DJ: David Busta


DJ Profile Questions

REAL NAME: David Bustamante



MAJOR: Government/ Journalism

FAVORITE KSSU RADIO SHOW THAT’S NOT YOURS: Mario’s (I’m not just saying that to score some kiss-up points).

THINGS YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE NOT BEING AN AWESOME DJ: I’m probably either participating in some activity, doing homework, eating, or hanging out with my awesome friends.

GUILTY PLEASURES: M&M Cookies, they get me every time

WHICH CARTOON CHARACTER DO YOU MOST IDENTIFY WITH AND WHY: I identify as Chowder because we both love food, have low standards on food, and we both are good at getting distracted.

IF YOU COULD BE ANY CORE STAFF MEMBER WHO WOULD YOU BE: I would be Andrew so I could have awesome facial hair.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPING: I choose BBQ chicken because then the sauce would be barbecue sauce and that is currently my favorite.

IN A ZOMBIE ATTACK, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR WEAPON OF CHOICE: My weapon would be and still is a trench knife. It has a brass knuckle handle and a sharp blade. Good for close quarters encounters. Plus, it looks super cool

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT KSSU: It’s a great way to meet some awesome individuals and a way to relax during my stressful Mondays.


Your Show Blurb

Show Name: My show

Show Genre/s:  Variety

Show Description: Whether you like rap, indie, electronica or pretty much anything else. My show is bound to have something you enjoy. So, come check me out every Monday from 5-6 pm! Also, I occasionally say something insightful so there is that too.

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