TBD Fest 2014 Review

10497888_977879928905052_6671002027215165432_oAnd just like that, TBD Fest 2014 came and went.  I won’t bore you with the historical background of this festival (I already did that).  So lets get to it!

There were some technical difficulties of sorts to start things off.  The crowd was not let in to the grounds on opening day, October 3rd, until close to the close of amazing local band Autumn Sky’s set around 4 PM’ish.  Once things opened up and everyone came in, amazing happened.  I could tell you how amazing so many artists were this weekend, but that would be a very lengthy read for you.  Instead, just know that many were extremely on point.  But for the sake of getting it out there, here’s a list of bands I saw (in no particular order except from me reading the schedule from Friday to Sunday):  Autumn Sky, Who Cares, Exmag, Young Rising Sons, The Drums, Gramatik, Com Truise, Dillon Francis, Danny Brown, French Horn Rebellion, The War on Drugs, Male Gaze, Smallpools, Sister Crayon, MS MR, Teen Daze, Explosions in the Sky, Keys N Krates, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Total Slacker, Deltron 3030, 8th Grader, and Yacht. [Read more…]

Song Review – Living With Giants “The Moment We Escaped”

I’m not going to lie. This radio gig certainly has it’s perks. I land interviews with my heroes, I get on the guest list for shows, and I occasionally get some swag.  Recently a band I adore, Living With Giants, contacted me to check out an upcoming song of theirs and write about it. Not only is this a new perk, this is an honor.


It has been a long while since I have heart new recorded material from the band and I was very exited when the band asked for my thoughts on the demo version of the upcoming single.

The full review and a sample of the track after the jump…

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Album Review: Living With Giants – “The World Is Held By A Taut String”

Unbeknown to most folks, the smallish, farmish town of Woodland, California has a surprisingly varied music scene. There are a handful of death metal bands, some rap groups (posses?), and some rather complex progressive rock outfits. The band Living With Giants is one of the more unique groups in town in that they are the only post-rock band (I believe).

The World Is Held By A Taut String is first proper album by the band and the first since the band’s mastermind, Ryan Mannie, put out a compilation of Garageband generated solo tracks he called  Songs for a Girl under the Living With Giants moniker in 2009. It is an album that immerses and, at times, overwhelms the listener in what the band describe as, “an emotional roller coaster of sounds that reflects life and the human experience.” This is a spot on description. [Read more…]