DJ: Jordana Diaz


REAL NAME: Jordana Diaz

DJ NAME: DJ Tanner



FAVORITE KSSU RADIO SHOW THAT’S NOT YOURS: I don’t have a favorite, yet.

THINGS YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE NOT BEING AN AWESOME DJ: Write Screenplays, go hiking, see live music

GUILTY PLEASURES: watching bad reality tv and having a pokemon game in my 3DS at all times

WHICH CARTOON CHARACTER DO YOU MOST IDENTIFY WITH AND WHY: Bobby Hill from King of the Hill because he’s a bit of an oddball, funny but kind. He loves fantasy novels, dancing with dogs, and No Doubt.

IF YOU COULD BE ANY CORE STAFF MEMBER WHO WOULD YOU BE: Maybe Mario because being the manager seems like an interesting job.


IN A ZOMBIE ATTACK, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR WEAPON OF CHOICE: A shotgun, that way I could take out multiple zombies and still maintain a bit of a distance from them.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT KSSU: I like how KSSU allows the students to be so involved with the station.


Show blurb:

My show’s name is Girl Talk. It is a talk show with some music intertwined.

Girl Talk is a show hosted by DJ Tanner. My show is mostly film reviews, occasional band interviews, and I play anything and everything but mostly Alt/Indie. I try to watch at least one film a week and give my thoughts about the film. Ideally I would like to see a new movie each week, if not I review past movies I either have never seen or haven’t seen since childhood. When that cannot be done, I like to at least do a compare and contrast with a few films from a chosen genre. I like to discuss songs that have been featured in films, any interesting information about musicians involved with film, anything along the lines of that. The rest of my show is discussion on anything else that is currently happening (i.e. what I’m working on, current events, natural disasters [aka my life] etc.) It’s all fun on the bun.


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