Bluegrass Legend Dead at 88

Earl Scruggs playing banjo

Earl Scruggs, legendary banjo player, died Wednesday morning of natural causes at age 88. Scruggs was a true pioneer, and established bluegrass as a solid genre in mainstream music. Scruggs is known for his unique style of picking and his lasting impression on bluegrass and country music. [Read more…]

Music Review – Bleeding Horse Express

Bleeding Horse Express is a band from Canada that plays “Southern Rock”. They have quite a cool selection of instruments ranging from guitars and banjos to trumpet and trombone. They tend to play blues driven rock all at a moderate to slow tempo. Though these songs are fairly unappealing to me some of their more up tempos songs are quite cool! I enjoyed playing them in both my car and at home. Some of the guitar solos are really impressive as well, and have a very classic old school feel to them. [Read more…]