Album Review: Biffy Clyro – “Opposites”

2009 saw the breakthrough (everywhere but in America, that is) of the Scottish alternative band Biffy Clyro with their acclaimed album Only Revolutions. Following 3 1/2 years of touring and recording the band has released the long-awaited double album follow-up, Opposites.biffy-clyro-opposites-cover-reveal

Fans of the last two studio albums are surely rejoicing, while some long time fans may be hesitant give this one a go. 

Regardless, thanks to the help of YouTube I have heard the new album almost two months before it’s US release and have discovered that there is a little something for everybody here.

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Song Review – Living With Giants “The Moment We Escaped”

I’m not going to lie. This radio gig certainly has it’s perks. I land interviews with my heroes, I get on the guest list for shows, and I occasionally get some swag.  Recently a band I adore, Living With Giants, contacted me to check out an upcoming song of theirs and write about it. Not only is this a new perk, this is an honor.


It has been a long while since I have heart new recorded material from the band and I was very exited when the band asked for my thoughts on the demo version of the upcoming single.

The full review and a sample of the track after the jump…

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Interview – Phil Demmel of Machine Head

Phil Demmel is a guitarist that I have looked up to for quite some time. Demmel is the lead guitarist of one of my favorite bands, Machine Head, and I has been a massive influence my my musical writing style.


Demmel is also a massive inspiration to me for a very different reason. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a heart condition called vasovagal syncope. Around this some I just happened to listen to Machine Head’s 2007 album, The Blackening, and found comfort in it. As I stewed in my own depression surrounding the difficulties of dealing with my heart condition, videos of Phil fainting on stage began to surface on YouTube. Machine Head would soon announce that Demmel’s condition was the same as mine.

Discovering that one of my musical heroes shared my condition made it much easier to deal with it. I had wanted to talk with Phil about it ever since.

On November 26, I got my chance to talk with him about the band’s recent tour difficulties, the band’s recent free agent status, and our heart condition.

Read and Listen to the full interview after the jump.

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Album Review: Vuvuzala – “The Hollow Choir”

Vuvuzela is a New York based band that warms my black heart. They rose from the ashes of a chaotic indie band I adored called Kiss Kiss and thankfully retain the weirdness that the former band carried.


Over a year ago I contributed my first $10 to a fund-raising effort on KickStarter. This project was the attempt to fund the recording of Vuvuzela’s EP, “The Hollow Choir.” The band succeeded and in the time since then, I bugged the hell out of the band about the recording and kept an eye on their progress. I was often given vague responses which made it almost frustrating to read things like “Recording percussion today for our almost finished album! Cabasa, Guiro and Vibraphone Oh My!” and ” One of the most unfulfilling things you can do is record an entire album, listen to it 30x in your car, and then not release it for months!!” on the band’s twitter over that year. I wanted to hear whatever this beautiful monster was going to be as time went on, so being so secretive certainly helped to build hype and excitement in me.

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Interview – Gil and Rani Sharone of Stolen Babies

I recently had the opportunity to interview world renowned drummer Gil. Giland is a member of Stolen Babies, a former member of Dilinger Escape Plan, and a contributer to Puscifer (Maynard of Tool’s side project). When we were able to chat Gil informed me that his brother, and fellow Stolen Babies member/pucifer contributer, Rani was also able to talk. Unbeknown to Gil, Rani is one of the most influential musicians to my personal musical growth, so I was unbelievably stoked to talk with them both.

The three of us discuss their various projects (Puscifer, Dilinger Escape Plan, etc), their first band, the episode of Full House they appeared in, their relationship with Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez, the new album Naught, and much much more.

Hear the Full interview after the jump…
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