Rock Band: Five Years of Experiencing a Game Franchise That Rocks (Part I)

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Where were you in November 2007?  For many gamers (if not all), they started experiencing a game that would later become one of the best franchises ever put out by a gaming studio called Harmonix.  On November 20th, 2007, a game called Rock Band came out, which expanded on the guitar game play from their previous work on Guitar Hero and combined additional elements, such as drums and vocals.  In celebration of its fifth anniversary, I’m writing about my experiences playing a most beloved game series in the form of a two-part blog feature.  Part I will start from the time when I first heard of the game and will cover from the beginning and all the way through my experiences with LEGO Rock Band and The Beatles: Rock Band.

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Gorillaz: End of an Era

Approximately 15 years ago, two roommates were sitting on the couch in their Westbourne Grove apartment, watching MTV.  The two men were disgusted by what they saw, hot girls in skimpy outfits and cocky men driving next year’s luxury car model.  Nothing substantial, nothing meaningful, just a bunch of shallow “artists” and material possessions.  These two men then hatched a plan to make a mockery of it. [Read more…]