CSUS: Hitch a Ride

CSUS: Hitch a Ride
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

Parking issues are as synonymous to Sacramento State as water issues are to California.  To help remediate the issue, Sacramento State has constructed four parking structures over the decades.  The largest parking structure (Parking Structure III) can accommodate 3,000 vehicles parked in it.  As an attendee of Sacramento State, the structure is constantly packed, along with all “close” parking lots.  In total, Sacramento State has 15 parking lots and four parking structures sprinkled around campus.

However, in a day where convenience is everything, some lots are outside of the realistic range of some.  For example, Parking Lot 11 is situated across J Street, the main entrance to Sacramento State.  In relation to the buildings for classes, and anything else, it can be a “hike” to get there with the amount of traffic around the J Street Main Entrance intersection.  There are a number of other lots outside of the convenience range.  However, parking to this day is still bad.

There are many things to alleviate this, such as the Hornet Shuttle, plus a major bus junction by the north end of campus, numerous bike routes and bike parking, dorms, and local apartments.  But with all this, Sacramento State is still seen as a “commuter campus”.

I’m not saying parking close helps, but it is a step.  What doesn’t help is when parking lots or services close at specific times.  Sacramento State has provided something along these lines.  In a previous article I referenced the Ramona Ave Parking Lot.  This lot will be re-opened in the Fall Semester for students.  Because the lot currently resides a distance away from campus, a Hornet Shuttle service will be taking students from the lot to The Well and back. Nice, right?  What’s the catch?  The lot and the shuttle operate from 7:30 AM to 6 PM – prime time for most daytime classes, but not so much for events, meetings, club/organization activities, etc. Though parking alleviates by the evening time, it is a hassle to move your vehicle.  By the time you sit in the driver seat, temptation of life away from campus may set in.

An incentive for the Ramona Lot is a much cheaper parking permit that works only at the Ramona Lot.  The permit costs $84 and provides approximately 250 additional parking spaces (to help with the loss of 280 Residence Hall parking spots).

The proposed Ramona Avenue Extension to be completed by 2016.

Ramona Avenue is slated to be extended and connect with Folsom Blvd for a more direct line to campus.  But that’s not my issue here.  As I hinted in my last article, none of this helps with the campus spirit and campus community.  The campus is vibrant with activities from programs like ASI and UNIQUE, clubs and Greek organizations, and much more.  But when people get to their cars, they may not be driving closer to campus to attend these functions.  Instead, they may go somewhere else.  The campus has much to offer, and the campus administration is not aiding that cause what so ever.  The Ramona Ave lot may stop the bleeding, but it won’t close the wound.

Welcome to Sacramento State!  We are a “commuter campus” that struggles to rise above that stigma.

CSUS: Pardon The Mess

CSUS: Pardon the Mess
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)


One of the planters added into Lot 7.

For much of the summer of 2015, Sacramento State has been getting various sorts of touch ups here and there.  The one that grabbed my attention most was the various amounts of fenced off parts of Lot 7, one of the parking lots on the south end of campus.  On my most recent visit to campus, I discovered parts of the project was the removal of parking spots to include planter space for drought resistant plants (or so that’s my guess).  Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for doing our part to help fight the drought and do our parts for the environment as a whole.  I am also all for beautification of the campus.  Sacramento State’s campus is a beautiful one.  Hands down one of the best in all of the CSU system.

It wasn’t too long ago that the campus had a beautification project around Brighton Hall, as well as along the path from the University Union to the Library.  I thought these were solid touches on otherwise bland land.  It doesn’t serve a function in the sense of helping students get the classes they need, or help them with additional parking spots, but it didn’t take away from that either.

A corner of Brighton Hall that was spruced up a while ago.

A corner of Brighton Hall that was spruced up a while ago.

The Lot 7 project is one of many happening currently.  I have not seen them all as I only see or frequent half of the entire campus.  Some of the other projects to be noted this summer include:

  • Adding a physical median divide on the southern tip of State University Drive East by the Capital Public Radio station.
  • Major sidewalk construction (for what it seems to be something good for pedestrians) on Callery Pear Way between the Public Services Police Station and Parking Structure 3
  • Construction for something unidentifiable at the time I went by in the Library Quad close to Brighton

There are more, I’m sure, but I haven’t been across all of campus.  Part of Parking Structure 1 will be dedicated to Residence Hall Parking for people living in the dorms.  To alleviate parking, UTAPS has (re)introduced parking at the Ramona Lot (which is located on Ramona Ave which is off the beaten path by Power Inn Rd, off of Cucamonga Ave), with a shuttle to take students from there to campus and back.  The lot is open 7:30 AM to 6 PM.  Any cars still there will be locked in the lot.  This is a decent solution for students who come strictly for classes in the morning or afternoon.  However, this counteracts possibilities of fostering a campus life (i.e. clubs, organizations, events, etc.).

The unknown project in the Library Quad.

The unknown project in the Library Quad.

What is going on in Lot 7 (and perhaps Lot 8 as well), is a waste.  It is not good for the students, which should be the focus of anything and everything the campus does.  It doesn’t increase quality of life on campus by any stretch.  All it does is take away space for parking in a place where parking is still a premium (the planter pictured above takes what use to be 8 parking spots). The only project I would welcome on campus that could temporarily take away parking would be converting a lot, or part of a lot, into a parking structure.

Welcome back to Sacramento State!  Please excuse the mess, and less parking in convenient locations.

“Matriarch” by Veil of Maya Album Review


Veil-of-Maya-Matriarch-artwork-600x600So here I am, chilling in my philosophy class before the professor shows up. I whip out my iPod and check out the channels I am subscribed too. I mostly use YouTube for finding new music and cool skate videos. Browsing through the videos, I noticed that Sumerian Records put out the whole new Veil of Maya album “Matriarch” and I about exploded. I had to sit for an hour and fifteen minutes anticipating the awesomeness of VoM. Luckily, I only stayed in class for about twenty minutes because class today was an optional Final Exam Study session. Who needs to study for finals anyways? I’ll just wait until the day before my finals.

So I had already heard a few songs from the Album and had already been in love. The rest of the album was fantastic as well. I did not even need to listen to the entirety of each song before clicking to the next and welcoming in frission (where you get goosebumps from good music). There was the usual VoM stuff; technical math-core (complicated song structure), drop tuned guitars, and ominous background sound effects. VoM threw in some new stuff such as clean vocals (in comparison to the low gutturals from the “Common Man’s Collapse” Album), guitar melodies in the higher registry, and an overall album theme, hence the name “Matriarch”. Before the album was released, my favorite of the leaked songs was Mikasa, which also had a music video. There was heavy breakdowns, awesome never-before heard clean vocals, and an overall empowering feeling brought forth by the entire band.

Looking at the track listing, each song is named after Matriarchs or powerful women, both fictional and non-fictional. In one of the YouTube comments, someone even mentioned that one of the song names is a very threatening character from an action anime. I took the Youtuber’s word and moved on to the music. I will have to say that my favorite song, other than the leaked ones, would have to be “Daenerys”. I have no idea where the name Daenerys comes from, but it did not spell check me on Microsoft Word, so it is legit. Anyways, the song starts out really light with some nice moving around on the guitar. It then goes into a two-measure guitar solo before the vocalist pops in and the song takes a more serious turn. With some power chords blasting right into a heavy breakdown, Veil of Maya shows off what they are known for. Right after are some clean vocals from their new vocals, which were pretty impressive by the way. The chorus is repeated throughout with some technical instrumentals in the background, before closing the song with a guitar solo build up to more cleans and a mini breakdown. Finally, a guitar playing a riff in the higher register ends out the song.

Most of the time I listen to music on YouTube except for when I really like a whole album, which I purchase to support the band. Veil of Maya, I’m going to support you and buy your new album “Matriarch” when I get home tonight.

Thanks for reading everyone!

I may or may not have a show during finals week due to, well, finals. However, check out www.kssu.com and listen to other DJs do their stuff!

Much Love,


Dissecting The Plot In You


Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of “The Plot In You” because one of their new songs popped up in my feed on YouTube, and I opened up my brain to see what I can recall of TPIY. Basically, I liked one of their songs a whole lot, but never took the chance to really check them out. The Plot In You is a four piece metal-core band from Ohio, with One EP and two Albums out. Notorious for their harsh lyrics and calling out particular groups of people while keeping that metal vibe, TPIY quickly gained fame after releasing their debut song Wifebeater from the EP “Wifebeater” (which one could assume was about his father). The Plot In You is signed onto Invogue Records, and will be releasing a new album which currently has an unknown release date.

The song that popped up in my feed was called “Crows”, which is about Landon Tewer’s (the frontman) life and how he has changed, but so has everyone else. The “Crows” symbolizes death and how in the end, everyone faces it. This is emphasized with the line “The crows are waiting on me”. This song was an unreleased track from the b side a 7” they never released. My curiosity took me further, so I played the album stream from “Could You Watch Your Children Burn.” I had already heard tracks from their album “Firstborn” a long time ago, but this album really got to me. Most songs consisted of talking about how people who are hypocrites and live a mundane existence should separate themselves, or simply die, from society. Tewers talks about religious folk, lustful males, rapists, and his own family very unkindly. One of my favorite songs is “Troll” which I also saw live when TPIY was on the “About That Life Tour” with Attila. The song basically empowers the listeners individuality and gives the belief that you are a juggernaut and will not take any flack from anyone. Another song that was a favorite by TPIY on YouTube was the song “Premeditated”. In this song, Tewers talks about his plan to kill a rapist who violated someone very dear to him. With clean vocals, dark breakdowns, and the usual “I will destroy you” moments from TPIY, I could easily see why this was a favorite by fans.
All in all, TPIY is a very angry band. Their song “My Old Ways” that was released in a music video on February 23rd seemed to be quite lighter in comparison to “Troll”. To hear that kind of change and it still be a good song makes me very excited to hear their upcoming album. To make a long explanation short: The Plot In You is a band full of angry dudes, relatable stories, great songs, and a uniqueness that I have not heard from any other band. They are probably not sane people, but hey, who is really?

Thanks for reading you lovely people! If you want to hear music from The Plot In You and other bands that I just so happen to enjoy, tune into my show “Shred the Gnar” on www.kssu.com Tuesday mornings at 8 o’ clock!

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A Billion Simoleon Worth of Memories

“A Billion Simoleon Worth of Memories”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

On March 4th, 2015, many hearts were broken, directly, and indirectly.  The gaming industry was ablaze with talks as EA eventually announced, albeit after a tweet from a designer from Maxis Emeryville, that EA would be closing the Maxis Emeryville offices.  However, on this day, the news wasn’t immediately clear for many in the public, including myself, as to if all of Maxis was being closed, what was happening to our favorite Sim games, etc.  But after the ashes settled, it has become clear that only Maxis Emeryville was being closed, while other Maxis studios would remain open, and many of the intellectual property (IP) will remain in development with EA (The Sims 4 and SimCity will continue to receive updates to the game, and The Sims 4 will see future expansion packs).  [Read more…]

My Time at Sac State


by Dj. Kevin J

As we rapidly approach the middle mark of the semester, and I inch closer to the graduation line, I find myself almost nostalgic for the campus that has been my home for the past year and half. Coming from LA, a city virtually on the other side of California, was mind-altering to say the least. In a matter of days I had to quickly adjust to a landscape I was completely unfamiliar with.

I had to learn how to co-habitate with strangers I’d never met a day in my life. I had to learn how to budget money and make sure my dollar lasted for a while ( Top Ramen truly is a college student’s best friend. I basically had to learn how live, all over again. However, nothing compared to adjusting to a new college campus.

When I was at my junior college back home, everything felt so natural, which seems like an obvious statement. Yes, the beginnings of my college experience was an adjustment in its own right, but after doing it for three years I had managed to get the hang of it. Now here I was, a newly minted 21-year-old, who now had to navigate new terrain with what felt like very little guidance. Terrified would be an understatement.

And yet, despite the pit of terror the formed once my family drove off, I knew freaking out would be the wrong way to go. So with that in mind, I laced up Vans, rolled up my sleeves, and got to work in order to make sure the seven hour drive I took wasn’t wasted. I was lucky that I was in the company of people who knew Sacramento fairly well, my roommates, and I honestly can say that it was because of them that I was able to survive the initial impact.

Despite my initial fears about coming to Sacramento State, I quickly found myself immersed in the campus. I joined the Hornet newspaper as a freelance writer during my first semester, and continued with them for year and half. Through my time at the Hornet, I was able to make some amazing friends, and picked up some invaluable skills that have come in handy on numerous occasions.

I also became familiar with Mendocino Hall. Mendocino has hosted at least 75 percent of my classes. And while Mendocino may not be my favorite part of Sac State (lol), it certainly has become a landmark forever etched in the corners of my mind.

If I had to, however, pick my favorite location on Sac State’s campus, it would be the Sac State tunnel. Located directly under the train tracks, that tunnel has served as the marker that I either came, or had left campus. Corny as it is, I’ll miss my daily walks under it. There were so many pictures taken under that tunnel. So many instances where I would watch as a train rumbled over it. The Sac State tunnel served as my official welcome during my first day, and in my eyes, will serves as my final goodbye as a student.


Kevin Hendricks is a DJ with KSSU you should like listen to him, and stuff.

Hands Down for Impending Doom


Hands down, my favorite band of all time is Impending Doom. Not only have they been around for a while, they were one of the first bands that got me into metal. Their first album “Nailed. Dead. Risen.” is a classic Deathcore album with a little twist, they are Christian. The took something evil and made it into something good, and it does not sound terrible! The song though that started it out for me was “My Nemesis” which basically describes destroying evil in the world and stomping on Satan. It sounds cheesy that way, but trust me, it is brutal. Impending Doom has gotten progressively lighter over the years. They went from grindcore/death metal to beat down/metal core music today. Less blast beats, more structure, more discernible lyrics, but still bringing the heavy. Impending Doom has stayed fantastic throughout the years and I cannot wait to hear more from them. With Five full length albums out, the latest being “Death Will Reign”, I do not see impending Doom breaking up anytime soon. In fact, they are writing new material as I sit here typing, and that makes me sweat… sweat for joy. I thought about writing lengthy paragraphs on why I love this band, but i felt numerical points would be sufficient.

  1. They call themselves “Gorship” which is a mixture between Gore Music (Guttural screams, blast beats, super drop tuned guitars, fast tempo, etc.) and worship, which is pretty dang tight.
  2. They are amazing live. The first time I saw them live was in Walnut Creek in a small venue called “The Red House”. It was pretty cramped, but it did not matter because my feelings of discord were replaced by feelings of euphoria filled my heart and frission overtook my body. Then on the very last breakdown of the very last song “There Will Be Conquerors” I got sucker punched by a drunk man in the back of my head. Even that punch could not keep me from being in the front of the crowd and devastating the floor with stomps as Impending Doom broke down the stage.
  3. They are very friendly and very humble. Meeting them afterwards was like talking to a close friend. Not only that, they knew some of the guys I used to jam with and gave me free clothes!
  4. They invented the “Repentagram”, a symbol of Repentance and casts out evil. The Repentagram is a 9 pointed star which forms an “X” over a pentagram. I have a giant one on the back of my windbreaker.
  5. Last but not least, they are consistent with their music and beliefs. All their newer songs are carefully and beautifully written and they can actually back up their lyrics. Some metal music talks about killing and death and revenge on ex girlfriends, but none of them even seem capable of such. Brooke Reeves, front-man of Impending Doom, is also a preacher along with the other members of the band. These guys have credibility.

If you guys want to hear some more music like Impending Doom, check out my show “Shred the Gnar” Tuesday mornings at 8 o’clock on http://www.kssu.com! Thanks for reading!


Why That Dress is Stupid and It Shouldn’t Matter.

This dress is stupid and it shouldn’t matter. That’s it, end of blog, you can stop reading now… Just kidding.


But in all seriousness. This is what breaks the internet? A dress that is clearly black and blue. Well for some reason a lot of people also see white and gold (ya’ll are crazy(Blog editor note: it’s totally white and gold)) and that is driving everyone nuts. Of course this little divide within groups would blow up to an astronomical scale, but really. This is what is news. In the heat of all this dress madness, it shows what is good and bad about this generation.


What’s good is that it shows this is a generation of communication. If someone want to get their point across online, then it can be made. Maybe it might hit just the right amount of people at just the right time for something to go completely viral. It’s great. Like when Egypt started a revolution through social media, or whenever uproxx uploads something uplifting. Somehow things will spread like wildfire, even to the point of starting a revolution. To encourage deep thinking or change minds. Then there’s the bad thing about this generation.


What’s bad about this generation is that anything can become viral. The wrong things that can overshadow a revolution. For example, the whole ice bucket phenomenon overshadowing the new terrorist organization ISIS. Ask a teenager what ISIS is, and they might ask if it’s a new internet dating app. It’s horrible how a Little Einstein’s remix and dance can just blow up out of nowhere, when we have a possibility of losing net neutrality. Also, yesterday, a day that will be known for a dress being different colors, overshadowed what happened two years ago. The untimely death of Trayvon Martin. It was his death anniversary yesterday and I only saw a few commemorative posts in a sea of dress distresses. Of course, everyone had their own opinion of that situation, but still. I’m saying we have the powers to start and create something big, but we use it to over-share a dress that is obviously blue and black..

I get it though, the world shouldn’t always be too serious. That would be bad. It can’t always be full of doom and gloom. Sometimes the world just needs something such as a color changing dress to talk about instead of all the horrible things going on in the world. That’s why it’s ok for this dress to appear on the news or Ellen’s twitter account. The world needs to chill out for a little bit. Knowing the world though, this whole dress thing will die out in a couple of days, just in time for the next stupid thing to sweep the net. That’s another bad thing about the internet. After this whole thing dies down, we still have to deal with the crappy things of the world and life..

But of course another good thing about the internet is all the sweet memes about an event! Even this whole dress fiasco has a slew of memes that came out last night! Funny stuff, internet!


Jerel DJ, Listen KSSU

Album Review: “Lost Isles” by Oceans Ate Alaska


is a metal-core band the United Kingdom with a unique taste. Some flavors of Djent, Thrash, Death, Pop Punk, and even Electronica float around in this UK Combo. When I first listened to Oceans Ate Alaska, they were a scene/emo kid band performing the class “screamo” music with open note breakdowns. This album “Lost Isles” has been a metamorphosis for Oceans. They started out as puny, long-haired caterpillars and evolved into fire-breathing dragons. Here’s my take on “Lost Isles”.

The intro, “Four Thirty Two” is an instrumental with some radio and television broadcasts on natural disasters playing in the background. Great work done in this song, piece and also in the instrumental interlude. The pure talent and raw sound during these pieces show how the band has progressed in accordance to music theory. Tempo changes, experimental tuning, drum variety, all sorts of vocals (both clean and screamed), and of course some master guitar shredding amplify this bands talent ten-fold. You can tell how much work they put into this album just by these pieces alone.

But wait! It gets even better. Oceans Ate Alaska released three tracks before the actually full length release date, which was February 24th. These songs are “Blood Brothers” (Lyric video), “Floorboards” (Lyric Video), and “Vultures And Sharks” (Music Video). One thing you will notice is how thick the accent is coming out of the front-man. It works really well because with the knowledge of where these guys came from, you can match up the style with the accent. With technical drops, crazy good melodies, and use of techno in the background (but not overdone) made me so excited for the release of the full length. Maybe a little too excited because I listened to “Blood Brothers” about five times a day for a week.

Other songs worth mentioning are “High Horse”,”Linger”, “Entity”, and the debut hit “Lost Isles”. “High Horse” is heavy as frick and is similar to Attila’s lyric style. Basically, we are better than you and will hurt you if you try to take us down. With a little bit of Djent influences, this song made me sweaty and flexed out while just sitting in class, which probably made it uncomfortable for the shy girl next to me. “Linger” and “Entity” cannot be fully appreciated without deciphering the lyrics. I will not ruin the surprise, but your mind will be blown. Also, “Linger” as both clean and distorted guitar throughout, which is strange for metal, but it worked out fantastic! Last but certainly not least is “Lost Isles” which is pretty much everything I have just written, but precisely placed together in one masterpiece. I feel like this should have been on the last song on the album just to give listeners those last tears of joy and bliss before popping the album out their car radio.

To hear some new stuff from Oceans Ate Alaska and a variety of other bands, go listen to my show “Shred the Gnar” on http://www.kssu.com Tuesdays at 8 o’clock!

Thanks for reading, DJGingerbeard out.

Slice of Sacramento ft. Cole’s Corner: Giovanni’s Pizza (6200 Folsom Blvd)


Welcome to the first ever post of The Slice of Sacramento. This pizza review will focus on pizzerias in or around the Sacramento area. Basis for comparison will be pepperoni, house specialties, and ‘extra extra.’ In the interest of fairness fellow KSSU DJ Cole in his section ‘Cole’s Corner’. So join us as we find out, “will Jonny Mac go back, or go on the attack?”

We decided to go to the Folsom Blvd. branch of Giovanni’s Pizza as opposed to the original location in Land Park in part due to its close vicinity to Sac State. In addition, the Elements housing as well as St. Francis and Hiram Johnson High Schools are close by, giving Giovanni’s Pizza a potentially prime location. Parking is ample with a large industrial feeling gravel driveway as well as the lot from the F65 complex just next door.  The building itself is a hugely oversized and the space is added to by a patio seating option out front. Although usually a plus, due to the particular area of Folsom Blvd. as well as the industrial nature of the area, the outside patio does not work as well as it does at somewhere close like Burr’s Fountain, and should be chosen judiciously.  The inside is filled almost exclusively with tables, only offering a sparse selection of games, video or otherwise, for those who would be so inclined. The general feeling in the building is one of emptiness not due to a lack of customers, but more so to poor space utilization. The addition of something as simple a billiards table would make Giovanni’s more of a destination of the college/high school demographic.

PizzaNow the good stuff.  The pizza is why we are here. Giovanni’s offers New York Style pizza and in that regard they do not disappoint. The slices are of a general size and the crust is crispy yet foldable. While there is a lunch special available that gets you two slices and a soda for $6.99, they regularly offer whole pizza pies exclusively that run just a little on the expensive size with a large pepperoni roughly $20 for a large and $6 more to get ‘New York size.’ But how was the pizza, is it work that $20 plus dollar point of sale, well the answer depends on what you decide to get.  We sampled the pepperoni as well as the Don Giovanni special that was topped with sausage and fire roasted sweet peppers and it arrived to our table only 15 short minutes after ordering. First and foremost these pizzas were dripping in the greasy flavorful goodness I love, if you love it as well stay put, if not, grab all the napkins you can. The Don Giovanni special was a reserved take on a house special with only two toppings, which although worked together, tended to get lost in the mix, with the sausage seemingly not flavorful enough. The pepperoni on the other hand was exactly what one wants a pep pizza to be. With liberal placement of the peperoni themselves this pie was packed with flavor and would please even the most monetarily stringent.

Extra Extra

IMG_20150213_175113820The sleeper hit of the evening was the order of chicken wings we got thanks to a good old fashioned coupon. The wings came with celery and ranch as was delivered to our table after only ten minutes and gave us a nice small window to enjoy some of the appetizers before the main dish arrived. This 10 piece wing dish was a pleasant surprise for both Cole and I. Instead of ones typical, or expected buffalo wing, Giovanni’s instead offers a rocking sweet habanero wing with a heat that sneaks up on you unexpectedly, but not unwillingly. At only about $8 this 10 wing option works great as an appetizer, or even a meal of its own

Verdict: Jonny Mac goes back!! It would be interesting to see how the original location compares to this Folsom branch, but overall this one is worth checking out if you don’t mind spending a bit more on a New York style pizza, despite the locations shortcomings in regards to decoration or feel, the pizza offers an experience good enough to only need a handful of friends

Cole’s Corner:

Coles Corner

                It’s been a while since I’ve been to a non-chain pizza place. My outings lately have consisted of Round Table or Pizza Hut. That said, Giovanni’s Old World New York Pizzeria is a nice return to the family-style local joints of my yesteryear.
                The location of Giovanni’s is close to Sac State’s campus. A quick bike ride from the grounds to Folsom Blvd takes around ten minutes at the most; if you’re looking for a dine-in experience off campus, it’s a fairly easy commute. The restaurant itself is very spacious. With about twenty tables spaced out, a concrete floor that dampens the atmosphere a bit and a ceiling height of easily twenty-five feet, this place gives off the vibes of a warehouse. Barring the general pictures of The Big Apple hung up in “New York Style” restaurants, there isn’t much else to take in while dining in. Aside from that, the interior is a nice and clean area to rest for a bit after finishing classes for the day.
                With the setting all said and done, it’s time to get to the pizza. John and I ordered one large pizza; half of it being the classic pepperoni we all know and love, the other half being the house special “Don Giovanni”, consisting of Italian sausages and sweet roasted peppers. The large size was roughly $25 without drinks and is split into eight slices, so this pizza is on the pricier side. True to its namesake, the pizza is cooked with a thin crust that easily folds when picking up a slice, emulating the style of a New York pizza.
                The pepperoni pizza is a pizza that you can hardly ever do wrong, and Giovanni’s keeps that statement true. It has plenty of pepperonis without it being overbearing, the slight grease that keeps the pizza hot, and the cheese that compliments the meat without taking over the flavor. It’s a classic staple of pizza and I enjoyed every slice of it.
                The “Don Giovanni”, on the other hand, was a more peculiar pizza. Sausage and pepper alone on a pizza is not a common mix, and with this case left it to be desired. The sweet peppers were delicious, but the flavor overpowered the sausage and I could hardly taste it. On top of that, there was a generous serving of the peppers on each slice while the sausage was lacking. I found myself having one slice with only one or two sausages with a lot more peppers on them.  If there was a more even distribution of toppings, I feel like this pizza would have been a bit tastier.
                Overall, I have to say that Giovanni’s is a decent pizza place. If you don’t mind a pricier dining experience in a spacious environment, this pizzeria has a nice tasting New York Style slice of pizza goodness.
Environment: 3/5
Pepperoni Pizza: 4/5
House Special (Don Giovanni): 3.5/5



Cole and John are DJ’s at Sacramento State’s only student run radio station KSSU


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