GRIMES: Bracing us for Robot Takeover One Song at a Time

Grime’s new single, “We Appreciate Power” is an ode to Artificial Intelligence and how our future might look pretty soon.

In this technological age, progression is happening at turbo speeds, making our measly mortal bodies seem so primitive in comparison to the infinite potential of mechanization. In this track, Grimes seems to be propagating the fatalistic attitude of a future where AI will have unbounded power over us silly little human beings.

Now, I love Grimes and everything she does, but I personally don’t know if I’ll ever want to upload my consciousness onto a computer drive to last for all of eternity. I’m kinda just cool with having my brief human experience and peacing outta here when it’s time for me to go, ykwim? But then again, who knows what we’ll discover if we do choose to stay.

The eeriness of her vocals encouraging us to submit to our robot overlords is amusing in the best of ways. We’re meme-ifying and laughing about it now, but maybe in a few years when the robots finally do take over we’ll be looking back on this track thinking, “Damn, she was right. Oops.”

The industrial sounds on this track have drawn a lot of comparisons to Nine Inch Nails, which is understandable. People are questioning if this is going to be the catalyst of a nu-metal revival, and judging by the responses to the lyric video, they’re not mad about it.

A lot of fans were hesitant to embrace the energetic pop-nature of Grimes’ last album, Art Angels, but this new single was so left-field that you can’t help but be drawn to it. Grimes’ recent media attention with her new boo, Mr. Elon freaking Musk the billionaire certainly had some influence, but longtime fans will know that she has always been one to discuss AI progression and its integration with our own species. Despite the new sounds she’s experimenting with, the Grimes DNA in this track is evident in Claire Boucher’s high-pitched, melodic, alien vocals. The way she layers her tracks in the production process has always been innovative, and she has mentioned that she likes being an engineer more than a singer.

As a forever Grimes stan, this post is obviously biased to a degree. Still, Grimes will always be an artist to be admired as she continues to push new boundaries in her music. I love her so much because she’s never been afraid to explore her creativity in her usual nerdy, quirky, techie ways. If this is gonna be the new age of cybernetic punk rock, there’s really no one better than Grimes to ring it in.

Overall, this is one catchy-ass track and will definitely be on heavy rotation for my gym playlist. Sure, the lyrics might be questionable but I take it as a tongue-in-cheek statement towards our future synthesis with the technology we have created. Or maybe we really are destined to be engulfed by the superior Artificial Intelligence Gods, and in that case, oh well. We had a good run here on earth I guess. ¯\_()_/¯

You can listen to the track down below:

Shoutout to Lucy for encouraging me to write this post! This was my first time writing about a new music release so hopefully it was somewhat palatable lol. Good luck on your finals everyone!


Album Review: Art Angels

Grimes Art AngelsIn Grimes fourth album Art Angels, her unique pop like sound is brought out on the various tracks in this album. I have heard about Grimes with her previous album, “Visions”,  being recorded on Garageband but I have yet to try and listen to her content. Grimes is a Canadian producer, singer, and performer that takes influence from different genres of music. These genres include: R&B, Kpop, Jpop, videogame music, pop, medieval music, rock, etc. I will be talking about tracks I really liked off of this album that stood out to me.

First impressions of this album for me was that it was very synth-dreamlike pop. My favorite songs off the album are Realiti and Venus Fly. Realiti is very dream like with cool synths that I found pleasing to the ear. It gave off a video game kind of vibe with synths that sounded almost 8bit like. With Venus Fly, I enjoyed the energy the song gave off. This track sounded more pop like due to the upbeat tempo it had. Along with this track, Janelle Monáe was featured. I liked how the heavier set drums transitioned in. What I also loved about this track was the switch from a major key sounding upbeat and happy to a minor key with heavy drums distorted synths. The addition of the violin over the track was very tasteful and I will definitely see myself adding this to my playlist for listening and on my show!

Art Angels itself is very unique which is what I love about it. Originality is there and the concept of the album portrays her various musical influences that I mentioned earlier. Being a Kpop, Jpop, and R&B lover myself, I can hear the distinct elements of these genres in the tracks. In the track Kill V. Maim, the song itself has a rock feel to it with the addition of a synth track that sounds video game like. With Grimes singing over this track, I hear the Jpop style she’s trying to achieve with the high pitch singing and squeaky voice she does to give off that “Kawaii” vibe that most Jpop female artists have. Another track off this album, World Princess part II, definitely gives off the video game vibe with its heavily retro based synths. I really liked the song Butterfly and how it was produced. This track had some of my favorite elements that I mentioned earlier: Kpop, Jpop, and Videogame like. The tempo and drums used stuck to me as Kpop like. The jpop aspect could be found in the vocals as stated above and the videogame portion of it was heard in the synths.

Overall this album is unique, flavorful, and catchy. With the unique blend of influences and production, this is something you guys should check out. It is easily one of my favorite albums of 2015 and I will definitely be playing some tracks from this album on my show. If you love Grimes, be sure to check out her other albums as well. Also be sure to tune into “The Roost” with me DJ K.K. Slider on Wednesdays at 4pm on KSSU!