Songs I Wish I Could Play On Air, If Only The FCC Let Me :'(

Let’s face it.  If you listen to a genre mainly associated with sex, drugs, alcohol, partying, and other such debauchery,  there are going to be a few songs that censorship just won’t take care of.  Although the majority of Electronica is instrumental or includes minimal lyrics,  every now and then you will come across something that is even TOO party rock for internet airwaves.  Here’s a list of songs that you will never (but should be able to) hear on my show:

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Music Review: “MDNA” by Madonna

There is absolutely nothing new here.

The track titles, the beats, the lyrics, the production, everything has been done before.

So how come this is such a captivating album?

Well, first of all, it’s Madonna we’re talking about.  “MDNA” is simply another one of her evolutions that she has undergone to stay in the public eye, and yet, it’s actually somewhat good.  The thing about Madonna is that she is ALWAYS trying to stay “hip”, yet she never looks like a poser doing it.  Maybe this is the same sorcery that is keeping her looking great at the age of 53, by which point most women would’ve long traded their metallic leotards for high-waisted sweatpants and a sweater from their oldest child’s college.  Now, I don’t know how she does it–for all I know, she could be slaughtering unicorns and drinking their silver blood in the dead of night–but you gotta admire her persistence and ability to stay strong in the industry for so long. [Read more…]

So You Wanna Be a Party Rocker…A Guide to Zebra-Print pants and Shufflin’

I’m surprised there isn’t one of these already, and yet, when I investigated last, no one had a step-by-step guide to how to Party Rock.  There’s gotta be a demand for it; LMFAO turned from a semi-obscure group to an International sentation and trend-setting phenom literally overnight with their release of “Party Rock Anthem”.

Party Rock could easily be the next big craze in subcultures, at least style-wise.  Since the release of the album “Sorry For Party Rocking” last year, stores everywhere are packed with brightly-colored animal print clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.  In the last 3 months, I’ve been able to get my hands on a gold leopard print skirt, turquoise leopard print leggings, and just about everything zebra.  But Party Rock goes beyond just animal print pants being out of control.  If you really wanna party rock, follow these simple steps [Read more…]

My Playlist for Valentine’s Day.

I like to think I’m date-able; that I’m cute, funny, charismatic, interesting, intelligent, and that my body’s not bad either.

But for some odd reason, I am always, ALWAYS alone on Valentine’s Day.

I mean, I guess it’s not really my fault.  Any other time of the year there is a good chance I have a man.  But I’ve never had a relationship ON Valentine’s Day.  Maybe it’s just bad luck, or maybe it’s a sign of something else.

But who cares about February 14th, anyway?  All it does is guilt guys into spending money on their women who are never quite satisfied with the way the day turns out anyway.  Think about it.  How many times have you heard, “That was the best Valentine’s Day ever!”  Very rarely.  Things always go wrong because people are always pressured to make things extra special, when all it is is yet another chance for businesses to get back into the black. [Read more…]

Album Review: Attack Attack! “This Means War”

It’s funny how I came across this band…I was cruising  iTunes and browsing the Breathe Carolina discography.  Under “Listeners Also Bought…” was Attack Attack!’s self-titled album.  Usually I never give that section a second glance, but this time I took a chance on this one…mainly because the name seemed so hyper-destructive and demonically fun.  I listened to about two previews and was immediately hooked.  My first download was “Shut Your Mouth”,  an electronic track that showcases none of Attack Attack!’s capabilities as a Screamo band.  Nevertheless, I got it with every intention of playing it on my show this Wednesday at 4pm PST (feel free to tune in!).  But the rest of their discography could not be ignored.  As I delved further into the far-from-soothing sounds of Attack Attack! I discovered much more than a poorly-produced, subculture-driven group trying to sell exclusively to “emo” audiences.  I was pleasantly surprised to unearth Christian themes, addictive synthesizer and keyboard hooks, and melodies seemingly uncharacteristic to most Screamo/metalcore music. [Read more…]

Movie Review: Hugo

“What’s this movie about again?”  my friend asked me at the ticket booth of the theatre.

I bluntly replied, “It’s about a hobo kid in a train station” and then laughed nonchalantly.

But in fact, this movie is much more than the misadventures of a homeless kid living in Paris’ Gare du Nord (Northern Railway Station).  No, this is a film of romance, mystery, family, and historical technology.  Fascinating as it is French-artistic, “Hugo” will leave you satisfied. [Read more…]

“Salad Fingers” Review

Salad Fingers and his "brother" Kenneth

This weekend was a bizarre one.  It wasn’t that much happened out of the ordinary–I hung out in the dorms, attended a party or two, drank too much soda, texted excessively–but there is always that feeling in the air that something is off on the days leading up to Halloween.  I don’t know if anybody else feels it, but it’s almost as if I sense a disturbance in the universe. [Read more…]

Damon Albarn Has a Band-Forming Addiction

He’s the man behind Gorillaz and Blur, the one who writes about a billion songs a day, each with near-unwavering quality. He’s the man who has released more music than Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyoncé combined, and is still nearly unheard. He’s the man with more talent in one skin cell than most people have in their whole family.  He is Damon Albarn.

The man. The legend.  The object of my constant gushing.

The man. The legend. The object of my constant gushing.

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