Social Remediation

social media 2

Do you have a Facebook account? How about Twitter? Instagram? Google+? LinkedIn? There are dozens of online social networks not mentioned in this list, but no matter where you plug in, social media is everywhere. It’s an important part of today’s culture and is increasingly popular among the generation of youths that have been exposed to it since early childhood. Social media is a huge part of every day life, and even business for many adults. While applications like Facebook provide previously-unavailable opportunities to connect with distant friends and relatives and incredibly easy ways to share photos and other media with friends, it may also be contributing to a shift in the way humans communicate and relate to each other.

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When Being Social Makes You Suffer


Are you overly social to the point of your studies suffering? While attending school there are several distractions that can cause you to become easily off topic. The main one is being over-social. Although, this may not be the topic for everyone, majority would agree. Being overly social can definitely affect your study habits.

I am a very energetic, fun going person; sometimes can be seen as the light of a crowd. I love to be around friends and the practice of leisure is what I do best. However, I am a very focused and driven person as well. Balancing the two disciplines from time to time have conflict interchanging. For instance, when approached with the choice of having the whole weekend off to myself to study, blog and catch up on homework is always a great plan/idea but has yet to follow through. The actuality of the fact is I am either going to seek tasks to distract me or I’m not going to hesitate in indulging in the distraction. Here’s a sample conversation in my present life:

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Commitment in college relationships

How is it that people go through countless days in college without ever entering into a relationship. Its easy, they don’t commit. Attempting to enter in a committed relationship at the college is nearly impossible nowadays. Its a funny concept, they say that you’ll meet you best friends in college, your future employers, and your potential mates. The first two make perfect sense and have little to no complications to them, I cannot say the same about finding your potential mate though. Relationships in college are difficult. [Read more…]