Tomorrow We Die Alive Tour @ The Assembly Music Hall

One week ago, I attended a brutal, skull-crushing, highlighted hair, tight pants wearing, metal concert with (headlining) Born Of Osiris, Thy Art Is Murder, Betraying the Martyrs, ERRA, Within the Ruins, and Before You Fall.

Oh mah gawsh

Let me tell you a story on how my day went.


First off, I had to drive to Sacramento twice that day; once for school and once for the concert because I had to pick up people from my hometown. We get to the venue called “The Assembly” at 1000 K Street in downtown Sac. The parking is cheap, only $5 for the whole night. While waiting in line, there are some pretty strange, yet welcoming characters. Mothers with vulgar shirts, kids with hair longer (and thicker) than my legs, pentagram shirts everywhere, straightened hair, and a love for brutality- everywhere.

We get inside and the venue is typically bigger, but that night the stage was an extension of the regular stage. This meant the venue was smaller. I hung around in the back with my girlfriend. Normally, I am a pit kind of guy. I go in, throw a few hugs, take a few hugs, then get out and catch my breath behind someone else’s sweaty back. Good times. But that night I was already super tired from school all day, and my girlfriend does not typically go to these kind of shows, so I stayed with her.

The first band “Before You Fall” is a decent band, except when they play live; they were terrible. Everything sounded like mush due to feedback, the clean vocalist was screeching way too high while drumming, and there was a lot of random intense stage presence.

After that disaster was “ERRA” and “Within the Ruins”. Both of these bands killed it, and their vocalists were super ripped! Every time they let out a guttural scream they flexed, and it seemed like even their shirts wanted to fight me!

Then, the moment I was waiting for, “Betraying the Martyrs” came on. I have been a HUGE fan of BTM since their first EP, but I have not seem them live until last Thursday because they are from France. I went berserk, alongside my good friend Ramon. At the last song, Betraying the Martyrs did a “Wall of Death”.

Wall of Death: Separation of the entire front half of the audience, who then all run at each other at the drop of the breakdown.

Ramon, this mexicano delgado, went in. I did not seem him come out.

Afterwards was “Thy Art Is Murder.” The thing is, I thought Thy Art Is Murder was one of those Atheist bands who use pentagrams to be a little heavier.

I was so wrong.

Their vocalist was twitching out like a possessed man, said he was “drawing power” from the audience’s praise, and called out God screaming profanities My girlfriend walked out. Today, I no longer listen to Thy Art Is Murder. I mean, I am Christian, they are Satanic. I can’t get mixed in with that.

Finally, after hours of sore feet, sweaty backs, and a body odor filled atmosphere, Born Of Osiris played.


They were the best band out of all of them and I love them, but they played 8 songs. Each of those songs, was verb long.

We left after song seven to partake in our usual “After Show” tradition-

We pigged out at Denny’s.

Overall, three people dragged out by security, one fight, two people passed out, and some fantastic memories made at the “Tomorrow We Die Alive” Tour.


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Show Review: Black Lips/The Coathangers @ Assembly – 3/25/2014


Sacramento was brought to life with a surge of vociferous energy when Black Lips and The Coathangers rolled through town last night. Those who packed the small venue of the Assembly on K Street went in for a show and came out with an experience.

The night began with the lovely ladies of The Coathangers taking the stage. I had the privilege of seeing them not once, not twice, but three times at SXSW in Austin earlier this month and I was stoked to see them perform in my hometown, to say the least. The moment they got up there, the Atlanta, GA punk-rockers had an electric stage presence. From their matching outfits to their almost-animated movements, these girls are very obviously badass. It’s not surprising they even have stage names: Minnie Coathanger (Meredith Franco) on bass/vocals, Crook Kid Coathanger (Julia Kugel) on guitar/vocals, and Rusty Coathanger (Stephanie Luke) on drums/vocals.


They played a number of oldies and hits off their new record, Suck My Shirt. Raucous numbers like “Follow Me” and “Shut Up” got fist-pumping and head-banging going on in the crowd. Sweeter tunes like “Drive” brought a certain soothing energy over everyone. What’s most impressive about The Coathangers is the versatility of each member of the band. Multiple times during their set, the ladies switched places and played each other’s instruments. Each one also sang and had a very distinctive vocal style, bringing a lot of variety to the music. I wish my fellow Sacramentans would have danced their butts off like these ladies deserved, but we’ll just have to do a better job next time they come around.

People started moving closer to the front of the room as anticipation and a strange cedar incense filled the air. I made the dangerous choice of standing smack dab, front and center for the show, not knowing what I was getting myself into. Die-hard fans to either side of me informed me of the number of times they had seen the Black Lips live and how far they had travelled. A guy behind me asked, “If I dive off the stage, will you catch me?” I laughed. Little did I know what lay ahead… The members of the Black Lips took the stage and all hell broke loose.

I have never seen an audience go as wild as they did for these Atlanta, GA punk-garage-psych rockers. Once the stage diving started a few songs in, there was no end to it. I saw shoes, bottles, and other unmentionable objects thrown on stage as displays of affection, I’m sure. Fans ran on stage to sing with the band only to literally get thrown off by some of the scariest bouncers I have ever seen. That is true devotion right there. I’ve been to punk shows before, but I’ve never been to one like this. And in Sacramento? Who knew.


As for the music itself, the Black Lips could not have been more entertaining. They played a number of songs from their old albums (not enough though according to the enraged fan to my right) and quite a few off their new record, Underneath the Rainbow. Oldies like “Modern Art” and “Family Tree” had fans rowdily singing along, while new material like “Justice After All” was well received. My personal favorite, “Boys in the Wood”, a new one, really captured the overall feel of the band and possibly what direction their music is heading to in the future.

Craziness in the crowd and all, Black Lips and The Coathangers put on a show I will probably remember for the rest of my life. Both bands really know how to make music and put on a show that brings their audience to a level beyond alive. I know Sacramento will be looking forward to their return. Make sure to catch them while they’re still on tour in the U.S. through the beginning of May.

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DJ Constance – Sasha Tokas

DJ Mappquest Interviews Zion I (Again) – January 30th, 2014

So last week I got to see Zion I perform in Sacramento at Assembly.  This comes a year and four months removed from their last visit through, on the ShadowBoxing tour.  After the show I met up with Zumbi and Amplive to ask them a few questions.  NOTE: This is not a verbatim of what they said.  You can listen to the attached copy to hear exactly what was said.  This was slightly edited for it to “make sense”.  The audio is not edited, but it is there in case you want to listen to it.

zumbi-at-assemblyJosh Alvarez Mapp: So how do you feel the reception for ShadowBoxing was?
Zumbi: I think it was good man.  It opened us up to a different fan base.  Took us deeper into the EDM scene a bit.  I think honestly it turned off some hip hop cats because they don’t necessarily mess with that so they left it alone, but it opened us up to EDM which is what happens when you try different stuff, it’s back and forth – it is what it is. [Read more…]

Album Review: “The Masters of Ceremony EP” by Zion-I

Masters-of-Ceremony-EamonA year and almost six months removed from ShadowBoxing and the Shadowboxing tour, Zion-I returns with a small EP, the Masters of Ceremonies. It is, based off what I read, suppose to be a part of a series of a greater project – a string of EPs. These five tracks are all fresh. One of the most refreshing things about Zion-I is their constant ability of putting out conscious hip hop with fresh beats. Every time they release music, it does justice to the genre and should remind everyone of the good in hip hop beyond the stereotypical “booty shaking,” “twerking,” etc. that we hear often today.

Many of these tracks bring back an old school feel that reminds one of the good, ole days of hip hop. Zumbi, as always, does a great job with his flows through all these tracks.  And Amplive brings all the bumpin’ beats you have expected from him.  For those needing a jumping point into this EP, I recommend listening to the track “Supreme” first – the first track of the five on The Masters of Ceremony EP. Danger Zone slaps hard and features 1-O.A.K, is another track I’d easily recommend off the EP. And lastly, Masters of Ceremony is another good track to listen to. [Read more…]