Surviving The Devil’s Anvil: Staying Motivated & Healthy Until Graduation

As of April 12th, 2017, spring graduates are just about a month away from graduating from Sac State and either entering entering the job market or heading to graduate school. It seems like just yesterday, we were entering our freshman year here at Sac State or just transferring from our community college. Now, we’re just about to call ourselves alumni of this great university.


But don’t get too ahead of yourself, fellow graduate as we got a almost a month or so left to survive. That means that final or that late in the semester midterm could still make its mark on those final grades and if those final grades aren’t good enough, you may be having an extended stay at good ol’ 6000 J Street. Do not fear for you are not alone! For you, I have some advice on how you can survive what will possibly be the longest four or so weeks of our lives.


  1. Stay On Top Of Your Assignments & Study Well


You’re probably feeling the same senioritis that you were feeling in high school some time ago. Your motivation is probably slowly dwindling and your mind seems to float away in those early morning lectures. It may seem that your body and mind can’t take anymore of these factors and just wants to break down, but you’re a strong person and have the ability to keep pushing on. Allow yourself an hour or two each day to keep up on your reading and homework each night. I know having work, meetings, or a social life can interfere with this time, but even the smallest of commitment to some studying can make your grades survive the final push through the semester.


  1. Get Some Sleep & Eat Well


It may be hard to not stay up so late, but to feel revitalized for the upcoming commencement and summer season, it may be a good thing to get some adequate sleep and some good nutrition along the way. Instead of all of those all-nighters and sleepless nights (less than five hours of sleep), jump into the sheets and count some more sheep and shoot for six to eight hours of shut eye. It will allow your body to get that energy it deserves and keep you going strong through the day.


To accompany that sleep, try to get some healthier grub into your stomach as well. I understand that as college students, we don’t have the capital that can get us the freshest foods and healthiest ingredients, but it is still possible to make it work. Try to get some fruits and vegetables into your system and get some of those key vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Try to skip out on a panda bowl in the union and enjoy a delicious whole wheat sandwich with an apple as a lunch. Your body will feel more energized as you make your way through these last few weeks of classes.


  1. Get Some Exercise


Something some of us dread is a nice workout; something to get us off of our behinds and making our hearts pump a little bit. However, getting a little exercise can be therapeutic and serve as a break from the stress of exams, homework, and big term papers. Exercise doesn’t mean lifting heavy weights or running miles on end, but even a stroll through the park, a midtown bike ride, or even a swim can count as some exercise. Just 15-60 minutes of exercise a day can make the case and as someone who exercises on the daily, it contributes to my days being a little less stressful. Though it may sound dreadful, take the stairs, take a stroll around campus, or get your gym clothes and head for the Well.


  1. Enjoy Yourself


We’re in the twilight of our college careers and that time is quickly coming to an end as our final semesters is coming close to ending. Enjoy it while you can. Gather your closest friends and take some time to appreciate the moment. Go one a night out on the town and enjoy the company of your friends. Go on a hike, to a ballgame, or enjoy a board game night in your apartment, house, or dorm. We won’t get this time back so make the best of it all while you can.
As graduation looms, we will be leaving the comfort of our fellow Hornets and try to find a career or opportunity for higher education. We will join fellow alumni into making a difference in the world. However, until we walk the commencement floors and earn our final grades, we must stay strong, stay healthy, stay on track, and enjoy life. Congratulations on reaching this point and good luck with the rest of your semester! Stingers, up

Social Remediation

social media 2

Do you have a Facebook account? How about Twitter? Instagram? Google+? LinkedIn? There are dozens of online social networks not mentioned in this list, but no matter where you plug in, social media is everywhere. It’s an important part of today’s culture and is increasingly popular among the generation of youths that have been exposed to it since early childhood. Social media is a huge part of every day life, and even business for many adults. While applications like Facebook provide previously-unavailable opportunities to connect with distant friends and relatives and incredibly easy ways to share photos and other media with friends, it may also be contributing to a shift in the way humans communicate and relate to each other.

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Plus One or Minus One – A few thoughts on Google+

Plus One or Minus One – A few thoughts on Google+
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

So if you didn’t get the memo, there’s a new social network kid on the block, and it’s from a familiar name.  Google+ is its name, and networking is its game.  Everyone should have heard of this by now between friends asking for an invite into the slowly growing social network, or between other people saying, “Google+ > Facebook” or other similar comments.  Some critics and analysts are going so far as to say Google+ will be the new Facebook.  I disagree. [Read more…]

The iCloud and I

The iCloud and I

By Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

If you haven’t heard, Steve has spoken.  Not just any Steve, Steve Jobs.  On Monday Apple announced the iCloud – Apple’s version of going to the cloud.  One unique feature that has peaked many’s interest is iTunes Match.

Let me summarize the iCloud and iTunes Match for those not savvy on it.  Instead of loading every music you have ever downloaded, the iCloud just “copies,” for a lack of better terms, the songs you have already bought.  Since the iCloud already contains 18 million songs and counting from Apple, if you have bought a song from iTunes, the iCloud just doubles that song for your account – no loading on your end necessary.  Now for those of us who have actually purchased physical CD’s (what a concept, right?) or have procured music through other means, there is still hope if you wish for your music to be backed up on the almighty Apple iCloud.  Apple has a feature called iTunes Match.  iTunes Match is a program/software Apple has worked on that will scan songs you have to see if it matches one of their 18 million songs.  If it matches, those songs will be backed up on your slice of the cloud too, along with any iTunes purchases you have made – again, no backing up necessary, it is all automatic.  As long as you have those songs on YOUR iTunes, you’re good to go to go see the match maker.  Ultimately, the songs iTunes can’t match is what will have to be uploaded to long way.

So yes, I am telling you, for those who have illegally downloaded music, as well as those who love their CD collection, that your music can be backed up in the Cloud.  What’s the catch?  $24.99 a year for up to 25,000 songs.

Now immediately some say that Apple is now harboring the oh-so-infamous internet pirates.  But there is another look on this.  Others say that the reason the recording industry allowed Apple to do this is because it is a small step forward to rehabilitating individuals to paying for music.  Of course Apple is paying royalties, though the industry of course would say the money is nominal.  But though the payback is small, the industry finally gets to re-learn what all the pirates like (I guess a handy statistic), and the hope that someday those pirates who back up on the iCloud will “return to the fold” and pay for music again.

Now of course there is more details about the iCloud, be that is for another day.  For now, I think it is to soon to say if this could or couldn’t rehabilitate all the pirates.  There are still many questions to be asked: Will Amazon work a similar deal like Apple to attract “pirates” and other such non-purchasing individuals?  Will Google’s cloud work similar to Apple’s?  What will be their pricing?

Right now, I shall sit and wait to see what the other two giants do.  That will dictate if this will be the start of a new trend.