3 Ways Dreamers Can Become Doers

Want to see your dreams become a reality? Keep reading. I’ve always been a dreamer. I would daydream in classes that I was accepting an award for a television show, or that I was getting interviewed by Ellen. I didn’t realize until recently that being a dreamer isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just needed to figure out a way to become a doer. Over the years, I have learned to take big dreams, make a plan, and put it into action. I will share my three secrets to become a doer. 

1. Take big dreams and think smaller 

You read that right. It’s time to make your big dreams and make them smaller. This does not mean to stop dreaming big! All you need to do is think about a plan with smaller steps to achieve the bigger plan. For instance, if you want to save $1,000 in a year – you need to save around $20 a week. Look how easy that was! If you think smaller, big dreams don’t look that big anymore. Here’s another example, if you want to hit 10K on Instagram – start by reaching 1,000 first. Then, go from there. *NOTE: The most important thing about this tip is to make sure you can reach the smaller goals. If you don’t give yourself attainable goals  – you will give up faster! Whenever you hit a smaller goal, you will feel more inspired to keep going! Trust me. Recently, my parents tried dieting and exercising and started to lose weight. As soon as they saw the weight change on the scale  – it inspired them to keep going. They have both lost over 40 pounds and I couldn’t be more proud. 

2. Do research, then make a plan

I dread the word research, but I promise it isn’t as bad as it sounds. When I wanted to become a TV host at age 13-years-old, I started to do research on Oprah. I was pleasantly surprised to see she started in radio and has a very humble background. This was really refreshing to me. Hard work does payoff! It’s not just a phrase. Everyone reached their goals somehow. You may not reach your goals the same way, but it’s inspiring to see that it’s possible! No dream is too big. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that. Just make a plan to implement. If you need your degree  – finish it! If you need money – save it! If you need time – make time for it. Anything is possible, the sky isn’t the limit (you are). Only you can set a limit on your dreams and the future outcome. 

3.  Work hard, and do it for yourself 

You know how I said, I have been dreaming to become a national TV host? Well, I did become a local TV host in Calaveras County when I was 13, but on a small scale. I’ve been working non-stop for the last 7 years hoping my big dream will happen. I know, eventually it will  – if I keep pushing forward. Dreams don’t happen overnight, or at random, unless you are the yodeling kid at Walmart. If you aren’t familiar with the story, he yodeled at Walmart and became famous. I wish it happened like that for everyone, but that’s why I’m sharing these 3 secrets to become a doer. 

Not to mention, some people will not believe in you. They will think you are crazy. You need to always remember why you are pursuing a dream. For me, I want to become a national television host to have a platform for people to share stories of God’s faithfulness. That’s why I continue to work harder and harder each day to make that happen. I have small goals for my bigger dreams. 

Your dreams will become reality when you least expect it. Keep dreaming big, but think small to make it attainable. Also, you need to get some inspiration by doing research to make a plan. Lastly, it’s going to take hard work. Don’t forget why your dreams matter.

In case nobody has told you this  – you got this! 

49ers Narrowly Escape Defeat

It wasn’t pretty, hell just tell it as it was, an ugly, ugly win. The 49ers had five turnovers with four of them coming in the first five possessions. Of the the four, two of the interceptions were tipped throws with one being an ill-advised throw. With so many turnovers on there own side of the field, the Steelers must have capitalized right? Wrong. If having Le’veon Bell and Antonio Brown jumping ship weren’t enough, Big Ben Roethlisberger was put on season ending IR with an elbow injury last week.

The Steelers offense played as good as you’d expect without their seventeen year veteran leader, poor to mediocre,  with there being a couple shining moments during the afternoon. Mason Rudolph had a rough first start accumulating a whopping 18.7 QBR. There first three possessions combined for just twenty-six yards of offense, but came away with six points due their starting field position because of the 49ers mishaps on offense. Juju Smith-Shuster had a short slant that turned into a seventy-six touchdown. Jason Verrett had a pair of poor defensive plays for the Niners defense, that led to Diontae Johnson streaking for a thirty-nine yard touchdown.

Other than those few instances, the Niners looked very stout on defense holding running back James Conner to forty-three rushing yards on thirteen attempts. With the additions of Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, and Kwon Alexander all to the front seven, this run defense has become one of the best so far in 2019. Seventy-five rushing yards allowed per game thus far, puts the niners seventh best overall this season. Another bright spot this season that shined on Sunday was counted domincace of the 49ers run game. They rushed for 168 yards averaging just over 4.2 yards per carry. The Niners defense came up with a enormous fourth quarter fumble in Steeler territory which led to a game winning catch from quarter back Jimmy Garropolo to a receiver that we all expected, Dante Pettis? After Pettis’s exile in the first two games, not many expected to do much in this game but he came up with a huge game winning catch with just 1:15 left on the clock to seal the 49ers third victory of the season. 

Going into the bye week, the Niners need to tighten up and put an emphasis on not turning the ball over. They are tied for the most turnovers committed this season. They have also committed twenty five penalties racking up 233 yards in just three games which will not hold up against teams like the Rams and the Packers later on this season. Most of these penalties have been ticky tacky holding calls, that can be easily be corrected. Some of these penalties have cost the 49ers important points whether it be from called back touchdowns or given the opposing teams extra field position. A good productive bye week will set them up nicely against a struggling Cleveland Browns team that just came off an ugly loss to the Los Angeles Rams.