the scholarship opportunities that ASI provides so that students an obtain monetary resources to help elimate financial stress while complimenting their academic progress. He has seen first hand how the power of giving back to students can impact their lives academically and personally.

Randy is a driven and caring student that truly cares about students and his family. “My goal in life is to be able to care for my parents and family when I am older. They have sacrificed everything to provide me with the life that I live. They have supported and pushed me to be the person that I am today. I plan to provide them with all the opportunities that they have provided for me.” I guess you could say that paying it forward is Randy’s bread and butter. 

Get to know Randy better by stopping in the ASI Government Office during his office hours which can be found at If you are interested in getting involved in the work that Randy is doing as ASI Vice President of Finance contact him at!

Stay tuned for the next Board on the Blog!



halloweentown_6253519_ver1-0_640_360My favorite Halloween memories is going to school as a child and seeing everyone’s costume. It was interesting to see how creative people were when it came to dressing up; though I was the loner who never wore costumes as much as I wanted. An excitement came over me every year on Halloween because it was the only day people could dress up however they wanted and no one judged them. Trick or treating was cool when I got to see all of the creepy decorations everywhere. Of course, I was scared so my brothers had to walk with me to most doors. I just realized last year that I couldn’t trick or treat anymore. So I bought my own back of candy to eat. Halloween is the only time of year when candy seems okay to eat for an entire week and not care. I used to have a backpack full of candy hid in my room from my siblings.

A special tradition my sister and I have is to watch Disney Halloween movies for the entire month of October until Halloween night, which is our special night to watch Halloweentown. No, I am not talking about the second and third Halloweentown movies. I am talking about the original Halloweentown. Though it was a fiction movie, it gave my sister and I an impact on how we should believe in ourselves. Even when others don’t think believe in us. I remember pretending we were witches and making up spells that we thought would work. It never did work but we continued to try. Now my sister have a four year old daughter, and she look forward to the movie every year as much as my sister and I. It’s the only movie that can get my sister and I together to bond over candy and unhealthy food. Now that we are older we thought things would change. It never changed. Even when we are 100 miles away, we call each other over the phone and watch it together. All I can say is Halloweentown is a classic movie.

I miss being younger. Those were the years when anything or anyone mattered. I am looking forward to feeling that way this Halloween. Even if I don’t dress up I will buy candy and enjoy myself. As we get older we forget to enjoy ourselves and everything doesn’t have to be serious all the time. The only thing I have not done yet, but looking forward to doing is carving a jackolantern. No one took the time out to teach me how to do it, but I have always been curious about how to carve them. It seems like a messy project, but I think it will be well worth it. I really want to do something different this year. I don’t know if dressing up would be something exciting to do or what. All I can say is everyone, including myself, should go out and find something extreme to do this Halloween. Everyone work so hard. Halloween should be a day to dress up, eat a lot of candy, and enjoy the holiday since it comes once every year.

Board on the Blog: Meet Andrew Michaud!

andrew-1-web-180x270As Sophocles stated, “If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment: ‘Thou shalt not ration justice.’” The meaning of this quote plays a large role in the life of Andrew Michaud. As a student pursuing his Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice at Sacramento State, Andrew is passionate about making positive changes in the world around him, but most importantly, he strives to make the necessary changes to benefit the whole. Not only does he dedicate his work to helping those in need, but he also serves graduate students as the ASI Director of Graduate Studies.

This East Coast Swing dancer, jazz music lover, and Jitterbug groover, is much more than just an exceptionally hard worker–he’s also a terrific friend. He tends to welcome each new person he meets with genuine kindness and care. When working on projects in the ASI Government Office, Andrew is known to provide invaluable advice and thoughtfulness when a board member needs assistance or a second opinion on a topic. Andrew is always there to lift up a friend.

As the Director of Graduate Studies, Andrew’s main goal is to continue to build the connectedness that graduate students feel to one another and the campus community. He has been working towards this goal in many aspects including his contributions in improving institutional policies that govern the graduate studies program at Sac State as well as working to cultivate a sense of belonging among graduate students in various campus settings. The work that Andrew has been dedicating himself to stems from his ultimate goal of positively impacting individuals and contributing to the equity of peoples.

Aside from being a rock star student advocate, Andrew changes lives of ex-convicts each and every day. He helps introduce a brighter future to formerly incarcerated individuals as an instructor and mentor in the Ascend re-entry program. This program helps stop the cycle of crime by giving these adults the tools and the drive to connect to a productive and lifestyle. This work takes patience, perseverance, and compassion towards other human beings. It has been proven to change people’s lives and give them hope that they might not have known existed. These are all of the traits that Andrew exemplifies.

This Gemini is a strong ally to students, and an inspiration to so many of his friends and colleagues. When asked what legacy he would like to leave behind at Sacramento State, his comment was, “A legacy? I wouldn’t want to leave one. A legacy implies being remembered; strangely enough, I don’t want to be remembered. I want to ensure graduates are never overlooked, but I don’t need credit for that. When credit is given, people see that achievement as beyond their abilities. I want people who come after me to try harder and go beyond what I’ve done.”

Andrew is a person worth getting to know by any and all means. He sheds bundles of happiness, wisdom, and strength on the world. Visit the ASI Government Office during his weekly office hours to get to know him better yourself, and for him to get to know you!

Feel free to email him at or visit to see when his office hours are!

Stay tuned for next week’s Board on the Blog!


How to Adult-The Interview

imagesWhat are we here for? Every time I am up until midnight writing some paper I find trivial and tiresome, I try and remind myself about the point of all this strife and struggle. We are here…to leave. I don’t know about you but I tend to get stuck in the worries of today and tomorrow and forget to freak out about the unknowns of next week, or the next step. Mind you, I am not advocating ‘freaking out’ as a best practice, but truth be told, there is a certain amount of comfort that comes from analysis coupled with preparation and what better way to prompt that very unlikely foresight then a good freak out over life’s what-ifs. So if we go to college with the eventual goal of getting the heck out, why don’t we talk a little about what happens next—since inevitably we all have to let the safety blanket of school go no matter how we go about doing so. Eventually, the majority of us are going to have to reach deep down into ourselves to try and salvage that freshman ‘eagerness’ (buried under layers of exhaustion and exasperation) to plaster it on our faces for our career interviews.

Whether it’s time to start freaking out or not, I’m going to give a crash course in the do’s and don’ts of that interview, you know, the one that matters so much you study for it.

  1. For the love of all that is holy, leave your smart phone in the car. Don’t even bring it into the office with you. In life, we all have stigmas to rise above and we have many as millennials. I implore all of my fellow twenty-somethings to be aware and surprise the world with our fantastic attention spans.
  2. Research! Know the company, its mission, and at the very least the job description of the position you are applying for. The benefits here are twofold: quote the mission statement in your interview and it says ‘look at me, I give a crap’ and when you really do your homework you should discover the most important thing…is this company a good fit for you.
  3. Be brave. TIME magazine tells us applicants that have an entrepreneurial background are going to win out against those with just a degree and an internship or two. It makes total sense when you think about how companies are constantly on the struggle-bus to innovate and be the most freaking awesome thing since the hover board. They are going to want self-starters and risk takers.
  4. Dig a little into your past and dust off some of those ice breakers and (appropriate) anecdotes about yourself—especially the ones that have a clear lesson or moral because if you are really good it’s interview gold to bring those stories full circle and apply them to the role you are seeking. It is totally normal to be nervous, and you will be put on the spot so preparing a few of these gives a person a go-to.

Gosh all of that sounds like hard work. Maybe I’ll just become a professor so I never have to leave school! Psyche! They have terrible panel style interviews and directors that sit in on lectures….yikes. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but seriously…the above advice aside, make sure your goals, personality, and moral compass are a good fit for whatever employer it may be. You’ll be happier.

I think next week we’ll talk about resume do’s and don’ts.