The Zombie 5 Tour Review


Last Sunday, I went and saw (in order) Secrets, Born of Osiris, Word Alive, and the Devil Wears Prada at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento. The name of the tour was the “Zombie Five Tour” because it has been five years since the Devil Wears Prada released their “Zombie Ep”- one of their greatest achievements. There was laughing, crying tears of joy, and a lot of sweat in a human sardine can. Here’s how my night went.

Started off with the usual tradition- Dutch Bros. drive thru coffee in Davis. Got myself a strawberry and lime iced Rebel, which is their trademark energy drink, so I was ready for the long night ahead. Accompanying me was my girlfriend while the rest of my crew was saving us a spot at the front of the line. Walking to our spot in line, I could feel the teenage angst staring me down while everyone is decked out in gear ranging from Goth streetwear to gym clothes with band logos. I myself went in some nice khakis and a windbreaker. After hanging out in line and farting on some teens behind me, we quickly hurried inside the venue when the doors opened.

Usually, Ace of Spades has a band open up for the other bands, but Secrets was the first band to go on. The last time I saw Secrets was also at the Ace of Spades, but when they had their old vocalist. For being the first band, Secrets did great. They played some classics, some new stuff, and even a song that has yet to be released. Aside from some ear-piercing highs from the singing, they did a good job.

Born of Osiris

Born of Osiris came next and they straight up murdered the stage. Stage presence out the ying-yang, sound effects on point, and the heavy/technical guitar skills from Lee McKinney reminded me why Born of Osiris is one of my favorite bands. Born of Osiris was like a shot of espresso after the creamer, started off sweet and escalated to a level of strength that even Goku would be impressed by. Well done BOO, well done once again.

The last time I saw The Word Alive was at Warped Tour, and they were all hyped about their newest release, the “Real.” Album. Some of those songs are pretty light, so I thought, “Aw man, I’m gonna see the same performance twice.” I was proven wrong. The Word Alive played a lot of heavy songs, including oldies like “2012” and “House of Anubis”. Before the breakdown to 2012, Telle Smith (the frontman) split the whole entire front half of the crowd like the Red Sea and told them that when he counts the breakdown in, that everyone run at each other as fast as possible. This is what we call a “Wall of Death” and the last Wall I partook in ended up with my shirt getting ripped in half, fighting some fat guys, and almost passing out in the crowd. Fun fact: that was also during a Word Alive set in that very same venue.devil wears prada

Last but certainly not least, the men of the hour, The Devil Wears Prada. I thought that TDWP would only play their EP and a couple more songs. Then I found out from an outside source that their set list was 16 songs. 16 SONGS. The first five were some classics, then the next five were the Zombie EP all in order, all with the sound effects in between the songs as well. After the EP, I did not stay for the whole set list, but I was okay with that. Also, the stage had crazy light displays, including a giant symbol from their album 8:18. The Devil Wears Prada was the very first band that got me into Metal, and to see them live almost eight years after I heard their first album made the night all worth it. They were the best band up on that stage, and I cannot wait to hear what they have next.

Speaking of that, I heard a rumor (which has yet to be confirmed) that The Devil Wears Prada is back on Rise Records and is going to release a Space Ep.

We will just have to wait and see.

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The Ghost Inside/ Attila/ Volumes Album Reviews.

I want to take a moment and talk about some news albums that came out recently, and by recently I mean within the last six months. The Ghost Inside, Attila, and Volumes all dropped some heavy stuff and I checked out all their new albums. Holy snap crackle and pop, they were extravagant. The Ghost Inside with some hardcore melodies, Attila with their IDGAF in-your-face attitude, ad Volumes with a melodic change for the better.


Once again, the Ghost Inside have proven themselves to be one of the leading bands in the hardcore scene. To all those who say they went “mainstream” and are not underground anymore, I say to you, screw that. If a band can make it big and get paid more so they can actually afford nice things instead of sticking to the underground and getting paid diddly squat for a run down apartment, I say go for it and get big. The first song “Avalanche” straight up pumps up the mood for everybody with a nice build up in the beginning and gang vocals to breakdown as a finisher. The debut song “Dear Youth” covers all aspects of a great song; powerful riffs, relatable lyrics, empowering breakdowns, and a harmony that is off the chain. Well done The Ghost Inside.


First off, Attila is not a band meant to be taken as “meaningful” or important to your life goals. They are a party hard, DGAF kind of band with a new album called “Guilty Pleasure”. With a mix between brutal exhales and rapping, Fronz (vocalist) has multiple virtuoso moments throughout the song. Some tracks make me shake my head and say “what the heck is this” but tracks like “Guilty Pleasure” and “Horse Pig” get me throwing chairs and flipping tables. Again, they are not very deep and philosophical, but they kill it live. I speak from past experiences when i say they put on a fantastic show with lights, and 8O8 drops. This new album will take their concerts to the next level. I saw an Instagram video of a huge wall of death to one of their new songs and that is enough to convince me that this new album is worth purchasing.


Last but certainly not least, Volumes. Volumes is a Djent band well-known for their breakdowns, but their album “No Sleep” was not what fans expected this album had a lot of lighter, more melodic tracks on it. Don’t get me wrong, the tracks are amazing and I am happy to hear that Volume’s use of music theory and desire to do less heavy music in their future, but Volumes received a lot of fire. In their song “The Mixture”, the lyrics say “you can have metal back” and in an interview, the vocalists said they are dropping from their label to pursue music on their own path. The album “No Sleep” is the first step in Volumes new style and wave of music, and I love every bit of it.

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Movie Review – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the first chapter of the Peter Jackson Hobbit trilogy. It introduces the viewer to Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit, and begins his adventure with a Gandalf and a group of dwarves as they attempt to reclaim treasure that was lost years ago to a dragon.


I must first preface this entire review by saying I have never completed any films in the Lord of the Rings film franchise. I began watching The Fellowship of the Ring years ago and got up and left about forty-five minutes in. I am usually not into the whole wizard, sword battle, elf, dwarf, etc genre. I probably was REALLY not into it that day.

Having said that, I tried my damnedest to go into The Hobbit with an open mind, and I sort of enjoyed the experience of being a blank slate for this film.

I’ll try my best to not spoil anything…

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Interview – Voivod

On Saturday November 17th, I had the opprotunity to chat with guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain, bassist Jean-Yves “Blacky” Thériault, and for a brief moment drummer/artist Michel “Away” Langevin from Canadian progressive thrash legends Voivod.

We talk about the fairly terrible day the band was having, Mongrain’s experience being in the band he grew up loving, the departure of Jason Newsted, and more.

Read/Listen to the full interview after the jump.

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Concert Review – Gwar

Lineup: Gwar, DevilDrier, Cancer bats, Legacy of Disorder
Place: Ace of Spades in Sacramento

It was November 6th, 2012 that the aliens from Scumdog found their way to Sacramento’s Ace of Spades. On this day, Sacramento saw chaos. The city saw blood. The city witnessed…GWAR.

In the evening following my interview with Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie from Gwar, I found myself back in The Ace of Spades for what became a very interesting evening for people watching and metal music.

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Interview – Oderus Urungus from GWAR

Oderus Urungus is the leader of the intergalactic horror metal band GWAR. He is also responsible for the creation of mankind, billions of years old and a former contributor to the Fox News program Red Eye.

To those unfamiliar with Oderus and Gwar, Gwar is a satirical heavy metal band that dawn elaborate costumes for their even more elaborate live shows. Oderus, AKA Dave Brockie, is their lead vocalist and sole constant member.

On November 6th, I had the opportunity to chat with Brockie, in character as Oderus, before their Sacramento show at The Ace of Spades. We touch on who the band would like to “kill” on stage, the (then upcoming) election, their current tour. We discuss what it will take to defeat Gwar, the possibility of collaborating with Annie Lennox, and so much more insane stuff.

WARNING! Brockie does this interview in character as Oderus, so this is a much more vulgar interview that usual.
You have been warned.

Read and hear the full interview after the jump
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A Good Week for Prog

Greetings Friends, Enemies, and Frenemies,

Your friendly neighborhood loud rock director here with a quick collection of music reviews in honor of the best day of musical releases we’ve had in quite sometime, October 9th, 2012. I could go on and one with some over-worded introduction, but I’m too stoked on these new albums.

So without further textual blabbery, I bring you PROG!

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College Radio Day is October 2nd 2012


Celebrate College Radio Day by listening to KSSU!

DJ Aerrow Shapiro has a few surprises in store for you.  DJ Aerrow Shapiro’s Hour of Power is at 5pm (PDT)

Support free format radio! Thanks for celebrating with us!

More information and a list of participating stations (in your state, country, or region) is available on the official College Radio Day website


Interview – Greg Mackintosh of Paradise Lost

On September 7th I interviewed Greg Mackintosh. Greg is best known for his work as the lead guitarist and co-Founder of the British Doom Metal Band Paradise Lost. We met up in the band’s dressing room prior to their concert at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall.

Greg and I discuss the band’s long history, the state of arrested development around other bands Paradise Lost came up with, Crust punk, Brithish-ness, his musical beginnings, a band’s mystique, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, and music more.

This was a really fun interview, and I’m glad I took this opprotunity to talk with him.

Hear and/or read the full interview after the jump…

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Album Review: Devin Townsend Project – “Epicloud”

It’s no secret that Devin Townsend’s music is a constant source of enjoyment in my life. I’ve seen him in concert six times; five times as DTP, and sadly only once as Strapping Young Lad. I own physical copies of all his albums. I have a Ziltoid puppet that acts as a hood ornament for my guitar amp. And I will soon have a DTP stuffed bear in my hands (because, why the hell not?).

So, when any rumors of new Townsend material begin to circulate, I cannot help but get excited. During a VIP Q&A a few years back, Townsend began talking about future musical plans that included a Ziltoid sequel and a second album along the lines of Ki with Ché Aimee Dorval called Casualties, so I was very surprised to find out that his next project would instead be a collection of poppy, epic, and openly cheesy metal songs. This collection is Epicloud.
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