The Greatest Show You Haven’t Seen

The Greatest Show You Haven’t Seen (Yet)!
You and your best friend stand beneath a balcony chatting eagerly. “AAAHHH!” A chilling shriek is heard as you witness a man falling to his doom from the

balcony above. *SPLAT*. This is the opening scene in Desperado Episode 1, a Grand Theft Auto 5 show directed by Machinima and written by Sacramento State Film Major,

D’Adonis Moquette. It is part Breaking Bad and part Sons of Anarchy… it is hands-down the greatest show you have never seen. Watch Now (or Link at the bottom)

(NO SPOILERS: Don’t worry, I will not spoil the series BUT GO WATCH IT NOW)

“What the HELL did you get me into!?…”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

Professional Film?!
For those unaware, Machinimas are films that utilize video games as their platform. Some can be quirky, short, and unappealing…Desperado doesn’t have

that problem with a professionally fully voiced cast and elite cinematography. (Update: The director even had original music produced for the series!)

*Puffs* “You have 2 days…”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

Desperado is a compelling compendium of sorts. It follows a rag-tag group of Bikers who find themselves in a dilemma: Trying to pay off a debt to a mob boss

and his goons. Meanwhile, a federal agent, who has a personal vendetta against the Bikers, is sent on their trail with one of the most engaging and heart-pulsing character introductions I have seen in a film (let alone a Machinima).

“Let that be a lesson to anyone who doesn’t prove their loyalty to the club…”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

Holy Crap, They can Act!
I found it rather interesting to find the humanity in these characters simply because of the fact that they are video game characters, but the compelling

voice acting and story driven plot. I was also surprised at the risks that the Writer took with the twists in the story that would pay-off in later episodes.

It definitely kept me wanting to come back for more because you can absolutely see the passion and effort that went into the creation of the series, and it shows.

(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

What Makes the Show so Compelling?
Do you remember the first time that you’ve ever tasted your favorite food? You might have been a little weary at first, or thought to yourself “Pizza?… I

don’t trust this… never trust anything with too many Z’s in it.” Shortly there after you take a tantalizing bite that sets you upon your scantily diabetic

destiny. That slice (with a little less artery clogging inducing capacity) is Desperado. There’s an aspect of familiar yet the wild frontier, and the best way

I can describe it is a modern Western for the new eara as it blends the classic tale of heroes but gives the heroes a dark twist.

“I just want to feel… like I’m home again…”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto 5, you would know that the tone of the game is modern with technologically inclined and pop culture undertones. This series

feels more humble and could’ve been shot in almost anything and hold up because of the voice acting and script but there are things that could be worked on even

in a perfect series. Sometimes the background characters seem off (Non-speaking characters), which are more-so the limitations of the video-game platform than

anything else. The series can be so engaging that I get upset that every episode isn’t out yet (which can be ra positive depending on how bad you would miss your pizza).

“Do you still think Biker Clubs are fun to play with?”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

Glued to Your Seat…
Overall, Desperado is an entertaining perspective that dastardly shines a light upon our foolish intentions meshed with our quaintness for affection. Links to the episodes below.

Desperado Ep.1
Desperado Ep.2
Desperado Ep.3

Favorite February Finds!

A couple of our favorites from everyone at KSSU! Ranging from podcasts, tv shows, books and new albums! We hope you find your new Spring obsession!

First on the list is Porches’ new album The House that was released recently. During many of the introductions of the songs, he had a very 2000’s techno vibe but throughout every song it evolved into melodic lyrics and music that fits every occasion.

Dear Sugars, a podcast produced by New York Times is hosted by two people Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. Their mission is be radically empathetic and give advice to be in troubling situations.

Season 4 of Grace & Frankie, a Netflix original about two women in their 70’s that are accepting the trials and tribulations of growing old. I won’t give any spoilers but you’ll be laughing and crying throughout the whole show. Go binge now!

South & West by Joan Didion is a series of entries when world renowned journalist, writer and native Sacramentan traveled to the South in 1970. Originally all of notes and information was written in her notebook at the time and eventually her experiences were published. It’s a really telling story about the difference between the culture and habits of the West (California) and the South.

The Shannara Chronicles is a fictional show that follows heroes in the Four Lands as they embark on a quest to stop an evil Demon army from destroying the universe. Austin Butler (you may have seen him in The Bling Ring or Carrie Diaries) stars in it as a half-Elf alongside some amazing women! Watch this show if you want to get hooked on a new fictional mystery!

Glossier is a cruelty free and mostly vegan company that specializes in skincare and minimal makeup products. They have saved my life and are so inclusive with their products. Click the link if you want to be inspired and never go back to other beauty brands.

The Case To Renew Timeless

When it comes to shows on television, I’m not usually the one who is caught up on all the seasons, especially when it comes to the hour-long shows that require hours of commitment and time to fully enjoy.


While many of my friends were talking about the latest episodes of their favorite shows, I was out of the loop on most of the conversations because I either didn’t have time to catch up on the episodes of the show or I just didn’t care for the show. I get distracted easily so it’s easy for me to lose interest in a show especially with all of the options available these days with streaming and DVR capabilities.


However, on October 3rd 2016, I was caught by surprise and my perspective on television dramas changed when I watched the series premiere of Timeless on NBC.


To give you a quick background on Timeless, the show is about the “Time Team,” a crew consisting of history professor Lucy Preston, Delta Force Operative Wyatt Logan, and programmer Rufus Carlin. Together they are assigned on missions by the FBI to track and capture ex NSA asset Garcia Flynn as he travels through time attempting to change history. (Tried my absolute best to write this section without giving any major spoiler to the plot)


The show turned out to be spectacular and has rallied a large fan base through the course of its 16-episode season. Each episode presents a new time period with a historic moment at risk which if effected would change the entire course of history. Whether the Time Team is in 2017 or in 1937, the setting feels rich, authentic, and historically accurate. Each episode presents critical challenges for Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus as their faith and trust in each other is put to the test. Each of them have interesting backgrounds and conflicts that they face and are constantly reminded of while completing their mission. After watching the first episode, I felt a connection to the characters because they embody ordinary people and you can feel for them in their situation. (SPOILER ALERT) For an example, Wyatt struggles to accept that his wife Jessica could never be brought back to life no matter what he does with history (END OF SPOILER ALERT) The show’s use writer’s, cast, and crew have created an authentic universe with realistic characters in critical situations that make for heart-stopping television entertainment.


However, even with Timeless’ fanbase and success, the show is still at risk of cancellation as NBC will have to decide which of its new shows they will renew and which ones they will discontinue. The cast and crew as well as fans of the show have taken their campaign to get the show renewed on social media using the hashtag #RenewTimeless on Twitter.


Season one of Timeless was outstanding, giving its audience a new kind of television drama. Its magnificent characters, and storylines reflect the hard work and passion that the cast and crew had to develop such a mysterious yet wonderful world.


If NBC cancels Timeless, it will cut the life of a show with wonderful storylines, relatable characters, and historically authentic settings that create an exquisite world that takes its audience’s breath away.


However, if NBC renews the show, it can keep that wonderful world alive and allow the cast and crew to continue to tell the stories of Rufus, Lucy, and Wyatt and their adventures through time. If the cast and crew remain passionate and continue to be passionate and dedicate their artistry to the show, Timeless doesn’t just have the opportunity to have the chance for a second season, but to be one of those television shows that comes once in a generation that people will appreciate for years to come.


For those who love Timeless, continue to to love and enjoy the show by showing your support on your social media. #RenewTimeless isn’t so hard to tweet. In days like this, it is up to we the audience to show passion for the shows that we love to watch and show the broadcast companies that they are shows worth keeping.


For those who have never watched the show before, my advice is to stream the first season where ever you can find it  (My best guess is Hulu or on NBC’s website). Watch the first two or so episodes and take a chance to immerse yourself into the’ shows universe and watch the character’s stories unfold and perhaps you may see why many people are passionate about their favorite time team.


I’ve never been too big on television dramas, but since I’ve seen Timeless, I see the potential that television shows can have. Like movies, they too can tell amazing stories that make us go into the state of wonder and ask questions about the show and about our own situations. I only hope that NBC could renew this amazing show and allow the shows story to unfold beyond its first season.

SlenderMan Attacks Luke’s Diner: POINTS!!!

lukeFall TV has started. As someone who watches WAY too much TV, I’m very excited. Here are some of the ones I’m awaiting.


American Horror Story has started. I haven’t liked the first two episodes, the faux reality show “My Roanoke Nightmare” isn’t a favorite of mine. But, I haven’t had the chance to watch the third episode yet. And, the good thing about an anthology series is that it could be completely different next season. And, a new show has decided to use the same format. Not just another anthology series, but another horror anthology series. But, this show takes all of its themes from CreepyPasta. Yes, the CreepyPasta of suicidemouse.avi and Slenderman. This show, that I’m very excited for, is called “Channel Zero,” and the first season is called “Candle Cove.” Candle Cove is supposed to be an old, probably disturbing, children’s show that very few people remember. And, it was supposedly associated with disappearances in the 80’s.


Scream Queens is back. The first episode was too much exposition for my taste, but their humor still doesn’t disappoint.


Oh, Walking Dead, always near to my heart. I’m starting to see a pattern, and suddenly I realize why my own art is so weird. I was not happy with last season’s cliffhanger. Because, it was bungled. I don’t have a problem with cliffhangers, they can be amazing devices. But, the entire last season was building to a death. But, with a whole season of everyone anticipating that, they didn’t show who it was that died. Look, a good cliffhanger comes out of NOWHERE!!! It smacks us in the face, then disappears, leaving us dying to know more until next season. Now, I more dreading this season than I am excited for it. If they were to show who died, and had a cliffhanger that worked like it was supposed to, I would’ve had the summer to be sad and wonder where the cliffhanger will end up. But, now I’m just full of dread more than anything, because I don’t know who I’m saying goodbye to. I’m kidding, I totally know. They aren’t that unpredictable. But let’s take, for instance, the show Lucifer. I’m so happy that’s back. That is a show that knows how to do a cliffhanger. And, it took a question and a 1-word answer to deliver that smack in the face.


I am starting to like Fear the Walking dead more, as it grows into its own. I, no joke, only began watching it so that I could get more Talking Dead. That’s still about 75% of the reason I watch it. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but I have an odd fascination with Chris Hardwick. And, to a lesser extent, I’m fascinated by the whole after-show talk show genre. It’s one of the things I’ve thought about spending my inevitable future wealth on, making Chris Hardwick watch everything I’m watching and give me analysis on it. So, as soon as I’m rich, you’re getting a call Chris!


Getting away from the horror genre, I’m so looking forward to Once Upon a Time. Because, I fiercely love Regina. And, the more story she gets, the happier I am.


You’d think, knowing my dominant taste pretty well by now, that this next one wouldn’t be my absolute favorite show. But, nothing has taken a hold of my soul like this gem. The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life. This is one of the few shows I actually watched when they all first aired. To give you an idea, I’m so obsessed with this show that I’m still angry I didn’t get to go to the wedding of Luke and Lorelai. So, if there’s not a wedding in the new version, I will never stop fuming. I know that sounds bad. But, I could go on and on about how one of media’s functions is companionship. But, that’s another blog post. But, really, for 7 years you let your audience get to know these people so much, and DON’T invite us to the wedding?! Rude. Maybe Emily, your own character, can teach you something about proper etiquette? Hmm?




Like what you read? Listen to me, DJ Tray Squat rant and rave about politics, on PoliPsycho. Every Wed. at 6-7pm on KSSU.COM

Luke Cage

luckecageThe new Amazon series covering yet another Marvel super hero. Of course i’m talking about the infamous Luke Cage. Yet another superhero who just wants to be left alone, but sometimes when trouble comes a knocking no one else can answer the door. Cause Luke Cage is the only one home. Plus he has super powers.

Ok so I’m going to avoid spoilers as much as I can in this blog post, I am a bit early in reviewing. There are a couple of things you should know right off the bat though. Luke Cage has popped up in the Jessica Jones show, and he exists in the same universe as Lawyer Man! Wait that’s not right.. Daredevil! who I totally think should have been named Batman. Think about it, super hearing, bad eye sight. That has missed opportunity written all over it. Anyway Luke Cage’s show seems to take place after the events of his time in the Jessica Jones Show.

Luke’s Super Powers:

Possibly a bit spoilery if you’re totally in the dark about Luke Cage, don’t worry you’re not alone, my exposure to the character has been completely through netflix and Wikipedia. First thing you may want to know is that he’s super strong. Like lift a Fridge without breaking a sweat strong. Now that’s pretty basic in the average super heroes bag of tricks these days. Given daredevil is a little lacking on that one, but he gets by fine without it. Luke Cage also happens to be bullet proof which makes him unique in our current super hero netflix line up.

Luke Cage’s bullet proof abilities may seem to throw him in the over powered Super Man level of things, and I may have to agree with you. There are downsides though, much like the Incredible hulk and werewolves he tends to go through a healthy amount of shirts. Which is something that I have a hard time grasping. Sure I get it, one day you wake up and you happen to be bullet proof, that’s cool just fine and dandy. Who wouldn’t want that super power? I mean I’m not worried about bullets on my average day to day basis, which I suppose makes me lucky. Yet If I gained this super power, I would instantly be in a pretty good mood. It’s like Insurance, you never want to use it, but It sure puts your mind at ease. Now having said that even with full knowledge that these bullets won’t cause any real damage, I would likely step aside if people were actively shooting at me. Possibly just out of a latent instinct reasons. At the very least to preserve a shirt or two. Luke Cage doesn’t seem to share this ideology though, running headfirst into danger is his business, and business is good.

Other Stuff:
The current story is set in Harlem, and I’m really loving the soundtrack. If the recent string of Netflix Marvel shows has been your style then this new series may be right up your alley.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not doing Computer Sciency things or watching Luke Cage I’m on the radio on KSSU doing the radio things. 🙂

Stop what you’re doing, and watch Stranger Things already

strangerthingsFor all of you who have seen this show already, is anyone else still mesmerized by it?

I’ll admit, I was reluctant to watch it at first because of all the fuss over it. I don’t know about you, but I roll my eyes over things that are “trending”. But man, oh man. I would’ve lived with some serious unknowing regret if I didn’t watch this show.

So I hear you if you say, “Meh, I don’t need another show in my life. Plus, school just started to pick up and I really want this to be a good semester.”

But let’s think about this. Did you spend the entire weekend studying? Probably not. So sit down and watch the whole 397 minutes of Stranger Things so you can live your life knowing you have experienced cinematic greatness. It’s eight episodes. That’s it! And you don’t even have to feel guilty about pushing the next episode button! Just look away as Netflix does it for you!

Some reasons you SHOULD watch it:

-The eighties. Sing along to the various songs in the show from The Clash, to The Bangles to Foreigner. And if you’re not all that familiar with the 80’s jams, shame on you. Just kidding. After watching this show, your go-to playlist will be a mix of 80’s music. Especially The Clash. But it’s not only the music that’s amazing. The set is incredible. It’s crazy how much detail the crew added to make it so realistic.

-Winona Ryder. I mean, she is brilliant. Beetle Juice, man. Side note: there is going to be a second Beetle Juice, right? I didn’t just make that up in my head?

-The kid actors stole the show this year at the Emmys. They handed out PB & J sandwiches and opened the awards show singing, and they didn’t even walk away with a trophy. That’s right. Stranger Things was ineligible to be nominated because of strict deadlines for the Emmys. I learned that after scrolling though Emmy winners for ten minutes trying to find awards given to Stranger Things. My dedication to this posting should act as the next reason to watch it.

-Stephen King tweeted about it. Enough said.

-It’s written by twin brothers. How cool is that? My sister and I were born the same year, so for about 2 months we are “twins”. We would rip each other’s hair out before ever creating something as amazing as Stranger Things though.

-Barb. Who is Barb you ask? Probably one of the most relatable characters on the show. I’m team Barb. Who else is with me?! I say let’s ALL dress up as Barb this Halloween and take the city by storm! A parade of red hair and thick framed glasses! And even if we don’t, you can bet your bottom that a great multitude of people will! Once you have seen the show, immediately watch the online video Barb Returns to “Stranger Things”. You will not regret it.

-IT WILL LEAVE YOU WANTING MORE. I said “eight episodes, that’s it!” earlier to convince you to watch the show. But you will say that line in a different tone after it’s all over. “Eight episodes?! That’s it?!?!”

Do not fear, season 2 is in works! Now start watching it! The upside down awaits!


Binge watching TV Shows

TVThe last TV show I binge watched was Charmed. It’s an old show but my roommate and I watched it during the last month of summer. It’s a show about three sisters in San Francisco who find out they are powerful witches. They try to live normal lives but realize they have to save the world from demons who are trying to take over the world. Eventually, they have children and their lives get more challenging because the demons are trying to take control of their children. It’s pretty much a show about good versus evil. This show opened my eyes to many relationship problems and how the world can be with negative people. I just enjoy watching shows that combines fiction with real life situations. If you have not watched Charmed I suggest you watch it. I would advise you to watch the first few episodes to understand the background of the show, then skip to the end of season 3. There is more drama when season 4 begins through the last episode of the show. I know it sounds strange to recommend skipping almost three seasons, but the show is better that way. If you have watched the show, then you know what I am referring to. If not, you will find out the show is better when season 4 begins.

The next show I am looking forward to binge watching is Grey’s Anatomy. I began watching it towards the end of Spring semester. And watched at least four seasons before July. It still premiers on cable and has over ten seasons. I am trying to catch up with the episodes on cable, so I can watch the new season that’s already premiering. The show is about doctors who work in Seattle, WA. Everyone knows that doctors have a busy work schedule. So, it focuses on what doctor’s deal with inside and outside of work. Most of the characters are dating, competing, dealing with health issues, getting hurt, whatever you think of is in this show. Grey’s anatomy is not only a medical show, it addresses life situations. On top of that the show is hilarious. There are random moments where you have to think about what just happened and laugh. So far I really enjoy the show. I am excited to catch up with the new season. I am guilty of watching some of the episodes of season 9 on cable. I have never seen a show to last for more than at least eight seasons. And this show has over ten. I enjoy the mystery of what is going to happen next in this show. Many people are aware of this show, but I really think this a show to recommend to everyone. There is never a dull moment. You will learn to love all of the cast over the season’s. Although some of them may annoy you at times. There are different things that each character deal with that draws you to them even more. So if you all are looking for a show, check out Grey’s Anatomy.


QuanticoAlright all you Netflix enthusiasts, I’m about to encourage your binge watching habits like never before.

I, like many others, am always on the lookout for new shows. My recent finding is a new series on Netflix called Quantico.

Its basis is located in Virginia as a group of recruits embark upon the training process to become a special agent in the FBI. The top recruits go through a rigorous 21 week training process, both mentally and physically. Each recruit has their own dirty little secrets about their past and their reason for joining the FBI. This intense training process exposes many secrets, but only leads to more questions and confusion. The series of flashbacks provide further background into the mysterious pasts of these individuals as well.

Honestly, this show keeps you on your toes the entire time! Just as you start to think that you’ve figured out one mystery, there is a plot twist that completely derails your train of thought.

The main character, Alex Parrish, lives a life of mystery. She seems to be a good girl who does bad things with good intentions, but there is no way of knowing for sure. Throughout the 22 episode season, viewers are torn between labeling her as good or evil. And as you finish the last episode you are still left wondering.

It has elements for everyone. There is crime, romance, mystery, and comedy all in one episode. And the fact that the entire cast is incredibly attractive is an added bonus to the already intriguing story line.

So the next time you are looking for a good show, I highly recommend watching it. And if you end up watching the whole season in one night, fret not! Season two airs September 25th on ABC! You will not be left in suspense for an extended period of time.

Summer of TV Shows: 12 Shows to Watch This Summer 2016

The Spring semester is winding down. As finals are completed, everyone starts thinking the real questions of life: what am I supposed to do this summer? As college students, we usually don’t have the luxury to go on exciting summer trips around the world. For most of us, the greatest part of the Summer is lounging on the couch and napping all day. But in between naps, here are a few TV shows you might enjoy:

(New shows written in Italics)

1. Preacher (AMC)

May 22nd

Based on a comic by the same name, Preacher is one of the most anticipated shows of the summer. Produced by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg (Pineapple Express, Superbad), Preacher  follows a small town Texas preacher, Jesse Custer, on a journey to find God. Throughout his journey, he meets a wide array of interesting characters and faces challenges to his faith and morals.

While fans of the comics remember Preacher for its dark and morbid scenes, the TV show is likely to take a much more tame approach. Nevertheless, this show should provide memorable characters (i.e. an Irish vampire, angels) and captivating storytelling throughout the Summer.

2. Wayward Pines (FOX)

May 25th

Based on novels by Blake Crouch, M. Night Shyamalan creates a mystery around a town that isn’t quite what it seems. Though the small town seems peaceful, viewers start to realize that there are dark secrets lying underneath the surface, and those secrets might be best left hidden.

Now on its second season, Wayward Pines successfully blended mystery and science fiction into a unique experience last year. But the story has taken a great deal of twists since the series premiere, the second season is likely to offer the same degree of lunacy. If you are looking for an elaborate story filled with shocks and awes, be sure to check this show out.

If you want to try to catch up with the first season, it is available to stream on Hulu.

3. Outcast (Cinemax)

June 3rd

Created by The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman, Outcast tells the story of Kyle Barnes, a man whose life has been connected to demonic possessions. As an adult, Kyle goes on a journey to discover the source of these possessions and their connection to him. However, as he finds more answers to his questions, he begins to open doors that shouldn’t be opened.

Based on a comic by the same name, Outcast is looking to repeat the success of The Walking Dead with the help of Robert Kirkman. The premise based around demonic possessions can make for an intriguing story, and with Cinemax having already renewed the series for a second season without the first having premiered yet, the hype around Outcast is certainly prominent.

4. BrainDead (CBS)

June 13th

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane), BrainDead provides a quirky look at the U.S. government. With all the politicians in Washington D.C. acting a bit strangely (what’s new), a conspiracy is investigated about whether there are aliens inside the brains of politicians.

Billed as a political thriller, BrainDead feels more like a satirical comedy about the idiocy fascinating behavior of today’s politicians. With a cast that also includes the hilarious talent of Tony Shalhoub (Monk), this show is likely to provide audiences with laughs during this summer season.

5. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

June 17th

Back for its fourth season, Orange is the New Black (OITNB) brings together an ensemble cast as the inmates of a minimum security women’s prison. The series follows the story of Piper Chapman’s time in prison, chronicling the insane and remarkable events that occur during her imprisonment.

There is that I can say about this show that isn’t already known. OITNB perfectly blends different elements of humor and drama to create a show that keeps all audiences either on the edge of their seat in anticipation, or falling back laughing at the hilarious hi jinks that ensue. If you haven’t had the opportunity to witness this wonderful series, I would highly recommend checking out the first few seasons on Netflix before the fourth season is released.

6. American Gothic (CBS)

June 22nd

Centered around a renowned Boston family, American Gothic sees a murder mystery unfold as this family begins to uncover the secrets behind their recently deceased patriarch. Discovering the deadly truth behind a string of murders, this family must now keep their eyes out for the existence of a potential accomplice.

While the premise may seem a bit unoriginal, for those who enjoy the intriguing discovery behind a murder mystery, this show will more than satisfy your craving. The creator promises a constant stream of twists with an astonishing ending, so be on the look out for this show.

7. BattleBots (ABC)

June 23rd

A revival of the old Comedy Central show, BattleBots brings together some of the most innovative groups of engineers as they put their robots to the test in an exhilarating, action-packed tournament for the crown of BattleBots champion.

For anyone interested in a fun, thrilling competition show that involves robots tearing each other apart, this is the show for you. After being revived last year, BattleBots has reignited its fans and established itself as one of the most fascinating shows of the summer. You aren’t gonna want to miss this.

8. Vice Principals (HBO)

July 17th

Created by and starring Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down), Vice Principals is an upcoming HBO comedy show about two vice principals battling for the soon-to-be vacant principal position. While dealing with issues in their personal lives, Neal Gamby (Danny McBride) and Lee Russell (Walton Goggins) will do anything to outwit the other and prove that they are the better candidate for the promotion.

With the hilarious success of Eastbound & Down, HBO’s second venture with Danny McBride looks to find continued success with this adult comedy. Taking advantage of the freedom that HBO gives, Vice Principals is likely to give a large dose of uproarious humor throughout this season.

9. Degrassi: Next Class (Netflix)

July 22nd

If you are searching for teenage melodrama, look no further than Degrassi: Next Class. Based in a fictional Toronto high school, Degrassi tackles the many hardships of being a teenager. From topics as typical as dating and getting good grades to deep, emotional struggles of depression and suicide, Degrassi places a much needed spotlight on today’s youth.

Degrassi has existed for decades, spanning many generations of teens. The newest iteration of this show covers the Generation Z teens. Although many of us in college may not fully relate to the problems that these teens have, the issues that are discussed are still relevant in many parts of society, and Degrassi provides an excellent platform to start those tough conversations.

10. The Get Down (Netflix)

August 12th

Created by Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby), The Get Down takes a look at the lives of those in 1970s New York. With the city on the brink of bankruptcy, the youth living in the Bronx struggle with gangs, oppression, and poverty, but also find themselves in the middle of a musical revolution, as Hip-Hop, Disco, and Punk are born from this struggle.

Baz Luhrmann has always been known for his unique, musical style, and this project is a excellent showcase of that style. Creating a setting filled with music and drama, The Get Down has the feel of a show that an audience can immerse themselves into, and discover a world truly distinct and and remarkable. With a core of young talent and rounded out by exceptional actors in Jimmy Smits and Giancarlo Esposito, The Get Down is one to keep in mind when August comes rolling in.

11. The Strain (FX)

August 28th

Created by Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth), The Strain showcases a new look at a classic horror monster. With a virus spreading throughout New York, thousands of people begin to die. But their bodies continue to live, as they become blood-sucking creatures of the night. It is up to CDC Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his team to discover the cause of this outbreak and prevent the potential apocalypse.

Del Toro’s experience with the horror genre is well respected, and The Strain only continues to show just how creative the director can be. By giving a different spin on the original “vampire”, this show re-examines the potential dangers of a fatal disease spreading across the world. With creative monsters and fun action, The Strain  is worth a viewing or two.

The first season (and soon the second season) of The Strain are available on Hulu.

12. Halt and Catch Fire (AMC)


In the early 1980s, computers evolved from office machines to personal appliances. Halt and Catch Fire explores this “personal computer boom” through the eyes of two men, Joe MacMillan and Gordon Clark, as they attempt to claim their piece of the American dream. However, they soon find out that achieving this dream is much harder than either of them thought.

As the spiritual successor to Mad MenHalt and Catch Fire delves into the relationships between these partners, as well as their workers around them. Add in the 1980s setting and excellent performances from the show’s leads, and you have an endearing look at the struggle to capture success in business. Having existed for two seasons already, Halt and Catch Fire has been a critical success, but not so much a commercial one. Perhaps a new wave of fans can help this show reach its potential.

The first two seasons of Halt and Catch Fire are available on Netflix.


It is very possible that you might have the opportunity to take exciting trip this summer. Or perhaps you are too busy watching the Summer Olympics in Rio. Either way, if you have the opportunity, make sure to give these shows a try this summer. Hopefully, you find them to be the highlight of your break before classes come back around.

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Mad Dogs

Mad DogsMad Dogs is a new Amazon Studio’s original series developed as another attraction to the ever growing amazon prime video selection. Having been an Amazon Prime member for the last year i’ve grown to love their free shipping, and their attempt at providing video/music to the masses. It has fallen a bit short compared to other video streaming services on the market, but they haven’t been doing it for nearly as long either.

There are some decent shows on Amazon’s prime streaming service, but Mad Dogs has to be one of my favourite Amazon original’s thus far. I would like to point out though, that Mad Dogs was originally a BBC show. This is one more example of America’s ever growing fascination with British Cinema and our desire to duplicate it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Shameless has been pretty awesome. I can’t really compare Mad Dogs the Amazon rendition to the British version since I haven’t seen the British version.

I can tell you that Amazon has done a really excellent job with this show. There’s currently only 1 season up for it, and with the way things wrap up I’m highly doubtful that there will be more. It has a great cast with such cinematic Juggernauts as Romany Malco(Weeds), and Steve Zahn(Saving Silverman). The cinematography was mind blowing, with colorful imagery of the wonderful land of Belize capturing the club scene as well as the beautiful landscape around.  The story is an eccentric mind blowing experience that will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to imagine how these escalating events could possibly unfold.

The show also sports some mystical powers and magic ghosts that are wondering around the rain forest. It doesn’t exactly line up with the story really, but it is an interesting addition to the odd dystopian universe dreamt up in Mad Dogs.

All in all I found the show to be really top notch and if you’re looking for a bit of a dark scenic deal that kind of feels like a Breaking Bad episode mixed with the travel channel, I would recommend checking it out.

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