Taking a Break with Adventures!

This semester has not been stressful as previous semesters. But I have been busy with a lot of essays and projects for classes. Last week I decided to take a break from all of the work and go home for a few days. It was my niece’s birthday and my sister decided to go to a place called “The Jungle” in Concord, CA. I did not realize how stressed I was  from school until I was on my way to “The Jungle.” I was thinking about all of the assignments I had to do the following week. However, once I got to the place there were children playing in tunnels, slides, and bouncy houses. My sister was in the arcade playing a racing game with my niece. Their shoes were off and they were having a good time. My niece ran up to me with her two friends and they asked can I go to a bouncy area with her. I said yeah. At that moment all of my worries about school was over. I was in the moment of enjoying my niece and finally having a day to enjoy myself.

My sister joined us and we went inside a bouncy play area. It was amazing how everything was set up inside. It looked like a world of Super Mario with blown up flowers, and shapes to grab onto if you fall. We climbed up blown up stairs leading us to a slide. My sister and I went down to wide slide with my niece and her two friends all at once. It was scary and amazing at the same time. We all tried to get up and constantly fell. It was funny because we could be clumsy and silly without any judgement. Of course, with younger children around there is never judgement. My sister and I realized how old we were because we were out of breath. We went up the slide once more and got out. When we got out we did not have enough energy so we rolled out and landed on our backs. It was so funny that we could not stop laughing.

When we finally got up my niece ran to the tunnel and invited me. Of course, I was crazy enough to get in. We were climbing, sliding, and going through so many things I thought it would never end. I tried to keep up with my niece, but I realized I am taller now and older. When we finally got out my heart rate was beating quicker than I expected. Afterwards, we went to the arcade and played games. I have never played the dancing game or air hockey. I played and was pretty good at them. I have not felt so free in a long time.  I was happy that I took a break from school and went home for my niece’s birthday.

For all of you readers, if you want to take a break from school for just a day. I would not suggest to go to a party, night club, or do something that you are used to doing. I would suggest going out and doing something where you could feel like a kid and be silly for once. As we get older we forget how to have fun because of our load of responsibilities. Taking that one day off will be worth it. If you do not have time right now, try it after finals week. It will be worth the wait.

Working Is A Glass Half Full

Today at work I was given a field day, which basically means I get to work outside and out of the office. The work site is an hour and a half away in the middle of the San Joaquin Delta. The objective is to locate siphon pipes that go through the levees and go into the water so that they can divert water from the river to the land beside it. Now that you have some perspective on what today will be like, I would like to introduce you to the theme of this entry.

I feel the strain of work and the slow moving clock, but it is a stressful life to concentrate and focus your energy on that. You must try your hardest to look at the work that you do and look at it with the Half Full Perspective. If you are unfamiliar with this it is when you focus your energy on the upside pieces of the labor that consumes your time. People will down this form of optimism, but that’s the beauty of half full. You still recognize that there is a balance and that the half emptt is also present. I could concentrate on the allergies I have, the mosquito bites I will get, and the rainy weather, but that’s not the way I see it. You can dramatically change your life by just altering your perspective on the way you look at things.

It is challenging to go through life always trying to make the best if things. There are plenty of things I wish I had and there are plenty of times where I don’t always feel the best, but I actively try to maintain the joy in my life. Life will always try to get you down and that will never change, just be a little more open to the fact that statistically we will all eventually feel pain. Not all the same, but all people hurt some way or another. Embrace that and try hard to overcome and beat it.

All the things I have learned is that taking care of yourself and your well being is the first job and the most important job. If you don’t work, the world around you doesn’t work.

Work is a cycle and that is a scary thing to imagine. The same thing for x amount of years. That is why it is important to try and find things to be thankful and happy for. If you need change, initiate the plan that needs to be done to get ahead. Good things do not come easy, but it is fun working your ass off for something you really want. You need dreams, turn those to goals, turn those goals to actions, turn those actions to habits. I blamed people, quit blaming people. People will always let you down. Count on that, and take accountability to the things that are important to you. Blame yourself and allow your ego to forgive yourself. We sometimes treat everyone fair and treat ourselves cruelly. Treat your self you deserve it. Be happy for no reason, allow yourself to see the light in things that are not there. Being happy is sone thing to fight and work for.

Surviving The Devil’s Anvil: Staying Motivated & Healthy Until Graduation

As of April 12th, 2017, spring graduates are just about a month away from graduating from Sac State and either entering entering the job market or heading to graduate school. It seems like just yesterday, we were entering our freshman year here at Sac State or just transferring from our community college. Now, we’re just about to call ourselves alumni of this great university.


But don’t get too ahead of yourself, fellow graduate as we got a almost a month or so left to survive. That means that final or that late in the semester midterm could still make its mark on those final grades and if those final grades aren’t good enough, you may be having an extended stay at good ol’ 6000 J Street. Do not fear for you are not alone! For you, I have some advice on how you can survive what will possibly be the longest four or so weeks of our lives.


  1. Stay On Top Of Your Assignments & Study Well


You’re probably feeling the same senioritis that you were feeling in high school some time ago. Your motivation is probably slowly dwindling and your mind seems to float away in those early morning lectures. It may seem that your body and mind can’t take anymore of these factors and just wants to break down, but you’re a strong person and have the ability to keep pushing on. Allow yourself an hour or two each day to keep up on your reading and homework each night. I know having work, meetings, or a social life can interfere with this time, but even the smallest of commitment to some studying can make your grades survive the final push through the semester.


  1. Get Some Sleep & Eat Well


It may be hard to not stay up so late, but to feel revitalized for the upcoming commencement and summer season, it may be a good thing to get some adequate sleep and some good nutrition along the way. Instead of all of those all-nighters and sleepless nights (less than five hours of sleep), jump into the sheets and count some more sheep and shoot for six to eight hours of shut eye. It will allow your body to get that energy it deserves and keep you going strong through the day.


To accompany that sleep, try to get some healthier grub into your stomach as well. I understand that as college students, we don’t have the capital that can get us the freshest foods and healthiest ingredients, but it is still possible to make it work. Try to get some fruits and vegetables into your system and get some of those key vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Try to skip out on a panda bowl in the union and enjoy a delicious whole wheat sandwich with an apple as a lunch. Your body will feel more energized as you make your way through these last few weeks of classes.


  1. Get Some Exercise


Something some of us dread is a nice workout; something to get us off of our behinds and making our hearts pump a little bit. However, getting a little exercise can be therapeutic and serve as a break from the stress of exams, homework, and big term papers. Exercise doesn’t mean lifting heavy weights or running miles on end, but even a stroll through the park, a midtown bike ride, or even a swim can count as some exercise. Just 15-60 minutes of exercise a day can make the case and as someone who exercises on the daily, it contributes to my days being a little less stressful. Though it may sound dreadful, take the stairs, take a stroll around campus, or get your gym clothes and head for the Well.


  1. Enjoy Yourself


We’re in the twilight of our college careers and that time is quickly coming to an end as our final semesters is coming close to ending. Enjoy it while you can. Gather your closest friends and take some time to appreciate the moment. Go one a night out on the town and enjoy the company of your friends. Go on a hike, to a ballgame, or enjoy a board game night in your apartment, house, or dorm. We won’t get this time back so make the best of it all while you can.
As graduation looms, we will be leaving the comfort of our fellow Hornets and try to find a career or opportunity for higher education. We will join fellow alumni into making a difference in the world. However, until we walk the commencement floors and earn our final grades, we must stay strong, stay healthy, stay on track, and enjoy life. Congratulations on reaching this point and good luck with the rest of your semester! Stingers, up

Tremaine Album Review

For this heavily anticipated new album Trey Songz comes back with a pretty solid album named Tremaine. Tremaine is an album Trey Songz wanted to show the listeners that he is still one of the best if not the best R&B artist in the game today. Trey Songz expressed in his interview with the Breakfast Club that he named his first track on his album named Playboy because of his current situation with women. He explained that being at the stature that he is in he feels that he can not trust a woman with his heart because, there is always more calling and does not fill the urge to be committed in one relationship.  The interview with the Breakfast Club he discussed his issues with Nicki Minaj and simply put he felt that it was weak on Nicki’s part to get at him for no reason over the allegations claimed in the Shether song. Once the interview was over the anticipation of this album has gone up. There are 15 total songs on this album. I will review the once that are highly recommended to check out and listen to on rotation.

#2 song- Come Over: This song is one of the best songs on this album that brings fans right in to show exactly why Trey Songz is one of the best in his group. A must download with great vibes, hooks, and chorus throughout the whole track.

#5 song- Playboy: A song with context and understanding where Trey Songz is coming from I feel that this song is a great song to listen to in certain moods. I enjoyed the sound the message of the song and Trey Songz delivered well on this track.

#6 song The Sheets…..Still: To me this best song on the album, with how great he switched up his flow and how smooth his voice changed talking about the experience with the woman in the song definitely makes this a favorite song on the album to me.

#10 song 1×1: This song instantly is a summer vibe song that could be a great radio song to play. Nice vibes and high upbeat rhythm to this track makes you want to vibe. Highly recommended song for those looking for a summer jam.

#12 song: What Are We Here For?: One of my favorite songs on the album that is an instant radio play. With the beat and rhythm this is a quality track that will be played a lot more in the summer.

Review Score: 7/10 Very solid album that will be played from time to time.


Midterm season

Yes everyone, Midterms are here and I am trying to get through them as soon as possible. My classes are going well so far, and proud of the progress I have been making this semester. However, many students are stressed out about classes right now. A few of my secrets for passing classes is 1) do not procrastinate and 2) pretend to enjoy each class.

When you do not procrastinate, assignments will be caught up before it’s time to study for an exam. And when you pretend to enjoy a class, the information will make sense. Or at least you can show up to class without frustration. These two choices may help you on track with class assignments, and motivate you to attend class.  Many students are not doing so well in their classes, which is discouraging them to attend class. If this is a reason you are not attending class, find a way to bring your grade up. We have about a month left to get caught up. So everyone, please do not discourage yourself we will have another break soon.

Unfortunately, Spring Break is over and it was kind of short. Everyone is not only worried about their classes, but in a down mood at this time of the semester. At least five of my friends called me the first week back from Spring Break for advice. The only advice I could give them is my 2 secrets. Do not procrastinate and pretend to enjoy class.  I do not blame anyone for being exhausted this time of the semester. Teachers are giving exams, quizzes, and essays right now. Furthermore, this bipolar weather has everyone’s mood up and down. It’s like an emotional roller coaster.

Luckily, there is not a lot of time left until summer break and it is making some of us anxious to have that break finally. All of your time and effort will be worth it once the semester is over knowing that you put in effort to pass your classes and can take an entire summer to relax, work, or whatever is planned for the summer. I honestly do not have plans for the summer yet. But I am looking forward to getting through my midterms to get one step closer to summer!

Follow Me Into Sweet Fields of Blue: a Tennis Review

Tennis came back last month with there latest album Yours, Conditionally. After a months out at sea, facing nature and the isolation of the vast ocean they’re back at it making dreamy surf pop.

The duo had worked together with Urban Outfitters as they tracked their adventures writing the album out on the high seas. The married couple of Alaina and Patrick Moore along with one other person took to the ocean on a sail boat. The couple have sailed before, often a method in their writing process. The album is the end result of love testing it’s limits against outside forces and inner struggles.

The duo can’t help but make me think back to Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham’s relationship. Although their love ended with a separation, it’s the brilliant way the two complimented each other that reminds me of the former. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Tennis live twice during their last tour and could feel the love between them from across the stage. It’s easy to see how much they support and encourage one another.

This album is a lot like their other albums, it’s warm and invokes that desire to head to the islands with your loved one. The songs feel like sunshine on your skin the very first day of spring. Alaina wrote this album as the result of her exploring and learning the limits of her love. As a wife, a lover, a partner and a friend she found herself challenging the roles she’s come into. Her marriage has taught her what it’s like to share a life with someone else yet still remain true to herself and be her own person. They’ve become a team but at the same time she understands how necessary it is to still be able to function on your own.

Ladies Don’t Play Guitar was their first release from the album. The song is her reflection on her experiences in the music industry and how being a female musician has affected her. She believes in feminism and how necessary it is for us to stand up for our beliefs and this song came at a time in her life where she’s felt the most empowered.

Other songs like Matrimony and My Emotions Are Blinding and 10 Minutes 10 Years display how her marriage has affected her life and their music. Matrimony was written as a reflection of the day they were married. Lines in the song were thoughts that crossed her mind that day. It’s personal and so incredibly sweet you can’t help but smile and wish you had been invited to their wedding.

Fields of Blue, personally my favorite off the album was inspired by the logbook or as Alaina put it, “her teenage diary”, of their days out on the choppy waters. Her findings came out sounding very stream of conscious and like that of the diary of young romantic. She became inspired by one entry in which she had written, “Follow me into sweet fields of blue”. One can’t help but yearn for their love and the sea all at once while listening to her dreamy, sentimental voice.

It’s refreshing to hear an album so consistent with its theme and quality. Often more and more artist feel like they’re trying to release singles rather than songs that flow together in an album. Yours, Conditionally takes us on a trip and leaves us wanting love and adventure out in open waters.

9 out of 10, oh what’s the use in resisting?



Easter is finally here! This was a holiday I used to spend with my family without understanding the meaning behind it. As a young child, meaning behind holidays does not matter. The only thing that matters is that the family gets together and celebrate the holiday with each other. I come from a big family so our family tradition was to visit our cousin’s house in Richmond, CA. The house has a back yard that has a hill and big enough for all of the children to search for Easter eggs. I remember going to the house, painting Easter eggs, and eating large plates of food. The parents would be in the backyard hiding the Easter eggs in the backyard , and us children would go to the back and do a Easter egg hunt. There was always a golden egg that had money in it. The adult’s loved me and knew I would share with my siblings, so they showed me where the golden egg was. I held on to the money until it was  time to go home. When my mom took my siblings and I home, we stopped by the store, and I bought us all snacks to eat. I used to love the Easter egg hunts.

Now that I am older, everyone in my family is working. No one has time take the entire day off for Easter. We all might work and get off early. But I realized that things change as you get older, especially the way you celebrate holidays. There are only a few children in our family right now who can do the Easter egg hunt. However, my cousin’s who held Easter each year at their house is older now. No one feels like doing the Easter egg hunt so my siblings, mother, and I meet up by five o’clock and eat dinner together. It isn’t much but it is enough to keep my family together for the holidays. We are now discussing a new way to celebrate Easter. For instance, doing more activities for my five year old niece to have something to look forward to each Easter, similar to what my siblings and I looked forward to each Easter. Although my family and I are older now, it is still great to have traditions to expand ideas for them in the future.


Spring Break

For some reason teachers tend to assign homework, quizzes, or exams the week after Spring Break. Luckily, I only had one quiz and a few assignments. My plan is usually the same each year, sleep in! I go home with my family because we celebrate my sister’s birthday every Spring Break. Afterwards, I sleep the rest of the week. As a senior I prepared myself to do all of my homework the last two days before Spring Break. This is helpful for me when I get home because I tend to procrastinate until the last minute and would likely miss the due date because I was too lazy to complete the assignment or quiz over break. I would recommend all students to do their homework before they begin their Spring Break to avoid those assignments that can get in the way of pure freedom. it is called Spring Break because students and faculty deserve a break. One week without homework,quizzes, and/or tests is a great feeling. Especially when you know half of your classmates will forget to turn in the work that is due. So everyone please get your classwork done ahead of time so you can enjoy your break with friends, family, and traveling. Do your classwork, take a break and enjoy this week off. Especially those of you who have little time for yourself this semester.

SXSW 2017

IMG_5211It has officially been one week since I returned from Austin, Texas where South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival ran which through March 14 – 18. So, what the heck did I learn?

When you hear so much about a conference such as SXSW before your first trip, you start to wonder: How much of all the hype is true? Is this going to be worth my time? Is this worth my time? Why in the world do thousands of people around the world keep showing up after 30 years? What should I expect to get out of it? What questions am I not asking?

In 2016, according to SXSW, over 72,000 individuals registered for the 10 day event in Austin. If you include all the people who came for the unaffiliated sideshows and free events, they estimate that about 150,000 attended. That’s a really big number! I’m not even sure what the final count was for 2017 but I’m willing to bet it was close to that number and I was only there for the music parts.

Still, I wondered why do so many people show up? And I was determined to find out.

As KSSU Manager, I had the opportunity to attend SXSW to represent KSSU’s diversity and inclusiveness, I took this opportunity to navigate through Austin for a total of 4 days to understand these questions and learn as much as possible.

Here are some key observations that I want to remember and share from this experience.

Something to be said about meeting random people

Unlike other conferences that attract a selective audience from a particular industry; SXSW attracts everyone from technology, retail, film, music to art and they all come with different motivations.

This is a rare opportunity to see your entire world of networks clashing and connecting. It’s one thing to see mutual friends on Facebook or to introduce someone over email. It’s another to see how they all relate, interact and connect in person. I made a good amount of friends and the all came in ways I never thought was possible based off a general interest.

Austin has this laid-back atmosphere, it was hard for me not think of this as a vacation. But with so many opportunities to connect, it was hard to remember this wasn’t also work. I actually learned, worked and played with amazing people from all around the country and even from around the world. I can see why so many continue to go back and see this as a way to reunite and reconnect with friends and colleagues.

My favorite realization was when I realized that SXSW was the best way to meet bands, artists and professionals alike and find out who they were behind the scenes.

Yes, we tend to know more about certain individuals but when you meet in person; it’s just a great to add a face to the name during an age where we communicate so much digitally. I had great conversations backstage with Benjamin Booker, Judd Apatow during the last minutes of the Avett Brothers closing set at the Moody Theater, has word with Noname on my first day at the festival and finally was given some life lessons by Bardo Martinez of Chicano Batman. Overall, I think I accomplished quite a bit while standing on my feet for odd hours on end.

Best venue lineup?

I won’t say I didn’t enjoy following the Avett Brothers from the beautiful Paramount Theater (a documentary about them was being screened) to the Moody Theater where they hand down played the best show all week. After all, the Moody Theatre is famous for taking over recording duties from PBS Austin City Limits, original Studio 6A on UT’s campus. Moody Theater does not have one bad seat in the house, it is built up to create a 2,750-capacity theatre. The state-of-the-art venue attracts some 100 touring shows a year but for me the award had to go to Banger’s.

This year’s lineup represented a wide range of genres with rock, pop, hip-hop, electro-pop and indie, with artists from a dozen countries. Performances began approximately 2 p.m. each day and continued throughout the evening, allowing attendees to enjoy more than two dozen acts in an intimate venue, along with Banger’s famous homemade sausages, beverages and a relaxed outdoor setting. StudHub Live: Sound Stage was hosted at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden. Banger’s had a very dynamic lineup of emerging and established talent includes Sleigh Bells, Hamilton Leithauser, Wild Belle, BANKS, Electric Guest, D.R.A.M., Talib Kweli and Benjamin Booker. I was able to catch the last three acts and they were phenomenal. Everyone was jammed packed Talib Kweli put on a hell of a show, Benjamin Booker continued his music take of social injustice in America and D.R.A.M. closed my Friday night and SXSW experience with a fun and almost innocent show that is his form of hip hop.

I want to thank ASI but especially KSSU for allowing me to do this. Here is to the rest of the year and hopefully more jam packed fun from your one and only Sac State Student Run Radio, KSSU.com

How Deep Does the Red Square Go?

I went to the Crocker Art Gallery, and saw a piece titled “Deep Red Square (Homage to Josef Albers).” It is a large square, that looks to be about 4 feet by 4 feet. The piece was made in 1980. Richard Anuszkiewicz is the artist that created this painting. It is made with acrylic on canvas. The piece consists of a red square in the middle of a blue background, utilizing complemetary colors. Red lines radiate outward from the square, to the edge of the painting. They are straight, usually diagonal lines. It reminds me of a starburst. At the corners, on the outer edges of the red square, the red lines get closer together. The lines start to bleed together, and shine a red color from the outer corners of the red square to the inner corners of the painting.

The lines feel like an optical illusion, they made my eyes feel a little strained. But, it was very beautiful. I took pictures, but it doesn’t turn out the same as looking at the piece in person. You can really see the line work in person. As you move around the painting, the lines look like they are moving. You really need to zoom into the picture to see all the lines in it. Just looking at at the full photograph pushes the fine lines so close together, that it’s hard to really see them. The large size of the piece, in person, is a vastly different experience.

I liked this piece, it really alive as you walk around it. It is placed in the middle of an otherwise blank wall, in the museum. It is bright, and vibrant. I liked it, but I don’t think I’d like to own it. Looking at it for too long strains my eyes. It is an illusion, without the elements of a traditional illusion. It is supposed to just be about the act of seeing.

Anuszkiewicz became an important figure in this art movement, called Op Art (or, Optical Art). Op Art gives the illusion of motion. It was partially a reaction to Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism.

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