Surviving The Devil’s Anvil: Staying Motivated & Healthy Until Graduation

As of April 12th, 2017, spring graduates are just about a month away from graduating from Sac State and either entering entering the job market or heading to graduate school. It seems like just yesterday, we were entering our freshman year here at Sac State or just transferring from our community college. Now, we’re just about to call ourselves alumni of this great university.


But don’t get too ahead of yourself, fellow graduate as we got a almost a month or so left to survive. That means that final or that late in the semester midterm could still make its mark on those final grades and if those final grades aren’t good enough, you may be having an extended stay at good ol’ 6000 J Street. Do not fear for you are not alone! For you, I have some advice on how you can survive what will possibly be the longest four or so weeks of our lives.


  1. Stay On Top Of Your Assignments & Study Well


You’re probably feeling the same senioritis that you were feeling in high school some time ago. Your motivation is probably slowly dwindling and your mind seems to float away in those early morning lectures. It may seem that your body and mind can’t take anymore of these factors and just wants to break down, but you’re a strong person and have the ability to keep pushing on. Allow yourself an hour or two each day to keep up on your reading and homework each night. I know having work, meetings, or a social life can interfere with this time, but even the smallest of commitment to some studying can make your grades survive the final push through the semester.


  1. Get Some Sleep & Eat Well


It may be hard to not stay up so late, but to feel revitalized for the upcoming commencement and summer season, it may be a good thing to get some adequate sleep and some good nutrition along the way. Instead of all of those all-nighters and sleepless nights (less than five hours of sleep), jump into the sheets and count some more sheep and shoot for six to eight hours of shut eye. It will allow your body to get that energy it deserves and keep you going strong through the day.


To accompany that sleep, try to get some healthier grub into your stomach as well. I understand that as college students, we don’t have the capital that can get us the freshest foods and healthiest ingredients, but it is still possible to make it work. Try to get some fruits and vegetables into your system and get some of those key vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Try to skip out on a panda bowl in the union and enjoy a delicious whole wheat sandwich with an apple as a lunch. Your body will feel more energized as you make your way through these last few weeks of classes.


  1. Get Some Exercise


Something some of us dread is a nice workout; something to get us off of our behinds and making our hearts pump a little bit. However, getting a little exercise can be therapeutic and serve as a break from the stress of exams, homework, and big term papers. Exercise doesn’t mean lifting heavy weights or running miles on end, but even a stroll through the park, a midtown bike ride, or even a swim can count as some exercise. Just 15-60 minutes of exercise a day can make the case and as someone who exercises on the daily, it contributes to my days being a little less stressful. Though it may sound dreadful, take the stairs, take a stroll around campus, or get your gym clothes and head for the Well.


  1. Enjoy Yourself


We’re in the twilight of our college careers and that time is quickly coming to an end as our final semesters is coming close to ending. Enjoy it while you can. Gather your closest friends and take some time to appreciate the moment. Go one a night out on the town and enjoy the company of your friends. Go on a hike, to a ballgame, or enjoy a board game night in your apartment, house, or dorm. We won’t get this time back so make the best of it all while you can.
As graduation looms, we will be leaving the comfort of our fellow Hornets and try to find a career or opportunity for higher education. We will join fellow alumni into making a difference in the world. However, until we walk the commencement floors and earn our final grades, we must stay strong, stay healthy, stay on track, and enjoy life. Congratulations on reaching this point and good luck with the rest of your semester! Stingers, up

Board on the Blog: Meet Taylor Myers!

taylor-1-webWith a larger-than-normal personal space bubble and an empowering view on the world, Taylor Myers breaks the mold in many aspects of her life. Not only is she a female conquering the male dominated field of Engineering as a Civil Engineering major at Sacramento State, but she also represents her classmates and peers as the ASI Director of Engineering and Computer Science, or ECS for short.

Upon swearing in to her not so new position on the ASI Board of Directors, Taylor got straight to work within improving resources and connections with her students. “I would like to be a resource for all of my constituents.  A resource they feel comfortable talking to about their experiences, so that I can represent them to my best ability,” Taylor mentions. Her work ethic and commitment to addressing the needs of her students is a strong quality of Taylor’s.

Although Taylor is a tremendous student advocate, she’s also an all-around great person to surround yourself with. Her obsession with Taco Bell and her commitment to never using swear words makes her a pretty darn good influence (I mean who doesn’t like a cheesy gordita crunch every now and then, right?)

To reach her ultimate personal goal of being a successful design engineer and/or construction manager, Taylor has laid out some of her future targets she hopes to hit. A short-term goal of Taylor’s is to obtain an FE certification (Fundamentals of Engineering) as well as a CCM certification (Certified Construction Manger).  One of her noteworthy long-terms goals is to obtain a Masters in Science with a focus in environmental engineering on top of earning a PE (Professional Engineer) license and a GE (Geotechnical Engineering) license.

If she could leave one legacy here at Sacramento State, it would be in the Geo-Challenge team on campus. “It a small group that often gets over looked, I have worked really hard to change that and I hope that the work is recognized and continued after I am gone.”

Her favorite quotation is, “I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” –Ayn Rand.

Taylor is always trying something new and hoping to travel to new place and to gain new experiences. She might bite her nails when she’s nervous, and she might not get the words right when singing a song, but she sure is a powerful young lady that is working hard to make a difference.

If you would like to get involved with the work that Taylor is doing on the ASI Board of Directors, feel free to reach out to her via email at or visit her during her weekly office hours! She is here to be support ECS students.

Stay posted on Taylor’s work throughout the year by liking her facebook page “ASI Engineering and Computer Science Director or by looking at the ASI website





Another example of the Socioeconomic divide: I Want to Quit

Untitled-1As a senior, I should not even be in this class, but like a dingus, I took a class with mostly freshman. On top of that, a communications class. To give you a better idea of my place in this classroom, peep this: the teacher asked me on the first day, “Why are you here? You’re a senior.”

We were having a conversation about capitalism’s role in our lives, and got onto the subject of college students doing the balancing act that is work and homework. He had mentioned before that he helped his daughter through college and had also mentioned that he recently helped her buy a condo in L.A.–she is 35 now. This little tidbit left a bad taste in my mouth. This guy seems to favor entitlement, but he is an honest guy and I look forward to his class. Back to capitalism he caught me off-guard by making a divisive assertion where he insisted that students should not have to work during college. “It is just too hard. You do not get the full value of what you are paying for.” I. Went. In. On. Him.


“You’re justifying your lifestyle to yourself. We should tax the rich so that education is free for everyone.”–Professor

It made me so mad, I mean I am all about making education cheaper. I’m also all about addressing the income gap, but really, students shouldn’t work?

“Your parents are responsible for you. They should pay for everything while you are in school. It is their job to help you through.”

I don’t think so. I just don’t. Just because you have kids, do you really have to subsidize their education? That is what I would want to do, but once I learned my parents couldn’t help (at least consistently), I did not have the gusto to ask them why. I just knew that it was something that they could not do, and to beg is to let valuable time slip past you that you can use to take accountability for your life.

I left class not feeling satisfied with my position. I felt like I got so defensive that something else was driving my comeback.

I’m burnt out. The job, the friends, my radio show, my research class, my boyfriend, my family, assigned reading….EVERYTHING. It is not that I do not enjoy these things. The pressure to be well-rounded has driven me to take on new experiences, but what does it all mean if I am tired all the time?

I don’t remember the last time I read a book (assigned or for fun).

I am tired.

I have become capitalism’s little b*tch.

I want to be a kid again.


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Top 5 Most Irritating Habits of College Students


Now in my 8th and (for now) final year of college, I’ve spent enough time in classrooms and around my peers to notice that some of them are completely inconsiderate, rude, entitled people. Granted, this can be said of any group of people. But there are some things that specifically college students do that I just haven’t observed in others. Now that the semester is nearly over and I’ve got some free time, I’ve compiled the top 5 most irritating, rude, and obnoxious behaviors of college students. Hopefully this post can serve as a public service announcement, and someone, somewhere, will learn something.

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Who Says You Don’t Have Time to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows?

By: Joanne Serrieh

From personal experience, I can say that college students rarely have time to watch TV because of the crazy schedules that we have. We’re usually running from one class to another, then we go to work, then do homework and study, then possibly have a little spare time to eat, drink and sometimes we actually get some sleep! How many times have you heard about a new TV show premiering soon and in the back of your mind you are hoping to fit in sometime to watch it? I know this has happened to me many times and usually I ended up watching a few episodes here and there but I rarely watched a whole season. I eventually found a way to deal with this dilemma. Just how I set aside some of my time for shopping, the gym or what ever else I try to do during the little free time that I have, I usually set aside my Fridays (or at least parts of my Fridays) for catching up on some of my favorite TV shows.

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