I am not a fan of the summer weather. Each morning I step outside and am greeted by the warm embrace of the sun, floating in a blue cloudless sky. But that warm embrace lasts only those brief few seconds from the time I step outside until the time I have taken my first few steps towards my truck. After that, the sun becomes too hot! The rays cook my back as I walk and my truck’s interior is a stifling oven.

The fall is better. The breeze takes some of the heat away and makes standing in the open more bearable. The early morning when I leave for school is shrouded in a dense fog that, while dangerous to drive in, is fantastic to walk through.  Small water droplets collect on my eyebrows and the surface of my jacket. The grey paths at Sac State are painted a vibrant yellow from the falling leaves.

But the best part about the fall is the start of the rainy season! I have always been a pluviophile, a person who not only loves the rain, but finds peace of mind in the weather it brings. The pitter patter of raindrops on the window and the soft roar of a distant clap of thunder relax me. Sometimes, in the warmer weather, I listen to rainymood.com in order to focus on my work, but in the fall I do not have to. Sometimes the rain comes down in a light drizzle. Other times it is a torrential storm that batters trees and houses, floods streets, and makes the road a slippery hazard.

One time, the rain flooded the street outside my house. The water rushing down the slope of the road carried the fallen leaves and clogged up the drains. My father and I went outside and manually cleared the drains while my mother and sister dealt with the rising water that flooded our garage and was spilling into our house. Despite the potential danger that the rain posed to our house, and the loss of our entire board game collection which was too soaked to salvage, I do not look back on that time as a bad memory. I still love the rain and the immense happiness it fills me with.

Tex is a DJ with KSSU

But He’s Justin Bieber!

 “But He’s Justin Bieber!”

By: Joanne Serrieh

Justin Bieber, the teenage-heartthrob who has stolen young girls’ hearts since he was only 13, has seen better days than the past few weeks. Recently he has been faced with so many problems ranging from paparazzi encounters to being extremely late starting his show. He even collapsed on stage during another one of his shows. Bieber also canceled one of two concerts that were supposed to take place in Portugal.

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Interview – Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth

Fredrik Åkesson is the lead guitarist for the progressive death metal band Opeth. He is also known for his guitar work in numerous projects that include Arch Enemy, Tailsman, Krux, and Tiamat.

Åkesson is currently on tour with Opeth promoting the band’s latest album Heritage (which I was a fan of).

Here is a phone conversation we had in which we discussed the current tour with Mastodon, Mikael’s recent injury, the dark lyrical content of the band he had when he was nine, his favorite beers, and more. He even divulged the band’s post-festival season tour plans, although he is unsure if he was supposed to or not.

Listen to the full interview with clips from Åkesson’s work after the jump…

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Fit in Fall

So fall is right around the corner and soon cooler weather will come knocking.  I know some of you might want to gain a few pounds to have some more natural insulation and that is perfectly fine, but here are a few simple ideas to keep off the weight to be fit in fall. [Read more…]