Mad Dogs

Mad DogsMad Dogs is a new Amazon Studio’s original series developed as another attraction to the ever growing amazon prime video selection. Having been an Amazon Prime member for the last year i’ve grown to love their free shipping, and their attempt at providing video/music to the masses. It has fallen a bit short compared to other video streaming services on the market, but they haven’t been doing it for nearly as long either.

There are some decent shows on Amazon’s prime streaming service, but Mad Dogs has to be one of my favourite Amazon original’s thus far. I would like to point out though, that Mad Dogs was originally a BBC show. This is one more example of America’s ever growing fascination with British Cinema and our desire to duplicate it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Shameless has been pretty awesome. I can’t really compare Mad Dogs the Amazon rendition to the British version since I haven’t seen the British version.

I can tell you that Amazon has done a really excellent job with this show. There’s currently only 1 season up for it, and with the way things wrap up I’m highly doubtful that there will be more. It has a great cast with such cinematic Juggernauts as Romany Malco(Weeds), and Steve Zahn(Saving Silverman). The cinematography was mind blowing, with colorful imagery of the wonderful land of Belize capturing the club scene as well as the beautiful landscape around.  The story is an eccentric mind blowing experience that will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to imagine how these escalating events could possibly unfold.

The show also sports some mystical powers and magic ghosts that are wondering around the rain forest. It doesn’t exactly line up with the story really, but it is an interesting addition to the odd dystopian universe dreamt up in Mad Dogs.

All in all I found the show to be really top notch and if you’re looking for a bit of a dark scenic deal that kind of feels like a Breaking Bad episode mixed with the travel channel, I would recommend checking it out.

My name is Chris Diel, I write and do musics on KSSU

Music Review – LMFAO “Sorry for Party Rocking”

 By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

Well the boys are back in town.  LMFAO is releasing the long awaited album “Sorry for Party Rocking.”  So what’s the news?  Here it is.

It’s not that the album sucks, because it doesn’t.  But there isn’t much different to expect.  Which is good in my opinion.  As much as people like to see and/or hear their artist “grow,” sometimes that leads to growing pains.  Thus, it is always safer for an artist to stick to what works for them.  Lady Gaga changed her sound up a bit (though most of you who don’t like her won’t notice because her music still sucks to you, but trust me, there is a difference between Fame and Born This Way). [Read more…]

The iCloud and I

The iCloud and I

By Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

If you haven’t heard, Steve has spoken.  Not just any Steve, Steve Jobs.  On Monday Apple announced the iCloud – Apple’s version of going to the cloud.  One unique feature that has peaked many’s interest is iTunes Match.

Let me summarize the iCloud and iTunes Match for those not savvy on it.  Instead of loading every music you have ever downloaded, the iCloud just “copies,” for a lack of better terms, the songs you have already bought.  Since the iCloud already contains 18 million songs and counting from Apple, if you have bought a song from iTunes, the iCloud just doubles that song for your account – no loading on your end necessary.  Now for those of us who have actually purchased physical CD’s (what a concept, right?) or have procured music through other means, there is still hope if you wish for your music to be backed up on the almighty Apple iCloud.  Apple has a feature called iTunes Match.  iTunes Match is a program/software Apple has worked on that will scan songs you have to see if it matches one of their 18 million songs.  If it matches, those songs will be backed up on your slice of the cloud too, along with any iTunes purchases you have made – again, no backing up necessary, it is all automatic.  As long as you have those songs on YOUR iTunes, you’re good to go to go see the match maker.  Ultimately, the songs iTunes can’t match is what will have to be uploaded to long way.

So yes, I am telling you, for those who have illegally downloaded music, as well as those who love their CD collection, that your music can be backed up in the Cloud.  What’s the catch?  $24.99 a year for up to 25,000 songs.

Now immediately some say that Apple is now harboring the oh-so-infamous internet pirates.  But there is another look on this.  Others say that the reason the recording industry allowed Apple to do this is because it is a small step forward to rehabilitating individuals to paying for music.  Of course Apple is paying royalties, though the industry of course would say the money is nominal.  But though the payback is small, the industry finally gets to re-learn what all the pirates like (I guess a handy statistic), and the hope that someday those pirates who back up on the iCloud will “return to the fold” and pay for music again.

Now of course there is more details about the iCloud, be that is for another day.  For now, I think it is to soon to say if this could or couldn’t rehabilitate all the pirates.  There are still many questions to be asked: Will Amazon work a similar deal like Apple to attract “pirates” and other such non-purchasing individuals?  Will Google’s cloud work similar to Apple’s?  What will be their pricing?

Right now, I shall sit and wait to see what the other two giants do.  That will dictate if this will be the start of a new trend.