DJ: Sami Soto


REAL NAME: Sami Soto

DJ NAME: I don’t have one yet! For the time being, it’s Sami.

SHOW GENRE: talk, news, Alt/Indie

MAJOR: Government-Journalism and a minor in Creative Writing. Yeah, it makes me tired just thinking about it too.

FAVORITE KSSU RADIO SHOW THAT’S NOT YOURS: Conscious Cravings with DJ Chrispy Crème

THINGS YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE NOT BEING AN AWESOME DJ: I’m a reporter for The State Hornet, Sac State’s student newspaper. I love love love coffee so I can be found at either a Temple Coffee Roasters location, or Tupelo Coffee house when I’m not running around campus. I am obsessed with NPR so I spend a ridiculous amount of time listening to the radio.

GUILTY PLEASURES: Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. I can eat the whole bag in one sitting.

WHICH CARTOON CHARACTER DO YOU MOST IDENTIFY WITH AND WHY: Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, hands down. In the words of Tina, “Time for the charm bomb to explode.”

IF YOU COULD BE ANY CORE STAFF MEMBER WHO WOULD YOU BE: Ahhh! Can I be like, a mix of all of them?

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPING: Oh man, that’s a tough one. I am going to say pineapple and mushrooms. Don’t judge me. It’s tasty.

IN A ZOMBIE ATTACK, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR WEAPON OF CHOICE: Can I pull a Bill Murry in Zombieland and use stage makeup to pretend to be a zombie? Because I choose that.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT KSSU: Every time I go into the Hotspot I always meet someone new. Everyone is so awesome at KSSU. It’s a wonder how I’m cool enough to be a dj. Just kidding, I’m the coolest.


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