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First of all, let me just welcome all of you DJs to the KSSU Blog. While it may seem intimidating at first, writing a blog is an easy and fun way to earn hours as you can write about anything (so long as it’s school appropriate).

Me? I’m Gabriel. I’m a freshman here at Sac State and am majoring in Journalism. I am mostly an online journalist writing about esports, which are professional video games. In addition to being the Blog Editor for KSSU, I am also a DJ on Fridays from 1-2PM where I run “Penguin’s Playlist”, where I play anything I feel like listening to at that moment in time. I am currently also a staff writer for the campus State Hornet newspaper.

Now that you know a bit about me, let’s go over how to write a blog on our website!

To begin with, we use a platform called WordPress to freely publish our blog on the interwebs. If you don’t already have an account, you can go here to create one.

Congrats! You’re now an official member of WordPress; you have exciting things ahead of you.

Once you create the WordPress account, you will need to email me the email address you used to sign up so I can add you as a contributor to the blog.

The next thing you’ll want to do is head to our homepage, and press the “Write” button in the top right corner.

Once you’re in the editor, you can write away to your heart’s desire! Give your article a title, some content and tags and I’ll take care of the image and publishing it.

Once you’re done writing your article and tagging it appropriately, there should be a “Submit for Review” button where my “Publish” button is. Once you press that, email me saying that you wrote an article as well as the picture you want me to include with your article and I’ll publish it and sign off on your hours after it’s been edited.

That’s all there is to it! Your blog has been published and you are now an official KSSU Blog Writer. Welcome to the club!

Tremaine Album Review

For this heavily anticipated new album Trey Songz comes back with a pretty solid album named Tremaine. Tremaine is an album Trey Songz wanted to show the listeners that he is still one of the best if not the best R&B artist in the game today. Trey Songz expressed in his interview with the Breakfast Club that he named his first track on his album named Playboy because of his current situation with women. He explained that being at the stature that he is in he feels that he can not trust a woman with his heart because, there is always more calling and does not fill the urge to be committed in one relationship.  The interview with the Breakfast Club he discussed his issues with Nicki Minaj and simply put he felt that it was weak on Nicki’s part to get at him for no reason over the allegations claimed in the Shether song. Once the interview was over the anticipation of this album has gone up. There are 15 total songs on this album. I will review the once that are highly recommended to check out and listen to on rotation.

#2 song- Come Over: This song is one of the best songs on this album that brings fans right in to show exactly why Trey Songz is one of the best in his group. A must download with great vibes, hooks, and chorus throughout the whole track.

#5 song- Playboy: A song with context and understanding where Trey Songz is coming from I feel that this song is a great song to listen to in certain moods. I enjoyed the sound the message of the song and Trey Songz delivered well on this track.

#6 song The Sheets…..Still: To me this best song on the album, with how great he switched up his flow and how smooth his voice changed talking about the experience with the woman in the song definitely makes this a favorite song on the album to me.

#10 song 1×1: This song instantly is a summer vibe song that could be a great radio song to play. Nice vibes and high upbeat rhythm to this track makes you want to vibe. Highly recommended song for those looking for a summer jam.

#12 song: What Are We Here For?: One of my favorite songs on the album that is an instant radio play. With the beat and rhythm this is a quality track that will be played a lot more in the summer.

Review Score: 7/10 Very solid album that will be played from time to time.



Untitled-1I’m sitting at my desk, it’s 1 am and I’ve just returned from the bar where I’ve been singing karaoke with a bunch of old friends. The cool air is flowing past from a whole house fan and I’m  listening to my hip hop Pandora station while drinking a large glass of ice water. It’s a good night.

Anyhoo, I’m here to write about Inktober. Created in 2009 by a Mr. Jake Parker, this is something that has been popping up in my social network feeds for awhile now and this coming October will by my first time participating. The premise is simple enough; you draw something once a day for the entire month of October, and place it on one of your social media websites. They aren’t all that particular about which one, but if you’re planning on participating, I’d suggest Twitter as that seems to be the largest following I’ve seen.

Skill really isn’t a factor, but most of the people I’ve seen share their drawings generally know which end of the pen has ink coming out, and also tend to know how to use said pen as well. It ranges from people who are learning to draw and need the practice to people who are basically showing off. The whole point of it is to practice though, so I wouldn’t let the pro’s discourage. Or really ever in anything you do. This is your life, don’t let skilled people intimidate you from doing what you want to do. Everyone was a beginner once.

Also, once you’ve done the deed, (by that I mean drawing your drawing) you’ll want to tag it with a hashtag which is totally a twitter thing, but you can do it on other services as well.



This will allow people to look up inktober submissions and enjoy your artwork!

There are actually a lot of different months like this. The other one that comes to mind is November’s Nanowrimo, where people attempt to write a book in a month. I’ve attempted this one as well and didn’t finish, but I think this year I’ll give it another shot. If I don’t succeed this time, I’ll give it a shot next year. You can also attempt to grow a beard in November for no shave November. There are also 48 hour game making competitions if you’re more of a techy. These guys are great. I’ve been apart of Ludum Dare for a few years now and if you’re into making games, I’ve found few communities I like as much.

When November starts coming up, I’ll attempt to write a book and write another blog post about my attempt as well as a postmortem.

My name is Chris Diel and when I’m not singing karaoke, doing Inktober, attempting to write a book in a month, not shaving for November, developing video games, or programming in general, you can find me at Sacramento State’s only student run radio station KSSU.

Look forward to next week when I release an article on my current progress with my Raspberry Pi, or Linkedin, or something else. I don’t know what I’m going to write about yet, but it’ll be good!

Beautiful Noise, Exquisite Tastes, and Creative Minds: The Complete TBD Fest 2015 Experience

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This past weekend TBD Fest has left a mark of music, art, design, food, and ideas in the city of Sacramento. The festival drew in thousands of diverse people, locals and visitors alike, to experience the unique Sacramento festival that is TBD.

To start off, this weekend was incredible. Everything from the acts to the food was something to look back on. The lineup fit the flow of the weekend; starting Friday off with bang, reaching a pinnacle of epicness on Saturday, and concluding with a sure sense of satisfaction on Sunday       (sorry for the tongue twister).


Festival Grounds

A vital part of any festival is to get a feel of where you will be for the next few days. The first thing to do is find a schedule and a map. They weren’t readily available, but the customer service tent had no problem handing out printed schedules (nothing too fancy, just a print out). Since there was no map, the only option was to explore the grounds.


Having fun with the displays!

The grounds weren’t too vast and the layout was simple: a main stage on opposing sides with smaller stages near them. In between there was the “Rise + Create” space. A vendor village, complete with local vendors selling food, drinks, art, and clothing. All the food and drink being carefully crafted, the clothes being hand-made or hand-pressed, and beautiful pieces of art being created. This section of the festival truly shows the creative and tasteful minds of Sacramento. Near and around the “Rise + Create” space there were some awesome displays. Changing pillars of light, painted pyramids, murals, and the great display by PORTAL SAC. the perimeters of the grounds had the bars and food trucks. The festival even had it’s own giant ferris wheel (which all the proceeds from went to helping those recently affected by the California wildfires). There was a lot to see and do at TBD Fest besides watch the musical acts.


Demolicious Derby

If none of the musical acts were catching your attention or it was just too hot for you to be standing outside, then the “Demolicious Derby” was the place to go! It took place under a shaded tent with a nice patch of grass (I’m assuming so none of the dirt or dust flies into your food). It’s a cook off between two Sacramento chefs of the fine dining scene. They both have to use a certain ingredient. They also have to cook and serve out of a food truck. The food was completely free and completely delicious.

While waiting for the food, festival goers could watch the cooking from a live video feed screened on a large screen outside. The visuals and smells would make the audience even more hungry. Some moves such as adding the spice would make the audience “ooo” and “ahh.” A comedic MC would be hosting the event so it’s not just two dudes cooking food. Attendees would have to partake in both dishes and place their used forks in their respective choices. Both competitors were always good and humble chefs.

A little example of a cook off: both chefs had to use lamb. One made street tacos, but instead of a tortilla, he a used flattened and fried pork bun. The other made a greek style lamb poutine. Drooling yet? We were.


The Music

As mentioned  earlier, each day had a lineup that made a great flow for the weekend. Little disclaimer: I’m not really a big fan of EDM, so I didn’t catch much of the DJ sets.  

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Toro Y Moi

Friday was explosive. The first artist was the band, Cathedrals. With their chill, new wave sound, and heavy bass, Cathedrals gave the crowd something great to vibe to. Then I was able to catch Towkio, Chicago based rapper associated with Save Money and Vic Mensa. Even though the crowd didn’t know the words, Towkio and his DJ were able to pump up the crowd. Head back to the main stage and you would be able to catch the dreamy set of Toro Y Moi. This was one of the artists I was looking forward to watching the most, and they did not disappoint. Playing a good blend of the newest album, What

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Tyler, The Creator

for?, and their older stuff, the set was great. Ty Dolla $ign got the entire crowd dancing or jumping to his songs. The best part of his set was when he pulled out a bass and started groovin out (I didn’t know he could even play instruments). He was even able to stage dive into the crowd during the end of his set. The only EDM set I caught on Friday was some of was RL Grime’s. Playing a heavy trap set for the festival, he had everyone moving. The craziest crowd goes to the set of Sacramento native, Death Grips. The experimental industrial noise rap group made the biggest mosh pit of the weekend, bringing the first big dust cloud into the air. Being in the mosh, I breathed in a little too much dirt. The night ended with Tyler the Creator bringing  energy to the stage. Although he couldn’t bring the visuals he wanted, the set was still crazy. The crowd moshed, jumped, and sang along to the words. It wouldn’t be a Tyler the Creator set without his comedic side comments. The day really set the mood for the rest of the weekend.


Chance the Rapper

Saturday was big. With the longest day of TBD Fest, there was a lot to do. Although the day was spent mostly walking around the grounds, eating, and hanging out, all the musical acts were great. Dark pop duo, ASTR, started the day off for me. They gave an electrifying performance with some heavy bass hits, melodic scales and licks, and some crazy dance moves. I even had the pleasure of interviewing them backstage (interview coming soon, really cool people). Joywave, an electronic indie band, drew one of the larger crowds for the small stages. Before playing, they took time to perfect their sound and it was worth it. The crowd was very responsive with each song and it was awesome to be apart of. Ratatat was one of my favorites for the weekend. The electric guitar duo had holograms and lasers, putting on one of the best visuals for the weekend. Porter Robinson had some nice visuals as well. Although I couldn’t really vibe to the music, he still put on a good show equipped with anime graphics and massive confetti shots. The crowd loved it. I was able to catch the tail end of Magic Man’s set on the opposing small stage. Although there weren’t that many people watching the set, they still gave it their all and ended with their hit, Paris. Chance the Rapper was the main act I was looking forward to for the whole weekend. The set was amazing. He came with his full band, Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment, which made for a much fuller sound. The visuals weren’t top notch, but it didn’t matter because the music and energy put out from the performance was, to me, the best for this weekend. Sing alongs, jumping around, crowd participation, amazing trumpet solos, it had it all. Even though he admit to go out of order of their intended set due to excitement (Chance would become a father two days later) they still made it the best. Saturday had something big for fans of all different music genres.

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Tears For Fears

Sunday was a great way for the weekend to wind down. Up and coming rap/r&b artist (who recently made a song with Kanye West) Post Malone put on a good five song set to start off our day. Although he has blown up due to the success of his hit song, White Iverson, Post Malone still kept it humble, and kept it entertaining. He even performed White Iverson again for his closer, having the crowd sing the entire last verse to closer. After, we were walking and on the nearby small stage, this band O began to play. They were able to keep us and the others for their whole set. They’re an indie band from San Francisco, do check them out. I was sad to have missed Dr. Dog and A Place to Bury Strangers due to attending a Demolicious Derby, but I heard the sets were amazing. Right when we got to A Place to Bury Strangers, the lead singer had just smashed his guitar to end his set. Sad to have missed that, but it was on to the 90’s alt rock band, Dinosaur Jr.! Although they are getting old, they can still play flawlessly. With great

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tunes and heart reaching solos, Dinosaur Jr. had a high-caliber set. After, Black Lips took the smaller stage. This goofy garage rock outfit from Georgia had a really fun set. After some jokes and moshing ensued, it was time for the OG (an older act, usually more famous in the 80’s)  headliner (every festival has to have one amiright?), Tears for Fears! Watching their set was like jumping back into the past, a time where most of the people attending TBD were either not alive or too young to go to a concert. Of course, the crowd sang along to classic hits such as Everybody Wants to Rule the World and their closer, Shout. They even surprised the audience with a slower yet full version of Creep by Radiohead. Madeon electrified the crowd as the last EDM performance of the weekend. I had to jump around a few times for that performance. I wasn’t able to stay, but I heard and read that crowd favorite Chromeo properly wrapped up TBD Fest with their funky tunes.


Closing Remarks

2015-09-22 04.01.12Overall, TBD Fest is a must-go for anyone in Sacramento, the surrounding Northern California area, or anyone in the world that wants to have a good time. Although not as big as famous festivals such as Cochella, TBD Fest is able to provide some of the top acts in music today in a comfortable yet enthralling environment. Everyone from the acts to the volunteers to the workers to the security to everyone else helped make this weekend what it was. It wasn’t just  about the music, but about the local artistic minds and tastemakers coming together to bring entertainment to Sacramento. It’s exactly what this city needs, a positive driving force in today’s creative culture.



Check out our mini Instagram Vlogs of the Festival!

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A Letter of Introduction


Something about the idea of radio is so exciting. That phenomenon when someone in a room with a microphone addressing a wide audience of diverse people from so many different stages in life. That’s the great thing about mass communications, and that is one of the things that first got me interested in radio to begin with.

Who am I, this random person typing letters on a keyboard in the middle of the night? Well, that is what I am here to tell you about. My name is David, and I am a new DJ here at KSSU. I decided to write this post to not only introduce myself, but also my show, which will be airing on Tuesdays at 3:00 PM.

As for me, I am a pretty simple guy, with way too many interests! I was drawn to KSSU last summer when, after discovering that the station existed, I stopped by and realized that anyone could submit an application. So I did just that, and here I am. I am quite excited for the opportunity to work here at KSSU, not only because of the experience it will provide, but because in my 2 weeks here so far, I have already met some amazing people and gained some valuable experience. I also love music, so that helps

What might you be able to expect from my show? Well, that is the question, isn’t it? My show will, without a doubt, be a reflection of me. That is, a variety of topics and genres of music, as well as being a preverbal melting pot of audio content. I personally enjoy almost every kind of music, so that is what the show will attempt to be at its core. I will warn you, however, that my taste in music often shifts to one genre or another, so the difference may be more noticeable between shows, than between songs.

In addition to some killer music, I will also be talking about topics and stories that I find interesting at the time. These topics will likely be in relation to music, movies and TV, as those are things that I heartily enjoy. In addition to those three “staples” I will attempt to not only broaden your horizons, but mine as well. I plan on doing that by delving into topics that I might not normally take an interest in, but that sound exciting, or perhaps simply to satisfy my own curiosity!

I also plan on keeping up on blog posts, as I love the medium and feel like having a blog post for each show is a great way to keep you all up to date with what’s happening here on my show. The music playlists for the show will also be posted somewhere on the internet, as I love having the ability to look up a song that I might not have gotten the name of while listening to a given show.

So hello, and welcome, dear listener! I look forward to an exciting and eclectic semester of radio awesomeness! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them on this post, or tweet me @davidmoore326. Thanks for reading, and I will talk to you soon.

David Moore is  a new DJ with KSSU Sacramento State’s only student run radio station.

30 Rock TV


30 rock was a satirical series that ran from 2006 to 2013, created by Tina Fey(SNL) who plays Liz Lemon, the show is originally inspired by her experiences working on Saturday Night Live. Notable actors include Tracy Morgan(Cop Out, SNL) who plays Tracy Jordan in the show; a crazed yet hilarious actor whose shenanigans could carry the show, Tracy Morgan recently made news after suffering a car crash. Alec Baldwin(Beetlejuice, SNL) who constantly makes the news, but not always in a good way, plays Jack Donaghy the VP of development and Liz Lemon’s boss. Jack is a conceited and powerful man in the series who constantly makes wild claims like God punishing him for having better looking hair. To be perfectly honest he’s actually my favorite character.

Thetgs_480x360 show is centered around the crew making a fictitious show TGS(The Girly Show) a skit driven comedy, which would appear to be a parody of Saturday Night Live. The plot-line of any given episode is usually centered around averting a major catastrophe for a given episode or in some cases the future of the show itself; these take various forms such as actors having major meltdowns, or characters in the midst of existential dilemmas. The series is pretty easy going, where you can pick up at any given episode, and enjoy it without having to be well acquainted with the overarching plot-line established in earlier episodes. Normally this is where I would try to compare this show with another so you could have some sort of basis to judge whether you want to watch it, but much like the cheese I believe this one stands alone. While the problems that arise are meant to be life altering decisions that are not something normally taken lightly, the show never feels too serious.

I was pretty sad when this show ended, but it did have an excellent series finale. I would give it a 10/10


If you enjoy reading about things, you’re in luck as I happen to enjoy writing about things. Below you will find a list of random topics to choose from.

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I’m DJ Good Deal and when I’m not watching movies or studying you can find me on KSSU doing my best to provide the masses with an eclectic listening experience with my show Zombie Patrol. UTC -8 (don’t worry there aren’t any Zombies, I hope).


Do you get excited when you hear electronically tweaked beats?  Do you enjoy your dub step dark and sexy?  Do you want to hear a female vocalist accompanied by some eerie dub step?  Well then get your copy of Emika.  Ema Jolly, born in Britain, provides sexy-dark vocals that can entice a listener and funky beats that can lure a dancer.  Emika definitely has swag.  You should listen to her recent album: Emika, check her website: and add her on Twitter: @emikatwit. [Read more…]