Top o’ the Mornin’!

It’s a no brainer when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day ’round my parts… ALL THINGS IRISH. 

I am of Scotch-Irish blood, so naturally, I celebrate this green gathering.  While visiting Ireland last summer, I learned that St. Patrick’s Day is not a day of debauchery, drinking, and pinching, but it is rather a day of religious observance for the Saint Patrick.

***Quick History Lesson:  He was born in Britain, taken captive by Irish raiders and held as a prisoner/slave for over 10 years.  Upon his escape, he returned to Britain, became a priest, and was summoned back to Ireland on a quest where he converted most of the Pagan culture to Christianity.  Patrick is rumored to have died on March 17, which is where his observance was born.  [And how we made it into an international LET’S-GET-BOMBED day, I’ll never understand.]

My St. Patrick’s Day tradition consists of cooking up the famous corn beef and cabbage meal that was more popularly consumed by wealthy Irish.  It has become a pretty mainstream dinner for most of us who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, including myself, but I do it anyway.  Prior to my European vacation, I would pair my meal with a frothy Guinness in honor of my ancestors; however, after having tried a fresh Guinness straight from the Motherland, never again will I consume a Guinness anywhere else BUT the Emerald Isle.  [I promise you, there is a HUGE difference!] So until then, Jameson – straight up – will have to do.

And as for the obligatory WEARING GREEN:  I have a tattoo of three four-leaf clovers on my right foot, so no pinching for this gal! [In addition, I have green eyes, but that never seemed to make a difference when it came to the pinching game.]

As the Irish say in Gaelic… Sláinte! =)

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Plans for Valentine’s Day?

Every year on Valentine’s Day I plan to have a friend date, take myself out on a date, or attend events on campus. However, this Valentine’s Day was different. I did not have time to plan anything with friends or attend events on campus because I had to go to class that entire day. So I made a plan to bring love to my job the next day on Friday.

If some of you are not familiar with Love Your Body Week, it is a special week that happens every year during the week of Valentine’s Day. If you go to The Well often, you would have seen post-its with pictures and quotes on mirrors and windows aiming towards boosting self-confidence. My assumption is that The Well does this to help individuals ignore the way that they look and think about how important their presence is to others, and bringing awareness to loving one’s own body. We all come in different shades, sizes, and shapes and we are all beautiful. It is okay to be reminded that self-love is the best kind of love.

With that being said, I went to work on Friday and shared love to everyone I interacted with. My job has a dessert station that I work at and I wrote quotes on the glass that surrounds my dessert . I wrote “Love Your Body”, “Good Vibes”,”Nothing is Sweeter Than Your Love” (which was a quote suggested by one of my customers so I put his initials underneath the quote) and I put up a “Free Hugs” sign.

The idea of writing the quotes was to bring happiness and self-love to individuals who did not attend The Well this week. The sign stating that I give free hugs was for students who had a long or rough week and needed a hug. Sometimes hugs are needed after a long week.

A lot of people had a date or a Valentine this week, some had neither, and some had exams and assignment deadlines. What a bummer.

My plan this week was to make at least one person smile, but as it turns out I made many people smile and feel good about themselves. It felt great to make people feel good about themselves and get them in a good mood after a long week of school. That way their weekend can start and end positively to prepare for the next week.

It is important to me that everyone had a good week. Some advice I could give is this: If you like a person, like them; if you want to speak to someone, speak to them; if you want to eat something, delicious go for it; if you want to go to the gym to flex your muscles in the mirror, do it; if you want to call your friends or loved ones, do it. Do something adventurous and fun this weekend, as long as it makes you happy.

Remember to love your bodies every day and that you are always loved by someone, especially Sparky!

April Fools Day


Truthfully, I was never one to pay much attention to April fools day. It is not a day I dread, fearing lame jokes or hoax announcements from various companies. Nor do I look forward to the day like Spongebob. Some of the announcements are absolutely ridiculous. For example, this year Duolingo, a free language learning site, announced a language learning pillow that promises to teach you a language as you sleep. That would be fantastic if it were real. Some companies announce sequels to their programs, games, or shows, leading the entire internet into a healthy skepticism for 24 hours. Given my gullibility one would think that I would loath this day. Instead I chuckle at the jokes and move on.

I fell for my first April Fools day prank this year thirty minutes before the actual start of April Fools. Someone on Reddit posted that the anime studio Pierrot announced the release of Tokyo Ghoul season three. Unlike many people who would scream at the prospect of a new season of a show, I had, and expected everyone else who was a fan of the series to have, a visceral reaction. The second season of Tokyo Ghoul was one of the most atrocious pieces of trash to enter our eyes. The studio completely ignored the author Sui Ishida’s draft, making the story nonsensical. The Animation went from okay in the beginning to so horrid by the end that some of the characters movements were not even animated and they slid across the screen. I was surprised then to see excitement and praise in the tread. Granted, as little faith that I had for the quality of a new season I knew that I would watch the series because I am a loyal fan of the original manga. But as I scrolled down the river of praise I suddenly realized that it was, for me, April Fools Eve. The original poster must have been in a time zone ahead of me.

My favorite joke however was the Legend of Zelda movie trailer in 2008. Even then I saw the mixing of Ocarina of Time monsters and Twilight Princess monsters as odd but I brushed it off. I also realized that, although the film looked good, Link’s outfit on a real person is ridiculous. Rewatching the trailer now I laugh at how hard I fell for this prank. It was only at then end when the film teased coming “April 1, 2009” That I realized I had been shmakledorfted. A quick splash of shame followed by laughter was the extent of my humiliation, which I now look back on with more laughter.

I find nothing exceptional about April Fools day, like Christmas or even Halloween. But if people collectively try to make funnies and a few of them make me laugh or embarrass me a smidge, then it is alright.

Tex on KSSU he talks and stuff.

Father’s Day Gift Shopping

To help make things easier, here’s a few websites I found to help you out in this week’s last minute “crap I forgot my father, the other half of why I exist.”

If those ideas don’t help.  I don’t know what will.  If all else fails, like a good child, you should know where your dad likes to shop/go/[insert location/action here].  Go to stores like that, look around, and your path will eventually be enlightened.  The product you notice and think, “This is perfect” will illuminate with the radiance of heaven.  If you shop for it, it will come.  Good luck, and don’t let him down.  Statistically 40% of children forget to buy a gift for dad.  Be apart of the 60%.  Do the right thing.