Linda’s Chicago Style Pizza

Linda3So I found myself at a “Chicago Style” pizza place in citrus heights, you can find Linda’s located on Greenback near sunrise. GPS should be able to find it or the internet if that lets you down. Anyway, this was my first time eating at a Chicago style pizza place, but I love to try new things so I was very excited about it. The staff were extremely friendly, and the pizza came out in a giant round metal pan.

The Pizza itself looked like a mix between a casserole and a flat pizza that I would be used to, the cheese cakes the bottom of the crust while the sauce meat and vegetables are on top. After getting used to the idea of eating a piece of pizza with a fork I dug in to a very unique experience. It really didn’t feel like eating a pizza like I would be used to; the Chicago style pizza felt more like an open faced pot pie in a lot of ways. The first fork full of pizza was basically all sausage which generally i’m all for, any way we can get more meat involved in the pizza experience is a plus for me.

By the time I finished my first slice of pizza I was nearly full, which is just an odd thing to happen. I love pizza, truly love the stuff and i’ve never felt full after one slice before. Of course this is a completely different experience, but all the same it is an odd feeling. Another thing that got me was that I didn’t feel like I was eating a pizza, of course all the components are there but like I mentioned earlier this feels much closer to eating a pot pie then it does eating a flat-bread pizza. I’m not entirely sure why it feels so different, after all the ingredients should be more or less the same, but it’s not just the process of eating the pizza but the taste too. I’m guessing this is in part from having the sauce on top of the pizza.

Everything considered this may not be my preferred form of pizza, but I certainly enjoyed it and very well may go again. Linda

My name is Chris Diel, and i’m a DJ for KSSU

Gary Clark, Jr. “Blak and Blu” Album Review

Blak and Blu

It came from the south and spread to cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Detroit. Now Gary Clark, Jr. is bringing the blues back to Texas. This state is home to some legendary blues guitar players such as Albert Collins, Lightning Hopkins, Johnny Winter, but most notably and more well known to the casual fan, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Clark was found by Vaughan’s older brother, Jimmy, and he became big around the Austin, Texas scene before achieving more notable success. Clark lives up to that standard and then some on his new offering. This is the follow up to his smash EP, “The Bright Lights EP.”

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The Trip

Aw the epic cross country trip, the American dream, wide open skies, nothing but the road and music blasting. That’s what I lived. Not many people can say they were in Berkeley California one Saturday, and then be in New Jersey the next, no plane involved. This epic car ride, ultimately Sacramento on Tuesday, Baltimore Sunday was a test among tests, and it was well worth it. [Read more…]