He never died 2015 Review (Spoilers)


Much like Danny Trejo, Henry Rollins has been sitting on the sidelines in the cinematic universe far too long! Henry isn’t just a punk singing Icon known for his role in Black Flag he is also a writer, a radio host, a spoken word artist, and is in a myriad of movies both exceptional films as well as those that fall on the low budget B-side of things. Although with the enormous amount of movies Henry Rollins has been in over the years he generally finds himself in a supporting role. The lowly promotional speaker(feast) or a disc Jockey(Suck) are merely a few roles that this exceptional performer has been cast over the years.

He never died written and directed by Jason Krawczyk premiered at South by Southwest in 2015 and centers around a character known has Jack, played by Henry Rollins. We start the movie watching Jack lay in bed in a dimly lit room, staring at the ceiling, he seems to be lost in thought or merely waiting for something. The soundtrack starts off full of dark and almost violent sounds, possibly to represent the memories of a dark past. Jack goes through the movie with a monotone voice and close to no expression at all, he exhibits the attitude of a man who just doesn’t seem to care anymore, and it isn’t until about the half way point that we start seeing him change.

If you’re worried about spoilers you may want to consider this your stop.

A good half an hour into the movie we start seeing Jack for being more then a lonely man who seems to have given up on any joy in this world. It was hard to place, somewhere between a werewolf or a vampire, but this movie took a decided turn into the supernatural. It isn’t until the very end that Jack makes it clear that he is something akin to a vampire, but so much more. See what isn’t immediately obvious from the beginning of the movie is that this is a movie based on a biblical character. Jack is a pseudonym, merely 1 of many names that the character Cain has been known by over the years. According to Jack he is something akin to a vampire but he prefers not to use the word, it’s also not clear that they are following the traditional strengths/weaknesses that many movies use for their vampires. The movie switches gears from a slow paced film to a fast paced horror action flick. It’s towards the end when Jack has transformed in the viewers eyes from Man to beast that his human side starts to come out again and we start seeing real emotions.

Personally I really enjoyed it, but I can see it not being for everyone. It was good to see Henry Rollins in a leading role, and they are looking into making He never died into a TV show so there is the possibility that he could continue as the character Jack in the same way that Bruce Campbell is playing Ash in the new show Ash vs. the Evil Dead.

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The Black Ships, “Dead Empires” Album Review

BLACK SHIPSThe Black Ships are a four-piece alternative dark indie garage rock group from Saratoga, New York. The band shows-off how New York is the new breeding ground for American dark romance in regards to music.

The Black Ships are named after the American ships that landed in Japan during the 16th and 19th centuries. Their new album, Dead Empires, is the second release by the ensemble, and did not disappoint or fall into the, often occurring for alternative indie bands, sophomore slump. The album starts with an infectious beat, being an energetic track that sounds close and relevant to a 80s’ college radio station. The Black Ships use this energy throughout the rest of the album.

Unlike most dark alternative albums, the bass is one of the main components in the work. The bassist begins with a cheery and catchy hook while the synthesizers gradually step in and set a fantasy dream-like atmosphere. There is not much that sounds “modern” in a technical sense about Dead Empires, however there does not need to be when the sounds of the past translate so well into the pieces of art.

The guitar aesthetics of the music, echoes “Love Will Tear Us Apart” but with vocals more similar to Echo and the Bunnymen. On Track 4, “When the Rain Falls” the Black Ships go into full fantasy mode and almost completely bury the lyrics in synths and distorted guitar riffs, while creating a dark indie-goth atmosphere as well. Track 4 specifically reflects the early 90s’ music scene in and around London, where Stereolab, Lush, Blur, Suede, Elastica occupied the ears of dark alternative indie enthusiasts everywhere.

Though slow and dreamy tracks are heavy within this album, Dead Empires offers other sounds as well. Tracks 3 and 6, “Sea of Cortez” and “Sarin” have a fast rapid pace making the songs work to keep the sleepy listener awake, even on the latest of nights. While these tracks vastly contrast from their atmospheric counterparts, the album still feels as though it relates as an overall piece of art.

Usually artists will apply more gentle songs towards the end of an album. While there is nothing incorrect of such, Dead Empires does the opposite. John Gill’s vocals sound vastly like Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan and the guitar riffs echo Joy Division. The Black Ships are aiming right for the opaque heart of the listeners by mixing dreamy atmospheric hints and tinges to the Pretty In Pink soundtrack. Though album includes dark and light sounds, the balance used in composing this art is appealing to the indie-alternative band’s audience.

Though the album begins with a burst of energy, while gradually slowing down almost becoming fatigued, the end involves a highly intense track ready to revitalize audiences. Dead Empires is not only pieced together in a mosaic-type method, this album has an organized balance that allows the listener to consume the sound. The Black Ship’s newest album Dead Empires is definitely for the fans of music on the lightly dark end of the spectrum with some synths and heavy bass thrown in.


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Holiday’s Are Upon Us

photo-1423477491197-ec2f29ac4d6bThe holiday’s are upon us.  The city of Sacramento, CA, is filled with fun events for all ages during Christmas. In Old Sacramento, they have Macy’s Parade of Lights that is running from November 25, 2015, to December 25, 2015.  The parade of lights is different than what you would normally expect.  Old Sacramento’s parade of lights is a show you do not want to miss. There is also the ice skating rink on 7th and K streets.  Every time I walk by the skating rink, it makes me feel the Christmas spirit, and also want to go ice skating. I have not been ice skating since I was in junior high. Ice skating is a lot of fun if you are looking for something fun to do for the holidays.  The state capital lights up their tree and the lights are wonderful.  When I looked at the lights at the capital’s tree, it was wonderful, and the best Christmas lights I can ever imagine!  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Another thing in Sacramento is Winter Wonderland which is held at Cal Expo where the state fair was held.  I have not been to Winter Wonderland, but when I have passed by there, it was beautiful. Ever since I moved to Sacramento, I have always wanted to go to that since it is a holiday carnival.  There is so much to do around Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and Folsom.

Arden Fair Mall is packed with customers who are doing their Christmas shopping, especially on days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Those two days, a lot of stores have big sales going on with lots of customers going into buy their children gifts for Christmas.

Christmas music is played on many radio stations such as Star 106.5 and KYMX 96.1. I love listening to Christmas music because it brings me the spirit of Christmas.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from DJ Mel and Birdman Gio, the King of the Philadelphia Eagles.


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iKON Final-FREAKINGG-ly Debuted Yalllll – “Welcome Back” Album Review


Ladies and Gentlmen, let’s all stand up together and give a round for applause for not iKON, but for Papa YG for finally debuting iKON!!!! *clap-clap-clap-uglycries-clap-clap-clap*

So for those who don’t know iKON, they were YG entertainment’s trainee who first appeared on the survival show, “Who is Next: WIN” where they went up against Winner, who was Team A at the time. I was personally rooting for iKON (Team B) the whole entire show! I literally was crying when *SPOILER ALERT* they didn’t win. It was so freakin heartbreaking!! They worked so hard!

After years and years, ok months, but to us it was like lightyears— of pushing back their debut, and I mean like Salt-n-Pepa’s “PUSH IT,” it was to the point where some of the fans lost all trust in Papa YG– because he was playing with our emotions with his empty promises!! He kept saying they’ll debut “soon” (I don’t think he knows what that word “soon” means). However I feel like I knew his intentions (because we’re homies like that in my mind), I know he doesn’t make his artist shoot out albums– just to shoot out albums for sales. He makes sure that they’re perfect in his eyes. So I forgave him and waited patiently.

And so finally, September 15th at 12:00AM KST hit and they dropped their long awaited first debut song that YG said was their “warm-up”, and it definitely was. “My Type” was a so stinkin cute. The melody was chill and upbeat making you smile as they swoon over their voices, for me it was Junhoe’s smooth rasped, holy f–lower, he freakin improved so much. The song was describing a girl, from her cute voice, the way she spaces out, to the way she “spit words like a boss” and how all those are their “type.” That’s how they get you!! They describe a quirk or characteristic of each type of girl and so you feel like they’re sort of talking about you, making you grin more like an idiot. Even their video was adorable; with them in pastels, seeing their flirty playful side as they goof around with each other.

Then they released “Airplane,” a slightly heart tugging song about a boy who doesn’t want the girl to leave on that airplane. He makes cute little excuses for her to stay longer and not get on that dang plane. If I heard those excuses I’d stay back stay hug them all.

BUT if you know YG, you know that’s not what they’re about… Nope! That cutesy stuff?– That’s to tickle our feels…

Then they release “Rhythm Ta“… and it’s EVERYTHING that I’ve been waiting for. They did not disappoint! From the very first beat, it already made me excited. Then the bass hit making me immediately sway my head  like up and down  …like yessss… this is HIP to the freakin HOP! This is YG…. This is iKON. Bobby was fire, Bobby was life in this song. The way he spits with such passion…  I love his voice, I’m trash for his voice. The way he raps with so much Ugh! Yes Bobby…. show us why you won Show Me the Money! Their music video oozed Swaggg — I hate that word, but it is what it is sometimes.

Those were the three songs they debuted with Music Videos, and here’s my opinion on the rest of the album’s track:

Welcome Back:

The Album’s title track. A fun song! It’s about a them welcoming back their girlfriend after breaking up, but we (fans) all know that it’s symbolic about their fans.  Welcoming back their loyal fans who has been waiting for their freakin debut,  saying that they’ve changed for the better and will do better. This song definitely got you smiling and grooving with to the delightfulness of the lyrics and beat.


Just the simple, “Girl I’m gon’ make you proud.” made my heart flutter the first time I heard it, and could pretty much get the gist of the song without having to read the translations. The song is about a person who’s not doing much and can’t afford much, but is grateful to have someone by their side during the struggle. I feel this is most twenty year old’s’ struggle, wanting to accomplish things, to be successful, to make a dent in the world already, but is stuck in the slow process. Something about a boy who promises to make me proud makes me wanna smoosh their face and pepper them with kisses! How adorable! The song has this magical way of making you wanna dance and root for them. Hahaha


My second favorite song of the album! This catchy song got me subconsciously bouncing my shoulders and singing “O-neul-dda-ra (Today)” every single time it comes on. The song is about suddenly and randomly seeing someone in a new light. Questioning the new buzzing feeling of being attracted to a friend in a new light, “Why Am I like this today?” (translation).

Overview of the whole album:

Great debut album. I know as boring and generic as that comment sounds, that’s all I can say. I’d still give them a 4 out 5 in the Ronarockss Scale of Music — whatever that might mean. It was great, but I had my own expectations for them. I expected my heart to explode from their awesomeness, but I know this is a just a toe-dip into their ocean of potential, I just know it. Can’t wait for their future stuff!


Nostalgic For Halloween


Ah, it’s that time of year again when stores will begin selling Thanksgiving decorations and radio/television commercials will play Christmas ads and families will start planning the holiday season. That’s right, it’s Halloween time. It seems every year the Thanksgiving/Christmas spirit pushes and shoves Halloween’s spirit out of the way, but luckily my friends and I ignore those annoying winter ads (for now) and begin planning our Hallow’s Eve adventures. This isn’t just a celebration to the dreadful Summer heat being over, but the absolute joy of dressing up as pirates, movie stars, or big penguin outfits.

I think Halloween is always more fun and exciting for children. To dress up with friends and go door to door to get free candy just seems too crazy to be true! Then of course we graduate to teenagers and at some point we think that this Halloween game is lame and criticize the younger ones for something we did not too long before. And lo and behold we reach another certain age closer to adulthood and start to feel nostalgic of the once fun childhood games. Only this time, the clothes are more tight fitting, more short and more vulgar, and the gummy bears are filled with magical Russian happy juice. “The times they are a-changin'”

Halloween was fun when I was a kid and it’s still fun as an adult. What makes it fun is that my group of friends do not go for the sultry, short skirt look, but instead try to be the most creative and outlandish in our attire. Being the film major I am, I like to dress up as different film characters. Last year my friend and I dressed up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. This year I will attempt to be Ash from the Evil Dead series. Not only do we take our costumes seriously, but the entire month of October is our Halloween.

Ever since I was a teen, I watched the countdown of the best horror movies and scariest scenes from films. Most of which I got my movie information from, even without having to view the film. Everyone should watch Halloween movies, just like most people do with Christmas movies in December; it is just a fun tradition! Not only that, but to attend corn mazes and haunted houses and carve pumpkins. So much is involved with Halloween it’s too hard not to crack a smile just thinking about all these activities.

And yet with most people preferring to go out and knock door to door or travel to parties to have a swell time, I don’t mind sitting at home, watching scary movies and waiting for kids to come knock on my door. I love seeing other people’s costumes and how creative they can get. I used to live up in the hills near the East Bay, so I never had a real neighborhood that you could walk door to door to. We never really had neighbors in general. So when I tell people I love passing out candy, it’s only because I was deprived of it when I was younger.

I wish Halloween came around more than once a year, but when time it does, I am thankful to have so many friends to enjoy it as much as I do and not be the only crazy one to dress up.

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MLB Playoff Preview

Well its October and we know what time it is. No not for pumpkin spice lattes, not for Halloween, not for haunted house…but for some PLAYOFF BASEBALL. Say what you want about baseball being a “boring” sport but when it comes to playoffs, it has to be one of the best in professional sports. All the dust has settled from the regular season and the 10 best teams are now fighting for the title of “Best Baseball team of 2015” and a trophy that will put them in the history books among some of the greatest. Temperatures may be dropping but the players adrenaline and focus levels are higher than ever. So why don’t we go ahead and jump into introducing each team and then I will give you projected winners through to the World Series.

Houston Astros: The Astros are back in the playoffs, I REPEAT THE ASTROS ARE BACK IN THE PLAYOFFS. The Astros youth movement took the MLB by storm this year winning 86 games and hitting the 2nd most Home Runs this season (230). Houston’s ace Dallas Kuechel won 20 games this season and is a strong candidate for the AL Cy Young award. Young shortstop Carlos Correa bursted onto the scene this year when he was called up in June with 22 Home Runs and pinched in 68 RBIs. Jose Altuve had another strong year batting .313. With a combination of young players in Dallas Kuechel, Carlos Correa, George Springer, & Jose Altuve and some savvy veterans in Evan Gattis, Carlos Gomez, Scott Kazmir, & Luke Gregerson, this Astros team can do big things this postseason.

New York Yankees: Veteran play was the reason for success when it came to the Yankees season. Alex Rodriguez had a great bounce back year from his one year suspension blasting 33 Home runs and driving in 86 runs. Set up man Drew Betances and closer Andrew Miller served as a dirty 1, 2 punch out of the bullpen to close out games. Although Mark Texeria is out for the remainder of the season, the Yankees have a handful of veterans including Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, & Chase Headley to lead the charge in their playoff run.

Toronto Blue Jays: The Blue Jays are the most feared team heading into this postseason and rightfully so. They hit the most home runs (232), best slugging percentage (.457), most RBIs (852), and had the 2nd best batting average (.269). The Blue Jays are the real deal when it comes to hitting the ball. With trade deadline acquisitions of Troy Tulowitzki, Ben Revere, and David Price, this team appears to  not have many weaknesses. When you have to face a lineup that has Josh Donaldson (41 home runs), Jose Bautista (40 home runs), & Edwin Encarnacion (39 Home runs)…well things are not looking to good for you and that’s why they are many people’s favorites to win it all this year.

Kansas City Royals: The team who had such a great run in the playoffs last year is back in it again this year but this time as AL Central champs. Royals won 95 games this year and had the same collective production formula that worked so well for them last year. Big move for the Royals at the trade deadline was acquiring Jonny Cueto from the Cincinnati Reds. Kansas City did lose closer Greg Holland to Tommy John surgery at the end of the year but look for Wade Davis to step up and fill the void. With the same players they had last year all healthy and coming so close to a World Series last year, this team is poised to great things again.

Texas Rangers: Two teams from Texas will be in the playoff hunt this October, one of them being the Rangers. Rangers finished the year really strong and actually went on to win the AL West when they trailed the Angels and the Astros for most of the year. Prince Fielder had a great year for Texas batting .305, hitting 23 home runs, and driving in 98 RBIs. Rangers also made a big move this trade deadline in acquiring Cole Hamels from the Phillies to be their ace. No true superstars in their lineup but they get a lot of production from a lot of different guys every night similar to the Royals. They’ll need guys like Adrian Beltre, Josh Hamilton, Sin-Soo Choo, & others if they hope to make a deep postseason run.

Chicago Cubs: Similar to the Astros, the Chicago Cubs are finally back in the playoffs largely in part to the terrific young players they have on their roster. The Cubs actually went on to win 97 games this year but that was only good enough to put them in the 2nd wild card spot because they play in the tough NL Central division. Starting pitcher Jake Arrieta struggled in the first half of the year but never looked backed since. He finished the season with 22 wins, a 1.77 ERA, 236 strikeouts, and a VERY strong candidate for NL Cy Young winner. The 2 youngsters that really lifted this team offensively were Anthony Rizzo (.278, 31 HRs, 101 RBIs) and rookie Kris Bryant (.275, 26 HRs, and 99 RBIs). The youngsters mixed with well experienced veterans like John Lester & Miguel Montero make the Cubs a serious threat even out of the Wild Card.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Its “Buc-tober” in Pittsburgh as they like to call it. Pittsburgh had another fine year this year winning 98 games, but just like the Cubs, that was not enough to get them a division title. Gerrit Cole could be in the candidate for Cy Young for the year he is having (19-8, 2.60, 202 Ks) if it weren’t for Zack Grienke or Jake Arrieta. Closer Mark Melancon finished the year with 51 saves as he proved to be one of the leagues best closers. Offensively the Pirates are led by McCutchen (.292 & 96 RBIs). Pedro Alvarez (27 HRs & 77 RBIs), & Starling Marte (19 HRs & 30 SBs). This a good Pirates team but they will need offensive production other than from their stars in hope to make a playoff run.

New York Mets: It was the year of the young phenoms taking the league by storm and the New York Mets had a handful of those phenoms. Mets finished off the season with 90 wins and fought off the Nationals largely in part to their starting pitching rotation. Jacob deGrom (14-8, 202 Ks, 2.54 ERA), Matt Harvey (13-8, 2.71 ERA), and Noah Syndergaard (14-9, 166 Ks) anchored the pitching rotation with the 2nd most quality starts and 4th lowest ERA in the MLB. Offensively it was a story of two halves for the Mets as the trade deadline move to bring in Yoenis Cespedes, Juan Uribe, & call up of Michael Conforto made this offensive a force to be reckoned with. Look for the young aces to carry the Mets in their playoff run.

 St. Louis Cardinals: Best team in baseball, seems like year after year they always find a way. The Cardinals were plagued by injuries this year but they still managed to win 100 games with players like Matt Holiday, Carlos Martinez, & Yadier Molina missing a significant amount of time. Hitting was very average but the Cardinals pitching staff was dominant this year as they posted the lowest team ERA (2.94), most saves (62) and most quality starts (106). Cardinals, as it seems almost every year, are favored by many to win the World Series this postseason.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers went on to win 92 games this season and it was highlighted by their 1,2 combination in their pitching roatation in Clayton Kershaw & Zack Grienke. Grienke pitched this season as if he was the ace and is a strong candidate for NL Cy Young award as he finished the year 19-3, 1.66 ERA, and striking out 200 batters. Outside of those 2 starters, the Dodgers were plagued with injuries or inconsistent performances. Offensively the Dodgers are led by 1st baseman Adrian Gonzalez but have a lot of talented players outside of him in Andre Either, Joc Pederson, Justin Turner Yasmani Grandal, & others. Dodgers also brought in Chase Utley at the trade deadline to reunite with former teammate in Philadelphia, Jimmy Rollins. Dodgers will need more  offense to help out their two aces and other pitchers to get wins in this postseason.


AL Wild Card: Houston Astros vs New York Yankees. Winner: Yankees. Astros sorta limped into the playoffs and they are not as strong on the road. Yankees have much more playoff experience as well.

NL Wild Card: Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates. Winner: Cubs. Cubs have had a magical season and I think they have more firepower on offense than the Pirates. Also, Jake Arrieta against the Pirates only allowed batters to hit .151 in 5 starts this season against him.

ALDS: Texas Rangers vs Toronto Blue Jays. Winner: Blue Jays 3-1. Blue Jays offense is way to explosive for Texas to keep up with and Texas’ pitching staff will have their hands full trying to keep their batters off base.

ALDS: New York Yankees vs Kansas City Royals. Winner: Royals 3-0. With Yankees having to burn their best arm in Tanaka for the Wild card game, I don’t think the other pitchers will find success against the Royals lineup. Royals are poised to make another deep postseason run after coming so close last season.

NLDS: New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgers. Winner: Mets 3-2. This will be a fun series to watch, both teams with really good pitchers resulting in low scoring ball games. I think Mets offense steps up when facing either Kershaw or Grienke and then jumps on the other two starters the Dodgers will throw. Not to mention the fact that Kershaw and the rest of the Dodgers tend to choke under the pressure of the playoffs.

Reggie Miller's choke sign to Spike Lee got inside the Knicks' heads ...

NLDS: Chicago Cubs vs St Louis Cardinals. Winner: Cardinals 3-1. Cardinals are too good all around for this young Cubs team. Cardinals also are getting key injured players back returning them to full strength. Cubs will get one at Wrigley when Arrieta pitches.

ALCS: Toronto Blue Jays vs Kansas City Royals. Winner: Royals 4-3. I have been waiting for this series since midsummer. If both teams make it past 1st round this has the potential to be one of the best playoff series in history. Only reason I have Royals edging out Toronto is because last postseason, the Royals hitters were extremely good in clutch situations and that will win them ball games late. Also, Royals pitching staff has the upper hand against the Blue Jays pitcher staff.

NLCS: New York Mets vs St Louis Cardinals. Winner: Cardinals 4-2. Again Cardinals will be too much to handle for a young team. Mets young pitchers are studs but have 0 playoff experience going against a Cardinals team that has hundreds of playoff game experience combined. I still believe this could be a fun series to watch because of the pitching match-ups.

World Series: Kansas City Royals vs St Louis Cardinals. Battle of Missouri for the title. I have a tough time picking who will this series once they get here. I think the Royals overall have a better team but the Cardinals are always savvy and find ways to win with less. Royals are hungry for a title after coming 90 feet from forcing extra innings in last years World Series Game 7. Cardinals are trying to make the most of their opportunity in the San Fransisco Giants’ “off year”. My heart has to go with the Royals because I was so disappointed to see them lose last postseason. Winner: Royals 4-3.

Either if none of my predictions go as planned, I will definitely still be tuning into the playoffs and looking forward to seeing which team will come out on top!

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It’s been 4 days since the BigBang MADE Concert and I’m still empty inside….

Three years ago I wasn’t that into that BigBang and I went to their Alive Galaxy tour and sat in the nose bleed section because I only liked them a bit and just wanted to see them perform. Seriously, hands down that was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, and vowed the next time they come, I’d get better seats!

Fast forward three years later, they announced another world tour for their M.A.D.E albums. My friend Julie and I knew we HAD to go. It was a must. No doubt about it. They released the details for the VIP packages which were different from the general admission with sound check and the regular seated tickets.

The 2 VIP packages:


  • One GA Pit ticket to the show!
  • Exclusive access to the BIGBANG Soundcheck
  • Early entrance into the venue before general doors
  • Send off Artists post show at the BIGBANG Send Off Event!
  • One VIP parking space per order (where available)
  • Crowd free merchandise shopping
  • Commemorative VIP laminate
  • Specially designed BIGBANG gift bag (exclusive to VIPs)
  • Designated VIP Nation check-in
  • On-site VIP host


  • One GA Pit ticket to the show!
  • Exclusive access to the BIGBANG Soundcheck
  • Early entrance into the venue before general doors
  • Commemorative VIP laminate
  • Specially designed BIGBANG gift bag (exclusive to VIPs)
  • Designated VIP Nation check-in
  • On-site VIP host

Let it be known that they didn’t tell us the prices of these packages until it went on sale. So the morning of, my friend and I, both at work, waited by our computers and decided whoever could, just buy both tickets first, because the Alive tour sold out within 2 hours, so we didn’t want to risk not being able to get the tickets.

Right when it hit 10AM, we logged onto TicketMaster and the prices for the packages freakin dropped kicked me in my face and then a hadouken to the heart.

I immediately texted Julie and said I couldn’t do any of the packages because I’m a poor student, but we could do the VIP General Admission!! Which was still expensive, but I was willing to dish out.

Then she told me…. “Oops I just bought us the Bae Bae”
My heart plummeted to the pits of my stomach, all the way down to the burning holes of my empty wallet.

But in the end, I told her eff it! It’s going to be my last BigBang Concert anyways. I wasn’t that big of a fan still. 

So days leading up to the concert, I didn’t feel that excited about the concert. Their albums was good but wasn’t great in my opinion and I was dreading the pit the most. I’m 5’1. Pits scares me. All the pushing and shoving and tall people… Let’s just say I never had a good experience with General Admission standing concerts.

Day of the concert, we arrived at the Honda Center 4 hours early to wait in line, because we wanted a good place in the pit. We were still #200 and that was JUST for Bae Bae. There were fans (who we thought at first were staffs) writing numbers and type of ticket on our wrist and divided and organized everyone into certain lines accordingly to make sure it was legit-ly first-come-first-serve. Supposedly they had come from the Vegas show, and it was chaos, so they decided to do something about it at the SoCal shows… can you say dedicated fans?!

As they ushered us in. My heart began pumping like crazy when I realized how close we were to the stage, I looked around and realized that only 2/3 of the pit was filled, which was awesome because there was so much room, which also meant… I WAS ABLE TO SEE!!

I started to jump up and down excitedly as their Quentin Taratino-ish movie started to play indicating that the concert was starting soon. Gahhhhh the video was so badass with explosions, guns and car races. As their music started playing and you hear their voice through the speakers and I freakin lost it!

The concert was MIND BLOWING! From the lighting to the moving bridges that connected the main stage to the front stage, fireworks, and the boy’s stage presence that oozed nothing but high energy was so freakin perfect! It was amazing because you can actually see their popularity and the love from their fans when you look out to see the ocean of gold-crown light sticks that lit up like stars in the sold-out arena.

I did not stop dancing and screaming throughout the whole concert because all the song that they performed were all upbeat and full of hype. The only 2 mellow/sad songs that they performed were “If You” and “Haru Haru.” They probably took 2 little breaks, but other than that, they performed the entire duration of the show. I thought that the Alive Galaxy show was the shizz, but this concert blew their last one out of the freakin water! Their English improved immensely, besides TOP, all the boys spoke in English the whole entire time.

I died and came back to life and died again repeatedly like a freakin phoenix because of their fan service! They would make eye contact and personally connected and reacted to each section of the pit and general admissions. Yo, even the freakin back up dancers, who were so freakin attractive as heck, were even dangerously flirting with the fans, with their winks and seductive dance! Ugh! I can’t even..

I wish I could describe the whole concert even more, but it was just so incredible. I didn’t once look at the time wondering when it’ll end or wondered about my surrounding or even if my friend was still around me, I was so immersed in the show, completely in my own universe that when they said farewell, it yanked me back to reality and I was so bewildered.

The post concert depression is worst than my last break up with my ex…. real talk. *sigh*

Everyone who likes KPOP neeeeeeds to experience BigBang in concert. My friend brought her friend who never even heard of KPOP, let alone BigBang.. let’s just say, she’s now a fan. hahaha

But word on the street.. they won’t be back for at LEAST another 2-3 years, since they’ll be going to the Army soon (it’s mandatory in South Korea for men to join the Army before they turn 30).

Ughhh… selling my soul for the Bae Bae package was mos def worth it.

Remember when I said it was my last BigBang concert.. It won’t be. LOL.

I’m officially KPOP-ed out for the rest of the year.

Saved the best for last, and it definitely went out with a BANG! (pun intended)


2015 NFL Predictions by Andrew and Albert



AFC East

X – Patriots 13-3

X – Dolphins 12-4

Bills 6-10

Jets 6-10

AFC North

X – Steelers 12-4

Ravens 10-6

Bengals 7-9

Browns 2-14

AFC South

X – Colts 13-3

Titans 4-12

Jaguars 4-12

Texans 3-13

AFC West

X – Chiefs 12-4

X – Broncos 10-6

Raiders 5-11

Chargers 3-13

NFC East

X – Cowboys 12-4

X – Eagles 12-4

Giants 7-9

Redskins 2-14

NFC North

X – Packers 14-2

X – Lions 12-4

Vikings 11-5

Bears 3-13

NFC South

X – Saints 13-3

Falcons 7-9

Panthers 5-11

Bucs 3-13

NFC West

X – Seahawks 15-1

Cardinals 6-10

49ers 6-10

Rams 6-10


3 Chiefs beat 6 Broncos

4 Steelers beat 5 Dolphins


6 Lions beat 3 Cowboys

3 Saints beat 4 Eagles



2 Colts beat 3 Chiefs

4 Steelers beat 1 Patriots


2 Packers beat 3 Saints

1 Seahawks beat 6 Lions



2 Colts beat 4 Steelers


1 Seahawks beat 2 Packers


Seahawks beat Colts


AFC East

X – Patriots 12-4

X – Dolphins 10-6

X – Bills 10-6

Jets 5-11

AFC North

X – Steelers 11-5

Ravens 9-7

Bengals 9-7

Browns 2-14

AFC South

X – Colts 12-4

Titans 6-10

Jaguars 5-11

Texans 4-12

AFC West

X – Broncos 10-6

Chargers 8-8

Raiders 8-8

Chiefs 8-8

NFC East

X – Eagles 13-3

X – Cowboys 11-5

Giants 4-12

Redskins 3-13

NFC North

X – Packers 14-2

Lions 9-7

Vikings 7-9

Bears 2-14

NFC South

X – Saints 12-4

Falcons 8-8

Panthers 6-10

Buccaneers 4-12

NFC West

X – Seahawks 12-4

X – Rams 9-7

Cardinals 7-9

49ers 6-10



3 Steelers beat 6 Bills

5 Dolphins beat 4 Broncos


3 Seahawks beat 6 Rams

5 Cowboys beat 4 Saints



1 Patriots beat 5 Dolphins

2 Colts beat 3 Steelers


1 Packers beat 5 Cowboys

3 Seahawks beat 2 Eagles



2 Colts beat 1 Patriots


1 Packers beat 3 Seahawks


Packers beat Colts

When Andrew Pasquini isn’t making NFL predictions he’s a DJ on KSSU

Where are all the hoverboards?


So it’s 2015 and everyone are asking where their hover-boards are. After all Back to the Future foretold the future in much the same way that the Jetsons and pretty much everyone back in the 60’s did. We should be traveling in vacuum tubes and flying in cars while our robotic butlers do the cleaning and house work. The reality of things seems fairly far off, but when you take a closer look you may notice that the future is actually closer then it appears.

For starters back in the Jetsons we had Rosie who ran around vacuuming, although possibly not as intelligent as Rosie, we do have small electronic vacuum cleaners which interestingly enough were based on an algorithm developed for military applications. Of course that shouldn’t be too surprising considering we did the same thing with Radar and the microwave.

Looking a little closer to Back to the Future’s predictions we may not have tiny pizzas that hydrate into delicious full sized pizzas, but Nike is planning on making the self tying shoes.

As for Hoverboards which are the hot topic of debate these days we do have a few not so great hoverboards, let’s call them prototypes in the works at the moment. Recently there was a Kickstarter by Hendo who did create a functional hoverboard. The campaign has already ended, but the board isn’t exactly what you might expect. It really only works on a special surface and it hovers a small distance above the ground, apparently the creator intends on using the technology to float buildings in case of emergencies in the future. Seems like a noble effort to me, but if you’re interested in roleplay Marty Mcfly this isn’t the board you’re looking for.

The second hoverboard prototype that i’m aware of operates more like Goblin’s glider from Spiderman, but if the Guinness world record people accept it as a hoverboard then so shall I. It does have certain limitations, and apparently it’s only considered safe to fly over water as well as apparently running for a limited amount of time it does reach an impressive height, and honestly it looks like a whole lot of fun. It does fall short of the hoverboard image, but even if you were looking forward to this hitting the market you may be in for a world of disappointment as apparently the creator has no intention making it available to the public.

So we may not have mass produced hoverboards, and we may not even have hoverboards in the style of Back to the Future, but the way I see it we seem to be heading in the right direction.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not pondering the future of Hoverboards i’m a DJ for KSSU

Mr. Robot (TV Review)

mrrobotIt seems like everyone is jumping on this technology bandwagon lately, it’s no secret that Computers are advancing at breakneck speeds. But 20 years ago you would have been hard-pressed to find as many movies playing with the idea of evolving technology as we seem to put out in a years time. Now what excites me is that we’re moving away from merely science fiction when it comes to computers, it was all robotic apocalypse scenarios for awhile, but then we started to move a little closer to reality. Hacker movies are starting to become quite popular, or at-least the idea of a hacker is showing up in a multitude of different medias lately.

It isn’t all just Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, these magical hackers who act like hacking into the pentagon is a leisurely Sunday afternoon have become common place. Mr. Robot is a show centered around one such  hacker.

Elliot is a kid who works Cyber Security for a fictitious company known as “E Corp” which he likes to think stands for evil, but throughout the show they start showing banners stating it’s “Evil Corp”. Which sounds a little ridiculous, but here’s the catch. Elliot experiences delusions much in the same way as John Forbes Nash in A Beautiful Mind. So at any given moment what we’re watching could just be something that exists in Elliot’s mind.

The thing is, we don’t know what Elliot see’s isn’t true either, the narration is constantly directed towards the viewer who Elliot believes is just a figment of his imagination. So by breaking the fourth wall he’s also not breaking the fourth wall, which I absolutely love about this show. We also find out that Elliot uses his computer powers for vigilante purposes in his off hours, kind of like Batman if Batman didn’t have any fighting ability and had social anxiety issues.

Eventually Elliot crosses paths with some other hacker who goes by “Mr. Robot” played by Christian Slater(Archer, Robinhood, etc) who nudged him towards toppling all of the major credit card companies. Right off the bat we realize that Mr. Robot may not actually exist which really gives me deja vu of Tyler Durden.

Apparently i’m not the only one excited about this show as it was set to have a second season before the premiere of the pilot. Which is rare to say the least, but it happens obviously. If you’re into computer movies like Hackers or Wargames this might be your kinda thing.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not watching Computer Movies i’m a DJ for KSSU