The Weeknd: My Dear Melancholy,

The Weeknd just dropped his latest musical project titled My Dear Melancholy, which comes out just in time for his headlining performance at Coachella weekend. The EP’s title shows a possible message towards Tesfaye’s former lover Selena Gomez, with whom Tesfaye had a tumultuous relationship. There are many points being made that the title of songs, the lyrics, and the timing of the release refer to Selena Gomez.

This latest release shows a change from the more pop-centric sounds that we are known to hear from The Weeknd, yet keeps the style seen on Starboy. The sound, in general, keeps a darker R & B sound while keeping a similar style to the Daft Punk produced tracks.

The opening song Call Out My Name sets the tone with lyrics such as “I helped you out of a broken place,” which is possibly a reference to former girlfriend Gomez dealing with a breakup and dealing with Lupus. Then goes on to say “Falling for you was my mistake” which reflects the hurt that The Weeknd felt. The song is currently number 4 on the Billboards top 100.

Tracks like Hurt You have a similar sound to Starboys’ I Feel It Coming and it makes sense. Gessalfelstein and Daft Punk are often collaborators in music, we noticed this in the production credits for YEEZUS album. The sound seems like a transition from The latest album and Tesfaye’s first mixtape.

Every track from the EP is charting on the Billboard top 100 and there is no doubt as to why. Every song delivers a hit with a range of emotions such as regret, anger, sadness, and acceptance.  The production speaks as much as Tesfaye’s words and the credits on this EP include Mike Will Made it, Skrillex, Guy Manuel (Daft Punk), Nicolas Jaar, Frank Dukes, and Gesalfellstein.



Pharrell GIRL Album Review

pharrell girl

Pharrell Williams had a historical year in 2013 and now he is coming back in 2014 guns blazing. It all started with the pairing that included himself and Daft Punk on Daft Punk’s newest album Random Access Memories in 2013. Then he got his fingerprints on Robin Thicke’s catchy and unforgettable single “Blurred Lines.” Now he has his own solo album called GIRL coming out and it surely will be a Summer Kick Off album.

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Oh Sochi…


Oh Sochi, how I love and hate you.  You’re filled with the glory of victory and the bitterness of defeat.  Though, now that I really think about it, I really just pretty much hate you.  Why?  You remind me of past relationships and the lessons I’ve learned from them.  Let’s ignore the fact that you last for only 16 days (already, that’s almost equivalent to half of my relationships growing up).  But, let’s just break it down.

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True Wubwubwubwub, or How To Pick Up EDM Chicks


Follow these tips, and possibly win the heart of the wubbly girl you like!

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The Questlist (Dance, October 2013)

GMC 2013So last night, on October 12th, I had the pleasure of DJing at an event out in Oakland.  This was the first time a lot of my good friends have seen me DJ since I’ve immersed myself more and more into music.  As with many of the gigs I get where I have free reign to play whatever I want, I tend to drop a few experimental songs to see how the people respond.

Since March of this year, I have delved deeper into dance music, and just anything upbeat that I can groove to.  So to all my friends, and everyone else, here are some of the remixes and mash-up’s that make me just want to dance, stomp, clap, and everything else.  Enjoy: [Read more…]

Upvote Joe’s Ideal Concert

My ideal concert would be held in Athens Concert Hall on New Year’s Eve. To open the performance, Daft Punk would debut a 15-minute mix of their most popular tracks. As their set closes down, Incubus arrives to play their hits such as “Drive” and “Pardon Me,” as well as covering old-school rock songs.

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This week on Traffic Jams

Like always on Traffic Jams, I talked about a bunch of interesting things that were big in the news, including the whole Justin Bieber-baby mama drama-scandal, the upcoming Twilight film Breaking Dawn, and even an article on Yahoo listing the top 10 Dirtiest Cities. And of course, I have the links on the Traffic Jams Facebook (Yes, It’s hyper-linked) for you to check out, if you haven’t already! [Read more…]