QuanticoAlright all you Netflix enthusiasts, I’m about to encourage your binge watching habits like never before.

I, like many others, am always on the lookout for new shows. My recent finding is a new series on Netflix called Quantico.

Its basis is located in Virginia as a group of recruits embark upon the training process to become a special agent in the FBI. The top recruits go through a rigorous 21 week training process, both mentally and physically. Each recruit has their own dirty little secrets about their past and their reason for joining the FBI. This intense training process exposes many secrets, but only leads to more questions and confusion. The series of flashbacks provide further background into the mysterious pasts of these individuals as well.

Honestly, this show keeps you on your toes the entire time! Just as you start to think that you’ve figured out one mystery, there is a plot twist that completely derails your train of thought.

The main character, Alex Parrish, lives a life of mystery. She seems to be a good girl who does bad things with good intentions, but there is no way of knowing for sure. Throughout the 22 episode season, viewers are torn between labeling her as good or evil. And as you finish the last episode you are still left wondering.

It has elements for everyone. There is crime, romance, mystery, and comedy all in one episode. And the fact that the entire cast is incredibly attractive is an added bonus to the already intriguing story line.

So the next time you are looking for a good show, I highly recommend watching it. And if you end up watching the whole season in one night, fret not! Season two airs September 25th on ABC! You will not be left in suspense for an extended period of time.