Social Media Websites, Ranked

social Media

Ah, yes. Social media, that thing that pretty much everybody hates, but nobody can live without. Yes, I know the good that social media can do for people, and how great it can be, but at the same time it ruins life. When’s the last meal you’ve had, good thing that’s happened in your life, or cat video you’ve seen that you haven’t shared to your eight real friends and your 483 fake ones on one of these social websites? I’ve fallen victim to it too, so don’t come yelling at me. Anyway, here’s the list:


  1. Twitter: Twitter should be at the point where if you don’t have one, you’re not a cool kid anymore but for some reason it hasn’t yet. People see it as a glorified way to stalk celebrities and whatnot but it’s a great quick source for news. Also who doesn’t love tweets like, “Hey! Follow me @giantsap for a good time! #shamelessplug.” Hashtags will rule the world one day.
  2. Instagram: It’s pretty much Twitter but with pictures. Another case where hashtags will become the 46th President of the United States. It’s easy to follow celebrities here too, but it’s a little creepier to see pictures of your favorite celebrity and have the ability to like it. That could just be me but the process of liking a picture a celebrity posted on social media about how much she loves Kanye West is a little weird for me. It’s also very entertaining to read random people argue over the littlest things in the comment section about something that has nothing to do with the photo they commented on.


This is where the list gets pretty bad. Honestly, if social media was just Twitter and Instagram, the planet Earth would be a great place to live.


  1. MySpace: Is Tom still a thing? Is he still your friend? Is there still PC4PC going on? These questions are unanswered to me because I don’t have a MySpace any more like most human beings. This now defunked website that I think is for music now, I’m pretty sure it is, is still better than most social media sites there is now.
  2. Kik: I have no idea what this is. I’m writing this article on a college radio state blog website and I feel this Kik thing is for 12 year olds. If you’re a college student, please don’t Kik. Just don’t do it. I might make a commercial saying that.
  3. Tinder: I have a girlfriend. I have for the past three and a half years. I have no interest to make a Tinder account. I don’t understand the concept of swiping to the right or left. Which way is the good way? In all seriousness, if you want to find some love on the internet, Craigslist exists and there’s some cool people there.
  4. Snapchat: In the list of worst inventions ever, Snapchat is at least top 3. Yes, I have one. Yes, I hate myself every time I open it. It used to be cool when I could send things to people and have it be gone forever and not have second thoughts of sending an embarrassing picture of me without my makeup on. Now there’s that stupid screenshot thing they added which ruins the concept of having the picture disappear. Also, there’s the stupid third party apps that allow people to save pictures sent to them automatically to their phone. Those third party apps get hacked, search the snappening. You’ll see.
  5. Seriously, this is a thing. I have a URL to prove it. Remember though, city folks just don’t get it.
  6. Getting hit by a truck

126: Facebook: The absolute worst. I have one, you have one, he/she/they have one but it is the absolute worst. Yeah, it’s cool getting in touch with old friends but that’s the only cool thing about it. No I don’t want to help you save the princess in the game of Monkey’s Who Fly. No I don’t play Farmville. Stop sending me game requests people. Just stop. Facebook is where too many people get opinions and choose to use their opinions for evil. No, I don’t want to like your status for a rate. I don’t get to make you feel good about your life because I clicked a stupid like button and I don’t care if you rate me a -3 because I already know I’m a horrible person and I don’t need you to confirm it.  If we all just stepped away from Facebook the world would be a better place, but we can’t.


After reading this I hope everybody deletes their Facebook and gets a Twitter because all the cool kids tweet now. Do yourself a favor and start living a full life today.

Andrew is a DJ with KSSU

Album Review: “The Night God Slept” by Silent Planet

SP.CoverThe very first song I heard from Silent Planet was “Tiny Hands (Au Revoir) off their EP titled “Lastsleep (1944-1946)” was love at first listen. I thought, “Gee, these guys already sound experienced and professional.” Turns out, they have only released a demo CD and one self-recorded EP. The album that just came out titled “The Night God Slept” is their first album- ever. Silent Planet is a Christian Metalcore band from Los Angeles. Although they are christian, they do not like to have labels on them and during an interview, their guitar player claimed that they do not want to play in churches, “but we want to play for the broken.” The link to the interview is at the bottom. With this new album, Silent Planet has been signed to Solid State Records and already have some recognition. Bands like For Today and August Burns Red are backing up the release of this new album and on eight of the eleven tracks there are featured christian artists. Silent Planet is coming into 2015 hot with no signs of braking.

Let’s break this album down real quick. First off, the lyrics are amazing. All the lyrics are direct quotes, paraphrases, or interpretations by the vocalist of other sources. These sources include philosophical books, historical events, the Bible, and many more other things. Not only that, but the lyrics all flow together around a central main idea while also remaining connected to all listeners. All instruments at one point do show their max amount of talent, but they remain humble when needed. The instruments are not focused on being the heaviest or most technical, but they are very talented and get crazy at times. The keep the song entertaining while also complementing the vocalist. Also, one of the guitar players sings to bring in that “clean” aspect to the Metalcore genre. By the way, it is good singing not like a girly man kind of singing either.

My favorite songs (in order of appearance) are XX (City Grave), Native Blood, Tiny Hands (Au Revoir), and Wasteland. “XX (City Grave) talks about the objectification of women as sexual beings instead of equals to men and how that is wrong. The song explains how we should treat all women as sisters and abolish pornography, regardless of profit being lost or desires that men have. “Native Blood” is about how Native Americans were kicked out their land by people who claimed to be Servants of God. Silent Planet retaliated against the idea of the settlers being servants by explaining what it really is to be a Servant. They then compare the idea of False Servant-hood to most preachers today. “Tiny Hands (Au Revoir)” is a Holocaust survival story about a Jewish woman who escaped a Synagogue being burned by Nazis by jumping out a giant window into a garden. There are also topics such as the Garden of Eden and the existence of both forces of Good and Evil. Finally, the song “Wasteland”. This song is about the rise of Joseph Stalin and his attempt to abolish God completely, making himself the new supreme figurehead that everyone are supposed to worship. The song also looks at the lives of the soldiers under Stalin who were dying unnecessary deaths after losing their faith on the battle field, hence the name “Wasteland”.

I can go on and on, but you should go check it out for yourself. I highly recommend that you check out the album playlist on youtube (which I have provided a link) and read the lyrics while the songs are playing. I promise you will not regret it and your mind will be blown.

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The Ghost Inside/ Attila/ Volumes Album Reviews.

I want to take a moment and talk about some news albums that came out recently, and by recently I mean within the last six months. The Ghost Inside, Attila, and Volumes all dropped some heavy stuff and I checked out all their new albums. Holy snap crackle and pop, they were extravagant. The Ghost Inside with some hardcore melodies, Attila with their IDGAF in-your-face attitude, ad Volumes with a melodic change for the better.


Once again, the Ghost Inside have proven themselves to be one of the leading bands in the hardcore scene. To all those who say they went “mainstream” and are not underground anymore, I say to you, screw that. If a band can make it big and get paid more so they can actually afford nice things instead of sticking to the underground and getting paid diddly squat for a run down apartment, I say go for it and get big. The first song “Avalanche” straight up pumps up the mood for everybody with a nice build up in the beginning and gang vocals to breakdown as a finisher. The debut song “Dear Youth” covers all aspects of a great song; powerful riffs, relatable lyrics, empowering breakdowns, and a harmony that is off the chain. Well done The Ghost Inside.


First off, Attila is not a band meant to be taken as “meaningful” or important to your life goals. They are a party hard, DGAF kind of band with a new album called “Guilty Pleasure”. With a mix between brutal exhales and rapping, Fronz (vocalist) has multiple virtuoso moments throughout the song. Some tracks make me shake my head and say “what the heck is this” but tracks like “Guilty Pleasure” and “Horse Pig” get me throwing chairs and flipping tables. Again, they are not very deep and philosophical, but they kill it live. I speak from past experiences when i say they put on a fantastic show with lights, and 8O8 drops. This new album will take their concerts to the next level. I saw an Instagram video of a huge wall of death to one of their new songs and that is enough to convince me that this new album is worth purchasing.


Last but certainly not least, Volumes. Volumes is a Djent band well-known for their breakdowns, but their album “No Sleep” was not what fans expected this album had a lot of lighter, more melodic tracks on it. Don’t get me wrong, the tracks are amazing and I am happy to hear that Volume’s use of music theory and desire to do less heavy music in their future, but Volumes received a lot of fire. In their song “The Mixture”, the lyrics say “you can have metal back” and in an interview, the vocalists said they are dropping from their label to pursue music on their own path. The album “No Sleep” is the first step in Volumes new style and wave of music, and I love every bit of it.

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Return of The Hive


Back due to popular demand Sacramento State’s #1 ranked MMA radio show The Hive will be returning for another semester Mondays from 11-12. It is hosted By DG your MMA analyst that will breakdown all UFC, WSOF, Bellator events and news. He will also have The MMA Minute on soundcloud breaking down UFC Cards, and trending news.  Be part of the action by calling and giving us your take at 916-278-3666. Also follow us on Twitter @thehivemma and on Facebook at If you have a Question or a take use #thehivemma on your tweets, and I’ll read it on air.

This will be my second semester being part of KSSU and Hosting a show for Sacramento State’s Student Run Radio. I go by the name DG (Daniel Guerrero) and being on the radio has away been a dream of mine. I am a hard-core fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) unfortunately the sport isn’t totally mainstream that is what lead me to have a show solely for MMA.  KSSU has given me a taste of what can be, and the opportunity to interview the Voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer, Former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin, MMA Coach of the Year Duane Ludwig, UFC Fighters Urijah Faber, Richardo Lamas, Charlie Brennemen, Chris Bael and Internet Sensation Tommy Toe Hold, and many more. I am also the screen caller for  ESPN 1320 show The Rise Guys  and help Christopher K from 107.9 The End  on Friday’s for Friday Night Football.

Remember this is an interactive show so if there is a topic you want us to talk about use the Hash tag #thehivemma or you can email us at and will go over it during the show. Love me or Hate me, call in and give your opinion it always make the show better, so it is always encouraged. I’m here for you so if you have any idea to make the show better please let me know. Thanks to all my listeners. This show will be Legen….”What for it” dary……


Daniel Guerrero


Twitter @ thehivemma
The Hive Mondays 11-12

Top 5 Most Irritating Habits of College Students


Now in my 8th and (for now) final year of college, I’ve spent enough time in classrooms and around my peers to notice that some of them are completely inconsiderate, rude, entitled people. Granted, this can be said of any group of people. But there are some things that specifically college students do that I just haven’t observed in others. Now that the semester is nearly over and I’ve got some free time, I’ve compiled the top 5 most irritating, rude, and obnoxious behaviors of college students. Hopefully this post can serve as a public service announcement, and someone, somewhere, will learn something.

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Social Remediation

social media 2

Do you have a Facebook account? How about Twitter? Instagram? Google+? LinkedIn? There are dozens of online social networks not mentioned in this list, but no matter where you plug in, social media is everywhere. It’s an important part of today’s culture and is increasingly popular among the generation of youths that have been exposed to it since early childhood. Social media is a huge part of every day life, and even business for many adults. While applications like Facebook provide previously-unavailable opportunities to connect with distant friends and relatives and incredibly easy ways to share photos and other media with friends, it may also be contributing to a shift in the way humans communicate and relate to each other.

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Scroll…scroll… like…UNFOLLOW


It happens at least once to everyone. Someone on your friends list abuses the space on your news feeds to the point that you can no longer take it. For me it has happened a few times and many when I’ve gotten this close to unfollowing. Here are some of the things I find very annoying (and I hope some you can agree with me on some of these); therefore I think you should think twice next time you post something on your fave social media outlet.

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Valentines Day: Then vs. Now


Valentines Day was always that special holiday that no one gets a day off for, but still gets acknowledged. It’s a day of love, where guys buy women chocolates that’ll never be eaten, or women get mad because they didn’t get said chocolates. Where couples go out or people confess feelings. Love it or hate it, you will be surrounded by love, every February 14th of your life. But like all things in your life, it changes.

I’m going to look back to where times were simpler, elementary school, and compare it to the adult days now.

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Childish Gambino Changes Things Up with “Because the Internet”

“Because the Internet” album cover

danny glvoer

Childish Gambino (a.k.a Donald Glover) recently released his newest project Because The Internet. Unlike any regular project, Gambino released his 2nd studio album along side a screenplay that can be accessed through On this website, he creates an interactive reading experience. While reading along, you can watch clips and listen to his new songs that corresponds to the part you’re reading. Everything about this album is internet-esque, or an ode to today’s internet age, referencing to things such as the popular website, internet slang such as “troll”, mentions, etc. Also the way it was highly promoted through Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, and other internet avenues adds to the feel for this new project.

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The Social Media Trend #Hashtags Now On Facebook

The Social Media Trend #Hashtags Now On Facebook
By: Joanne Serrieh

If you are not familiar with social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and others, then you might be wondering why there is a number sign in the title of this blog. In the social media world, the number sign is called a “hashtag.” Hashtags are usually used as an organization tool to make it easier for those interested in a specific topic to browse what others have shared using that same hashtag. For example on Twitter, if you search #JustinBieber,  you will find endless tweets about Justin Bieber. On Instagram, if you share a photo of your favorite football player then an appropriate hashtag to use could be #football or #FavoritePlayer. Facebook has now incorporated the use of hashtags for users to include in their updates and they will have the same result as they do on Twitter, Instagram or other sites that have been using hashtags for a while.

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